Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner

What is the best canister vacuum cleaner? Cleaning your house isn’t always the most exciting thing on your to-do list—and when you have a big bulky vacuum; it makes chores even less desirable. If this is a typical scenario in your household you might want to invest in a canister vacuum.

Unlike the more popular upright vacuums, canister vacuums are often lighter and easier to maneuver as the wheeled unit glides behind you as you work. The downside is canister vacuums are often better suited for hard floors and often can’t tackle high pile rugs so if you have wall-to-wall carpet, you might want to try an upright vacuum.

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What is a Canister Vacuum?

A canister vacuum is a vacuum that consist of a wheeled body attached to a vacuum wand and power head through a flexible plastic hose. The canister part of the vacuum has the filter, main motor, and dust bags, Depending on the model, the power head may also contain a smaller motor. Canister vacuums are generally lighter to use, as you only need to move the wand and power head during cleaning. Furthermore, the wheels contain on the canister makes it easier to drag the canister around your room.

  • A canister vacuum has some significant qualities which may include:
  • Flexible and long hoses.
  • They are the best cleaning tools when it comes to commercial and domestic cleaning.
  • Canister vacuums have significant light weight, meaning there’re easy to maneuver.
  • These vacuums come with canister, meaning that you’ve got great suction flow.

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Which Vacuum is Best: Canister or Upright?

Both canisters and uprights clean well, but canister vacuums excel for their versatility and flexibility. And honestly, with a bare floor brush attached, canister vacs do the best job cleaning wood, tile, and other hard floors along with low pile and looped carpets and area rugs. And they are easy to carry with two hands.

With their large capacity and improved maneuverability, canister vacuums are great—as long as they suit your space. Storage, for example, can be a challenge, since a canister vacuum can be about a foot wide and deep, and over a foot and a half long. Factor in the hose and wand, and these vacuums, require a large closet or the corner of a utility space like a laundry room or garage. The canister itself is big, and the best models have several attachments that demand organization.

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Are canister vacuums better?

Canister vacuums can be clumsy as well. If your home has multiple floors, carrying an armful of vacuum parts up and down the stairs can be difficult and dangerous. While canister vacuums themselves are fairly lightweight, they can hold a lot of dirt, which increases their weight. Cords can become trip hazards, too.

Vacuum cleaners are trading power and capacity for convenience. But if a small vacuum won’t cut it for your house cleaning, canister vacuums still exist—and they’re better than ever. Comprised of three main parts—the canister (with the motor and filter), the hose, and the wand—today’s canister vacs still roll on wheels, but they’re lighter, so they can cover a lot of ground with ease. Sucked-up dirt and debris settle into a dust cup or bag, which can hold far more than a stick vacuum can. If that sounds ideal for your house, read on to learn what features to look for in a canister vacuum and why the following models are among the best available.

Best canister vacuum cleaner

·         Kenmore Elite 81714

The Kenmore Elite 81714 Pet Friendly Canister Vacuum is that vacuum—one that flies under the radar and then pops up to impress with features like a 2-motor system that gives it exceptional suction strength, an adjustable telescoping wand that can reach and clean up to 10 feet, and a 26-foot cord that offers freedom of movement as you clean and is retractable with the push of button.

This is a classic bagged canister, which means you will have to replace bags on occasion—but it also means there’s no need to constantly empty filters and wash them out. See on Amazon

·         Miele Compact C2 Electro+

This is the vacuum that checks the boxes for nearly every important vacuum feature—and can be trusted to do an incredible job of gently cleaning hard floors and deep cleaning carpets. This powerful vacuum delivers 1,200 watts of suction power and features two different brush types: use the soft parquet brush to clean hard floors without scratching surfaces and swap it for the electrobrush when you need to get every last stray hair out of your carpet. The cherry on top? The electrobrush adjusts to five different heights to suit a variety of carpet types.

You don’t have to worry about this vacuum making a racket—its Vortex silence motor gives it a more muffled sound than most vacuums. You can control the amount of suction power via a simple-to-operate 6-setting rotary dial and the three accessories that are included—a crevice tool, upholstery tool, and dusting brush—come clipped to the hose for convenience. Allergy sufferers can breathe easy knowing this Miele vacuum traps over 99.9 percent of dust, dirt, and allergens via its AirClean filter system that includes a dust bag and HEPA AirClean exhaust filter. See on Amazon

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·         Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G

Apartment-dwellers or college students often don’t have the space for a canister vacuum, but this model is a lightweight and compact machine that doesn’t lack in power. It’s racked up a 3.8 out of 5 star rating from more than 5,000 reviewers who sing its praises for how easy it is to tote up and down the stairs and its two wand attachments that have excellent pick up in tough-to-reach places. It’s best for quick clean-up jobs on bare floors or smooth surfaces and comes with a blower port for blowing leaves or debris in the garage. While it can likely pick up lint or hair on a carpet’s surface, without a rotating brush, don’t expect it to deep clean. See on Amazon



Kenmore Elite 81714

It was designed with an integrated HEPA filtration system and a special Pet Powermate attachment for sucking up fur and hair from floors, upholstery, and pet areas—a must-have if you have a pet that sheds. Another useful attachment is the dusting and crevice tool with suction control, which can tackle hard floors, carpet, and delicate items like curtains. Make no bones about it: at 25 pounds, this is a substantial vacuum and it requires manual pile-height adjustment when you switch from floors to carpet or rugs, but considering its many features, this is the best overall vacuum to own. See on Amazon

Should I get a stick vacuum or a canister vacuum for my home?

