Best Vacuum Cleaner For Dust Mites

Best Vacuum Cleaner For Dust Mites

You aren’t alone if you have been affected by dust mites, whether you are allergic to their feces or urine or by their decaying, tiny body. It is easy to get a permanent solution. One of the ways to combat it is to buy a vacuum for dust mites. If you have ever noticed that it is hard to breathe at home, you sneeze more than regular or dry cough irritates your throat? And it doesn’t seem to be a cold. These are what dust mites could cause, and noticing their presence in a home might be difficult.


The struggle against parasites is complicated by the fact that they are mostly microscopic in nature. And it can be difficult dealing with something you can’t see. Therefore, the preventive measure should be most sought by not allowing them to exist or not to reproduce. However, if you follow some simple guides, you can succeed in getting rid of the invisible enemy that is hell-bent on taking your good health. The major way of killing them or preventing their existence at all is to make sure warm, and every possible corner of the house is dust-free.

Ensure you do the following as a preventive measure for dust mites:

  • Sanitize your carpet regularly or find a substitute if possible.
  • Wash floor always, especially the corner side of the room
  • Don’t use soft toys or wash regularly if you will use them.
  • Don’t use heavy curtains. Use blinds or washable fabric instead.
  • Do not store things that can easily attract dust under your best or any closed area of the house.
  • Ensure you dry your bed and clothes on a sunny outdoor.
  • Use a respirator or gauze dressing when cleaning.

You can also get rid of these dust mites naturally. Plants also help in fighting against dust mites. Plants flowers with many leaves around your house, dust settles on leaves more than in closet areas. Microbes and mites won’t be able to settle in the dust in an open area. Plant flowers like geranium, peace lily, chlorophytum, among others.

However, if your house has been affected by dust mites, one major way to eliminate them is to use a vacuum cleaner that can easily eliminate them. The first problem you might face is getting the best vacuum cleaner for the cleanup.

Over time, there have been many discussions around the best vacuum cleaner that people with asthma or dust allergies can use. If you are willing to buy the best dust mite vacuum cleaner, you have to read through to see our review on the selected best allergy-resistant vacuum cleaner.


Best Vacuum Cleaner for Dust Mites

  • Kenmore Elite 21814

The Kenmore Elite 21814 is one of our topic picks. Apart from the vacuum having the ability to suck dirt and debris out of carpet or closet areas with ease, it is also perfect for removing pet hairs littered in the house. The 26-pounds canister is equipped with suction control, brush, 27-foot retractable cord, and micro-filtration. These multiple accessories aid its ability to deliver excellent hair and dirt removal jobs around the house.

With its beltless 3D inductor fan motor, it is unique functions that make the vacuum easily remove the tiniest dirt or hair from carpet or floor. The multi-surface vacuum cleaner is certified and highly recommended by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of the United States.

These are the highlights of what the Kenmore Elite 21814 can do for you with ease:

  • Tackles Pet Hair and Dander

The Powermate attachment that comes with the appliance helps lift stubborn pet hair and dander that may stick to the carpet, furniture, and in any corner of the house with ease.

  • Allows allergy patients to breathe clean air

The Kenmore Elite 21814 is a true HEPA-certified air filter that removes almost all allergens and dust from the air and in the dust area, perfect for asthma and allergy patients or those that stand at risk of being attacked with the effect of dust mites.

  • Convenient Top to Bottom Cleaning

Its Stair Grip tool helps keep this canister vacuum upright as you work your way up the stairs, while its hose enables you to reach cobwebs and dirt corners on the ceiling. The swivel steering nozzle allows you to clean with ease.

  • Multi-Surface cleaning

The crossover handle makes switching from hardwood flooring to carpeting super simple. You don’t have to bend down to adjust the brush height, just pick up pet hair and suck up dust. It already has a dirt sensor that lets you see the dirt being picked up while you are using the vacuum.


  • Powerful suction
  • Need no belt
  • Picks up pet hair easily


  • A little heavier
  • Short hose

       Miele Complete C3 Canister Vac for Dust Mites

Like many others from the Miele brand, the canister C3 is a masterpiece and highly versatile. Miele has a reputation for producing standard products. The Canister vacuum is known to clean up all surface types, whether carpet or hard floors.

Its 1600W powerful motor that is highly effective in picking any dirt neatly makes it most unique. Also, its operating radius is wide enough. It allows users to clean more areas of the room without unplugging it from a socket.

Of great importance is the multi-stage filtrations system present in the vacuum that helps minimize the amount of dust and allergens being released into the air. It is proven to capture up to 99% of airborne allergens and reduce them to microns size.

Importantly, it uses unique designed bags that help filter dust, which reduces the chances of allergies. The bag automatically shuts anytime you open the vacuum. It ensures no dirt is released into the air around the house.


  • Best fit for the wide-area because of its broad radius
  • The noise is minimal
  • The filtrations system is top-notch
  • Light in weight



  • Dense power brush and telescopic wand
  • Less effective for pet hair cleaning


 Raycorp Handheld Anti-Dust Mites UV Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA filtration

Raycorp Handheld Anti-Dust Mites UV Vacuum Cleaner is an effective anti-dust vacuum cleaner intended to clean beds, pets’ areas, curtains, and any other surface to be sanitized.

