Best Vacuum Cleaner For Bare Floors: Top 5

Best Vacuum Cleaner For Bare Floors

The bare flooring in your living room and the sitting room should be one of the greatest investments in your house, whether the floor is made of linoleum or hardwood. It is a sensitive part of the house you use often, and hence, it is imperative you care for it. Floor is a busy area of the house. You step, match, or place things on it constantly. Hence consistent cleaning is always required. A vacuum cleaner helps you make the journey of cleaning super easier for you.

Sweeping is not always enough. It can remove the dirt on the surface but won’t clean the dust to the very last tiny particles. It won’t give you the radiance you desire. Only a vacuum cleaner can give you the satisfaction you want. But there are hundreds of vacuum cleaners out there. It is essential you know the right one for your bare floor. The reason is not to get disappointed in investing in an exorbitant tool that won’t perform the needed work or the one that will even damage the expensive floor more than cleaning it.


Bare floor varies, which determines the type of vacuum to apply for each of the varying types.   It may be made of linoleum. A linoleum floor is made from natural and renewable materials such as jute, limestone, or resins. This type of flooring is durable but can be sensitive if not well built. It is expensive but pretty less cost to maintain. Bare flooring can also be in the form of hardwood. Hardwood is a permanent floor that looks like wood or plank milled from pieces of timber. It can also be made from synthetic lumber.

Either hardwood or linoleum floor in your home, both are cost but easy to maintain if you have the right tool for their maintenance. The bare floor can last for a lifetime but requires proper care to keep them off scratches and spotless.


For a vacuum to be perfectly suitable for bare floor, it must have some essential accessories called the “bare floor tool.”

The first is the wide nozzle with bristles that can stir up the debris and dust from a smooth surface or the crevices without scratching your utmost cherished floor. Natural bristles made from ponytails are mostly desired.

A non-rubber-coated wheel is required for your vacuum cleaner. Because the wheels on your vacuum cleaner will contact the floor, it may scrape and cut the floor surface if you buy a plastic wheels vacuum.

Also, it is recommended that your vacuum has a 360-degree swivel neck to be easy for you to maneuver.

You may choose either cord or cordless vacuum depending on your floor area. A cordless stick vacuum is recommended if your home has limited square footage. If the bare floor is mixed with a rug or carpet and has a lot of square footage, the best is an upright vacuum. Considering this feature will save your time and increase cleaning efficiency.

Make sure the vacuum you intend to get has many relevant accessories for your easiness. They can amplify your cleaning power in the bare floor vacuum. One of them is the crevice tool meant for reaching narrow areas like behind a table or sofa. It must also include an upholstery tool for cleaning pet hairs off your furniture.

Lastly, your vacuum must come with high-power suction to remove sticky and stubborn debris off your bare floor. High power suction also aids you in cleaning faster and efficient more than the lower suction vacuum.

With our thorough market research and putting all the crucial features in mind, we will review the best vacuum cleaner for your bare floor and why we choose them as the best of all the vacuum cleaners in store.



Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352

The Shark Navigator is a versatile vacuum cleaner because of its impressive 2-in1 task. It can work as an upright and canister vacuum. The lift-away feature functions as an upright vacuum for carpet and floor cleaning. It also serves a canister purpose, which is used for cleaning complex areas like stairs, ceilings, blinds, and corners of a house. Despite its bi-purpose use, it is lightweight, making it easy to maneuver if your bare floor area is wide. It is around 14 pounds. The power cord is 30ft, long enough to maneuver it around the house, and the swivel steering system makes it turn effortlessly and highly convenient to use.

For the fact that it serves two purposes. Its suction is adjustable depending on the surface you are cleaning. Using it to clean surfaces like a hardwood floor and tiles required high suction.

The vacuum uses a dust cup instead of a bag. When you switch to upright use, the canister stay in the middle of the vacuum, you can carry the dust cup by using the handle on its top. Apart from lifting purposes, you can hold the handle to clean above-floor areas of your home, like ceilings. The canister is detachable. If your carpet has some hard-to-reach areas, then hold the handle with one hand and use the other hand to maneuver it around your room.


  • Lightweight
  • Multiple accessories
  • Assembling it is easy
  • High power suction


  • can’t work under low furniture


The Dyson V7 fluffy has a parquet brush that is highly effective on a wooden floor. The brush has bristles that give your floor maximum protection from scratches. The cordless upright vacuum also has a mini motorized brush that allows you to clean the stair floor quickly. You can also easily switch the upright vacuum into a handheld tool for cleaning a car interior.

Its powerful motor can allow you to vacuum for 30 without recharge. It works perfectly on wood flooring with its mini brush.

The Dyson V7 fluffy is a soft-fabric vacuum for a bare floor that flings debris like a typical brush roll. It hugs debris from the floor directly to the vacuum dust bag. Its working capacity also extends, picking bigger objects litter around the house mulch and leaves.

While Dyson works perfect for carpet cleaning, the v7 fluffy is an ideal option for bare floor cleaning. However, it may not be able to clean a large house because of its 30munite power limit but work effectively within minutes.


  • The parquet brush was specifically designed for wood flooring
  • Can work for 30mins without with no power interruption
  • It can work as handheld too for car
  • Excellent suction
  • Cordless, you can carry it anywhere around the house.


  • Little bit noisy
  • May not pick pet hairs effectively.

Bissell Featherweight 2033

The lightweight vacuum is an excellent corded upright vacuum that can also be used as a handheld tool. It is a bagless vacuum that doesn’t need recurring costs after buying. It works well on bare floors.

