5 Best Steam Cleaner For Commercial Kitchen

As the saying goes, “cleanliness is next to godliness”, it is only normal to apply that in a commercial kitchen as well. These kitchens should be treated with much more care since they are related to food processing and production. To reach high sanitation standards, no cleaning procedure should be taken for granted. This is why steam cleaners are the best options in commercial kitchens, saving time and effort.

In this article, we will discuss the best steam cleaners for commercial Kitchens and answer some questions related to steam cleaning.

Best Steam Cleaners for Commercial Kitchen

There is absolutely no need for the use of toxic and harsh chemicals to clean commercial kitchens since it is unsafe. Steam cleaning is a great alternative that not only helps to clean grease and remove residues but also sanitizes below the surface equipment to kill germs.

There are various commercial steam cleaners with different features and accessories. So, it might be difficult to pinpoint the best steam cleaner that serves the best purpose among others.

Below, we have brought together the best steam cleaners recommended for commercial kitchens.

  1. Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner

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Dupray One Steam Cleaner is a compact canister type of steam cleaner. The steamer can be used to clean a wide space and unyielding stains. This cleaner is suitable for cleaning countertops, pale walls, and tiles. It is recommended when you want to thoroughly clean without having to spend much.

It has a water gauge on the steamer showing its current water level, making it convenient for users to have an idea of its current state. One noticeable feature of the Dupray One Steam Cleaner is its high-end tank.

The water in the tank can be heated up to about 303 degrees Fahrenheit which causes a high heat dry vapor, and can easily kill off odor-producing bacteria. This makes it one of the best commercial-grade steam cleaners since it will prove to be more effective than other normal steam cleaners.

The steam cleaner weighs about 11 lbs and has a long cord(16 feet long) and hose(6 feet) which makes it easier to move around your cleaning space than other commercial models.

Dupray One Steam Cleaner can heat up within 8 minutes, which is quite faster than other commercial models. It takes 40-50 minutes to use the steam cleaner depending on the already set temperature settings. It is advised to begin cleaning with the minimum setting, then increase the output to whatever preference.

Dupray One Steam Cleaner comes with quality accessories that assist in cleaning different corners, thereby increasing the flexibility of its cleaning abilities. It has different accessories for its steamer heads to help with any type of cleaning. It also has maintenance accessories like plungers to help keep the cleaner in good condition.

The corner brush with microfiber padding is highly regarded among other accessories since it is suitable for industrial high-pressure steam cleaners.

Dupray One Steam Cleaner is one of the best commercial steam cleaners out there.


  • It is durable
  • It has a strong cleaning power regardless of its simple design.
  • Temperature can be adjusted to its maximum, which is more than enough for better cleaning services
  • A stainless steel boiler is one of its components
  • Features quality accessories


  • Doesn’t support continuous cleaning
  • It has a thin plastic near the mechanism knob


  1. Best Commercial Grade: Dupray Hill Injection Commercial Grace High-Pressure Steam Cleaner

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Dupray Hill Injection is a heavy-duty steam cleaner that is usually recommended for serious cleaning. The commercial steam cleaner is designed to be used both at home and in commercial spaces like the commercial kitchen.

This steam cleaner made in Italy is very expensive and easy to use because it is a professional machine. It was designed to carry out strenuous work, within an enclosed space and outside until the work is completed. When you fill the tank with water while the steam cleaner runs it heats up, allowing you to continue cleaning.

One exciting feature of the Dupray Hill Injection is the Ecologic Detergent burst that releases detergent when required, to help deal with tough stains. The 20 oz detergent tank is merged, which helps to make cleaning faster. Its dual-tank system allows for less fill and refill, and heats up, ready for cleaning within 8 minutes.

It comes with a 25-piece accessory set, including hoses, brushes, extension tubes, etc. The hose is long, but you can use its two extenders to stretch higher. There are brushes of different sizes to clean small and large surfaces.

