Best Floor Wax For Your Floors: Buyer’s Guide

Best floor wax -For many types of hardwood flooring, regular waxing is a key part of the upkeep. Especially in high-traffic areas, such as kitchens and entryways, hardwood floors can quickly become dull or dingy from everyday use.

Wax helps restore shine and adds a glossy feel to hardwood flooring. More than just a shiny polish, however, wax is also used to seal and protect hardwood flooring’s beautiful surface. After applying wax to floors, the product hardens as it dries, creating a seal that helps guard against stains, preserve the finish, and minimize the look of small scratches or dings.

What Is A Floor Wax?

Floor wax is a wax-based formula used to finish and polish floors by increasing the hardness and glossiness of the surface whilst creating resistance against slips, scuff marks, and minor scratches. If you are not a big fan of floor wax, check out How To Make Tile Floor Shine Without Wax

What To Do Before Waxing Your Floor

Before waxing hardwood floors, carefully clean the surface with a broom or mop to remove any dust or dirt that could get trapped in the wax and impact the finish. Be sure to use the correct type of wax for your floor and finish.

For example, some types of modern hardwood flooring have a sealed surface that should not be waxed; these finishes require a water-based polish instead. Always follow the instructions from the flooring manufacturer and the directions on the product’s label to protect your floor and avoid creating a dangerously slick surface.

Reasons To Wax Your Floor?


Wax helps in floor protection by preventing scratches and stains caused by accidental liquid spills. When applied to surfaces of high-traffic areas, it increases the durability of such floors.

Makes Defects Less Obvious

The occurrence of accidents in inevitable and your floors might sustain marks and dirt that can’t be removed entirely. In this case, waxing is the best way to mask this dent and make the defect less noticeable.

Adds Light to a Room

A beautiful wax floor gives your room more light, but that’s not all. It gives your room a professional look as well as embellishes your room and spaces. At the office, workplace, restaurant or wherever the wax is applied, it gives such place an impression of cleanliness.


On high-traffic areas such offices and restaurants, floor wax helps in providing grip on the floor. This allows people to walk comfortably without slipping, regardless of the floor being wet.

What Are The Types Of Wax for Hardwood Floors?

Solid Wax

Solid wax that comes in a paste form was more popular in the past. You can use solid wax for the unvarnished hardwood floor, genuine linoleum, unfinished cork, and even concrete. This is much more challenging to apply, but the shine can last longer than the shine from the liquid wax.

Liquid Wax

On the other hand, liquid wax is easy to apply with a mop or a towel, dries relatively quickly, and leaves a brilliant shine. Once you get used to regularly waxing your floor, you will experience all benefits of liquid wax.

What To Consider When Buying Floor Wax


When looking for the best floor wax for linoleum, you will notice the number of options you can choose from. Something reliable and of good quality is what you need. For example, Bona is a pretty well-known brand for floor wax and has been formulated to not only clean effectively and dry quickly without leaving any residue.


Waxing your floors can make them glossy, but just how glossy? Well, that is something that can vary from one product to another. There are some products that are highly glossy, while others not really glossy enough. Decide how much gloss and shine you want and then make your choice.


Durability is another thing that can vary from one product to the other. However, it is important because you want it to be long-lasting. You would not really want to invest in floor wax that is not long-lasting.

Resistance ability

High resistance can also make your floor wax durable as well. It tends you create a durable coating every time it is applied. This allows the floor to retain the glossiness for a longer amount of time and look better than ever.


Safety can be a common cause for concern since these are chemical-based products. So before choosing one, make sure you carefully find out all you need to know about it, whether it is the same or too toxic.


Whether it is at home or your office, not all of the floors will be the same. So when buying one of these, make sure they are compatible with different types of surfaces. Doing so will help you save money as you will not need to buy different floor wax for each room.


Another way you can get the most out of your purchase is by making sure one bottle can cover as much area as possible. Typically, a one-gallon bottle can cover an area of about 2000 square feet. However, this estimate decreases significantly if you apply it two or three times.

How To Use Liquid Wax On Hardwood Floors

Liquid wax or oil can be used on unvarnished hardwood, linoleum, or unfinished cork. Be sure to carefully follow the label’s instructions. Although liquid wax is easier to apply than paste wax, the finish typically doesn’t last as long. Do not use this product on no-wax floors, vinyl, or urethane-finished floors.

