Best Dyson Cordless For Hard Floors

Basically, everyone wants to make sure they choose the best dyson cordless for hard floors.  While there are many things that you may want to consider when purchasing one, this does not mean that you will have to consider a large number of them.

Although there is a large selection to choose from, there are some of the best dyson cordless for hard floors that are better recommended than others.  Although you may have some preferences in mind when choosing a wireless vacuum, all of the following can be well recommended.

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Which Dyson is best for hard floors?

The best dyson cordless for hard floors come with one obvious advantage: no wire.  This makes them much easier to push than their wire brothers and they are also light enough to clean everywhere from the ceiling to the edge board, as well as absorbing kitchen spills from worktops and dust from shelves (high and low), etc. and so on.  Because of the way they’ve developed since Dyson made it a more unique and versatile product, it’s good for everything from traditional uses, like cleaning your carpet, to properly cleaning large areas of carpet.

Today’s advanced best dyson cordless for hard floors are not like luxury models that have been around in the past decades.  It’s wireless, lightweight and packs rechargeable batteries for maximum comfort and convenience.  These machines are not just simple dustbusters.  It rivals the traditional straight, wired vacuum in terms of flexibility and strength.  Seriously, these things have the powerful suction necessary for a powerful cleaning tool.  Many come with many accessories like the extension stick, notch nozzle, and dust brush.  They also have special positions to handle multiple types of floors, including hardwood floors, bare floors, carpets and stairs.  They can also handle housework like cleaning upholstery and furniture.

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Best Dyson Cordless For Hard Floors

·         Dyson V11

Dyson V11 has more suction power than ever.  This is not news.  But what really makes it noteworthy is the intelligence of this device.  The V11 senses whether you are vacuuming on a hard or soft surface and adjusting the suction accordingly.  And you’ll be happy about it, because running the vacuum to full suction and then trying to wrap it on a hardwood floor is an instant exercise.  It picks up a lot of dirt like a full-size Dyson vacuum cleaner, if not more.

The easy-to-use LCD screen on the back of the unit tells you what suction you are using and your remaining operating time.  Change from Eco to Boost, change the battery picture from green to red, and you will see the operating time is greatly reduced.  The LCD will also guide you through maintenance tasks when there are clogs in the airway and remind you of when to clean permanent filters.


  • Offers strong suction that allows the vacuum to clean different surfaces with impressive results
  • The LCD screen that offers easy controls as well as performance and maintenance reports
  • Provides the user with a clock count down for the battery’s remaining runtime to prevent unexpected shutdowns
  • The unit is lightweight, which provides for easy cleaning especially when using the handheld version


  • You need to dig deeper in your pockets to acquire the vacuum
  • It lacks the soft brush roll that the earlier model came with for sensitive floors.

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·         Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

The Dyson Cyclone may be last year’s model, but the V10 Absolute brings with it more attachments than you know what to do with. It’s still an impressive performer (and was the top Dyson vac on everyone’s list up until the V11 came out), with a 60-minute run time and suction power that’s topped only by its successor. That’s the reason you’re seeing it on the list of the best dyson cordless for hard floors.

What’s more interesting about this package is the soft roller head that’s specially made for hardwood floors. It’s coated with antistatic carbon fiber filaments so that dust doesn’t stick to your vacuum, but gets vacuumed up. I only wish there was a V11 package that included this feature.


  • On MAX power the V10 produces a staggering 151 air watts of suction.
  • The dust canister is larger than that on any previous Dyson cordless stick vacuum.
  • Not Too Loud
  • Soft Roller Cleaner Head
  • Recharge time on the V10 is 3.5 hours (from a fully depleted battery to a fully charged battery).
  • The V10 moves very easily and the head turns with a twist of the wrist.


  • Short MAX Mode
  • Low Power Mode

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Dyson has been making cordless vacs for quite some time now, but 2016’s V8 was where it finally really cracked it. It is also still the best option if you want a vac to use mainly handheld, rather than as a floor cleaner. Although it is also pretty damn good at that.

Another great feature is that it’s sufficiently attractive and compact to just leave lying around in the kitchen or hallway – or attached to the wall with its well-made mount. So when a spill occurs or you notice a messy bit of floor, you don’t have to go and retrieve it from ‘the special cupboard’. It is the ultimate ‘clean a little, but often’ vac.

Those who have larger homes or a more “traditional” attitude towards cleaning may find it to be a little less powerful.  The number of additional tools required to make it versatile as it can initially let you scratch your head to see which is used for what (though I have experienced that a “master” head is just as good as a single “sponge” for hard floors, and pet hair might be an overly sucking if you don’t have allergic or semi-pathological aversion to pet hair


  • It has a long running time at 40 minutes.
  • It has a trigger power button so that the battery is only used when needed.
  • It is powerful.
  • The weight is on the hand, making it ideal for above floor cleaning.


  • Incredibly expensive

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·         SAMSUNG JET 90 PRO

Since Dyson started making a mint by selling premium cordless vacuum cleaners that could, in many homes, replace corded ones there have been two types of cordless vac. On the one hand, Dyson cordless vacs, and arrayed against them, vacs that are just like Dyson cordless vacs but not quite as good. Nearly always more affordable, and always somewhere between a bit crappier and a lot crappier.

Almost all other products on this list will do an excellent job as a “ Dyson alternative ”, but this Samsung product almost matches it in everything, and it will definitely end up being cheaper.

You’ll really get a lot for your money.  Jet 90 Pro comes equipped with a mount suitable for carrying and reloading when not in use – it may not be as stylish as the Dyson wall mount, but it is much larger, and you do not have to mount it to the wall, which many people prefer.  It also has attachments for 4 gadgets instead of the never-ending annoying Dyson limit of two.