The BISSELL Featherweight is easy to maintain. It doesn’t have many parts that require maintenance, and they’re pretty simple to access.

It has a dirt compartment. You need to pull off the vacuum head and vacuum body through its release clip to access it. Then, you can pull the compartment off, but be careful not to spill any debris, as the dirt cover isn’t that effective at keeping after releasing the dirt. You can wash the compartment with warm water and soap before fixing it back to the vacuum. Inside the compartment is the dust cup filter. The filter can easily be pulled out from the compartment. Ake sure it is clean after every use.

Its performance on the bare floor is unmatched. Work well with bare floors like laminate, hardwood floor, or tiles floor. The suction is highly powerful to suck out dirt from this type of floor. The suction also works excellently in picking pet hairs, even from high pile carpet or rug.


  • Lightweight
  • Does not attract recurring cost
  • Highly useful in removing pet hairs
  • It can be switched to a handheld vacuum
  • Work well with bare floor
  • A year warranty


  • Build with plastic materials
  • Short power cord.

Bissell hard floor expert multi-cyclonic bagless canister vacuum

The vacuum is a highly maneuverable tool because of its weight. It is great for every type of floor cleaning but works well with the hard floor surface. It has multiple extra cleaning tools attachments, and the strong motor makes the cleaning much easier and more efficient. Its brush adjustment switch can work on both hard floors and carpeted surfaces. The designed turbine tool designed with it makes allows the cleaning to be perfect without scratches. The swivel handles enable you to have easy access to corners and other hard-to-reach house areas.

Also, the extra cleaning accessories give the vacuum a wider cleaning range. It allows users to clean more satisfactorily.

The Bissell hard floor vacuum is designed as a canister model. It has large wheels that are located at the base of the vacuum. In our opinion, the price is fair for the performance you will receive. The vacuum includes a hard floor head tool for cleaning bare floors and a multi-surface tool. This is a significant benefit as some canister vacuums only offer one cleaning tool. If you want a longer hose, the hose of this Bissell canister vacuum is long enough. It gives you a larger cleaning radius and a reasonable long reach. Finally, It has a two-year warranty.


  • Highly efficient on hard floor
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to move around


  • The tool usually clog with larger particles of debris
  • There is only one power suction mode despite having a varying brush for multiple surface cleaning.

Dyson V8 Absolute Stick vacuum cleaner

The Dyson v8 Absolute cordless vacuum takes everything impressive over its predecessors and ramps into a top-notch among its peers. The vacuum is dramatically quieter than the previous Dyson V6, with about a 50% reduction in noise level. Its motor is highly powerful, and it runs on 425W. The bin, too, has the capacity of 0.54 liters compared to the former V6 of 0.4 liters.

The tools are exceptionally lightweight and very to operate. The exciting thing about it is that it can also be converted to a hand vacuum. You can use one of the attachments to clean some spots like stairs, under beds, ceiling, etc.

It can work for 30 minutes if fully charged, but the time can drop when operating in above-average mode. Such turbo suction mode (the higher mode) is used explicitly on the high pile carpet surface. You can maintain the average suction mode when using the tool on the bare floor.


  • Powerful suction
  • Bin easy to empty
  • Works on a hard floor and carpet design.


  • Charge for a long time
  • The bin is small


Bissell Hard Floor Expert Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum

All the appliances we reviewed above are worth your money. We carefully choose them from the hundreds of vacuums, specifically for floor cleaning.

However, we highly recommend the Bissell Hard Floor Expert Multi-Cyclonic Bagless as the best vacuum cleaner for the bare floor. This is because its massive feature allows users to have a perfect cleaning experience. It is lightweight, and with wheels, it is highly easy to maneuver and clean a large house area. It has a pretty large dustbin capable of containing the dirt and debris of large quantities.


Do vacuums scratch hardwood floors?

If the bare floor is real hardwood, scratches are not possible. The vacuum brush can even suffer if you scratch it more against hardwood. But on softer floors like tile, wood floor, brush roll with abrasive bristles, or the wheels can cause damage to your floor.

Why does the bare floor get easily dusty?

They get dusty just like other flooring areas of the house; rugs and carpet. But it is more obvious on bare floors. Dust is made out of remnant particles of your house like carpets fibers, littered ground, and settled air particles. This particle penetrates the inside of the carpet and rug but lays bare on the hard floor.

What is the best vacuum that can work on both carpet and bare floor?

If you have both spaces in your home, you don’t need to buy two different vacuum cleaners. Many vacuums can carry out these two functions with perfect cleaning results. The Shark Navigator Lift-Away is our best pick for such a double function. It is more reasonable because it is easy to use, bagless, and comparably affordable.

Do I need a special vacuum for the hardwood floor?

Generally, any vacuum works on hardwood floors. But if you want a perfect cleaning that will not waste your time, you need a model with bristles specific to hardwood. You need softer bristles. They will pick your debris perfectly more than hard bristles.

Can I mop a hard floor?

Apart from vacuuming, another way to clean hardwood floors is to use hardwood floor cleaner, steamer cleaner, or flat mop. If you mop perfectly, it works as perfectly as vacuuming but may take much of your time and be a more hectic task on you if you are a busy type.


If you have a bare floor, we advise you to buy a vacuum that can work still on carpet or rug because you may choose to direct your room with such in the future. You wouldn’t need any other vacuum cleaner for that in the future.

Apart from the traditional vacuum cleaner, you can also consider a robot vacuum cleaner. There are many of them out there great for cleaning bare floors. Though they have their respective flaws, many of them work longer and more perfectly than the vacuum cleaner human have to control.