5 Best Miele Vacuum For Tile Floors: Buyers’ Guide

Finding the best miele vacuum for tile floors can be quite a challenge.  Floor material exists in various forms and requires sweepers with special capabilities.  It also shows more stains and debris than many other floors, which requires frequent cleaning.

However, not every vacuum cleaner can clean tiles efficiently and safely.  Some leave dirt even after a few passes, while others damage its surface.  This is an experience you would not want to have with you.

What type of vacuum is best for tile floors?

Not all vacuum cleaners designed for hard surfaces are suitable for cleaning tiles.  Some features and capabilities may work on other floors, but not on this one.  A good example is a motorized brush roller.  While fast-rotating bristles are used to remove dirt from carpets, they can be harmful when used on tiles.

Glazed tile has a sensitive coating that is easily scratched by the action of such bristles.  On the other hand, unglazed (quarry) tiles can withstand the cleaning effect of a rotating brush.  Quarry tiles also hold dirt harder, in addition to not having a delicate coating, and require a more powerful vacuum and brush roller.

How To Determine The Best Miele Vacuum For Tile Floors?

Manufacturers do not make vacuum cleaners only for tiles.  Thus, your knowledge of what to look for determines whether your choice is right.  Many people make the mistake of buying any machine that cleans hard surfaces when looking for a tile cleaner.  Then they get frustrated when the device doesn’t work properly.  In the worst case, such vacuum cleaners can even damage the tile or shorten its life.

Tile floors can look very dirty if not cleaned regularly.  The frequency of cleaning often depends on the color of the tile and mortar.  In addition, tiles obviously tend to detect more dirt than carpets, rugs or other types of flooring, which is why tiled floors need to be cleaned more often.

Can you vacuum ceramic tile floors?

Whether we are talking about mosaic, natural stone, marble, ceramics, quarry (unglazed ceramics), porcelain or glass, tiles easily accumulate dirt, dust and debris, but one of their main advantages is that they can also be easier to clean, especially with the best miele vacuum for tiles floors I’m going to introduce in the next few paragraphs.

Best Miele Vacuum For Tile Floors

Miele Compact C1

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Key features

  • Excellent filtration system
  • Large 0.92 gallon dust bags
  • High suction power, ideal for tiles and other flat / uneven bare floors.

Miele’s compact C1 is a canister vacuum cleaner designed for hard floors.  The brush does not rotate, unlike many other tile vacuum cleaners.  However, the head has a foot switch for easy switching between carpet and hard filling, and the head provides direct suction to compensate for the lack of bristles.

The power of a 1200-watt vacuum cleaner with a canister is evident in the six suction power options, which allow you to quickly adapt to different types of floors and different types of debris.  The only disadvantage of this switch is that it is close to the floor, so you need to bend over often.

The container uses a bag, not a canister without a bag, which requires you to keep bags around the house, but provides plenty of space to suck up trash and makes cleaning the canister easy.  The 29.5-foot power cord provides a wide range for cleaning large or multiple rooms without switching outlets.

However, note that you will have to lift the canister with you when you go, and it can be a bit difficult to climb and descend the stairs.  The vacuum cleaner also comes with several mounting tools that can be used instead of the standard head for better cleaning of the grooves between the tiles and in narrow corners.


  • Powerful engine with six suction modes
  • 5-foot cord range
  • Strong and quiet


  • Without brush on vacuum head
  • The canister can become heavy on the stairs


Miele Blizzard CX1

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Key Features

  • 4 inches tall, 8.7 inches deep and weighs only 12 pounds.
  • 12-gauge cord length of 25 feet with an upholstery tool, slotted nozzle, turbo brush and dust brush.
  • Garbage container capacity of 0.9 liters.
  • 2-year Warranty

Miele Blizzard CX1 is the best vacuum cleaner for tiles thanks to the branded Parquet Twister floor head, which has ultra-soft bristles that do not damage delicate surface types.  The powerful Vortex engine is also great for a wide range of other types of floors, as it has four different speed and power options that can be accessed with a swivel disc.

It also has a hospital-level filtration system built into this vacuum cleaner, as it has both a real HEPA filter and a Gore CleanStream fine dust filter.  Although this Miele vacuum cleaner is truly exceptional, it is more expensive than other cleaners.

It is also a slightly heavy vacuum cleaner, weighing almost 25 pounds, which can affect maneuverability and portability.  This is a great option for those who are looking for the best vacuum cleaner for laminate flooring.


