Best Dibea Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner: Buyers Guide

Best dibea cordless stick vacuum cleaner – Dibea is a brand of vacuum cleaners that has been around for several years.  Promising good performance in an affordable price range, the Dibea F20 MAX is Dibea’s latest flagship vacuum cleaner model.

If you searched the internet for a review of the dibea cordless vacuum cleaner or other keywords, then this article is for you.  It contains the best Dibea vacuum cleaner.

About Dibea

Dibea manufactures various types of vacuum cleaners, including convertible cordless vacuum cleaners, mattress vacuum cleaners, robot vacuum cleaners and more.  Their products are very affordable and of good quality.  The full range of their devices can be found on the official Dibea website.

Features To Consider When Buying Dibea Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


A good filtration system is especially important for a rod vacuum cleaner.  In traditional canister vacuum cleaners, the exhaust is usually at a distance from the user.  Weak filtration system in the canister system, although annoying, does not pose a great danger to the health of the user.  In a rod or Upright system, where the exhaust gases are located much closer to the user’s face, a weak filtration system can potentially direct harmful microbes and bacteria to the user.

Input power

Most Dibea vacuum cleaners use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.  The F20 Max battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh provides 29.6 V and provides a vacuum cleaner for 8 minutes in Max mode, 20 minutes in standard mode and 55 minutes in Eco mode.

Charging time is approximately 3 hours.  As for the D18, it is powered by a 2200 mAh battery with a lower voltage of 22.2 V. The lower setting works up to 45 minutes.  When vacuuming at higher power, the operating time is reduced to 25 minutes, which is still higher, given the area you can vacuum during this period.  It takes approximately 4-5 hours to fully charge the D18 battery.

Dust capacity

The dirt tanks of most Dibea vacuum cleaners are medium in size.  The F20 Max can hold 17 ounces and the D18 18.5 ounces.  This is enough to vacuum an ordinary house without stopping on a trip to the trash.  The clear plastic container allows you to control the level of contamination so that you can dispose of it as soon as it reaches a critical level.

The containers are designed to open down, a mechanism that prevents dust particles from flying.  Emptying the container until it is full helps the vacuum cleaner to run at peak speed.  Cleaning each time you discard the contents prepares the vacuum cleaner for a different cleaning task.

Filtration efficiency

Most Dibea vacuum cleaners use a cyclone system to dispose of dirt in the landfill.  Exhaust filters can be washed.  They are made of cotton or foam.  Despite its effectiveness, the level of the filtration system is lower than that of HEPA and may not guarantee protection against allergens. This makes vacuum cleaners dangerous for allergy sufferers.  The filters after the engine are protected by a steel mesh that traps larger particles.

Weight and dimensions

Most Dibea vacuum cleaners weigh only 5.5 pounds and are light enough to be extremely useful.  Whether in the stick configuration or the portable version (only 3 pounds), the light weight of the device allows you to clean for long hours without feeling excessive fatigue.  It also means that young members of your family or the elderly can comfortably use a vacuum cleaner.  When you have to clean different rooms, you will find the F20 Max quite portable.

Best Dibea Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Dibea F20 Max

Combining the benefits of a full-length hand-held vacuum cleaner (part of the rod) with a motorized brush head at the end, you get a Upright / pocket 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner, similar to the Ehoyal 2-in-1 computer vacuum cleaner that can handle everything  , from the whole room vacuum cleaner to the car interior vacuum cleaner, and is great for those places that are difficult to clean, such as stairs – perhaps the most difficult place for a vacuum cleaner, whether there is a carpet or not.

Dibea F20 Max is just such a cordless vacuum cleaner with a highly efficient motor and an advanced filtration system.  The design and appearance of the F20 Max is very similar to the Dyson V11 (it’s hard to say who was the first and who copied whom), but about twice as cheap, and not cheap.  The GR Buyer’s Guide to the Best Stair Vacuum Cleaner is a good source for evaluating the Dibea F20 Max and comparing it to other alternative solutions.


  • It has brushless motor
  • It has LED backlight
  • It has specialized nozzles


  • It is difficult to empty the container / difficult to clean

Dibea UV-10 Bed Vacuum Cleaner

Dibea UV-10 bed vacuum cleaner is designed as a durable and lightweight mattress vacuum cleaner.  This is a hand-held cordless vacuum cleaner without a bag, equipped with a soft brush, cyclone air filtration system with HEPA air filter, 8 inch (20 cm) UV light, safety sensors and other functions necessary for thorough cleaning of mattresses, beds, sofas, pet beds and other surfaces where dust mites, pollen, bed bugs, dust and potential allergens can be found and cause health problems.

As this device is quite affordable, Dibea UV-10 is a highly recommended solution for such problems, although it is very important to find out what is the cause of the increase in bedbugs and other allergens.


  • Equipped with 16 feet power cord that offers convenient maneuverability
  • Made with high-quality material that makes it long-lasting
  • Features a specialized rubber nozzle that attracts hair and removes dirt effectively


  • May not work on a textured furniture

Dibea E19 Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The lightweight Dibea E19 cordless vacuum cleaner has a high suction power and can be easily used for parquet floors and carpets.  The E19 vacuum cleaner is ideal for homeowners who want to use one vacuum cleaner for several years.  Unlike other cordless vacuum cleaners, the E19 actually allows you to remove the battery.  When the battery is finally discharged, you can simply replace it.  This will save you from having to buy a brand new vacuum cleaner again.