Dupray Hill Injection produces steam at a temperature that goes up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it very effective in cleaning stubborn stains. It features steam control to adjust the cleaning capabilities. It has a digital interface that updates users on the steam temperature and pressure and informs users on any problem relating to maintenance.

Dupray Hill Injection has a quality stainless(TIG) body and a 2.1-quart steel boiler which makes it more durable. This type of steel is high quality compared to the inferior aluminum and steel used by other commercial steam cleaner models.


  • It has a self-cleaning feature
  • Professional machine
  • Can be filled during use to save time
  • Produces high-temperature steam
  • The 20 oz detergent tank makes it possible for the detergent to be used while cleaning
  • Easy to operate since the instructions included are clear enough


  • Expensive


  1. Vapamore MR-1000 Commercial Steam Cleaning System

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Vapamore MR-1000 is a commercial-grade steam cleaner suitable for commercial spaces. It comes with a 50-piece accessory that helps to provide details on cleaning options.

The heater uses 1700 watts to produce steam as high as 280 degrees Fahrenheit. While the generated temperature cannot be compared with other steam cleaners on our list, it gives off strong, hot steam at a rate of 90 PSI. These two features add up to its cleaning abilities.

The unit is designed using quality steel with industry-level powder coating.

Its large metal body holds the motor and water tank(which needs at least three gallons of water to fill it up). There is a debris filter in the tank that can be removed while cleaning the unit. This prevents any mineral buildup inside the unit.

The Vapamore MR-1000 Commercial Steam Cleaner also has the continuous filling option which saves time.


  • Includes 50 attachments
  • Can clean refrigerators
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Uses 5-10 minutes to warm up


  • Pressure instability
  • The unit is too heavy to move around


  1. Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner

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Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner is a powerful commercial disinfectant steamer that cleans up to 90 minutes on almost any kind of hard surface including tiles, glass, slate, hardwood, etc. It comes with a 25-piece accessory to make cleaning seamless.

The steam cleaner has a useful display that shows steam temperature, pressure, and maintenance alerts. The only two buttons on the steamer represent the power button for the steamer and another button for the boiler. It remains one of the best steam cleaners for commercial use regardless of the issues it has with the connectors.

The water stored in its reservoirs is highly pressurized which adds to the boiling point of the water. This results in the production of dry steam at a temperature of about 330 degrees Fahrenheit. The boiler is made of AISI 304-grade that was designed to resist this much pressure.

You can pick your steam temperature depending on the area and surface that you want to clean. Use the gentle steam setting to clean pale walls and the heavy steam setting to get rid of stubborn spots. It also kills 99% of germs.

Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner weighs 17lbs, which makes it easier to be carried around. It can also be rolled after mounting it onto the casters.


  • It heats up within 8 minutes
  • Lightweight
  • The squeegee proves to be useful
  • Easy to set up


  • The manufacturer advises users to clean the nozzle after every use.


  1. Best Multipurpose: McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

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McCulloch MC1275 Industrial High-Pressure Steam Cleaner is a heavy-duty steam cleaner that can be used to clean almost any surface. It weighs 10 pounds, has wheels for easy mobility, and has a 15.7 feet power cord that makes it easy to carry the steamer along.

The unit has a 48 oz tank that heats up within 8-10 minutes, producing steam at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. It generates steady steam for about 15 minutes before reducing efficiency.

The McCulloch MC1275 comes with several attachments including scrub pads, squeegee, etc.


  • Has a long cord and hose, making it easier to move around
  • Wide variety of attachments
  • The unit cleans many types of surfaces
  • Easy to operate because the manual is understandable


  • The steam cools off within a short time
  • Its attachments are not high quality


How do you deep clean a commercial kitchen?

Traditionally, kitchens have been cleaned with manual cleaning with manual oven degreasers.  Although this method was messy and time consuming and it is known to leave bad chemical odors in ovens that can last for weeks or go to food.  Fortunately, there are now much easier ways to clean kitchen, including the best steam cleaner for commercial kitchen that reduces cleaning time and effort and eliminates the use of degreasers.

