Best Vacuum Cleaner for Garden

If you want to buy the best vacuum cleaner for garden or the most effective leaf vacuum you can lay your hands on, buy a lawnmower. Seriously. A mower is more powerful than a handheld leaf vacuum, holds far more debris and supports its debris bag on a frame, so you don’t have to carry it. It also covers an area more quickly than a leaf vacuum. Finally, it does a far more uniform job of mulching the debris it collects.

Garden vacuums are the best solution, sucking up debris, mulching it and compressing it, ready to be disposed of with your garden waste or left to decompose in a compost bin. This makes the best garden vacuums a surprisingly effective addition to your garden arsenal, especially when you need to clear the lawn in autumn or sweep up after your hedge has been clipped.

A good garden vacuum will take the hassle out of the most tedious of gardening tasks. Better still, many will double as a leaf blower, meaning you can reduce the entire lawn-cleaning process to a single efficient machine.

Yard work can be daunting. Without the best vacuum cleaner for garden, keeping your yard and walkway clear of fallen leaves can become a tiresome (and sometimes frustrating) task. Once you’ve cleared and gathered all those beautiful fall leaves using the best leaf blower for your yard, then comes the tedious chore of getting rid of them.

Do garden vacuums work?

While leaf vacuums are not designed to tackle big piles of leaves, the best vacuum cleaner for garden is designed to make leaf and debris removal easy, so owning a good quality leaf vacuum can help seriously cut down on time spent clearing your yard or walkway. Leaf vacuums are also helpful for keeping porches, patios, and decks tidy as trees shed their last leaves of the season.

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Some models (and aftermarket attachments) have curved nozzles specifically designed for blowing or sucking leaves out of your gutters, too. And don’t rush to store your tool at the first sign of winter, either: The blower function can be used to clear a light dusting of snow from decks, patios, and walkways, buying you a little time before you have to break out your snow blower. Here are the best vacuum cleaner for garden on the market.

Best vacuum cleaner for garden

  • Hyundai 3-in-1 Leaf Blower

The Hyundai 3-in-1 Leaf Blower and Garden Vacuum has a powerful 300w that motor blows, vacuums and mulches leaves into suitable materials for composting. This leaf vacuum contains a large but efficient 45 litre detachable leaf collection bag that helps to empty the waste less often.

The leaf blower and vacuum that comes with this machine has a 62-170mph controllable variable airspeed for effective productivity. It is compact and light weight and comes with a padded shoulder strap wheels and a 12m power cable.

Basically, the Hyundai 3-in-1 leaf blower and Garden Vacuum is a corded vacuum for convince, accuracy and efficiency. The powerful 300w motor is just enough to tackle tough garden cleaning jobs fast and efficiently! See on Amazon

  • Bosh Cordless Leaf Blower

The Bosh Cordless Leaf Blower and garden vacuum is a garden vacuum that allows you to work anywhere and everywhere in your garden with maximum mobility. It is lightweight and cordless with a user friendly speed control for optimal performance even on other surfaces.

It has a lithium-Ion battery with more power but less weight. This vacuum doesn’t self charge and has no memory effect. However, it has up to 35 minutes of uninterrupted run time and is ideal for the vast majority of applications.

The Bosh Cordless Leaf Blower and garden vacuum has a compact removable blower tube effective for compact storage and is ergonomically designed with optimal weight distribution for comfortable handling. Click here to see on amazon

  • Vacmaster WD 18

The Vacmaster WD 18 Garden & Artificial Grass Vacuum Cleaner is a vacuum cleaner designed for outdoor use and is built with an extra-long 10m cable for easy outdoor use and wide-stance castors made to prevent tipping and offer stability while in use.
This vacuum cleaner is also perfect for uneven surfaces such as Astroturf, decking or paving slabs (for best results, dampen the grass first).

The WD 18 AG Vacuum Cleaner has both dry and wet cleaning function and can even clean up mud and dirt from your outdoor space without the need to change filters. It also comes with an additional Nylon Pre-filter for additional filtration.

The Vacmaster WD 18 Garden & Artificial Grass Vacuum Cleaner’s artificial grass tool manufactured to be tough on dirt but gentle on your synthetic lawn. The molded comb is built to lift debris and dust from the grass, whereas the nylon brushes remove trapped dirt. See on Amazon


Editor’s Recommendation

Hyundai 3-in-1 leaf Blower
The Hyundai 3-in-1 Garden Vacuum is our best pick majorly because of the accessories that accompany the vacuum. For example, the device contains a 45L detachable collection bag that is made of a reliable robust canvas to collect your cuttings with minimum messes.

With the added accessories, you need not assemble them yourself. It is delivered to you already assembled and is ready to use out of the box. With its variable speed, you completely have control over every process. You can use low speed in delicate areas such as flower borders, and high speed to cover large areas. “The easy to reach” function switch on this device allows you to select between vacuuming and blowing effortlessly.

