Best Vacuum Cleaner for a Small Apartment

The best vacuum cleaner for a small apartment has the same operating principles as other vacuums, but it is designed for tight spaces to help users conveniently store.

Small spaces get dusty just as easily as big spaces do. But, unfortunately, tiny apartments can’t always house a 40-pound vortex-sucking vacuum that you practically need a commercial vehicles license to operate. That’s where the best small vacuums for apartments come in.

For the most part, all apartments and small houses have one thing in common: limited storage. If you’re going to invest in a vacuum, you want to make sure it gets the job done, but you also want to make sure your closet door closes when you go to put it away.

What is the best vacuum for a small apartment?

The first course of action is to determine exactly what you need, so you don’t end up with excess parts and features that just take up space. Do you have hardwood floors or carpets? Do you have pets that shed all over everything? Do you need something that stands upright in a pantry, or do you have an entire square foot of closet room for a small canister vacuum? These are all questions you need to ask yourself before you purchase a vacuum for a small apartment.

Cleaning your apartment is something you will have to do regularly. While you will need to carry out the occasional cleaning and dusting, you also need to vacuum around the house regularly. Experts advise that you clean your carpet and rug at least twice a week. If you own a pet, then you may have to do so daily to get rid of hair, dirt, and other microscopic allergens that are unnoticeable to the eyes.

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When it comes to a suitable vacuum to buy, you want to consider the size of your apartment and get one that will be well suited for it. A major concern with small apartments or households is the limited storage. This means you need to get a vacuum that can easily fit in your closet.

So first, you need to determine exactly what you need, either you have hardwood floors, carpets, or pets in your home? Are you looking for something that stands upright in a pantry, or you have an entire square foot of closet room for a small canister vacuum?

In this guide, you will be able to choose the best vacuum for small apartment for different cleaning activities.

What to Consider Before Buying a Vacuum for Your Apartment

There’re seemingly endless considerations for choosing the best vacuum for your small apartment. The decision is complex, which is why careful research is so important and why recommendations should be taken with context. Here is what to consider:

  • The type of vacuums
  • Functionality
  • Price
  • Battery Life
  • Lifespan/quality.

All these and other factors were put into due consideration before coming up with the recommended list of vacuums for small apartment above. This is to help you in making the right decision in purchasing the best.

Best vacuum cleaner for a small apartment

·         Bissell 3 in 1 Lightweight Stick Hand Vacuum Cleaner

The new Bissel 3 in 1 stick vacuum brings a great deal of versatility to the table. Before we go into the technical details, the price deserves a mention. The Bissel 3 in 1 Stick Hand vacuum cleaner is just about as cheap as it gets. By cheap, I don’t mean nasty – it has received rave reviews across the board. The only common complaint about this little vacuum is that it doesn’t have a very long cord (15 FT). Otherwise, this combination stick/hand vacuum is a clear case of dynamite coming in small packages.

Yes, the Bissel 3 in 1 is incredibly compact, measuring only 43.5” X 5” X 9.5”. It’s also one of lightest vacuums you’ll find, weighing a mere 4 LBS. Designed for effortless operation, the handle detaches with a quick release mechanism and the Bissel 3 in 1 instantly converts to a handheld vacuum.

When using it as a stick vacuum, the Bissel 3 in 1 is really easy to maneuver and the handle can lay down into a position that’s almost completely flat, making it really easy to reach under furniture. It’s bagless and the filters are easy to clean, so long-term costs of owning the Bissel 3 in 1 are virtually non-existent. See on Amazon

·         Shark HV382 Vacuum

Some might argue that it’s not worth paying extra for the Shark HV382 stick vacuum. Remember that the Shark brand is worth something all of its own. What’s in a name, you may ask. I’d say quite a lot. A brand like Shark invests a lot of money in their reputation. This means that they always ensure that their products are of the highest quality. In addition to this, they aim to provide excellent customer service and backup. When it comes to research and product development, premier brands always invest big time so that they can stay one step ahead. See on Amazon

·         Eureka NES210 Blaze 3 In 1 Vacuum

Purchasing a vacuum for a small apartment at an affordable price, why not? This Eureka NES210 Blaze 3 In 1 will make this come true. Just one stick vacuum, you can quickly convert it into more 2 different tools like a handheld vacuum and a stair vacuum that meet any of your needs.

The perfect combination between its nozzle and powerful 2 amp motor can pick large debris with ease. This product will help you save money for replacing filters since the filtration system can be washable and reusable. Remember to wash filters regularly to make sure that the air is fresh enough for you.

This device also contains a crevice tool to help you clean the tight spaces, and it is convenient to store as it can stand upright by itself. This vacuum is perfect for quick cleanup thanks to its swivel steering that helps you quickly clean around the obstacles. See on Amazon

·         Dyson Upright Vacuum

The Dyson Upright Vacuum is equipped with a 32-foot power cord, and the maximum length of this vacuum can reach 40 feet. Such an impressive length! You can clean anywhere you want without worrying about the limited cord length.

