Best Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

What is the best industrial vacuum cleaner? Industrial vacuum cleaners are powerful, durable heavy-duty appliances, custom designed to help you meet even the largest, most demanding cleaning needs of a facility. Whether the job requires you to lift light or heavy loads, wet or dry materials, solid particles or spilled liquid, there’s an industrial vacuum for that, but which one?

Getting to know your environment can also help you better determine how efficiently the industrial vacuum cleaner you choose will perform. Will you have access to air supply? Just how small are the particles in your facility? Are they highly flammable? Not only can knowing this information help you make smarter cleaning choices, it can also prevent major work injuries and hazards from occurring on the job.

Commercial vacuum cleaners are a great option thanks to the comfort and versatility they offer. Whether you run a restaurant, hotel, or a motel, a commercial vacuum cleaner can be a life safer. It is recommendable to choose from the best Commercial Vacuum Cleaner vacuum cleaners as they can fit in a small area and most don’t require being connected to an outdoor ventilation system. They are specially designed to suck, filter, and circulate the polluted air to make it breathable. Plus they are affordable, easy to install and operate than their ducted counterparts. Industrial vacuum cleaners are stout, powerful, and convenient irrespective of whether you are vacuuming dry or wet surfaces.

These machines are built specifically for industrial or commercial applications. They are often more powerful than residential vacs – although they may lack convenience features. Commercial vacs are also highly durable, which is a vital attribute for a machine that might be used for extended periods each day.

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While home vacuum cleaners do the job when used infrequently, a commercial grade vacuum is generally more durable, powerful, and built for continuous use. Where a residential unit would wear out quickly in a professional cleaning application, commercial vacuums are intended for heavy use and last longer.

Plus, most commercial units will come with a commercial power cord which is helpful for keeping your business within safety guidelines.

If you are in the market for a commercial-grade vacuum cleaner, read our helpful shopping guide. We have compared dozens of commercial vacuum cleaners and created a shortlist of worthy contenders.

Best industrial vacuum cleaner

·         Hoover Commercial Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The quiet and versatile Hoover Commercial C1660-900 Hush Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner combines power and convenience in single complete unit. Ranking among the best commercial upright vacuum cleaners, you can use Hoover at any hour of the day or night because of its Hush Mode feature.

It quietly picks up 99.97 of dust and dirt from your apartment, plus it is a perfect implement for allergic and asthmatic persons. This vacuum cleaner has a cleaning path of 15’’, which is comparatively wider than other commercial vacuum cleaners in the market. This indicates that you can pick up more dirt in a single pass, and also comes with non-marking furniture guards if you happen to bump into your antique couch. See on Amazon

·         Makita VC4710

The Makita VC4710 is the best solution for jobsite dust management, both in concrete and woodworking applications. This vacuum’s hose can adapt to most tools such as sanders, trim routers, plate jointers and others, guaranteeing clean workspaces.

Also, it comes with an on-board tool-activated outlet so suction starts whenever a plugged tool is used. There is a 10 seconds delay so any extra debris is cleared. Additionally it has an incredible working range with 24.6 ft cord and 16 ft hose length, adding for more than 40 foot) so no replugging is needed.

The Xtract Vac is also capable of reaching the filtration standards of silica dust particles implemented by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the United States (OSHA). See on Amazon

·         NUMATIC NRV 240-11

The Numatic NRV 240-11 is a dry bagged commercial vacuum cleaner from one of the UK’s most popular manufacturers. Like other Numatic models, the NRV 240-11 is powerful, durable and has a large 9 litre dust capacity.

Other features of the Numatic NRV 240-11 include a long 12.5 metre cable, which is great for cleaning multiple rooms without switching plug socket, and a four-wheel design for extra mobility. It’s built with a 580W motor that conforms to the latest EU legislation, yet still provides excellent suction power.

The Numatic has proven to be a popular choice amongst industrial and commercial users – and it’s easy to see why. The bags do a great job of sealing in dust and it’s a powerful machine. The vacuum also doesn’t lose suction despite having a lower wattage than previous Henry vacuums. See on Amazon

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·         ProTeam® Backpack Vac 6qt Supercoach Pro 10

The ProTeam® Backpack Vac 6qt Supercoach Pro 10 offers exceptional maneuverability and efficiency. At just 11.6 pounds, the machine evenly distributes weight on the user’s back ensuring reduced fatigue and improved comfort.

This backpack vacuum goes where the user goes, allowing the user to move more naturally, freely, and quickly. The user doesn’t have to worry about pulling the canister into furniture and fixtures or bumping into objects as they would with an upright.

With a 50ft power cord, this vacuum allows the operator to clean farther before having to worry about managing the cord between outlets.See on Amazon

·         ProTeam® Gofree Flex Pro II

This machine cleans  faster than the corded Supercoach Pro 6 above, and 5 times faster than any upright vacuum, helping to save your staff time and save you labor costs.

Powered by a lithium ion battery, this machine provides long run times so that the operator can be as efficient as possible. This 17.5 pound backpack is also equipped with a large 6 quart collection bag, helping to minimize the amount of times the operator will have to stop and empty dirt and debris.

This is a battery-powered backpack vacuum cleaner. Working without cord restrictions means your staff can quickly and easily go wherever they need to go to get the job done. Additionally, eliminating the cord from backpack vacuums allows staff to work more safely in certain areas, like on elevated surfaces or on stairs.



