7 Best Dyson For High Pile Carpet: Buyers Guide

The Best Dyson for High Pile Carpet has a brush and a turbo brush for mixing carpet fiber and removing debris.  It also has a surface type adjustment function that allows it to better fit your carpet.

If you have thick or high pile carpets at home, you probably know how difficult it is to remove debris.  Some vacuum cleaners do not provide sufficient suction to collect small debris, such as sand.  Others may have heads too high, so they end up slipping on dirt.

How do you vacuum a high pile carpet?

When it comes to high pile carpets, you need a device that works well with the thickness of the material.  And there are many vacuum cleaners designed specifically for these plush styles.  If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for your high pile carpets, we have completed a brief overview of the best Dyson for high pile carpet that you can find below.

Features To Look Out For When Buying Dyson Vacuum Cleaners For High Pile Carpet

Size and weight

Honestly, it’s not about your hair, it’s more about your needs.  If you have to carry a vacuum cleaner on a very large house or on different floors, you can focus on finding an easily mobile and lightweight design.  Who still wants to carry a heavy, clumsy vacuum cleaner?

Bag vs. Bagless

When you buy a new vacuum cleaner, this is a feature you should always consider.  There are so many different models and so many different preferences in terms of bag and bagless requirements.  In terms of hair, it really doesn’t matter!  Again, it’s all about personal preferences and how you want to be able to clean your vacuum cleaner when the time comes.

A tangle-free roller brush

Non-tangled roller brushes are exceptional for high bristles.  Sometimes it seems that these carpets act as magnets, capturing every trace of pet hair and human hair.  The non-tangled roller brush provides painless deep cleaning.

Strong suction power

When you remove dirt and debris from a deep carpet, such as high pile, you need all the suction power you can get.  Some vacuum cleaners have sufficient suction power to clean the surface layers but not penetrate completely.  You want a powerful suction that will clean all the way to the base of the carpet.

Multiple attachments

Although some devices, such as robot vacuum cleaners, only handle standard mounts, additional attachments are usually useful.  If you want to clean under the carpet, in a crack or in a corner, there is usually a nozzle that will make it easier.

Long reach

One of the properties of many vacuum cleaners for carpets with high pile.  Along with the appropriate attachments, the presence of sufficient distance allows you to clean hard-to-reach places.

Adjustable brush height

Although a non-tangled brush roller is required for high bristles, adjustable brush height is a great extra feature.  This allows you to clean the carpet in different layers in height to remove as much debris as possible.  This provides versatility for the transition from high pile to another type of floor.

Best Dyson For High Pile Carpet

Dyson DC65

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Dyson DC65 is a shining example of the company’s commitment to innovation.  It has a large ball that allows you to increase the turn.  There is no bag, but instead a transparent canister lets you know when to empty its contents.  Everything is understood with a few presses of buttons, although it may take some time to get acquainted with the revolutionary design.

Dyson DC65 is ideal for high pile carpets thanks to a modified slat.  Now it has 25% more power and can deeply clean a thick carpet.  One of the disadvantages of most vacuum cleaners is that their bristles can become tangled.  Thanks to the turbine tool without tangling, you don’t have to worry about it with the Dyson DC65.

Dyson DC65 is indeed quite expensive, but you get both a solid design and reliable customer service.  Dyson is an innovative company, and if you have any complaints, their customer service works very well with you.  They also provide a five-year limited warranty for continued peace of mind.

The purchase includes a vacuum cleaner and additional accessories.  With a stair tool, a soft dusting brush, a polygonal brush and much more, you can handle all parts of your home.  It is also incredibly light, weighing only 17 pounds, making it ideal for multi-level homes.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Very light
  • Several functions


  • It may take some time to understand all the features


Dyson Upright Vacuum, Ball Animal 2

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Key features

  • Self-regulating cleaner head.
  • Automatically adjustable between carpets and hardwood floors
  • Designed for homes with pets.
  • Turbine tool without tangling removes pet hair from carpets and upholstery without tangling.
  • Filtration throughout the machine
  • Radial Root Cyclone technology
  • Bagless design.

When you buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner, you know you will get a powerful vacuum cleaner.  This Dyson vacuum cleaner will not disappoint.  It provides a strong suction that easily absorbs any dirt or dust that gets into the thick fibers of your carpet.

The vacuum cleaner is easy to maneuver, ensuring that you can clean every inch of your carpets.  It uses a filtration system that passes through the entire vacuum.  Any dirt or dust you pick up will not be released back into the air or pushed away by the vacuum cleaner.

You can improve the air quality in your home and reduce the number of dust mites that live on your carpet.  The turbine is rarely tangled, making it ideal for those who have pet hair or long hair.  It can also be easily emptied without requiring dirt or clutter.  As long as the canister remains mostly empty, the vacuum moves almost independently.


  • Very powerful suction vacuum
  • Extremely powerful suction removes stubborn dirt in a thick carpet
  • The self-adjusting head of the cleaner automatically adjusts to the height of the carpet
  • The turbine tool is not tangled or clogged
  • Helps to remove large contaminants


  • It can be difficult to use on the carpet


Dyson V11 Outsize

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Key features

  • Powerful suction
  • Replaceable battery
  • A wealth of accessories
  • LCD screen

The Dyson V11 Outsize goes a step further than the Dyson V11 Absolute, which has achieved near-perfection with its powerful suction, adding a larger dust collector and a wider cleaning head to reduce breaks during cleaning.  Basically, the Dyson V11 is huge and best suited for large homes.

Using the High Torque XL cleaning head with maximum power, Dyson V11 Outsize was able to collect 100% of the grain on the carpet with short pile.  He did have trouble collecting flour, capturing about 90% in the first pass, but he didn’t work long with the rest of the flour during the second run.