  • Twister parquet floor with soft bristles
  • 4 power settings and a convenient turntable
  • Fantastic hospital level filtration system


  • On the more expensive side
  • Slightly heavy, about 25 pounds


Miele Compact C2 Electro +

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Key features

  • Multilayer filtration system
  • Miele Sealed System ™
  • High performance AirClean dust bag
  • High-efficiency filters
  • Efficient Miele vortex suction motor
  • Electronic engine speed control
  • Equipped with Power Team with SEB 228 Powerbrush

The Miele Compact C2 Electro + comes with a variety of useful attachments and accessories, including a crush-resistant hose, telescopic stainless steel attachments, high-quality brush rollers, slotted tools, dust attachments and more.

The filtration system is first-class, with the original HEPA AH-50 filter, and this package includes 16 filter bags and four filters to protect the engine.  We also liked the six speeds available in this Miele vacuum cleaner, as it makes this cleaner great for different types of surfaces, including tiles, carpeting, rugs and even curtains.

This is a high-quality vacuum cleaner with a lot of nozzles and, as such, it is quite expensive, which is worth paying attention to before buying.  In addition, it is a cable model, and the power cable is on the shorter side, although it is fully retractable for convenience and lies inside the device.  If you don’t want to, you can also enjoy the best robot vacuum cleaner.


  • 6 speed settings
  • Includes the original HEPA AH-50 filter
  • The height is adjustable with a button


  • On the expensive side
  • The power cord is short but retractable


Miele Complete C2 Vacuum

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Key feaures

  • Powerful 1140 W / 9.5 A motor
  • Excellent HEPA AirClean filtration system
  • Large 1.2 gallon dust bags
  • Not too heavy – 13.5 pounds

Miele Complete C2 is equipped with the company’s world-class Vortex engine with a capacity of 1200 watts, which allows you to train quickly even in the most severe disorders.  The ergonomic carrying handle is a huge plus, which is convenient when moving from room to room, and the swivel disk, which allows easy access to six different speed and power settings for different types of floors.

This Miele vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a built-in dust brush, slotted tool and upholstery tool.  Although the AirClean bag filter that comes with this vacuum cleaner is reliable and does a good job of reducing allergens and harmful particles.

It is not a true HEPA filter, although this vacuum cleaner can accept third-party HEPA filters.  You can also consider the best air purifier for allergies and dust to keep allergens in your home.


  • Ergonomic carrying handle
  • Speed ​​and power settings are available via a convenient rotary dial
  • Built-in dust brush, slot tool and upholstery tool


  • The filter is reliable, but not a true version of HEPA


One of the most important features that makes vacuum cleaners great for tiled floors, in addition to standard vacuum cleaners, is a specialized or motorized brush.  Some bristles are able to sweep away dust and not just rely on suction, which makes even vacuum cleaners with moderate suction power much more effective in cleaning tiled floors.

However, other motorized brush attachments only aggravate the situation by scattering dirt and dust around, so the ability to turn off the brush will be an advantage.  We’ve also expanded our search to include a number of different types of vacuum cleaners so you can find the style you like.

Best Miele Vacuum For Tile Floors FAQs

Why a vacuum cleaner for tiles?

Not all vacuum cleaners designed for hard surfaces are suitable for cleaning tiles.  Some features and capabilities may work on other floors, but not on this one.  A good example is a motorized brush roller.  While fast-rotating bristles are used to remove dirt from carpets, they can be harmful when used on tiles.

Why are floors still dirty after mopping?

Sometimes, mopping your floor can also causes more debris to scatter on the floor, making it difficult to clean.  But don’t worry.  Most modern vacuum cleaners come with a whisk brush that can be turned off when you don’t need it, and you just need to make sure the one you buy has this feature.  In addition, you can choose a vacuum cleaner that does not have a roller brush, and rely on suction only for cleaning.  However, this will put you in a difficult situation when there are carpets or small rugs in your home.  It can even be any other surface where the action of rotating bristles is required to mix the dirt.

Is it better to vacuum or sweep tile floors?

In some tile cleaning situations, it may be necessary to use a machine that not only sweeps.  While vacuum cleaners remove dirt and allergens, a cleaning device that has the function of steaming or washing the floor disinfects the floor.  These vacuum cleaners will make your cleaning thorough, and you will not have to continue to work with the vacuum cleaner by washing and wasting time.  Unglazed tiles require such vacuum cleaners.  The floor is a problem for cleaning its surface from dirt and allergens, which requires the use of a multifunctional vacuum cleaner.