5 Best Dyson Vacuum For Carpet And Hardwood: Buyers Guide

Best Dyson Vacuum For Carpet And Hardwood -Several types of Dyson vacuum cleaners are available today, including classic upright models, their proprietary cordless vacuum cleaners, and more.

To select the best Dyson vacuum for carpet and hardwood from Dyson’s current line of vacuum cleaners, we have taken into account factors such as suction power, weight, battery life (where possible) and any special features.  We also read feedback from customers and professionals to get an idea of ​​the performance and reliability of each vacuum cleaner, as well as any problems that users may encounter.

How does dyson work on carpet and hardwood?

These best dyson vacuum for carpet and hardwood act by centrifugal force to separate large particles of dirt and dust and pet hair in the outer “shroud” of the vacuum, while a number of smaller cyclone jets separate smaller particles such as dust, mold and bacteria.  This constant pressure prevents the loss of suction power, which usually occurs due to clogging of the filter.

Although Dyson vacuum cleaner technology is the same, not all Dyson vacuum cleaners are designed for the same cleaning job.  The many different models on the market can make you feel like choosing the best Dyson vacuum cleaner for your needs.

Why Buy Dyson Vacuum?

  • HEPA filter integration. Dyson cyclonic technology filters out allergens, which is convenient if you have pets or you clean a particularly dusty area.
  • Good maneuverability in everything. Some Dyson vacuum cleaners have a unique ball design that makes it easier to move in small rooms and rooms.
  • Wide range of tools and brushes. Dyson vacuum cleaners usually come with a fairly wide selection of specialized tools and brushes, some of which are unique, such as a 180-degree extension cord and special turbo brushes for upholstery.
  • Plastic workmanship. Dyson vacuum cleaners tend to have a plastic construction that some users may find a little cheap.
  • Relatively small dirt compartments. Most Dyson vacuum cleaners have dirt compartments on the smaller side, which means you may have to empty them often enough.
  • Slightly short wireless time. Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners have a slightly shorter battery life, especially when used at the highest power levels, which can be annoying when trying to clean up a big mess in larger, more open areas.
  • High service requirements. Although most Dyson vacuum cleaners are easy to disassemble and assemble with their lightweight design, many of their offerings have a fairly long list of parts that need regular cleaning.

Types Of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Stick vacuums

Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners are smooth, light and ultraportable.  They have a Upright design of a traditional vacuum cleaner, but in a more portable case.  Due to their smaller size, vacuum cleaners have a smaller motor and less powerful suction than Upright vacuum cleaners or vacuum cleaners.  They work best on hard floors and are better suited for daily cleaning of clutter than for deep cleaning of the house.

Upright vacuums

Upright vacuum cleaners have room for a bigger and more powerful engine, and Dyson Upright vacuum cleaners have a reputation for great vacuum cleaners.  Upright vacuum cleaners work great on both hard floors and carpets, many Dyson models include an optional brush for deep carpet cleaning.  Because Upright vacuum cleaners are solid, they are also relatively easy to maneuver (although they are less portable than stick vacuum cleaners).

Canister vacuums

Another powerful choice, which consists of a canister, a long hose and a stick.  Because their vacuum head is attached to a long flexible hose, these vacuum cleaners often come with multiple attachments and can be used for household cleaning, including vacuum cleaners in tight spaces and high surfaces.  Their main disadvantages are their price (vacuum cleaners for canisters are usually more expensive) and the fact that the canister will need to roll to each place for cleaning.

Hand-held vacuum

Hand-held vacuum cleaners are the smallest of the group, designed for small jobs and small spills.  In addition to removing scattered cracker crumbs, they are also great for jobs that require maneuverability, such as cleaning upholstery or car interiors.  Handheld vacuum cleaners can be corded or cordless and very light.  While they are great for spot cleaning, most users also opt for a full-size vacuum cleaner.  Most full-size Dyson vacuum cleaners have removable parts that turn them into a hand-held vacuum cleaner or perform the same function as a hand-held vacuum cleaner.

Best Dyson Vacuum For Carpet And Hardwood


Dyson V10 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner: 14 Cyclones, Fade-Free Power, Whole Machine Filtration, Hygienic Bin Emptying, Wall Mounted, Up to 60 Min Runtime, Purple
  • Powerful suction to deep clean everywhere. 55% more suction than the Dyson V7.
  • Dyson technology helps create a cleaner, healthier home - Our vacuums and purifiers are scientifically proven to capture particles as small as and .
  • Engineered for whole-home, deep cleaning. Suction power, run time and tools designed to deep clean your whole home.

Key features

  • Quickly becomes portable.
  • Switch to a hand-held vacuum cleaner and back in one click.
  • Hygienic emptying of the Aim and Shoot container.
  • Plug-in docking station
  • Three power modes
  • Powerful suction on all surfaces
  • Up to 60 minutes of continuous suction
  • Soft trigger.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal combines the best features of different Dyson models into one easy-to-use vacuum cleaner.  Thanks to the long mode of operation, a number of useful nozzles and the ability to easily turn it into a portable device, it meets all the requirements of a reliable and efficient vacuum cleaner.

