Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner without WiFi Reviewed by Experts

You need the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner without WiFi if you are considering buying one that operates offline. However, the only functions you may get include scheduling, vacuuming, and mopping—advanced functions will go missing.

A robot vacuum without WiFi will have no app support, Alexa control, and the ability to map your home. However, the best model will feature multiple cleaning modes, auto return to the dock, a sizable bin, self-charging, and extended battery life. It should be able to vacuum/mop both large and small apartments.

Most contemporary vacuum cleaners tend to require a mandatory online account, and they come with a companion app. Perhaps, you do not mind the additional functions, as long as it vacuums pet hairs or mops dirt on your hardwood, tile, rug, or carpet.

Best robot vacuum without WiFi

We have made a few “tested” picks based on performance and reliability. Another factor considered is the cost to make sure you pay less for more. However, like any unit, these selections are not perfect, but still the best robot vacuums without internet out there.

  1. ILIFE A4s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 2000Pa Max, ElectroWall, Quiet, Automatic Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Cleans Hard Floor to Medium Carpets, Black

Selected due to its unique features and wireless ability. No WLAN/LAN or whatever. All features considered include:

Automatic cleaning

Despite being designed without WiFi, we could still schedule the A4s Pro robot vacuum to clean for certain periods.

Gen 3+ CyclonePower system

Gen 3+ CyclonePower is a unique A4s Pro system capable of a powerful 2000Pa suction in Spot mode and 1500Pa in Max mode. Compared to the tested A4s, A4s Pro effectively picks dust on carpets and other surfaces.

Improved brush roller

ILIFE has improved the A4s Pro wireless robot vacuum in terms of the brush roller. It now comes with a 2-in-1 brush roller that gets rid of the hair entanglement problem we noticed in the older model, saving you the time to clean the brush frequently.

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Improved navigation

The current model uses rubber wheels for convenient transit from carpet to hard floor and so on.


Features multiple infrared and drop sensors. We watched the A4s Pro vacuum cleaner automatically change directions, avoiding furniture and stairs. Remember that it has no internet access for this convenient navigation.

Multiple cleaning modes

Newly updated cleaning modes, including auto mode (for random floor cleaning), edge mode (designed to clean along the wall), max mode (with an enhanced 1500Pa suction), and spot mode (for cleaning specific areas with 2000Pa suction).



The integrated ElectroWall tech keeps the A4s Pro robot vacuum from stepping areas you do not want.

No internet

Does not require internet for setup, scheduling, and more.

Carpet cleaning

It has a special “carpet auto boost” feature for homes or rooms with carpets.

Remote control

The remote control is not the best out there but does just what it is designed to do.

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Compact design

It has a slim height of 2.95 inches. It sneaks under sofas and beds better than your cat.


Not 220v compatible

Unfortunately, the electrical charge of this unit does not work with 220v. You need a converter.

Not magnetic barrier compatible

It does not work with any magnetic barrier strip.

Not the best for laminate floor

The brooms under tend to push debris out of the way rather than sucking. As a result, A4s vacuum sometimes goes over the same spots over and over. It’s not so bad anyway.

Not compatible with smaller apartment

After opening the box, we learned that the dock of this robot vacuum without WiFi requires a 4’ bare floor with wall space on each side and 5’ clearance in the dock front.

  1. ILIFE V5s Pro 2, 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo, Slim, Automatic Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum, Daily Schedule, Zigzag Cleaning Path, Ideal for Pet Hair, Hard Floor and Low Pile Carpet

If you have a low-pile carpet or hard floor, this wireless V5s Pro robot vacuum is highly recommended. All its features include:

Cleaning modes

Up to 4 cleaning modes for maximized cleaning coverage, area-specific coverage, edges and corners, and intensive cleaning.

Scheduling support

Despite having no WiFi or internet connection, you can schedule the V5s Pro 2 to clean at the same time daily.

Tangle-free suction port

Conveniently picks pet hair and dirt without tangles.