The primary responsibility of any restaurant maintenance manager is to ensure a clean and safe environment for both customers and employees.  Most of the safety issues are encountered in the restaurant’s kitchen area, but it is also necessary to keep other areas clean to attract and retain customers.  There are many types of cleaning machines and tools available to clean and maintain restaurants, but the best steam cleaner for commercial kitchen is recommended because they come with ideal features for restaurants and hotels.

Can I steam clean my kitchen cabinets?

Steam cleaners come with a variety of techniques, but the basic method involves taking out water / steam at exceptionally high temperatures, which can be directed to surfaces for cleaning.  It is important to understand that steam pressure washers can leave restaurant surfaces wet after cleaning.  On the other hand, do not use steam carpet cleaners.  They use heated water to high temperatures to remove dirt and grime from restaurant rugs.

Not only does the well-maintained restaurant remain clean, it must also be clean and sterile.  If you want your restaurant to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and hygiene, your choice must be a steam cleaner that can effectively eliminate germs, bacteria and molds from the damp areas of the restaurant where it is likely to thrive.  The best steam cleaner for commercial kitchen is designed to eliminate almost all bacteria, fungi and other types of microorganisms that can harm the health of your employees and customers.

Choose the best steam cleaner for commercial kitchen with attached vacuums that can help in removing residual dirt completely. This obliterates the use of mops and towels for manually removing the last traces of dirt from the floor or cleaned surfaces.

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Whether you run a restaurant, hotel or corporate kitchen, cleanliness is the key.  Over 50 percent of foodborne disease outbreaks are linked to restaurants.  This means that a healthy kitchen can help reduce the spread of airborne diseases.  Apart from regular maintenance of equipment, there are other areas of your space that require thorough cleaning on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  Need some help before getting started?  We’ve got you covered with the best steam cleaner for commercial kitchen.


Why Steam Cleaning Is The Best Way For Removing Kitchen Grease

A grease on kitchen appliances is a gross, sticky substance that naturally is a byproduct of cooking.

It clings and lingers on everything near our stovetop. There’s no way you can prevent kitchen grease, well unless you don’t cook with oil.

Wiping kitchen grease, as you may know, is a tough and dirty job. Besides being too sticky, grease build-up often happens in tight spaces that will prove difficult to remove. Lucky for us, steam cleaners are here to break down grease and oil.

Using a steam cleaner, you can now easily penetrate fine cracks between the greasy surfaces to loosen and remove tough dirt particles.

The steam cleaner makes thorough cleaning greasy stove and cabinet in your kitchen a simple task!

In addition, the advantage of using a steam cleaner is that it can eliminate stubborn greasy buildup using only vapor.

You need not worry about contaminating your food with chemicals or leaving any chemical residue behind after each cleaning routine.

Therefore steam cleaning is the most effective, safe, natural, and eco-friendly method of cleaning kitchens.

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Places In The Kitchen To Use Steam Cleaner.

Clean Kitchen Hood Grease With Steam Cleaner

In most cases, the kitchen hood tends to be the least cleaned, hence one of the dirtiest items in our kitchen.

As the ventilation system in your kitchen removes hot air and odors, it is often exposed to grease.

As the grease begins to build up in your kitchen hood, its sticky surface can easily accumulate dust and bacteria alike. With time, the grease buildup and stubborn dirt can make it very challenging to clean.

Luckily, with a steam cleaner, stubborn grease can easily be removed by its high temperature, leaving behind a clean, smooth, and sanitized surface.

Clean kitchen walls with a steam cleaner
Kitchen walls can easily get dirty and greasy especially areas close to your cooking stove.

If you fail to wipe the wall after cooking, chances are, grease will build up over time. Also, food residue and grease splattered over your kitchen walls usually dust and dirt.