  • Flexible cleaning
  • Powerful suction
  • Great mopping ability
  • Replaceable battery


  • Small bin
  • No on-body storage

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Editor’s Recommendation:

Dyson V11

The V11 also comes with a lot of attachments, and switching between them is very easy.  You can store some of them directly on the stick, and the retractable base accommodates two other people.  It is a big vacuum and will serve you well for years to come. To find out more on this, see on Amazon

Are Cordless Vacuums Worth it?

Presently, there’re several types of vacuum cleaners available in the markets, including cylinder robots, upright, handheld and stick.

However, the design of a cordless vacuum offers the most convenient and mobility, typically having a stick body and smaller canister which should be emptied regularly.

They’re also compact to store and lighter compared to upright and cylinder vacuums, which is why they are more comfortable to work with.

Cordless tend to come alongside a range of useful attachments, such as crevice cool to work on awkward areas such as cars, an upholstery tool use for de-crumbing sofas, including a motorized brush aim at collecting stubborn pet hair.

You can charge the battery as normal within few hours and some model allows you to purchase two at once for twice the running time. The suction power of Dyson Vacuums is also getting stronger as technology improves, making the top-end performers an excellent investment.

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What Type of Dyson Vacuum is Best for Hardwood?

Most Dyson vacuums can perform a great deed for you and are safe for hardwood floors. However, the gain productivity, it’s best you use it with the right attachments. In fact, most of the Dyson models are specifically designed for hardwood floors.

Moreover, stick vacuums seems to be the lightest and are not known to leave scratches on your hardwood floor compared to canisters and upright vacuums.

A stick vacuum can perform well if your house is very big. The clean head of a cordless vacuum should be able to swivel around easily in every direction. You don’t need to drag your vacuum around the floor, as it will surely lead to scratches.

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Things you need to Avoid When Using Dyson Vacuum on Hardwood Floor

If you decide to go for canister or upright vacuums, know that they’re pretty heavy. Dragging them around aggressively will quickly damage your precious hardwood flooring. Not only that, in a few months the roller wheels at the bottom of your vacuum will wear out and leave mark of scratches on your floor.

A good way to avoid this, just in case- is to replace the roller wheels on your vacuum once you notice that they’re not as smooth as before.

If you are using a Multi-Floor Dyson, ensure you turn off the power head or replace it using a soft brush before vacuuming your hardwood floor. Work in a slow, linear motion and avoid pulling or pushing your vacuum around too harshly.

How to Keep your Hardwood Floor Scratch-Free

When your hardwood floors have marks and scratches all around, it can be really frustrating. This is why some people have decided to stay away from vacuums. However, you can still use this impressive technology (Vacuums) on hardwood a floor, without having to worry about scratch and marks on your floors. Consider the tips below on how to keep your hardwood floors from marks even while using a vacuum.

  • Vacuum all the dirt and dust away, before you mop. You can use the boost mode if necessary. Mopping a dirty floor can results to marks or scratches on your hardwood floor because of the friction caused by the dirt particles.
  • Place a doormat or rug close to the entrance to ensure that people do not enter your home with sharp dirt particles under their shoes.
  • Fix rubber covers on beneath the feet of all your furniture. This will help prevent them from scratching then floor anytime you move them around.
  • If your floor is made of hardwood, either use soft slippers or apply a no-shoe inside the house so as to avoid damaging your floor.
  • Do not allow water spills to sit on your hardwood floor for long. Ensure to mop them immediately so as to prevent water damage.
  • Don’t ignore the scratches, marks or damages on your hardwood floor. Gut them fixed or buffed before they become worse. This may even cost you more for replacements.

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How to Choose the Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaning technology has continued to come up with impressive innovations in the last few years. There’re lots of options and models to choose from. Some of the features in the latest innovation to look out for include:

Smart technology: allows you to connect your stick to your phone to monitor battery life and its usage and get unusual statistics such as how many calories you burn while vacuuming.

Sensory technology: The floorhead works with sensors to sense your floor type and adjust its power accordingly while saving your precious battery life and ensuring that the stick only uses the required power.

Headlights: they contain LED lights on the floorhead to help you see under furniture and other dark spaces in your home.

Weight: put this at utmost consideration, as anything over 3kg is capable of feeling heavy after prolonged use. Bottom-heavy designs with the weight more in the floorhead tends to be easier on your arms.

Battery level indicator: This can be quite a handy feature for cordless appliance. The Dyson V11, for instance can impressively counts down the remaining running battery time in minutes and seconds.

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Are Dyson Vacuums Safe for Hardwood floors?

Yes, they are. They’re actually several Dyson vacuum cleaners available that are specifically designed with hardwood floor maintenance work in mind.
So if you use Dyson vacuum cleaner the right way, you need not worry about the possibility of it scratching, scraping or wrecking havoc on your precious hardwood floor.

Can I use a Dyson Ball Vacuum on Hardwood Floors?

Yes, you can. A Dyson ball can definitely work on hardwood floor. The Dyson Ball vacuum is designed specifically to make hardwood floor cleaning easy.

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Are Refurbished Cordless Dyson Good for Use?

Yes, they can be used. If you want to save money, or if your budget is not enough for a new one, then a refurbished Dyson vacuum cleaner may be an ideal choice. However, make sure you buy it from a reliable, authentic and reputable store.

Although most refurbished Dyson Vacuums come with a few dents or scratches, they have all been replaced with new parts so as to make them perform effectively, efficiently and powerful.

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