Best Steam Cleaner For Curtains

Best steam cleaner for curtains- If you have had curtains for any length of time, it is possible that they have accumulated some dust, absorbed some odors, and may have gotten some stains on them.  It can look quite clean from a distance, but once you get close you’ll see a heavy layer of dust just like any other piece of furniture in your home.

However, while you may remember to dust your countertops you probably are like most homeowners and you forget to regularly clean your drapery or curtains.  Did you know that dirty curtains are not only ugly but can actually affect your family’s health?  If anyone in your home suffers from allergies or disorder, these dusty curtains may cause allergy symptoms and can contribute to lung infections! That is all the more reason you need the best steam cleaner for curtains in your home.

Can you clean curtains with a steam cleaner?

If you want to clean and iron your curtains and drapes, a garment steamer is your best choice.  There are a few garment steamers that can help you iron and clean curtains and drapes when they are hanging vertically.  Hence, you won’t have to worry about removing it either.

Curtains or drapes are easy to clean with a steam cleaner because you don’t even have to take them out of the bars to clean them.  When you use the best steam cleaner for curtains, you will use it on medium to high heat.  You start by collecting your supplies including a jet nozzle, clothes steamer and cotton cap.  Next, test a small area first to ensure that the fabric will not be damaged due to the high temperature.  Then, use the garment steamer with cotton cover and slowly pass it over the fabrics to allow the heat to clean, sterilize and kill the pests.  You may also need a jet nozzle for extra cleaning of any visible spots.  Once the steam cleaner has passed over the entire curtain, it will be clean, antiseptic and odor-free, leaving you with a healthier and cleaner home.

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Best steam cleaner for curtains

·         PAX Handheld Fabric Steamer – H-106

The PAX handheld fabric steamer produces the right amount of steam and frees it from a pointed nozzle.  The steam generated helps remove wrinkles in curtains and drapes almost instantly.  Moreover, you can fill up to 140ml in this steamer.  It only takes 60 seconds to heat this steamer to produce constant steam for 10 minutes, which means you can effectively evaporate the curtains at once.

Sometimes, the steamer may forget, however, this steamer comes with an automatic shutdown feature that saves energy.  Since the steamer is portable, you can carry it anywhere around the house.  A disadvantage of this steamer is that sometimes the resulting steam is uneven and may leave some fabric with wrinkles. See on Amazon

·         PureSteam XL – High Powered Standing Fabric Steamer

The design of this steamer is different from all other designs.  It comes with 18 different attachments which means you don’t have to buy things separately because it’s a complete package.  You can add up to 15 liters of water and produce steam for up to 45 minutes continuously.  This clothes iron will last longer.

This steamer not only cleans curtains and drapes, but also cleans tiles, carpets and wooden fluxes.  It is not only a fabric iron, it is also a cleaner.  Moreover, it comes with a 16-foot power cord, so you can easily move it.  This steamer is recommended for commercial use.  The only disadvantage of this steamer is that it is huge and may take up a lot of space, in addition to its high price; it may be more suitable for commercial use instead of home use. See on Amazon

·         J-2000M Jiffy

Jiffy steam is known as fabric steam and very durable.  This model with a power of 1300 watts, contains a solid heating element made of copper, and it can be heated within two minutes.  J-2000 is equipped with suitable gallon capacity water that fits tightly to the base of the steamer, the check valve system without drip, and can last up to 1.5 hours of steam time per filling.

It has a flexible 5-foot hose with 4 interchangeable steam heads (metal) consisting of a 9-inch bent aluminum tube head attachment and swivel casters.  It can be used to vaporize jeans, shirts, etc. which makes it a very economical choice for you. See on Amazon

·         PurSteam Garment Steamer

PurSteam is another well-known apparel steamer, and comes equipped with the strongest and powerful continuous steamer available to generate steam flow of up to 30 compared to other steamer tests some cost twice as much and more.

It contains easy-to-use Level 4 steam control controls and prevents opening the water tank when there is hot steam or water inside it that can cause skin burns.  It can be used with regular tap water without any anti-gradient problem and has anti-drip function in this model.  So no more spitting on the clothes. See on Amazon

·         Greatic BK-668

It only takes 45-60 seconds to heat up and produce high temperature steam to ensure wrinkles are removed as well as prevent bacteria and mold.  It also has the automatic shutdown feature when there is no water in the tank.  It comes with a 1500 Watt superpower to steam 40g / min in large quantities.

This steamer features a telescopic rod and 360 ° swivel hook for efficient removal of clothes.  (Tip: You can adjust the position as desired)  It can be used with regular tap water, but you must remove plaque frequently.  What you can do is use filtered tap water to remove hard particles from it and prevent clogs of water holes. See on Amazon

Editor’s Recommendation:

PureSteam XL – High Powered Standing Fabric Steamer

PureSteam XL is a superior steam output that removes wrinkles and refreshes all fabrics including apparel, delicate fabrics, bedding, curtains, upholstered furniture and more.

With its 1500 Watts of Steam Heats in 45 seconds of fast steam that gets you out of the door and on your way and large ½-gallon tank removable for convenient, mess-free refilling, it makes the editor’s recommendation for the best steam cleaner for curtains. See on Amazon


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