Along with a removable battery, this vacuum cleaner is also incredibly light.  Whether you have trouble moving around the house or you just want to use a lightweight vacuum cleaner, this vacuum cleaner should meet your needs.  It is easy to quickly remove from the wall mount and ride around the house.

It has two different rollers, which makes it ideal for parquet floors and carpets.  Although the suction power may be a little higher, you will find that the vacuum cleaner is able to take away most of the small and large clutter in your home.  Finally, it has HEPA filtration, which helps fight the amount of allergens in your home.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Has HEPA filtration system
  • Comes with removable battery


  • Suction power is not so great

Dibea Upgraded 15000pa Cordless Lightweight Stick Vacuum

If you are worried about suction power, then an updated version of this Dibea vacuum cleaner may be the best choice for you.  They redesigned the vacuum to provide even stronger suction.  It also comes with a new motorized brush on the floor, which is designed to remove pet hair, dirt and dust from the surface.

When dirt or dust gets deep inside the fibers of your carpet, this brush can eradicate them.  Another great feature of this vacuum cleaner is its ability to turn into a portable device.  You can quickly deliver the vacuum cleaner to your car or run it along your stairs or furniture without any stress.

The sponge filter can also be removed and rinsed.  This, together with the replaceable battery, makes this vacuum cleaner an ideal choice for those who want to replace parts, not the whole vacuum cleaner.


  • Has removable portable device
  • Has washable sponge filter
  • Has a stronger suction


  • Works only when moving forward

Dibea 2-in-1 Mopping Robot Vacuum, Self-Charging Vacuum For Pet Hair

The Dibea 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner, a self-charging pet hair vacuum cleaner, can take care of your pet’s hair, so you can relax.  Pet owners will enjoy having this robot in their homes.  It can work as a vacuum cleaner and mop.  This is ideal if one of your pets is making some wet clutter in the house.  However, for pet hair, this vacuum cleaner works great.  Has a strong suction power to remove pet hair deep inside the carpet.

It also has a system with two filters to further keep pets’ fur inside the vacuum.  One of the unique features of this robot vacuum cleaner is its shape.  Its D-shaped shape allows robots to easily squeeze into corners.

This is ideal because you can be sure that a lot of pet hair will accumulate in the corners of your home.  The robot can make sure that these strands of hair are removed from your home.  Tanks can also be easily removed and cleaned for future use.


  • Double filter system
  • Works as a mop and vacuum cleaner
  • D-Shape works best in corners


  • You can only wash off a little water

Dibea D18 Pro

Dibea D18 Pro is a cordless vacuum cleaner with a modern design and comes with a wide range of attachments.  But the opportunities are basic, and the efficiency of cleaning leaves much to be desired.  If you have a fixed budget, this may be an option, but if you have a manicure option, there are probably better options.

The Dibea D18 Pro is a cordless vacuum cleaner that easily converts from hand to hand for a variety of useful applications.  It has a reasonable price, which is great for most budgets, but also eliminates a few frills that other cordless vacuum cleaners have.


  • Has two different power modes
  • Lower price can make it affordable for budget buyers
  • Comes with a wide selection of tools and accessories


  • Relatively short cleaning time (only 20-30 minutes)
  • Less than impressive cleaning efficiency
  • Compared to better alternatives, it looks a bit cheap


Dibea is not a newcomer to the vacuum cleaner market.  One of their first successful wireless attempts was the Dibea D18, another battery on the list of available cleaning devices.  Dibea F20 Max is an upgraded model from D18.  Thanks to a set of functions to improve absorption, versatility and ease of use, the Dibea F20 Max is suitable not only for your pocket, but also for the needs of cleaning your home.

The most obvious is whether you have mostly carpeting, hardwood floors or a fairly even combination of both.  Generally speaking, for homes with a large number of carpets, especially in large areas, a Upright vacuum cleaner is a good choice.  However, if your personal preferences tend to vacuum in the form of canisters, there are many great options.  You want to make sure that it has a floor attachment with a motorized brush and the ability to adjust the height for different pile carpets.

Best Dibea Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner FAQs

How Good Is Dibea?

If you like parquet or tiled floors with several rugs, or you like carpets with low pile, Dibea cordless stick vacuum cleaner is a great option.  Using a specialized floor brush, they are usually very maneuverable for quick work around and under furniture.  Some are equipped with combination floor tools that easily switch to efficient carpet cleaning.  For true fans of the vacuum cleaner for canisters, there are machines that are equipped with high-quality motorized floor attachments that can effectively cope with carpets with deep pile.

What Is The Best Dibea Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner?

Dibea F20 MAX is a powerful vacuum cleaner, which is probably good enough for the vast majority of homeowners. Due to its simplicity, the Dibea F20 MAX is simple and easy to use, although it lacks the few attachments that came with the other two vacuum cleaners we reviewed. However, while the Dibea F20 MAX is still a good buy in this price range, it pales in comparison to Airbot Hypersonics at a similar price, which comes with extra power dust brush and an innovative automatic mode that detects and dynamically changes the speed of the vacuum cleaner.


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