7 Best Bissell Vacuum For Pet Hair: Buyers’ Guide.

Every piece of upholstered furniture suddenly becomes a magnet for pet hair, and rolling-on rolls can magically appear overnight.  This is where the best Bissell vacuum for pet hair comes into play.  However, not every vacuum is created the same – but you probably already know this if you have pets.

We will review the best Bissell vacuum cleaner for pet hair in this article.  Find out which one is best for pet hair, garage floors, etc. by reading on.  There are also a section of the buyer’s guide and frequently asked questions so you can learn more about these high-quality vacuum cleaners.  So let’s start without hesitation.

Is Bissell a good vacuum brand?

BISSELL is an American manufacturer of vacuum cleaners and floor care products.  They offer a wide range of vacuum cleaners, from compact hand-held cordless vacuum cleaners to bulky wire racks and everything in between.

Most of their offerings are somewhat budget and have a bagless design, which means that recurring costs are usually quite low.  However, many of their more compact offerings struggle with cleaning up bulky debris, while their larger cord racks usually look a bit cheap.

What Should I Look For When Buying Bissell Vacuum For Pet Hair?

Suction power

The most important feature to pay attention to is the suction power.  The best option is a 12 amp vacuum cleaner, but if you have special attachments for pet hair, you can easily solve these hairy situations

Dustbin or Bag

Although bagless models are more comfortable than their baggy counterparts, emptying the dustbin can irritate those who are allergic to pets.  These are just personal preferences, as either option will help you get the job done.

HEPA filters

HEPA air filters are designed to remove at least 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria and other particles 0.3 microns or larger.  Pet or pet hair can accumulate pollen, mold spores and other external allergens, so it’s important to remember what brings your pet’s fur into the house.  This is especially important if one of your family suffers from allergies.

Rotating brush

A rotating brush is necessary for homes where there are carpets or pets that shed a lot.  It can be both on the vacuum cleaner, and as the accompanying device.

Accessories and attachments

Most, if not all, vacuum cleaners come with some standard attachments, such as a slit tool and an upholstery tool.  Vacuum cleaners specifically for pet fur can even include specialized tools for pets so that you can conquer the sofa, ceiling, corners, etc. to collect hair that you do not even see.

Best Bissell Vacuum For Pet Hair

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Upright Vacuum

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Key Features

  • MultiCyclonic cleaning system
  • Power supply
  • Air flow indicator
  • Brush SystemTangle
  • Brush on switch
  • Variable suction control
  • Hose length 7 ′
  • FiltrationSmartSeal allergen system
  • MultiCyclonic cleaning system

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Upright Vacuum is designed for pet owners.  The vertical vacuum cleaner has a cyclone cleaning system and a bristle brush head, which together absorb pet hair and other debris and reduce the likelihood of confusion and clogging.

At 7 amps, it doesn’t have the most powerful suction compared to others, but that’s about what you’d expect from a standard upright vacuum cleaner, especially at this price, and professional reviewers say that’s more than enough to pull a pet.  hair from carpets, from low to high pile.

The attachments, which include a Pet TurboEraser tool, a 2-in-1 pet dust brush and an LED-backlit slit tool, are also specially designed for pet hair, with rotating brush heads and double bristle layers to allow you to move from trees, floors for sofas, stairs and other soft surfaces.  It also includes a built-in allergen trapping system and an odor-removing filter to keep pet hair and associated odors out of the air during cleaning.

Although it has a quick-release extension rod, professional reviewers say it’s a bit awkward in the real world, which means it’s hard to get under furniture or in hard-to-reach places.  The vacuum cleaner itself is also bulky and does not lie flat, so if moving under the bed or sofa is one of your priorities, it may not be the best tool for the job.  It is also worth noting that this vacuum is a little louder.


  • Easily fixes pet hair on the carpet.
  • Good maneuverability on all types of surfaces.
  • Easy assembly
  • Long cord
  • Good suction
  • Without a bag
  • Easily accessible power switch and brushes
  • LED lighting for dark places


  • Acceptable build quality that is difficult to maintain.
  • There is no place to attach the upholstery to the vacuum cleaner


BISSELL Adapt Ion Pet

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Key Features

  • Lithium-ion power
  • Removable hand vacuum cleaner
  • Specialized tools for pets
  • 2-sided folding handle
  • Swivel steering wheel
  • SWITCH roller ON / OFF

The best BISSELL Adapt Ion Pet are the best BISSELL cordless vacuum cleaners we have tested.  This cordless upright vacuum cleaner can easily handle pet hair on any surface, from flat even surfaces such as hardwood or linoleum to high pile carpet.  Its lightweight plastic construction also makes it easy to maneuver even in cluttered areas.