This provided standard regular cleaning without draining the battery (the battery lasts about 60 minutes) and was very easy to move between rooms and upstairs.  With four tools included – a mini-motorized tool, a quick-release mini soft dust brush, a combination tool and a slit tool – the vacuum cleaner can reach any slot.

Its digital motor is incredibly powerful, but it manages to work silently: the vacuum cleaner was designed to absorb vibrations, not to emphasize them, which means that it is one of the quietest models. (Although it’s definitely louder when used at full power)


  • Great for carpets and hardwood floors
  • Impressive working time
  • Convenient for a home with pets


  • Operating time decreases sharply when used at full power
  • It can be noisy


Dyson Cyclone V11 Torque Drive

Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Blue
  • Dyson's most intelligent, powerful cordless vacuum. Twice the suction of any cordless vacuum.
  • Dyson technology helps create a cleaner, healthier home - Our vacuums and purifiers are scientifically proven to capture particles as small as allergens and bacteria.
  • Engineered for whole-home, deep cleaning. Suction power, run time and tools designed to deep clean your whole home.

Key features

  • Powerful cleaning of floors and carpets.
  • The built-in digital motor rotates the brush bar up to 60 times per second. …
  • Smart real-time reports
  • The right cleaning mode for the right task
  • Integrated power management system
  • Hygienic emptying of the Aim and Shoot container.
  • Plug-in docking station.

One of the latest and greatest innovations from the Dyson brand, Torque Drive is a true beast in the world of vacuum cleaners and arguably the best Dyson vacuum cleaner on the market right now.  At first glance, this vacuum cleaner stands out from the crowd with its advanced design and state-of-the-art technology.

It sucks in more than twice as much as any other cordless vacuum cleaner now, making it easy to work with even the strongest and most durable dirt stains.  The Dyson V11 Torque Drive can handle just about anything on any surface, from wood and laminate flooring to thick, shaggy rugs and carpets.

It comes with an automatic mode that allows the cleaner head to automatically adjust depending on the surface of the floor to be cleaned, which means you don’t have to constantly change settings.  In addition, it is equipped with a futuristic LCD display that shows how much time you have left and the currently selected mode.

In addition to automatic mode, the Dyson V11 Torque Drive boasts an eco-friendly energy-saving mode for easy and simple cleaning and an amplification mode to handle heavy and heavy clutter.  It is equipped with a flawless V11 engine from Dyson for huge suction power and provides up to a full hour of cleaning without fading.


  • Heavy duty V11 engine
  • 60 minutes of continuous suction
  • Auto mode automatically changes the cleaner settings
  • Gain mode to deal with difficult places
  • Eco-mode for energy saving
  • Stylish LCD screen


  • High price tag


Dyson Outsize Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V11 Outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Nickel/Red
  • Dyson's most powerful, intelligent cordless vacuum. Now with full-size bin and full-size cleaner head
  • Dyson technology helps create a cleaner, healthier home - Our vacuums and purifiers are scientifically proven to capture particles as small as allergens and bacteria.
  • Engineered for whole-home, deep cleaning. Suction power, run time and tools designed to deep clean your whole home

Key features

  • Docking station.
  • Mini soft dust brush.
  • Combination tool.
  • Tool for screws.
  • High Torque XL cleaner
  • Slit tool.
  • Clip stick.
  • Charger

The cleaning head of the High Torque XL vacuum cleaner is 25% larger than other cleaning heads, which makes it more efficient.  In addition, it can hold an incredible amount of dirt before it needs to be emptied – almost two liters, to be exact.

In addition, it can run an impressive two hours in Eco mode before it needs charging, and its digital display head allows you to track battery life for up to a second.  (However, this run time drops sharply to six or seven minutes when used in Power mode.)

However, another “big” element is its weight.  It was difficult for us to move, and the weight over 3.5 kg is the heaviest model on our list.  But don’t let that stop you.  This is a brilliant option for large homes, and we found that it works brilliantly on both carpet and hardwood floors.  Compatible with both hardwood and carpeted floors, it also comes with a number of different attachments that allow it to do any job.  We were especially impressed by his ability to process wool, and his tool for screws, which means that the vacuum cleaner does not blink so much when choosing pet hair.

This three-dimensional vacuum cleaner is also equipped with the ingenious Laser Slim Fluffy cleaning head from Dyson, which provides literal laser illumination accuracy so you don’t miss dust or dirt.  While this required a level of concentration to which the vacuum cleaners may not be related, it was to pay attention to the details of the next level during the vacuum cleaner, and it was gloomily interesting to see how much dirt and debris was on the floor.


  • Suitable for hard floors and carpets
  • Laser head
  • Incredible duration of work


  • Heavy
  • Very expensive: investment purchase


Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Key features

  • Box volume. 54 l
  • Operating time (suction mode 1) 40 minutes
  • Suction power. 115 AW.
  • Maximum operating time. 40 min
  • 2.56 kg.
  • Charging time. 5 years
  • Service life – can be washed monthly.