The Raycoorp is a handheld vacuum cleaner that combines several methods of deep cleaning; high-frequency vibrations, strong suction, UV light, hot air fan. They all concurrently work with the HEPA air filtration system to perfectly filter out the tiniest dust particles in the house.

The vacuum cleaner weighs 4.5 pounds and is easy and safe to use. It is powered with a strong motor creating suction of 10.5 kph and rated at 350 watts. With such high power, deep cleaning is easily achieved for the appliance.

It combines several methods to clean and sanitize any surface successfully.

  • Use of rotating brush roll

The brush roll helps pick up surface dirt like pet hairs, crumbs, lint, etc. It also makes use of high-frequency vibrations afterward to deep clean the surface. Such vibrations aid in removing blow strong air to remove stubborn dirt.

  • Use UV light

The strong appliance kills bed bugs, mites, bacteria, and other germs quickly with the emission of its UV light. With the light, the rate of sanitation is higher. Though largely depends on the radiation length and depth of the surface being cleaned.

  • High capacity suction

It has a strong suction of 10.5 kPa, which ensures that the dirt gets vacuumed into the vacuum cleaner regardless of its type.

  • Hot air fan

The hot air fan at 130°F, 55°C, warm up the cleaned surface to dry it after cleaning. Moisture is one of the conveniences for bed bugs to survive – when the moisture is eliminated, bed bugs won’t be able to continue existing in such an area.


  • Perfectly cleaning features
  • Built with dryer
  • Power suction is adjustable
  • Portable model


  • Blow forceful air.



This vacuum comes into high consideration if you don’t want to break your pocket simply because you wanted a vacuum cleaner for cleaning your house. Despite being at a lower price compared to others, its performance is top-notch, and its lightweight model makes it convenient and portable enough to use.

It is a bagless design, which means that you don’t have to change the bag. You are just expected to be removing its dirt bin and discard the dirt in a safe place when you finish using it. The HEPA filtration system is outstanding as it easily traps those particles and dust that may pollinate the air and cause allergies to your household.

Highlighted features of Ovente Featherlite Cyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum

  • Highly powerful electronic motor

For any vacuum cleaner, having powerful suction is necessary. The Ovente is built with a 1200watts. No other similar class of this vacuum has such high power.

  • Step buttons

You have more activities to attend to than using forever to vacuum the house. With this model, the vacuuming time will be shorter because you can easily press the switch button with your leg. You no longer need to bend to switch the power. Then there is also an auto-rewind feature for your ease of you.

  • Multiple attachments

It is packed with a whole lot of attachments: the sofa brush, nozzle brushes, metal wand, and HEPA filter.

  • Metallic and Adjustable wand

Rather than the well-known plastic wand, the ovente’s vacuum comes with a metal wand. This signal durability and much better performance because metal models hardly clog. Also, adjusting the wand is easy. You may adjust the length to fit your desired height.


  • Has 1200watts of electric motor
  • Adjustable and metallic wand
  • The suction is highly impressive
  • Can step on auto re-wind buttons



  • The instructions are a bit complicated
  • Little loud


Kenmore Elite 21814

Bear in mind that all the appliances reviewed above are recommended. We selected them as the best of the rest. Note that picking the best depends mainly on your budget and requirements.

However, in an instance you are faced with a difficult choice, we advise you to opt for Kenmore 21814. The vacuum is competent enough to clean both pet hairs and dust perfectly without glitches. It also cleanses the carpet and makes it so totally dust-free. Finally, its power suction is highly effective.


How often can you vacuum for dust mite allergies?

If your case is severe and in its early stage, we recommend you vacuum daily. You can relax the vacuuming after a week if you realize the intensity of the perceiving of the mites is dropping.

How do I clean a dust mite vacuum?

If you have a detachable one, you can empty the bins, wash and fix it again with the appliance. They mostly have a quick button that lets you easily detach the bin.

How do I empty mites in my vacuum?

Ensure you use a vacuum cleaner with a special thickness bag or, rather, the one with HEPA filter. They can collect dust mite particle for a long time. Using proper bag filters may allow the stirred-up allergens to get back into the room

How often do I change the vacuum bag?

Carpet floors and pets hairs are what can easily fill a vacuum bag quickly. Changing vacuum bags varies from the consistence of use and the bag capacity. Miele bag, for instance, is small. It might not take you more than two months before you change it.

How do I Know if my Vacuum bag is full?

Fortunately, many vacuum cleaners have bag change indicators that measure airflow through the bag. The airflow will reduce as the bag is filled with dust particles. By this, you can easily know when to replace the bag.

Final thoughts on the best vacuum cleaner for dust mites

Dust mites live everywhere. Even if you don’t have a dust mite allergy, this does not mean they are not sharing a house with you. You should get rid of them or restrain their production from the onset before they take a toll on your health.

Prevention will always be better than cure. Preventing their appearance should be your utmost goal. Maintaining personal hygiene will, of course, save you from mites. However, quickly get yourself a vacuum cleaner as early as you notice them before they become uncontrollable.


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