You can easily reconfigure it into a hand-held vacuum cleaner to help clean up debris in hard-to-reach places, and it comes with special tools for upholstery and crevices.  However, there is no pet care tool or turbo brush.  With a bagless design and washable filters, you don’t have to worry about costs increasing over time.

Unfortunately, the overall battery performance of this vacuum cleaner is poor, as you can only expect about 20 minutes of operation, so you need to work quickly when cleaning large areas.  It also takes about five hours to recharge, which leads to long breaks between cleaning sessions.

It also really struggles with the absorption of bulky garbage, which tends to get stuck at the entrance to his garbage can, and he finds it difficult to deal with small debris on carpets.  If you only need a cordless vacuum cleaner to clean the space, BISSELL AeroSlim is a reliable option, although its waste bin is tiny even by the standards of other hand-held vacuum cleaners.


  • Easily cleans pet hair on all types of surfaces.
  • Manual configuration for even better maneuverability.
  • Quite easy to maintain and almost no fixed costs.


  • Disappointing battery life.


Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet 2256

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Key Features

  • Roll of a brush of triple action + technology without scattering.
  • Remove pet hair with the special tools included.
  • Cleaning from edge to edge.
  • Multicyclic suction system.
  • 8 amps.
  • Multilevel filtering.
  • 5 surface height settings.
  • Disco Teal / Electric Green Finish.

The Bissell Cleanview swivel has a powerful suction and a triple-action roller brush.  It also has non-scattering technology that does not force hair or dust to fly away from the vacuum cleaner.  You will love the swivel steering mechanism, which will allow you to easily go around the corners of your furniture while washing the floor.

Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet users are amazed at how easy it is to care for and how effectively it collects dirt from carpet cracks.  Customers also appreciate how big the trash can is, so you don’t have to empty it often while vacuuming.

This Bissell vacuum cleaner is easy to carry.  It has a simplified design, so you will not have problems with its storage.  You will also find that the bin is clear, so you can see when it is full.


  • Easy to store
  • Powerful suction
  • Has a roll brush of triple action
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Easily clogged
  • The belt needs frequent cleaning


Bissell ICONpet 22889

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Key Features

  • Motorized floor attachment
  • 2 brush rollers
  • Dust brush
  • Flexible slotted tool
  • Turbo brush with drive
  • Combined dust brush with LED backlight
  • Charger
  • Charging station
  • Wall rack for storage

Bissell ICONpet is the best vacuum cleaner for pet owners because it has a powerful suction that easily removes pet hair from carpets and upholstery.  This machine has a high-performance engine that rotates at 420 miles per hour.

ICONpet Bissell has a built-in 22 V ion battery, so you don’t have to deal with cords.  It also turns into a hand-held vacuum cleaner so you can clean sofas and hard-to-reach corners of the floor.

The Bissell ICONpet vacuum cleaner is equipped with a motorized turbo brush that removes persistent debris from carpets and furniture.  There’s also a built-in LED light bulb to help you identify places you may have missed, or fine hairs and other debris on the floor.


  • Easily cleans pet hair from any surface
  • Powerful engine
  • Wireless device
  • Easy to move


  • Easily clogged
  • Hard to clean


  Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A

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  Key Features

  • Lightweight and versatile
  • V-shaped foot
  • Swivel steering wheel
  • Weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.6 x 11.3 x 43.3 inches
  • Filtration: cyclic
  • Cord length (feet): 20 feet
  • Cleaning path width: 11, 35 inches
  • Manufacturer: Bissell
  • Comes with an easy-to-clean dirt cup

If you have dogs and cats, you will love this Bissell pet vacuum cleaner.  This is a stick block with a V-shaped edge.  This form is convenient for garbage collection of any size.  The edges are protected from fine dust, and the central parts remove large debris.

As for the fur of domestic animals, rubber squeegees capture it and ensure the cleanliness of the floor.  You can take advantage of the swivel steering wheel to reach corners and edges, as well as clean around furniture.

The product comes with a dirt cup that is fairly easy to wash, as all you need to do is empty it.  It uses cyclonic filtration and has been specially designed for hard and other bare floors.  The vacuum weighs 7.5 pounds, which makes it quite light.  The power cord may be a little longer, but this should not be a big problem given the versatility of the device.