Multiple safety sensors

Comes with cliff sensors to prevent V5s Pro 2 from falling accidentally. Also, its anti-collision sensors keep it from bumping into the furniture or your pets.

2-in-1 ability

It vacuums and mops. Replace the dustbin with the water tank to get this unit to mop your space.

Auto recharge

When the power runs low, your A5s Pro 2 will automatically trace its dock to recharge. It will also auto resume after a full charge.


Poor battery life

The book says V5s Pro 2 cleans for up to 120 minutes, which should be enough to cover a large space before returning to the dock. However, it has noticeably less battery life.

Gets stuck

It sometimes gets stuck in random locations, including the middle of the room.

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  1. ILIFE V8s Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner, Big 750ml Dustbin, Enhanced Suction Inlet, Zigzag Cleaning Path, LCD Display, Schedule, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Ideal for Hard Floor and Pet Hair

ILIFE V8s is not just a wireless vacuum but also a mop cleaner – this means you are investing the money in a multipurpose machine for convenience.

750ml dustbin

At 750ml, the dustbin is quite large and picks even more dirt per clean, which minimizes the emptying frequency.

Mopping system

Comes with an adjustable water output you can control using the remote control to adjust the various conditions.

Suction inlet

The suction inlet is specially designed to make putting debris and pet hair in the dustbin easier.


Thoughtful rubber wheels for climbing over transitions and rolling over carpets easily.



ILIFE V8s automatically find the dock and recharge when it runs low on power – you do not have to direct it.


Uses LCD to show the various setup and control.

Multiple sensors

The cliff sensors on our ILIFE V8s prevent them from falling off ledges or downstairs. It also uses multiple infrared sensors to keep the unit from bumping into furniture.


Not your rug and cable friend

We noticed that the V8s robot vacuum/mop gets trapped on rugs and cables. We never experienced this problem with the earlier V5s.

Dust accumulation

Dust tends to build up around the suction mouth. Only a handful get in the bin.

Tangling hair

Well, the first V8s unit we tested saw hairs ending up tangled on the left sweeper. The second did not have this problem, so it could be unit-specific.

Stuck after a low battery

Sometimes, our V8s robot vacuum with no WiFi gets stuck under the dining chairs and table trying to locate the charging dock.

A little loud

A little louder than expected. You almost can’t hear your TV over it.

  1. eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim), Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Super-Thin, 1300Pa Strong Suction, Quiet, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Cleans Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets

From the start, we had no doubt trying out eufy’s Anker BoostIQ RoboVac 11S robot vacuum cleaner. If for nothing, at least for the reason that it has no WiFi requirement. Features you get to enjoy include:

Suction power

RoboVac 11S features a 1300Pa suction, which guarantees a spotless clean.

Large dustbox

It comes with a 0.6L dustbox, enough to hold more dirt per clean, minimizing the emptying frequency, which increases battery life.

Triple-filter system

This unit combines one high-performance filter and two-layer filters for cleaning.

Cleaning time

Cleans up to 100 minutes per full charge.



This unit supports pre-set vacuuming time or schedule.

Drop detection

It was able to detect the stairs and ledges with the help of its drop-sensing technology to avoid falling over.


Not cable friendly

RoboVac 11S will eat your USB cable or any similar item if you do not clear the floor. Our test shows it stuck on the cord until the roller stopped. It even ran out of battery trying to let go of the cord.

Not thresholds friendly

If you have higher thresholds, RoboVac 11S can get stuck on the raised border. Note that it sometimes goes over small thresholds but gets stuck a lot of time.

Hard-to-clean roller brush

If your eufy picks plenty of pet hair and debris, it can become really tough to clean.

Sometimes fails to get to the dock

You may sometimes return home to meet a dead, helpless robot vacuum. Although not always, RoboVac 11S will not locate its dock before running out of battery.

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Why robot vacuum without WiFi is worth it

You will miss certain smart features when you opt for a robot vacuum/mop cleaner without WiFi. However, the positives make up for every smart experience.

