Best Swiffer For Cat Hair

What is the best swiffer for cat hair? – Swiffer offers a swift solution to keep your house free of dust, dander, pet hair, paw prints––and a way to ditch the evidence of your kids and dogs tracking everything from glitter to mud through the living room. Each Swiffer product is designed with a unique purpose to meet the needs of the various types of chaos that appear in every home where children and pets stay, because the best swiffer for cat hair works on hard floors, tiles and vinyl.

Dogs and cats shed more in the summertime and the best swiffer for cat hair have thick grooves and ridges that are perfect for picking up pet hair, dirt and dust and all those snack crumbs your kids leave in their wake.

Trying to sweep up dog hair with a traditional broom can be a frustrating chore. That’s because pet hair is notorious for slipping through the fiber bristles of traditional brooms. Instead of being swept up into a neat pile, pet hair instead flies up into the air and across the room. That’s why buying one of the best swiffer for cat hair is a great idea if you want to be able to remove pet hair from your floors quickly and efficiently.

Does Swiffer work on pet hair?

Tired of your pet scattering its hair all around the floor? Use one of best swiffer for cat hair   to get rid of the scatters and the tiredness. There are many tools that will promise you a clean room, but in the end, the precision and comfort of using mops are irreplaceable. They are capable of cleaning both long and short furs and will clean out any remaining dirt off the floor.

Regular brooms are not enough to handle this.  You need custom-made brooms for this function.  It’s no secret that if you have pets, you will have a mess to clean them as well.  Whether you’re sharing your home with a cat or dog, spot mopping and thorough deep cleaning will become part of your routine.  Many people enjoy the ease of using Swiffer WetJet when they encounter small spots or challenging cleaning jobs created with their pets.

The Swiffer Sweep and Trap is like the regular Swiffer Sweeper combined with a manual vacuum, specially designed to be used on hard floors.  The Swiffer Sweep and Trap uses rotating blades similar to a vacuum cleaner to pick up large particles, which it then flicks into a dirt bin. But at the same time, the attached Swiffer Sweeper dry cloth traps dirt, dust and hair that your regular brooms usually leave behind. It’s pretty genius, it’s like a Swiffer Sweeper and vacuum all in one!

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Best Swiffer For Cat Hair

·         Swiffer Sweeper Cleaner Dry and Wet Mop

For those looking for a mop that’s low enough to get rid of all of their dog’s hair, this is their product.  If you have a smaller home, this is all you will need to keep your place neat and tidy. The kit already comes with 7 dry cloths and 3 wet cloths. You can buy more if you have the sweeper with you.

Use both to efficiently clean your home.  Dry pads are best for cleaning dry surfaces, but if you’re still unsure about them, use wet clothes to lock all uncoverable fur. The furs might escape your eyes, but your mop won’t let it leave any of its traces. And the reason why this product is on our list is because of its dry cloths. It uses a thick dry cloth that easily settles onto the floor, making your work a lot smoother.  When the fabric adapts to the shape and shape of the floor, it can easily catch any dirt or hair.  This will regulate the surface of any remaining hair or dust. Although you get a pretty reasonable deal on your first purchase, you need to buy the refills soon enough. Some users have disliked the price and use of the refills, but overall this is well within one’s budget. See on Amazon

·         Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System

This microfiber mop can efficiently clean all surfaces, including tiles, hardwood and many more.  Using the dry mode, you can remove the hair.  Not only that, but you can also care about other dirt and dust.  After that, use the wet mode to clean the surface sharply.

Worried about the pads wearing off too soon? Well, with this, you won’t have to as this comes with reusable pads and refills. To keep the pads tightly attached to the mop, you have top quality Velcro. So, this is the best mop for dog hair on hardwood because of its diverse modes.

The aluminum handle and the metal chassis make this strong and durable.  You can use this regularly, but it will not wear out.  Moreover, the durable pole can be adjusted according to preference within a range of 30 to 60 inches.  See on Amazon

·         Professional Microfiber mop for Hardwood Tile Laminate & Stone Floors

If you have a big house, you will love this very spacious mop.  This will reduce workload for you and cover a large area in one go because of its 18 inch head.  It works on tiles, hardwood and laminate floors.

Although the mop head is long, it is not difficult to maneuver.  You can easily move it around the floor with a 360-degree base.  It can easily take care of pet’s hair and other dirt as well.  Because of its flexible base, you can also easily clean it underneath the furniture without bending over.  This also uses better quality pads so it is more expensive than regular brooms.  Pillows can be reused as you can wash them either manually or in machines.

You might wonder if the pads will have the same efficiency after being washed. Well, I’d suggest that you stop wasting your worries on efficiency as it will work the same even after the wash.

Hence, this is an eco-friendly product, unlike disposable pads that harm the environment. The mop is also easy to maintain. The pads attach to the Velcro easily and can be taken off with just as ease. See on Amazon


Editor’s Recommendation:

Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System

Now, if you feel the cleansing process is a daunting task, it will make you rethink it.  This product is lightweight, and you can use it easily.  Its 360 ° swivel head allows you to clean tight spots and under furniture. This is a great tool for cleaning pet furs because of its unique fibered pad that locks in all the hair and gives you a clean surface. It is also very easy to maintain as you can easily wash the pads in a machine. See on Amazon

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How to Remove Cat Hair from Hard Surfaces such as Desks, Countertops, Ceiling fans, Tabletops, Vinyl floors, or Hardwood.

Cat hairs can be a nuisance and uncomfortable around hard surfaces. The best way to get rid of cat hairs on these surfaces is by investing in one of the recommended Swiffer above. Aside from their efficiency in removing pet hair, they (Swiffer) are a total life and time saver!