  • Convenient vacuum cleaner for cleaning around the legs of furniture
  • The dirt bowl is easy to empty
  • V-shaped edge cleaning


  • The power cord may be longer

Bissell Cleanview Deluxe

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Key Features

  • Multilevel filtration captures almost 100% of pollen, mites, dust and other microorganisms.
  • The vacuum cleaner is powered by a 4 A motor, which provides a very powerful and long-lasting suction power.
  • The dirt container is transparent, which allows the user to clean it when needed.
  • Additional tools that come with the vacuum cleaner are slotted tools, hose, hose adapter and mouth tool.

If you want your home to be perfectly clean, you will need a hand-held vacuum cleaner in your collection.  This affordable model is light and small, but powerful enough to clean all the hard-to-reach areas, including edges and crevices.

This budget portable Bissell vacuum cleaner comes with a hose attachment and you decide whether to use it.  The hose expands the versatility and makes it more manageable to reach the ceiling area.

The company used the bagless cleaning option to service the product effortlessly.  The cup is transparent, which means you will see when it needs to be cleaned.  When vacuuming, you can use a wide-mouth attachment for large areas.

This handheld vacuum cleaner is also perfect for your car, but remember that it is quite loud.  Due to its compact size it will be easy to store.


  • Lightweight, compact and easy to store
  • Comes with a hose attachment and a wide neck for large areas
  • Transparent cup for dirt


  • Loud enough for a hand-held vacuum cleaner

PowerGlide Pet Vacuum With SuctionChannel Technology

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If you are sensitive to dust and other allergens, you need a reliable vacuum cleaner that will help you get rid of all unwanted dirt and pet hair.  This is where this Bissell vacuum cleaner does its best.

First, it is very powerful, and 9.5 A should be enough to handle any dirt and debris.  But it is the SmartSeal system that will help catch allergens inside the device.  This way, they will not be able to return to the air of your room.

Powerglide constantly maintains the same level of suction, and the Triple Action roller adjusts the brush to the surface.  If you vacuum hard surfaces, the bristles will focus on removing small debris.  On carpets, they will work to detect built-in hair and dirt and collect them.

The vacuum cleaner is quite powerful, but it is also quite heavy.  Fortunately, it compensates for this with reliable performance, but you may need a little effort to control it.

Key Features

  • More direct suction path with suction channel technology.
  • The brush roller with triple on / off action ensures maximum cleaning of various surfaces.
  • Turbo eraser for pets, developed by technology without confusion.
  • Smartseal allergen system with additional filter to remove odor from pets Febreze


  • An excellent choice for removing allergens
  • Powerful vacuum that maintains a high level of suction
  • Suitable for hard surfaces and carpets


  • Quite heavy


Decide what type of vacuum cleaner you need based on the needs of your home.  From vertical vacuum cleaners to robot vacuum cleaners – it’s something for everyone – and for every home.  We have found that upright vacuum cleaners are the best common option for pet hair on various surfaces, and hand-held vacuum cleaners are a reliable additional cleaning device.

Today, vacuum cleaners boast a variety of features that may or may not be useful to you and your home.  However, there are a few features to keep in mind for your pet’s hair problem.

Best Bissell Vacuum For Pet Hair FAQs

What is the best Bissell vacuum for pets?

One of the most important things to find out is what type of vacuum cleaner you need.  Small portable models are suitable for quick clutter or storage in the car or office. Upright models usually have the most power, but do nothing but clean the floor.

Stick vacuums, models of canisters and even backpack vacuum cleaners all have their place.  If you want to minimize the amount of vacuum cleaners and cleaning equipment you need, look for more versatile options that not only clean the floor.

How long do Bissell battery powered vacuums last?

Power cords provide long-lasting power to the vacuum cleaner, but can be too short or too bulky.  Changing outlets twice or more in a room can be a hassle, especially if you need to move furniture to access them.  Battery-powered vacuum cleaners can operate in many places without the need for outlets.  However, the batteries wear out and need to be charged.  In large rooms it is better to use wire models, while in smaller houses or rooms it is best to do with vacuum cleaners with a battery.

What Model Of Bissell Is Good For Pet Hair?

There are several important factors to consider when choosing the right one to effectively de-shed your home.  Carpet and house rugs benefit from excellent suction and a rotating brush to pull hair out of the carpet fibers.  Wood and tiles require a vacuum cleaner specifically for the floor, which not only inflates the hair, creating an even bigger mess.  And if you have a ladder, you should consider the weight of the car.


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