The strong suction allows you to clean any messes on various floors. Thanks to the ball technology, you enable you to transfer it passes through furniture and into hard-to-reach places. Besides, it comes with an active cleaning path to ensure that it can suck well on all floors. See on Amazon

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The radical root cyclone technology of this product is a huge plus since it can capture more teeny dust than other cyclone technologies. Its HEPA filtration ensures that the dust is kept inside the device and does not allow fly out the air.



Bissell 3 in 1 Lightweight Stick Hand Vacuum Cleaner

It doesn’t have a roller brush for carpets but the suction is excellent, so it works fantastically on both hard floors and carpet. It won’t scratch wooden floors either. The Bissel 3 in 1 doesn’t have any specialized pet attachments but, again, the superior suction power of this little beast makes up for that in most respects – it doesn’t have a problem sucking up pet hairs. See on Amazon

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Types of vacuums

Handheld vacuums: If you have kids, pets, a car, or not comfortable with the regular vacuum attachments, a handheld vacuum is the solution to your quest. They’re best for light cleaning, but not ideal for large areas.

Upright vacuums: These vacuums are usually heavy and heavier compared to stick vacuums. They’re especially suited for deep carpet cleaning and they hold a whole lot of power in order to hold themselves up. However, upright vacuums are not suited for small apartment like yours but are very effective for larger household.

Stick vacuums: These vacuums are most suited if your apartment has a smaller space. Generally, they’re lightweight and easier to store unlike upright models. They also have easy maneuverability. However, these vacuums are known for their inability to stand on their own and aren’t as powerful as other vacuums. Stick vacuums work better on hardwood and low-pile carpeting.

Canister vacuums: Over the years, these vacuums have undergone improvement in terms of standard. They’re a great option if you’re in the hunt for something powerful enough for your hardwood floor or low-pile carpet. These vacuums have long hose for reaching difficult-to-reach-areas, and they tend to be lighter than upright models, although the bigger-sized model can prove difficult to store if you lack enough closet space.

Mini Vacuums: These vacuums are palm –sized pick-ups that are great for on the go exercise or if you want to keep your immediate space clean always. As the name implies, they’re small but most powerful these days.

Robot Vacuums: As the name implies, these vacuums are can run on their own. They’re a great option if you own a pet. However, they aren’t super for as deep clean but a great choice for regular maintenance.

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What to Lookout for in a good Vacuum Cleaner

We tested and research a variety of models to find the best vacuum for small apartment, judging them from the following criteria:

  1. Functionality: Does the vacuum work on a range of surfaces? How well does it clean dirt and debris? What is its range of motion? Does it require multiple rums to pick everything up?
  2. Durability: How long is the vacuum built to last? Does it require regular maintenance? Does it come with a warranty?
  3. Ease to purchase: How much does it cost? Is the price worth it? Is the vacuum easily ordered online, or does it have to be purchased in stores?

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Where to Store Vacuum Cleaner in a Small Apartment

There’s no solitary solution as to the best place to keep your vacuum cleaner, yet we can provide some suggestions that may be of help to you.

The basic considerations in storing vacuums in small apartment are which we provided as answers to your query. Continue reading.

Layout and rooms in your home: The majority of homes have kitchens, bedrooms, living room, washrooms, corridors, and in some cases garages. So which areas of your house have the space that can accommodate your vacuum?

The size and type of vacuum cleaner: Vacuums come in different shapes and sizes. You can choose a vacuum cleaner that best fits any kind of existing cabinet of area in your home, or you can just purchase a vacuum cleaner and also maximize storage area as necessary.

How often do you Use your vacuum cleaner? : Do you use it on a daily basis, weekly or bi-weekly, or do you utilize it much less typically? The frequency of vacuum usage to a large extent impacts the area of storage to put into consideration. Don’t keep your vacuum too far or in a complex area if you use it too often and vice-versa.

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What is the Appropriate Time to Vacuum an Apartment?

The right time for vacuuming your apartment sometimes depends on the house rules. What time do you feel your neighbors wouldn’t mind the buzz of vacuuming? Are they ground rules as to when to vacuum? What time are chanced to do so?

Generally speaking, 9Am is the best time to turn on that machine and do the cleaning. By then your neighbors and family members must’ve been awake and ready to tolerate any noise. If you are fully aware that no one is too sensitive about the noise, then you should vacuum at whatever time you please or chanced.

In addition, come up with a permanent cleaning routine. Once your neighbors are used to the flow, you’ll have less chance of annoying them with your vacuuming. Whatever you do, just ensure that you take your time when vacuuming. Don’t rush through so that you won’t have to repeat the process all over again.

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How Often Should I Vacuum my Apartment?

Depending on how long you stay indoors, floors should be vacuumed at least once weekly. Flooring, irrespective of the types collect dust and dust that can affect the quality and overall look of the floors of your rooms. More so, going more than a week without vacuuming can pose a great threat to your health.

Dust and dirt can aggravate bacteria, and allergens such as Staphylococcus and Campylobacter, which are usually tracked in by dirty shoes, shred from skin cells, and/or spilled foods which can result to serious health implications such as pneumonia and dysentery.

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