  1. No anonymous pictures of your home

Although iRobot’s CEO, for example, mentioned that the pictures taken are a “pattern of light and dark points”, you cannot fully trust the unit. Besides, a WiFi-enabled robot vacuum like the Roomba 900 series captures images of your home to aid navigation. Suppose the images get “clearer”, this would be exposing your home.

  1. No stored personal details

A wireless robot vacuum cleaner does not store your details. But on the other hand, a smart WiFi robot vacuum cleaner stores mapping and navigation data. Manufacturers would say “it stores data within the robot”. But you can’t be so sure since the robot has the ability to transmit the data.

  1. Exposure to hackers

The result of these exposures leads to hackers compromising your privacy and having access to personal data. Perhaps, it may not even be about the company but about third parties. Fortunately, a wireless vacuum cleaner has no loophole like this.

A WiFi-enabled robot vacuum cleaner can transfer data to the cloud using your home WiFi. An unsecured home WiFi is a big vulnerability, with the possibility for a tech-savvy to steal an accurate map of your home. This undoubtedly breaches your privacy.

Efficiency aside: why does a robot vacuum need that data?

Angle informed Reuters that iRobot could be reaching a deal to share your maps for free with the world’s Big Three companies. Note also that iRobot is responsible for making Roomba compatible with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. However, the data will be shared with your consent.

The map data will include your home plan, furniture locations, how often and how long you run a cleaning cycle, and more.

Your smart robot vacuum picks your data the same way it picks pet hairs and debris. Investing in the best robot vacuum without WiFi will cut you the slack. Wireless vacuums do not need to know the capacity of your floor to clean the whole surface.

No data is sent to your smartphone, so no hacker will try to intercept, and probably sell your privacy.

How do I turn off the wireless on my robot vacuum?

If you already have a WiFi-compatible robot vacuum, you may be able to turn off the WiFi, but there are restrictions even so. For some robot vacuums, you can, for some, you can’t.

For example, WiFi on some eufy WiFi models will turn off. However, you can for the Bounce series WiFi-enabled RoboVac, which comes with remote control. You just have to switch from the EufyHome app to remote control to use without WiFi. But for the G series and L series, most features only work with the EufyHome app, so you need WiFi enabled.

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For a model like Roomba, you can disable the WiFi connection. However, you need to reset the unit to factory settings. Just hold down all 3 buttons on the robot vacuum (Clean, Spot Clean, and Home) to reset. You should hear a tone confirming your reset status after holding the buttons for about 15 seconds.

A robot vacuum is smarter with WiFi but the map data sharing over the cloud is a big concern, especially in homes with unsecured networks. You need to be able to trust the manufacturer and clearly understand their data policy.

How Do You Set Up a Robot Vacuum?

Setting up a robot vacuum cleaner does not take your time. You may need WiFi for this setup, so have your connectivity handy.

Below are the steps to set up a robot vacuum cleaner:

  • Get the mobile application

You may need the movie app if your vacuum cleaner requires WiFi or Internet for setup. Visit the website of your product manufacturer to download and install the app or use the iOS App Store or Android Google Play.

  • Connect your vacuum cleaner

Enable your internet or WiFi to connect your cleaner for the first-time setup.

  • Charge the device

Find a suitable area in your home to place the charging station. You may have to place it on a level floor or flat against the wall. Connect the line cord from the base to the wall outlet.

Ensure that there is a contact between your charging base and metal charging.

  • Start cleaning

When the battery is fully charged, get your vacuum cleaner to vacuum-clean. When the battery becomes low, it will automatically return to the dock to recharge.

After charging fully, your robot vacuum cleaner will return to where it left it off and start cleaning again until it is done.

When your robot vacuum cleaner is 5 unable to access the dock, it will automatically return to where it started cleaning to end the cleaning cycle.

Most robot vacuum cleaners ship with partial battery charge, so you have to get it fully charged.


Robot Vacuum Cleaner not Working Without WiFi

Some features of your robot vacuum cleaner will not work without WiFi. However, if your robot vacuum cleaner does not work at all without WiFi, return it to the manufacturer. Check if you are under the warranty period.