Makita VC4710

The VC4710 comes incorporated with a two stage nano-filter filtration system capable of retaining 99.95 of particles down to 2 microns; moreover, an additional filter can be added converting this vacuum into a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Absorber), retaining 99.97 of particles down to 3 microns. Moreover, this gadget comes with a filter auto-cleaning setup blowing back air at various periods so the filters lifespan is longer. Although this setup allows using the filters for longer, it can hamper the vacuum ability to maintain a constant airflow. See on Amazon

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What are the Differences between Industrial and Regular Vacuums?

There’re two main categories of vacuum cleaners, in terms of cleaning: professional and regular vacuum cleaners. While the former is intended for cleaning industrial surfaces as well as business commercial buildings, the latter is used mainly for small premises and domestic vacuum cleaning.

There are also other distinctive features between the two:

Versatility and function: Industrial vacuum cleaners are designed to clean all kinds of floors in industrial as well as commercial settings. These vacuum cleaners have much greater versatility compared to domestic models. The industrial vacuum cleaners are not only built to suck up dirt and dust but also liquids as well as larger pieces of dirt, such as metal or wood debris, without getting clogged.

The filtration system and special tanks of commercial cleaners are specially designed to handle and store even the heaviest of materials and generally have a capacity of 7 gallons. In addition, some models have steam cleaning function that enables them to clean various floors.

Power and Durability: Industrial vacuums are designed to meet the cleaning needs of commercial building and large areas, thus they require much more power and durability compared to regular vacuums. Thanks to their suction power which can speed up to 10 times higher than household vacuums, there’s no chance for any dirt or dust remaining on the floor.

Price: The price of most industrial vacuum cleaners tends to be higher than regular vacuums. This is why some people usually cannot afford to invest in this type of cleaner. However, in some instances, they may actually need its services because household vacuums do not come with the same advantages as commercial vacuums in terms of cleaning large and heavily trafficked areas such as your workplace.

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The Advantages of Investing in an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Go for only the best industrial vacuum cleaners such as the ones recommended above to enjoy all the following benefits:

Cost Effectiveness: it may appear that purchasing an industrial vacuum cleaner is an expensive affair. However, looking at usefulness and long usage, it appears to be a must-buy machine for your business.

Cleaning with these vacuums can be done in a lesser time but in a more effective manner. The suitability of a vacuum cleaner should be determined on its features, comparison of cost with similar device and repair and cost of maintenance.

Time saving: With the use of the right industrial vacuum cleaner, the time-consuming job of cleaning becomes an easy-to-do work. The qualities and features of an industrial vacuum cleaner assist not only in saving your precious time but also help in reducing your work-load, energy and man-power spent on the daily chore of cleaning.

Environmental Friendly: The best industrial vacuum cleaners have the required disposal mechanism to trap any dirt, dust, mites and other allergens from the surface of your surroundings. These cleaners go a long way in developing and maintaining a healthy and clean environment for you, your customers and workers around. Working with this device does not only increase health benefits, but eventually lead to a better growth of your business.

Effective & Efficient Cleaning: with the high horse power of these industrial vacuum cleaners and the latest technologies being employed, it makes it easier to clean any area and surface much more efficiently and effectively. This helps in successful cleaning while saving your time and money.

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How to Use Industrial Vacuums

Generally, not using a vacuum cleaner the right way can result to ineffectiveness, dander, dirt and dust left behind. Tom prevent this, you need to learn how to use an industrial vacuum cleaner effectively and also how to keep it in great shape. Here are 5 tips to help you achieve desired result when working with an industrial vacuum cleaner.

  1. Minimize the Mess: Normally, your vacuum cleaner will put up the best performance if the dirt is minimal. So, you should try as much as possible to avoid dirt, dust and other soiling agents from getting into the building at the first place. For example, you can lay rugs or doormats at the doorstep of your house or office to encourage visitors from steeping in with a dirty shoe.
  2. Avoid Small Objects: Industrial vacuums are so effective that they can’t resist suctioning small objects such as coins and paper clips. However, these object aren’t healthy for vacuums, they normally interfere with overall functioning of vacuum cleaners. So avoid them as much as you can or better still, you can pick them up before vacuuming.
  3. Avoid overfilling the vacuum bags: Normally, the hose gets to fill the vacuum bag about two thirds. Therefore, you should try as much as possible to maintain this level. Overfilling the bag can damage your vacuum and cost more in repairs.
  4. Clean your vacuum set regularly: To keep your vacuum in great condition for a long time, it is important that you clean the brushes, filters and other vital parts ones quite often. This will ensure the device is free from spoilers.
  5. Use the right accessory: An industrial vacuum usually features extra accessories such as round brush, power nozzle and upholstery brush. The power nozzle is normally used for cleaning carpets while the upholstery brush is used for cleaning furniture and mattresses whereas the brush is effective for the steps.

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Are Industrial Vacuums Faster?

Yes, industrial vacuums clean larger areas faster compared to regular vacuums. When you intend to cover a lot of square footage on a regular basis, using a device designed for that purpose will save your precious time and money. An industrial vacuum such as the ones recommended above is very much effective for these purposes.

Does Industrial Vacuums Deep clean?

Yes, they do. Because the increased power of these devices, they are effective in getting deep down into your carpets, fabric or rug and produce an efficient clean. If your business centre has a significant amount of square footage with rugs or carpets, then an industrial vacuum is just enough to keep your place of work clean.

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Are Industrial Vacuums Dangerous to Health?

No, they are not! The best industrial vacuums,( such as the ones highlighted above) comes with HEPA filtration system that helps in deali8ng with allergens, bacteria and other microbial contaminants that usually get blown into the air during the vacuuming process. So, your health and that of those around you is completely safe when you use industrial vacuums.

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