From hardwood floors to carpets – Dyson V11 Outsize determines the type of floor and adjusts the power accordingly, which makes it a good investment for homes with several different types of floors.

Dyson V11 Outsize has three power modes: Eco, Max and Auto.  They are selected using the button at the top of the filter (LED screen shows which mode you are in).  It also informs you how much battery life you can expect from the minutes and seconds mode, which is a useful guide at first glance.  Recharging takes about 4 hours.


  • Picks up anything on the carpet.
  • Three power modes are useful (Eco, Max and Auto).
  • The best of the entire V11 series.


  • Heavy


Dyson V7 Animal

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Key features

  • Up to 30 minutes of work
  • Powerful suction for daily quick cleaning.
  • Two power modes
  • Easily rises
  • Quickly becomes portable.
  • Hygienic emptying of the Aim and Shoot container.

The Dyson V7 Animal is a bit cheaper than the Dyson V7 Absolute because it doesn’t come with a soft roller.  It only comes with a direct drive scrub head that works best on carpets.  Due to the limited number of attachments, the Dyson V7 Animal is only suitable for homes that consist mainly of carpets.  However, it has high value due to its affordable price.

Dyson V7 Animal is equipped with a powerful cleaning head with direct drive, which is designed to remove grated dirt from carpets.  It has 75% more brush power than the Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner.  In addition to the direct drive cleaner (which is the default carpet cleaning tool), the Dyson V7 Animal also comes with a mini motorized brush.

The tool is a miniature version of the floor tool.  It perfectly cleans dirt from upholstery or carpets, such as pet hair or bread crumbs.  Given the lightweight frame of the Dyson V7 Animal, the suction power of this vacuum cleaner is impressive.  There are two settings (low and high).  Low increases battery life and high increases suction life.

In fact, the Dyson V7 has more airflow through the nozzle in the Max settings.  This increase helps Dyson V7 clean carpets better than Dyson V8, which is a big shock to me.


  • The direct drive cleaner is intended for carpets.
  • Stronger than it seems.
  • Almost twice cheaper than Dyson V15.


Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

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Key features

  • Premium cordless vacuum cleaner
  • Convenient vacuuming with excellent cleaning performance
  • Universal in use on all types of floors (indoors)
  • Practical 2-in-1 function

The Dyson Cyclone V10 is a cordless model that gives you an hour of operation and three suction modes to choose from.  This is a multi-surface vacuum cleaner that can be used on all types of carpets and floors.  Advanced filtering of the entire machine makes this model a great choice for pet owners.

The Torque Drive cleaner dives deeper into carpets to remove more dirt and debris, including pet hair.  You also get handy accessories to optimize carpet cleaning.  Includes slotted tools, combination tools, soft dust brush and mini-tool with motor.  Its low level of absorption is best suited for carpets with high pile.

The brush with this machine is designed to remove more resistant dirt from carpets.  Its motor provides a rigid nylon bristle, which helps to displace dirt embedded between the fibers of the carpet.  At the lowest suction level of this vacuum cleaner – which we recommend for this task – the Torque Drive cleaning head provides 35 minutes of power without extinguishing.

Another reason why this vacuum cleaner is ideal for pet owners is its filtration.  It retains up to 99.97 percent of allergens, leaving you with clean and fresh air.  This is an important feature for wool carpets, which may contain invisible dust, dirt and other irritants.


  • Execution time 60 minutes
  • Fully sealed filtration system
  • Transforms into a manual cleaner


  • Shorter service life


Dyson Ball Animal Upright Vacuum

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Key features

  • Washable dust chamber
  • Ergonomic design
  • Light
  • Long Reach
  • Warranty

The Dyson Ball Animal upright vacuum cleaner is one of the most budget and traditional on the list.  The model includes a self-adjusting cleaner head and seals the suction no matter what floor you need to clean.

Thanks to the technology of balls and the release of the stick and hose, it is easily directed to more difficult to read nooks and crannies with just one, smooth action, which makes the whole task much faster to complete and remove from the list.

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, it’s also easy.  One push of the button releases the container for easy emptying.  It also includes a complete HEPA machine filtration system to keep allergens at a distance and away from the cracks in our homes – where they settle and can cause serious problems.


  • Self-adjusting cleaning head
  • HEPA filtration system
  • Easy emptying of the container


  • Less life expectancy


Dyson models are “designed with a six-layer advanced filtration system that captures dust that you can see and 99.97 percent of microscopic dust elements that you can’t see.”  The filters are designed to capture dust up to 0.3 microns.  This is an important feature to consider because you do not want to inhale1 what you are vacuuming.

The best plush vacuum cleaners have a height-adjustable suction head, so it can properly and deeply clean carpets of various thicknesses.  Carpet owners should look for an Upright design to make it easy to move around and choose the best cordless vacuum cleaner, as a cordless vacuum cleaner can access parts where other vacuum cleaners cannot.  Just like the top hand shampoo for stair carpets, which can clean stairs much easier.

Best Dyson For High Pile Carpet FAQs

Does Dyson vacuum work on high pile carpet?

Dyson vacuum cleaners have a reputation for good suction, innovative design and a completely airtight system with washable filters for easy maintenance.  However, Dyson’s focus on capturing dust and allergens is what really sets them apart.

Which vacuum is best for high pile carpets?

Like any vacuum cleaner, there are a number of different types of vacuum cleaner for high pile carpets.  Which one you choose depends a lot on what you want to get from your vacuum cleaner and how much you have to spend.  There are three main types of vacuum cleaner for carpet with high pile: robotic, canister or cordless.


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