For homes where there is not enough space, or where food crumbs and dog hair appear regularly, the Dyson V8 is a must-have, offering users a compact and easy way to keep up.  Although we initially refused to buy because of the high price, the constant food crumbs and dog hair eventually tired us out, and we bought it.  After that, it was almost the only vacuum we needed.

In addition, its design and additional features make cleaning the stairs so easy.  Weighing just 5.5 pounds, the Animal is compact but the ergonomic handle is wide and comfortable, and the trigger is located directly on the index finger for ease of operation.  This cordless model also offers 40 minutes of continuous suction for both wood and carpet surfaces and includes a variety of attachments.

Thanks to the easily removable mechanisms that allow you to quickly change the nozzles, Dyson V8 Animal is very easy to grab and go.  Using it for many years, we can say that it is a decent vacuum cleaner that is perfect for any busy household.


  • Very light and portable
  • Up to 40 minutes of work on each charge
  • High suction power for the rod vacuum cleaner


  • Average build quality


Dyson Ball Multifloor 2 Upright Vacuum

Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Ball Multi Floor 2, Yellow
  • Self adjusting cleaner head seals in suction across carpet, wood, vinyl, and tile floors
  • Dyson technology helps create a cleaner, healthier home - Our vacuums and purifiers are scientifically proven to capture particles as small as allergens and bacteria.
  • Radial root cyclone technology captures more microscopic dust than any other on the market;Cord Length:31 feet

 Key features

  • 15.6 lb.
  • Self-adjusting cleaner head.
  • Radial Root™ cyclone.
  • Washable lifetime filter.
  • Cord length. 31 ft.
  • Maximum Reach. 40 ft.
  • 22 gallon.
  • Suction power (Cleaner Head) 196 AW.

Thanks to Dyson’s powerful and patented suction capabilities, this upright vacuum cleaner – just under 16 pounds – is a lighter and thinner model than other Dyson vacuum cleaners, making it easier to lift and maneuver.

The slimmer design allows this vacuum cleaner to easily make difficult turns and fit into awkward places.  This model is equipped with a self-adjusting cleaning head that automatically adapts to the floor type using Radial Root Cyclone technology to support the suction seal for efficient cleaning.

The combined hand stick and hose tool is removed in one smooth motion, making it easier to clean both high and low surfaces.  The hygienic container emptying function helps prevent dust and dirt from getting on your hands – just press a button to release the contents.

The whole machine filtration system ensures that allergens are contained in the machine and not removed.  The long cord provides a cleaning radius of up to 40 feet for faster and easier operation.


  • Good maneuverability
  • 40-foot maximum range
  • Equipped with an easily removable stick of high coverage
  • Relatively affordable (for Dyson vacuum cleaner)


  • May have difficulty maneuvering on high pile carpets


Dyson produces a wide variety of vacuum cleaners that work well on different surfaces, although you have to pay a significant premium for such performance and versatility.  Most of the offers in their range are maneuverable, easy to carry and have a wide selection of brushes; however, their build quality is usually quite flexible, and customer service is somewhat demanding.  By comparison, most Shark vacuum cleaners look a little better, but perform worse on carpet surfaces.  Dyson vacuum cleaners tend to work better and more stably on all types of surfaces than BISSELL vacuum cleaners.

Dyson specializes in vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, fans, and hand and hair dryers.  They offer a wide selection of hand / hand vacuum cleaners, but they have also developed canister vacuum cleaners and conventional racks.  They do not incur any recurring costs due to the use of Dyson cyclone technology in its line, which eliminates the need for a bag for dirt, as well as filters allergens.  Typically, Dyson vacuum cleaners are light, maneuverable and versatile.  However, they usually have a long list of parts for regular cleaning, plastic build quality, and wireless models have a somewhat limited operating time in high power modes.

Best Dyson Vacuum For Carpet And Hardwood FAQs

Did Dyson invent the bagless vacuum?

Dyson was the first to introduce bagless vacuum cleaners, a novelty that is now being copied by countless other brands of vacuum cleaners.  But while there are many other bagless vacuum cleaners on the market today, Dyson models stand out for their clear industrial design and constant commitment to innovation, recently demonstrated by a new series of Ball cleaners that spin on balls for smoother movement.

Which model of Dyson vacuum is best?

Dyson offers a full range of different vacuum cleaners, including cordless, portable, upright or cannister models, some of which are specifically designed for households with pets and for people prone to dust allergies.

Are Dyson Vacuum Cleaners Worth The Money?

Dyson is one of the most famous brands of vacuum cleaners available today, and it has a reputation for producing powerful, reliable and easy-to-use cleaners.  Although Dyson vacuum cleaners are a significant investment, they provide incredible suction power, which makes cleaning your home easy, whether you have a hard floor, carpet or a combination of both.


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