This will make your wall look rather intimidating and almost impossible to clean.
While some cooks may decide to wrap aluminum foils against their kitchen walls for easy grease buildup cleaning, steam cleaning is a better way to keep your kitchen walls clean without having to change your kitchen design.

Clean greasy stove with a steam cleaner

Does the mere thought of cleaning the grease on your kitchen stove, you?
Don’t worry; steam cleaning is here for you! Steam cleaning is one of the best methods of cleaning greasy stovetops.

Now you don’t need to be scrubbing on your stovetops or purchase strong chemicals to lift burnt grease off your stovetop.

A steam cleaner will do just fine for you as the steam can dissolve dirt and grease all by itself!

Additionally, the most steam cleaner comes with a feature known as Steam Turbo Brush. This oscillating functional brush increases the cleaner power of the steam, allowing you to clean up to 50% faster than usual.

Clean Kitchen Floors With Steam Cleaner

After sweeping your kitchen floor of any dirt and food scraps, you should mop the floor as well as get rid of greasy stains that a regular broom is unable to get rid of.

Contrary to the traditional way of using an abrasive chemical agent to mop, steam cleaner offers you an eco-friendly way of thoroughly cleaning with hot water and is 100% chemical-free!

Clean stainless sink with a steam cleaner

A dirty kitchen sink may be the scariest nightmare most times. With the plug hole used as the filter for food waste and the basin which is constantly in contact with dirty water, you’ll need very powerful equipment to help you in getting rid of kitchen grease, bacteria, and stains.

Steam cleaner is just the help you need for this task! The powerful ejection of its steam, the high temperature of its steam, heated clothes, and powerful nozzles ensure that steam cleaners eliminate up to 99% of all common household bacteria, and with you having to use chemicals that may be harmful to your health.

Clean kitchen windows with a steam cleaner

You don’t need to spend quality time wiping off grease from your kitchen windows anymore! The most powerful combo steam cleaner comes with its optional accessory-window nozzle, which assists in cleaning greasy windows efficiently.

The steam opening in the nozzle helps in vaporizing the glass pane on your window to remove stains and dirt effectively.

Their standard-quality squeegee blade eliminates dirt, stains, and grease from windows and glass surfaces completely. Furthermore, its medium and lightweight design lets you reach surfaces at any distance without putting too much pressure on your arms.

Clean commercial ovens with a steam cleaner

Domestic and commercial ovens should be cleaned regularly to help in keeping them free from grease, dirt, and odors.

This is especially what to do for commercial ovens due to the size and more frequent use in comparison to domestic ovens.

When you clean it regularly, the time used in cleaning the oven will be drastically reduced compared to cleaning it periodically.

Especially when hard to remove oil grime builds up and tough stains bake on, it may be hard to remove completely.

Traditionally, cleaning ovens are done with scrubbing with hands and harsh oven degreasers. Using this method is messy, time-consuming, and stressful.

It is also known to leave nasty or harmful smells in your oven that may last for weeks and can easily transfer to food. Your customers won’t be satisfied tasting or smelling chemicals from food made in the oven.

Thankfully, there is now a faster and effective safer method of cleaning ovens, which is steam cleaning. This tool also saves cleaning time, effort while eliminating grease and dirt. You don’t have to use degreasers anymore!

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How To Clean Commercial Ovens With Steam Cleaners

The first step to using steam cleaners on ovens is to remove any racks. This will allow you to easily clean the oven ceiling, floors and walls.

However, if the racks are soiled heavily, it will be a good idea if you soak them in a tub of degreaser.

From here, you’ll need to evaluate the state of your oven, lightly or heavily soiled to determine the best method to clean.

Nonetheless, we’ll run you through the process of cleaning your ovens in lightly and heavily soiled states.

Lightly soiled Ovens: For lightly soiled oven cleaning, it can be done by either using the ‘Triangle swivel’ tool with a cloth to steam, or the ‘Steam Lance’ with a cloth to dry.

Use the Steam Lance spray near close contact and wipe to dry. Use the Triangle swivel wrapped in a cloth tool to clean on contact.