Swiffer is a cleaning tool that can also be used for dusting hard surfaces. The Swiffer Pet Heavy Duty Duster can also extend to reach those awkward spaces and its specially designed fibers can capture and lock in dust and pet hair.

Likewise, it’s good if you have a quick sweep at least once a day using a Swiffer. They’re perfect for sweeping quickly and without having to mess with a dustbin (since the cat’s hair sticks directly to your clothes), which you can remove and jump straight into the trash when you’re done.

To mop over hard surfaces, use the Swiffer Heavy Duty Wet Mopping Cloth. This will save you the stress of having to haul out buckets of water and detergents/solutions while providing a hassle-free solution to your floor mopping. They are safe for any kind of finish.

The wet mopping cloth can also be disposed which means your floor will be completely hair-less, and your hands-free when you are done. This is also great for pet messes.

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Is Swiffer Products Safe for Pets?

Swiffer products are completely safe for cats and other animals, including humans! The Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) has debunked and cleared the air about viral posts on social media claiming that Swiffer cleaners are unsafe for animals. According to this animal protection organization, “there’s no truth to the said rumor, and Swiffer products can be safely used around pets”.

The Swiffer Wet Jet Cleaner contains ingredients such as water (90-100%), propylene glycol n-butyl ether or propylene glycol n-propyl ether, and isopropyl alcohol (1-4%).

According to research and investigation, these ingredients are completely safe to use around pets as long as the user follows the label directions. Swiffer would not cause liver damage at these concentrations, as many had claimed.

Propylene glycol n-butyl ether significantly differs from ethylene glycol. Ethylene glycol is known to be an active ingredient in antifreeze which is capable of causing liver failure in dogs.

Propylene glycol n-butyl ether and propylene glycol n-propyl ether on the other hand are very safe ingredients at levels used for cleaning products (such as Swiffer) and do not cause liver or kidney failure.

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How to Remove Cat Hair with Swiffer

Regardless of what the case may be, the hair from your cat or yours, shed happens and need to be dealt with. Here are some tips on how to get rid of hairs using a Swiffer.

Pick up every bit of hair

Swiffer Sweeper’s textured cloth contains a unique trap and lock coating which adapts to almost all kinds of floor surfaces. Thus it is effective in picking up and removing all kinds of hair. For any hair stocked on other household objects, get your Swiffer and deal with it immediately!

Cover every area with your Swiffer

The Swiffer sweeper’s 360-degree swivel head allows you to reach every of your home including under furniture where hair is usually used as hideouts. You could also consider covering your furniture with a blanket to protect them from pet hair accumulating. Likewise, for hair that does end up on your couch, use a lint roller to remove them.

Go for preventive measures.

The best way to handle shedding and keep it under control is to stop it from happening. Grooming and brushing your cats frequently and consistently replacing air filters can go a long way to nip shedding in the bud. You could also consider covering your furniture when not in use and using a lint roller to pick up remaining hairs.

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Are Swiffer Wet Pads Toxic?

No, they are not! The Swiffer Wet Pads are made from chemical ingredients that are completely safe and non-toxic for pets. The ingredients contained in the Swiffer do not cause any health challenges in pets as some people may have claimed.

Several animal health care organizations, locally and internationally including the Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) have certified the Swiffer cleaning products as safe and healthy to use around animals and pets. They also advise that you read and follow the product’s manual and instructions carefully.

Does Swiffer Wet Jet Contain Chemicals?

Yes, it does. However, the chemical ingredients contained in Swiffer Wet Pads are safe to use on cats and other pets. Nine ingredients are used in the Swiffer Wet Jet solution to produce quality and effective results. The ingredients include purified water, polypropylene glycol N-butyl ether, ethyl alcohol, Alkyl Polyglucoside, Chlorhexidine Diacetate, Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride, Silicone Emulsion, Polyethylene, and Fragrance. Remember to follow the product’s instructions before usage.

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Is Swiffer Good for Removing Cat Hair?

Yes, they’re. Pet hair is captured, trapped, and locked in Swiffer Sweeper. Aside from that, this product will save you the time of worrying about pet hair and the costs of getting your home cleaned up. However, to achieve efficiency invest in one of the recommended Swiffer above. Just follow the guide on how to use this cleaning product efficiently and off you go!

What Are the Ingredients Contained in Swiffer Wet Jet?

Nine ingredients are used in the Swiffer Wet Jet solution to produce quality and effective results. The ingredients include purified water, polypropylene glycol N-butyl ether, ethyl alcohol, Alkyl Polyglucoside, Chlorhexidine Diacetate, Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride, Silicone Emulsion, Polyethylene, and Fragrance.

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Are Swiffer Wet Pads Safe For Pregnant Women?

Swiffer wet Pads are safe for use during pregnancy. However, if you want to clean low areas or baseboards, consider using a cleaning, sweeping, or dusting tool attached with an extended handle. It’s better to be safe and protected than put yourself and the baby at risk. But then, it is good that your newly born baby will be welcomed into a clean, fresh, tidy, and healthy home, which is a great feeling!

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Does Swiffer Sweeper Pick Up Hair?

Yes, it does. You need to recover your floor irrespective of the type of hair. From kitchen tiles to hardwood floors, they’re everywhere. The Swiffer Sweeper is a versatile tool that is effective in picking up hair from a variety of surfaces such as desks, countertops, ceiling fans, tabletops, vinyl floors, and hardwood. It can be used to clean floors as well.


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