  • Dampen a soft lint-free cloth, a mop, or the pad of an electric floor polisher to prevent the wax from soaking in.
  • Apply polish evenly and lightly. As it dries, the solvent will evaporate, leaving the polish.
  • When dry, buff the floor with a clean towel, an electric polisher, or a sponge mop covered with a terry cloth towel.

Best Floor Wax For Your Floors

Ultra-High Gloss Floor Finish Wax

Ultra HIGH Gloss 33% Solids Floor Finish Wax - 1 Gallon (More Durable, Less Coats, Less Labor)
  • HIGH GLOSS COATING: 33% high solid acrylic floor wax & sealer. Quick drying, diamond-like shine
  • SAVE TIME: Requires half the coats then traditional floor products. Quick and easy application
  • ULTRA DURABLE: Floor finish for long lasting shine with patented polymer technology

For those who don’t have time to waste, this quick-drying wax should help solve the problem. A 1-gallon bottle is enough to cover 2000 square feet, and when it’s done, you’ll be left with an impressive shine as well as a protective layer that will last a long time.

That said, you’ll need to apply several coats for the best results since just one or two might not give you the look you’re hoping for. Also, be aware that if you get water on the surface, it can produce a white film – but this is easy to avoid by not using too much water when washing it.

This product is easy to use, gives reliable results and will help keep your floor looking great for longer. It works on vinyl or other floor types and represents great value for money, making it an option worth considering.


  • Quick-drying formula – less time to wait after each application
  • Goes a long way – 1 gallon covers approx. 2000 square feet
  • Impressive shine – will leave your floors looking great
  • Easy to apply – simple for anyone to use
  • Good durability – won’t need to reapply too often


  • May create a white film if it gets too wet – but easy to avoid
  • Need to apply a few coats for best results – just one or two won’t do it


Lundmark Super Gloss Acrylic

Lundmark Super Gloss Acrylic, Extra Heavy-Duty Hard Finish Floor Wax, 1-Gallon, 3202G01-2
  • For use on: Resilient Linoleum, Vinyl Composition Tile/VCT, Vinyl Tile, Asphalt Tile, Asbestos Tile, Laminate Flooring, Luxury Vinyl Tile/LVT
  • High quality floor finish protects all resilient flooring and meets or exceeds ASTM standards for slipping and dries to a high gloss finish
  • Ready to use formula: For best results apply with lambswool applicator

This is another floor wax from Lundmark, and this one is intended as a heavy-duty solution that will give your floor extra protection while also giving you a satisfying shine. It’s commercial grade but designed for home use, doesn’t yellow and should last a good few years.

On the downside, like the product above, this wax has a slightly unpleasant odor, so remember to leave the windows open when applying it. It takes a while to dry too – but leaving the windows open for ventilation will also help with this.

This product would be a good pick for anyone looking for a floor wax that will provide maximum protection for their vinyl floor while also giving it a shiny gloss, and if that sounds like what you need, this is an option that’s well worth a try.


  • Heavy-duty finish – gives your floor maximum protection
  • Super-glossy sheen – hence the name
  • Commercial-grade wax – but designed for use in the home
  • Doesn’t yellow with time – retains its shiny look
  • Long-lasting protection – won’t need to reapply for a couple of years


  • A bit smelly – like the other product from Lundmark
  • Takes a while to dry – make sure the room is well ventilated


Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Refill

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Refill - 128 fl oz - Residue-Free Floor Cleaning Solution for Bona Spray Mop and Spray Bottle Refill - For Wood Floors
  • LESS WASTE HOUSECLEANING: Cleaning solution for refilling all Bona Spray Mop Cartridges and Spray Bottles; Splashless technology ensures a smoother pour
  • SAFER CLEANUP: Water-based cleaning formula dries fast, is residue-free, and is safer for people, pets, and the planet; Meets the U.S. EPA product standards and is Safer Choice Certified
  • WOOD FLOOR CLEANER: Safe for all unwaxed, unoiled, polyurethane-finished wood floors

First of all, this thing features a splash less technology which means it makes sure you are able to pour the product smoothly, without making any mess. Its wide handle helps in this area as well and gives good control over it.

