Best Chair Glides For Hardwood Floors: Buyer’s Guide

Best chair glides for hardwood floors – If you are putting any type of furniture on hardwood floors, the best solution for not loosing a felt chair glide is by using the Best chair glides for for hardwood floors.

What Are Chair Glides?

Chair glides are disk-like surface protection products attached to the base of the furniture’s leg, allowing for smooth movement (gliding) across the floors without causing scratches or unnecessary noise when the chair is being moved.

However, when these glides fall out of the chair’s legs, you might damage your floor with scratches or scuffs, and you will need to replace them with the best chair glides for hardwood floors in the market.

Why Use Chair Glides For Your Hardwood Floors?

When it comes to rearranging things around your home, the best furniture sliders for hardwood floors will help you to move heavy items without causing damage — to either the floor or the furniture.

They also provide the benefit of lowered friction, which can help you to move things by yourself without straining or potentially getting hurt. That said, different jobs require differing sliders, so it’s important to know which ones are suitable for your needs. Can You Use Swiffer On Hardwood Floors? Detailed Guide

It’s also important to note that furniture pads and furniture grippers are not the same things as sliders. (Pads will allow for minimal movement while protecting floors, and furniture grippers create a nonslip surface so furniture stays put. Furniture moving sliders, on the other hand, actually decrease all friction whatsoever.)

What Are The Types Of Chair Glides For Hardwood Floors?

Felt Glides

The felt glides are ideal to reduce the scuff marks over the hardwood floors that get created by the sliding chair motion. The feet glides are having the adhesive backing by which they can easily affix with the leg base of the chair. The only disadvantage of using the felt glides is that they slide off within the base of the chair leg when they are frequently used.

If in case this glide is not affixed properly to the chair leg then it won’t prevent the hardwood floor from the markings. The users are advised to use these types of glides over the furniture item that is not frequently used.

PVC Glides

These glides are the minute plastic pieces that are having the tack point over one glide side. That track point is thrust down within the base of the chair. One of the main advantages of using these glides is that they will not slide from their actual position on the chair leg as these glides get fixed in one place.

These glides are not ideal to get used over the dark finished hardwood floors as over the span of time it might leave the plastic layer over the top of the floor. The hardwood floors with the light-toned finish will be able to hide that plastic residue rather than the dark-toned finishes.

Spring Loaded Glides

These types of glides are affixed with the chair base by using the screw that goes within the glide base within the chair. Then the remaining glide is grabbed within the glide base and the spring within the glide usually helps in leveling the chair and also prevents the unsteady position of the chair by which the denting chances get reduced that might have appeared over the hardwood floor.

The glide section that touches up the floor is built of the string plastic material and that can be customized as well as per the chair color so that the people won’t notice up the glides.

Combo Glides

These kinds of glides usually combine up the softness and the durability of the felt and PVC glides. These glides are then pressed within the chair leg base and then fasten it within the place with its tack like edge. The other portion of this glide is wrapped up with the felt that prevents the hardwood floors from getting scratched.

If the user is going to use these glides then they are advised to regularly sweep their floors as if the dirt or the debris particles gets collected up within the felt of the glide then it will act as the small sanding pad rather than the soft pads.

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What Are The Best Chair Glides For Hardwood Floors?

FURNIMATE Furniture Pads

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Featuring an advanced design, the Furnimate Furniture Pads will protect and preserve any type of surface around your home. The strong adhesive backing makes sure that the thick pads stay securely attached to furniture. Premium soft dark brown felt ensure effective protection from ugly scratches and scuff marks on floors.

As well as being very effective as noise buffers on furniture, you can also attach the pads to doors, kitchen cabinets, or drawers. This extra-large 136-piece pack contains 6 sizes and round and square-shaped pads that can be used on chairs, tables, sofas, beds, cabinets, appliances, and even underneath vases.

FURNIMATE also includes a bonus sheet of thirty 0.4-inch clear rubber bumper pads. If you have odd-shaped chair legs, you can even cut the pads into any shape you want. Quick and easy to apply, the pads will be attached with minimal effort. Clean and dry the furniture legs. Peel the pad off the backing. Attach the pad to your furniture and hold it in place for 10 seconds. For extra long-lasting contact, leave the furniture item for 24 hours before use.


  • Effectively protects floors from scratches and scuffs
  • Minimizes scraping noises
  • Ideal for wooden, laminate, tile, or vinyl floors
  • Wide use for small and large furniture, electrical appliances, doors, and drawers
  • Extra-large 136-piece variety pack
  • Strong adhesive backing ensures the pads stay in place


  • Needs to be left for 24 hours for the adhesive to be super strong
  • Better suited for lighter furniture
  • Pads need to be kept away from infants, children, and pets


Super Sliders 9 1/2″ x 5 3/4″ Reusable XL Sliders

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For massive furniture, sometimes the legs are thick all the way to the floor. Traditional sliders are too small to fit under these legs and move items across carpet. These carpet-specific furniture sliders from Super Sliders can solve this issue; they are 9½ inches long and 5¾ inches wide to create a rounded rectangle shape.

Featuring a bottom of heavy-duty plastic, they can withstand the weight of oversize and heavy furniture pieces, making them more manageable. The thick foam on the top grips furniture legs without the need for adhesive, so buyers can use them again. They’re available in a pack of four or eight and come in black, brown, gray, and linen.


  • Made from heavy-duty plastic
  • Thick foam grips furniture legs
  • It is reusable
  • Available in four colors


  • May crack with heavy furniture


SlipToGrip Furniture Gripper

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Featuring absolute non-slip technology, the furniture pads have super strong rubber on both sides to create mess-free traction between furniture and the floor. The heavy-duty 3/8-inch thick solid felt core creates cushioning protection and exclusive rubber layers do not leave unsightly marks on floors.