It is always advisable to start high up the oven ceiling and work down the oven floor, the grim and moisture will easily fall in this process.

Heavily soiled Ovens: for heavily soiled greasy ovens, we suggest you use the ‘Steam Lance’ with Nylon Brush’ and a paper/cloth towel. Start from inside the oven from the ceiling, steaming in minor areas to melt the grease and then wipe away the grease with the cloth.

Repeat this procedure from top to bottom until your oven is completely cleaned. The same process and tool can also be used on the oven’s door/.

For very tough baked-on grime, use a stiffer brass brush or steel wool- this can be used providing it does not scratch the surface of your oven.

You can also use the Steam Lance with either a Steel Wool Ball or a Steel Detailing Brush in the Round Nylon Brush, to clean your oven racks.

How To Clean Fridge Using Steam Cleaner

You should clean your fridge regularly to help in keeping it hygienic and free from odor. This is especially in large commercial fridges where foods and beverages can easily be pushed rear out of the place where they rot or dry.

The best way of keeping your commercial fridge in a clean state of hygiene is by using steam to clean.

Unlike chemical disinfectants, steam is safe to use around food and beverages so you don’t need to empty your fridge before cleaning – which is time-saving.

Steam is especially good for defrosting freezers, detailing racks, and eliminating molds.

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Is a Commercial Steam Cleaner Big?

There are several small steam cleaners, although there are a few that are a bit larger. Most times, users go for smaller steam cleaners because they make it easier to move around and clean, unlike larger steam cleaners. Bigger steam cleaners also have their advantages as they can clean wider spaces than smaller steam cleaners which would take much more time. However, smaller steam cleaners can also clean larger floors and walls when paired with an attachment, giving you a wider cleaning path.

How Long Does Steam from a Steam Cleanser Last?

One main factor influences how long the steam of a steam cleaner can last. It is the size of the tank. The bigger the tank, the longer the steam. In some cases, the longer the steam, the weaker the motor. If you want a steam cleaner that runs for about two hours of cleaning, you will need to go for a bigger steam cleaner. It will become harder to move it around while cleaning, but it saves you from refilling the tank every few minutes. If you’d like to go for a smaller steam cleaner, be aware that it would have a smaller tank and motor. This means it will take less time for the water to heat up, however, the steam will not be as effective as it is in larger steam cleaners. Since the tank will be smaller, you will be required to refill frequently.

What Kinds Of Attachments Are Included With The Commercial Steam Cleaner?

All steam cleaners have accessories included in their units. The most efficient of them come with more attachments, however, this should not be used to blindly determine the strength of all steam cleaners. First of all, you need to note the different needs that you have and look for steam cleaners with attachments that fulfill those needs. A smaller brush attachment will be preferable if you want to clean small spaces. Go for steam cleaners with attachments that have what you are looking for. These multi-purpose steam cleaners prove to be more beneficial than normal models.

What is the Best High-pressure Steam Cleaner for Commercial Kitchens?

Dupray Hill Injection, which was mentioned in the list above is one of the best Industrial High-Pressure Steam Cleaners. It has a temperature level that can reach 375 degrees Fahrenheit. The steam cleaner does not require cooling before refilling it, which is one of the features of only high-end commercial steam cleaners.

Is Steam Cleaning Effective?

Steam cleaning doesn’t only eliminate dirt but sanitizes it as well without the use of toxic chemicals. Steam cleaners can clean any type of surface depending on its type and model. You can easily remove grime and clean kitchen tiles with the help of steam cleaners.

The maintenance of steam cleaners is not difficult because it comes along with filters and pads that help protect them. It only requires a quick wash after a few uses.

Conclusion on Best Steam Cleaner For Commercial Kitchen

Cleaning a commercial kitchen is never an easy job. Lucky for you, steam cleaners are here to relieve you from having to scrub hard on grease and dirt which could spend valuable time doing. Just grab a steam cleaner and save yourself the stress!

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