Turning off WiFi prevents any feature offered through the mobile app, and may include scheduled cleaning and many other customized cleaning features.

You will not receive future firmware updates, no mapping reports, or the use of voice control systems from services such as Amazon’s Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.

Meanwhile, in most vacuum cleaners, you will lose your stored settings if you disable the company’s data collection feature.

Can You Schedule Robot Vacuum Cleaner Without WiFi?

You will not be able to schedule cleaning on your robot vacuum cleaner without WiFi if the settings work from the mobile app.

Disconnecting your vacuum cleaner from WiFi keeps it from accessing mobile features that give you extended control over your cleaning.

Also, a discharged battery or resetting the clock causes your robot vacuum cleaner to have an incorrect schedule. When the battery gets too low and shuts off without charging, the clock resets.

Make sure the dock is accessible so that your vacuum cleaner gets itself to charge when the battery runs low.

If you wish to maintain the scheduled cleaning feature, you have to connect the vacuum to WiFi.

When Should I Schedule My Robot Vacuum?

First, enable your WiFi to be able to schedule your vacuum. You can do this occasionally when you have tight schedules due to work or school.

Regarding when you should schedule your robot vacuum cleaner to work, when tired, allow the vacuum to do the work overnight while you wake up to a debris-free floor.

With children and pets in your home, you should schedule-clean your home. However, if there are no children or pets, you may not need to schedule your robot vacuum cleaner to work.

Your floor type will also determine whether you need scheduled cleaning or not. If you use carpets, then you want your robot vacuum cleaner to clean often to get rid of dust and molds.

For hard floors, including ceramic tile and wood, you do not really need to schedule-clean often.

Also, if you live in a regularly dusty area, your home will get extra floor dirt. Areas with frequent pollutants need regular cleaning so scheduled cleaning keeps you from the stress.

Will a Robot Vacuum Fall Down the Stairs?

A high-end robot vacuum will not fall down the stairs, it uses cliff sensors to detect stairs and obstacles. The sensors used are becoming more advanced, and so robot vacuum cleaners do not fall off stairs.

Nevertheless, an older and outdated model without advanced sensors or no sensors at all will fall down the stairs.

If your robot vacuum cleaner cannot detect stairs, you can place objects along the stairs to keep them from tumbling down the stairs.

Older vacuum cleaners will use front sensors to detect objects along the flight of stairs to change navigation direction.

You can also use virtual robot walls to keep your robot vacuum cleaner from falling off the stairs. A virtual wall creates an invisible barrier that your vacuum cleaner senses to know where your stairs are.

How Long Will a Robot Vacuum Take Without WiFi?

WiFi does not determine how long your robot vacuum cleaner takes to clean. The cleaning duration depends on the battery capacity and room size.

However, it can take a robot vacuum cleaner 1 hour to clean a room measured 230 square feet. Depending on the battery capacity, your vacuum cleaner will navigate to nearby rooms to continue cleaning.

If your vacuum cleaner cannot locate the dock when the battery runs low, it can stop working anywhere in the room. Look under your couch or any dark corners to find it.

Should I Keep My Robot Vacuum Plugged in?

You should keep your robot vacuum cleaner plugged in. Roborock’s Support Centre, for instance, recommends leaving the vacuum cleaner on the dock after each use.

You would think that overcharging your vacuum cleaner is dangerous for the battery. However, after your vacuum cleaner charges fully, it switches to charging the motherboard only.

Therefore, your battery life will not decrease due to the long charge. Moreover, your robot vacuum cleaner can automatically turn off when not in operation.

You will have to manually turn it on if it sits on the dock for more than 24 hours without outstanding operations. Nonetheless, always turn it off if you will not be using it for months.

Final Thoughts on Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner Without WiFi

A robot cleaner without WiFi produces a result you cannot complain about. Like a WiFi-connected vacuum cleaner, an offline vacuum delivers spotless carpet and hard floor cleaning.

If you notice strange behavior from your vacuum cleaner, inform the product manufacturer if your warranty is active. Otherwise, notify an expert.

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