As the pads are waterproof, they stop moisture from damaging wooden chair or table legs. Highly versatile, the furniture gripper pads are safe and effective on all floors such as hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl, marble, linoleum, and concrete.

You can use the floor protectors straight out of the box and there is no glue or nails required. The pads have been already ‘scored’ for easy cutting and can be cut to fit any type of furniture items such as beds, chairs, recliners, tables, ottomans, and sofas. Each pad can make up to 5 different sizes.


  • Stops furniture from sliding and protects floors
  • Premium heavy-duty thick solid felt core
  • Anti-slip rubber grips furniture and floor
  • Weight of furniture keeps the pads in place
  • Designed for beds, chairs, recliners, tables, ottomans, and sofas
  • Safe and effective on all hard floors


  • May not be suitable for some stained hardwood floors
  • Not ideal for furniture that gets moved around a lot


CO-Z Nail On Chair Glides Furniture Sliders

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If you need to move heavy furniture, the CO-Z nail-in furniture glides will protect your floors from dents and scratches by ensuring a fast smooth sliding movement across any surface.

Made from thick 3.5-inches hard plastic (PTFE), the sturdy glides have extra strength pads and an integrated nail for long-lasting durability. The floor protector glides are easy to attach to furniture. Just tap them in with a hammer or rubber mallet. For your safety, the furniture glides are equipped with a protective cover.

This large 40-piece pack contains various sizes that accommodate different types of furniture such as chair legs, cabinet legs, or sofas. You can use them to protect hardwood, vinyl, tile, and cement floors. The floor protectors also come with a bonus clear plastic box for easy organization.


  • Furniture glides effectively protect floors from dents and scratches
  • Allows for a fast smooth movement across surfaces
  • Designed to protect hardwood, vinyl, tile, and cement floors
  • Extra strength pads
  • Integrated long nail for long-lasting durability
  • Easy to attach with a hammer or mallet
  • Large 40-piece pack contains various sizes
  • Can be used for chair legs, cabinet legs, and sofas


  • Using the glides on heavier furniture items is not recommended
  • May not be ideal for softer floors


FLERISE Moving Kit for Carpeted and Hard Floor

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Most homes contain a variety of floor types, from tile to hardwood to carpet. This 16-piece furniture moving kit by FLERISE includes eight sliders for carpet and eight sliders for hard floors, including wood, ceramic tile, and linoleum. The kit also provides a convenient storage tube to store the sliders and reduce the chance of misplacing them.

The round carpet sliders feature a durable plastic bottom and are 3.74 inches in diameter to evenly distribute weight. The top layer is a gripping foam that doesn’t need adhesive, so these sliders can be reused.


  • Includes storage tube
  • Top layer has gripping foam
  • It is reusable


  • May crack under heavy furniture


40pcs Furniture Glide, Screw-on Felt Pad Slider

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The multifunctional furniture glides are one of the best chair pads for hardwood floors that come in handy for customers. This 40-piece pack will offer you important functions that could not be enjoyed with other furniture pads. The glides will serve you with several functions, making them perfect for your hardwood floor.

They are made to prevent slipping, scuffs or dents, and scratches. At the same time, you will not hear unnecessary noise or vibration while you move furniture. They come with screws to ensure easy and straightforward installation. The screws provide more reinforcement than both nails and adhesive pads.

Therefore, the glides will not fall off anytime soon after screwing them to the furniture leg base. A high-density felt pad, a plastic (ABS) casing, and a sturdy steel screw ensure the glide is solid and durable enough to provide protection for a long time.


  • High-quality design
  • Strong screw connection than other installation methods
  • Guaranteed 100% protection
  • Thicker and denser for supporting large furniture
  • Easy to use


  • It does not last longer than expected


Best Chair Glides For Hardwood Floors FAQs

What Type Of Material Should You Pay Attention To When Choosing Furniture Pads?

We would only recommend using felt pads to protect your hardwood floors from your furniture. There are some sources that feel good recommending rubber furniture pads. However, these can discolor some hardwood flooring and potentially leave scuff marks.

How Can I Protect Hardwood Floors From Furniture?

Felt is the most common material used for flooring pads. This flexible material makes it easy to move furniture around the room, and it can be cut into many shapes and sizes. Felt does have some potential problems as well. It is prone to collecting things like dust and hair. Keeping it clean is not only important for sanitary reasons, but it also can scratch your hardwood flooring if the furniture is heavy enough, and the debris is significant enough.

How Effective Are Chair Glides?

Normal wear and tear apply to the sliding inserts for chair glides. Inspections and maintenance are especially important when working with sensitive floors. Most of the time, no floor glide is the best option for all types of flooring. Most floor glides are effective, but some materials are only suitable for specific flooring (e.g. PTFE, felt), resulting in a compromise in their properties (e.g. low friction, low durability) or functional incompatibility.


Many people don’t start shopping around for furniture pads unless they’re moving or buying new furniture, but this is not the only time to use furniture pads – especially if you have hardwood flooring. If you’ve just installed new hardwood floors or refinished existing wood, now is the perfect time to buy some furniture pads so you can protect your investment and the natural beauty of the wood.

These are pads that typically have felt on one side, and an adhesive on the other. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. When picking a furniture pad, pay attention to how thick the pad is, as well as what people say about their longevity. Since you won’t want to have to replace these every month, you’ll want to pick a product that’s durable (and many of them aren’t).

If you end up picking a type that doesn’t seem to adhere well to your furniture, you can always superglue the adhesive pads to your furniture. Keep in mind this will likely leave residue on the bottom of the furniture should you wish to remove them, but it’s still a viable solution.

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