Canisters vacuums are generally pretty light and easy to use, moving it from room-to-room as needed. Most of them are quite small and have handles you can use to pick them up and carry them up stairs, or into other rooms.

They are also known to be more powerful and effective than stick vacuums and are able to clean a variety of floor surfaces with good suction. This is great if you have pets, or someone in and around the home who has allergies or asthma and is normally susceptible to dust, dirt, debris, and pollen. Make a great choice!

Canister Vs Upright Vacuums- Which Should I Go For?

If you’re deciding on an upright or canister vacuum, you should also consider how much weight you’re willing to push around. Although, canister vacuums tend to have heavy units, the hose and wand are generally light to push around.

Also consider where you intend to store your vacuum and if you lack enough space, an upright is ideal for you. Upright vacuums are also easier to empty and usually don’t require buying an additional dirt bags.

Ultimately, choosing between canister and upright vacuums will mostly depend on your cleaning needs. But also keep in mind the weight, maneuverability and storage, this will make your decision easier.

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Things to Lookout for When Buying a Canister Vacuum

The features below and other related factors were put into due consideration before coming up with the list of best canister vacuums above. Meaning the recommended canister vacuums in this article have all the following features and more.


For obvious reasons, you should be hunting for a vacuum that will carry out your cleaning tasks efficiently and be quick at it. Most vacuum cleaners have an engine inside and canisters are no exception. Consider using a device with higher engine power, especially if you intend on using it for commercial purposes. Ensure you look for a vacuum cleaner made exactly for your specific needs. You wouldn’t want to regret buying it. Check for wattage, suction power and remember that there’re green canister vacuum in the market that will help in the world’s environmental problems. Check the manufacturer’s specification to ensure that you’ve got a quality product and not a fake one or one that has been refurbished.


Whether bagged or not, a quality canister vacuum should come with a good filtration system. ‘Good filtration system’ means, a filter good enough not to leave any dust flying around the air. If you or any member of your household is suffering from a respiratory disease, then this is a critical consideration to factor in. Consider going for a vacuum cleaner that wouldn’t exacerbate any medical condition you’re already battling with.


Before investing in a canister vacuum, you should strike up a favorable budget. Whether you intend on getting a new or second-hand vacuum cleaner, you need to conduct a research on the best cleaning tool to invest in beforehand. There’s a price range in any product in the market. This is why professionals at cleanism came up with the list above containing canister vacuum cleaners with different price range to suite your budget and cleaning needs.

Noise Level

The last thing you want to have is a tool that is a nuisance to your neighbors, such a noisy vacuum cleaner. By any chance you may be living in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood with little or no tolerance for unwanted sounds. One of the impressive things about vacuum cleaners is that they come with noise level specifications, with the highest being 85 dB (decibels); by all means, try avoiding these! Consider buying a canister with noise level between 60-65dBs. This will also help in the case where you have kids around your home that needs sleep or to do their homework.


The power of a canister vacuum cleaner cannot/shouldn’t be ignored. In so many ways, a vacuum cleaner with strong suction power, good battery for longer runtime, and healthy filtration system have kept homes and business premises clean. Consider a vacuum with longer run time and efficient power for your cleaning needs.

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Are Canister Vacuums Difficult to Use?

No, they are not. However, canister vacuums may be more challenging to use than their counterpart (upright vacuums) mainly because, their bulky design makes them awkward to maneuver and store. Nonetheless, canister vacuums are mostly lighter and more compact compared to upright vacuums. So, it all boils down to which type of vacuum will be convenient to use and which is more comfortable to use depending on your cleaning needs.

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Why are Canister Vacuums More Effective on Hardwood Floors?

Canister vacuums are typically more effective on bare floors because, unlike stick or upright vacuums, they tend to be less likely to disperse dust all over the air. But at the same time, the features that makes them ideal for hardwood floors also un-suitable for carpeted floors. Using it (canister vacuum) on carpeted floors can clog the vacuum’s brush head with hair and fur.

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What are the Benefits of Using a Canister Vacuum?

There are several advantages for trusting on a canister vacuum for your cleaning needs. Canister vacuums are known to have flexible horses, and longer cleaning wands effective for hard-to-reach spots. They’re relatively a lighter vacuum to use and easy to carry and maneuver compared to upright vacuums. Generally, canister vacuums have better suction and flow rate, which makes cleaning faster and more efficient.





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