Since it has a water-based cleaning formula, you will find that it dries super quick, leaving the floor clean and shiny. This is a 3.79-liter product that will leave your linoleum floor spotless by removing all dirt and dust without being too harsh.

Moreover, it does not leave any residue either and no stickiness that you may find uncomfortable. Since it has a pH neutral formula, you will not have to worry about it discoloring your floor or causing any harm to it.

Its refill idea is really a great one because it allows less wastage. If you are looking for a good linoleum polish that will restore the floors to their former glory, this is just the thing you need! Since it does not require the hassle of mixing, measuring, or even rinsing, you can use it straight out of the box and just start cleaning.


  • Features splashless technology to prevent any mess.
  • Wide handle on bottle gives better control.
  • Dries very fast leaving no residue.
  • Can be used for refill.


  • None


Rejuvenate High Gloss Finish Hardwood Floor Liquid Wax

Rejuvenate Professional Wood Floor Restorer and Polish with Durable Finish Easy Mop On Application High Gloss Finish 32oz
  • Wood floor restoration and polishing formula fills in scratches, restores glossy shine and protects hardwood flooring
  • Bonds to existing finish to resist stains and spills with no waxy build up
  • Pour on and mop application with our microfiber mop bonnet seals and protects wood floors for years

This Rejuvenate liquid wax penetrates into the wood and easily fills in all scratches. It is a quick and easy solution for restoring the old floor and dramatically changing the floor’s appearance. You can apply it by using a micro-fiber mop. One bottle of the product contains 32 fluid ounces and is enough to cover 500 square feet of the floor.

The formula is safe to use on all commercial hardwood floors, and you should avoid it on vinyl, laminate, or stone floors. The Rejuvenate liquid wax bonds with the finish of your floor and improve the look of it. Besides, it prevents staining and further scratches. Occasionally, with liquid wax, you risk ending up with wax build-up, but it isn’t the case with the Rejuvenate product.


  • Non-toxic formula
  • Quick-drying
  • Easy application


  • Wears out quickly


Best Floor Wax For Your Floors FAQs

Is It Possible To Use Wax On Hardwood Floors?

Waxing is designed for hardwood floors. If you have laminate floors, for example, you can polish them, but not with authentic wax. We will have a few recommendations for other types of floors, just in case you want an all-in-one option!

You should only wax your hardwood floors if the floor is in good structural condition. Floors that have been treated with wood sealer, lacquer, varnish, shellac, or oil are best. In these cases, the wax can help boost the protective power of these materials.

What Are The Types Of Flooring I Can Shine With Water-Based Silicone Polishes?

Water-based silicone polishes can be used on most flooring types except unsealed wood, cork, or linoleum. This is the only type of polish suitable for urethane-finished surfaces. Apply these long-lasting polishes in several thin coats rather than one heavy coat, which is difficult to dry. You should also avoid splattering polish onto baseboards or walls because it stains paint and wallcoverings.

What Are the Pros of Using Floor Wax On Your Hardwood Floor?

Wax helps in floor protection by preventing scratches and stains caused by accidental liquid spills. When applied to surfaces of high-traffic areas, it increases the durability of such floors. The occurrence of accidents in inevitable and your floors might sustain marks and dirt that can’t be removed entirely. In this case, waxing is the best way to mask this dent and make the defect less noticeable.


Floor wax is often available in two forms: solid paste and liquid. Solid paste wax often contains more wax and less solvent. It is harder to apply because it needs to be done by hand. However, it typically takes fewer coatings. Liquid wax, on the other hand, has a thinner consistency due to the presence of more solvent. This makes it simple to apply with a mop, eliminating the need to go on your hands and knees. It does, however, need a few more applications than paste.

You should use a solvent-based wax rather than a water-based or acrylic wax. These waxes have the potential to discolor finished floors and harm unfinished flooring. Many individuals prefer that their floor waxes do more than merely protect their floors. If you have wooden furniture that needs to be refinished, you may use floor wax for it as well. Check the label to discover what sort of surface it works on.

You can purchase wax that works with any hues, but make sure to read the label first. Some waxes are made particularly for darker or lighter woods. You can surely locate a s Some waxes are made particularly for darker or lighter woods. You can surely locate a special wax for your dark flooring on the market.

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