The Hyundai HYBV3000E 3-in-1 Garden Vacuum is designed and built to last; you’ll observe this with its highest standard using high quality components.

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What Are Garden Vacuums Used For?

Garden vacuums can assist you in the monstrous task of getting rid of unwanted fallen leaves and light garden debris from your garden. Most models works with a combination of blow and vacuum functions for efficiency. Clearing these unwanted leaves from your garden is important because they can prevent light and harbor diseases, affecting the health of your lawn amongst other reasons. Most models are effective enough in shredding fallen leaves and small twigs ready for composing.

However, garden vacuums are not designed to pick up twigs or stones from your garden as they can damage the machine. If you want to pick up leaves from pebble areas, driveways or soil, then blow them onto a grassy area first before vacuuming them up.
There’re certain considerations to note before getting a garden vacuum. This is just to ensure that you make the right choice. You need to ask yourself:

How large is your garden?
What do you intend to clear?
How much power and noise can you tolerate?
How much weight can you handle?
Do you want a leaf vacuum or a leaf blower, or both?

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How to Use a Garden Vacuum

To convert your device from leaf blower to leaf vacuum, most times you’ll need to switch the tube to the opposite direction of the fan. Doing that sometimes requires the use of a special tool.
But you’ll need to start in leaf blower mode, and then corral the bulk of the leaves into a large pile. Then switch to the vacuum. Use it to suck up all the stragglers and to work around bushes and flower beds, where ordinary blowers could damage plants or send soil and mulch flying. When you’re done, ensure you empty the bag and flip it inside out to clean it thoroughly. Lingering leaves, especially the wet ones, will break down and produce not so good odor.
The garden vacuum is helpful for keeping patios, porches and decks tidy as trees shed their last leaves of the season. Some models come with curved nozzles designed specifically for blowing or sucking leaves out of gutters. Just ensure you carefully follow the safety guide if you’re working with a ladder.

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Types of Garden Vacuums

Based on needs and conveniences, there’re basically two types of vacuums: Cordless vacuums and corded electric vacuums.

Cordless garden vacuums

Cordless garden vacuums are typically more expensive. This is the price for paying for the advantage of not having a power cord.

Regardless, this type of vacuum is perfect for clearing complicated gardens that has lots of nooks and crannies. Cordless vacuums are simple to operate and can be stored easily.

The smaller models are efficient in clearing small patios where you’ll need to blow leaves out from around garden pots. Because there’re ideal for borders, they won’t destroy your plants with strong blast of air, and are effective for clearing dust from shreds.

However, these vacuums are not super powerful enough to get rid of a lot of heavy damp leaves to clear, thus they aren’t helpful in doing such jobs.
The advantages of using cordless garden vacuums include:

  • They’re simple to operate.
  • They’re easy to store
  • They’re suitable for smaller gardens and efficient for clearing complicated areas or layout of your garden

The disadvantages of using cordless garden vacuums include:

  • Some models lack the power to clear heavy or damp leaves.
  • Cordless vacuum needs to be charged frequently and cannot function without battery.

Corded electric garden vacuums

A corded vacuum unlike the cordless one doesn’t function with battery. It needs to be plug to an electric switch. However, corded vacuums are relatively a cheaper option. They’re ideal for use on smaller gardens, but a bit stressful if you need to use your blower remotely or around large obstacles such as ponds, stones or tress.

The smaller models tend to have parallel blow and vac tubes, for which you can easily change between them with just a flick of a switch. This is quite convenient, not least because it offers you the chance to clear some blockages by changing from vac to blow mode and vice-versa.

Whereas, bigger models need to be reconfigured to switch between blow and vacuum modes. This process can be quite complicated and time-consuming, but it means you won’t lose much power between modes.

The advantages of using corded electric garden vacuums include:

  • There’s a provision to choose from different models based on your budget options.
  • Some models can change between blow and vac modes.The disadvantages of using corded electric garden vacuums include:
  • Some models have dual tubes that can make them bulky and heavy to maneuver.
  • Because these vacuums don’t work with battery, the cord will need to be plugged in at all times, giving you limited space to cover when vacuuming.

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What is the Difference Between a Leaf Blower and a Garden Vacuum?

On paper, both gardening cleaning tools seem to have quite a number of similarities based on purpose. However they’re slight differences in terms of modes and features. For removing leaves in an average-sized garden, you’ll need a garden vacuum while a leaf blower is most effective for cleaning large gardens. In essence, leaf blowers can cover large areas compared to a vacuum.

One of the advantage vacuums poses over leaf blower is that, they store leaves and debris in a bag, making it a more straight forward and quick cleaning job over all. But a leaf blower is effective in blowing all the leaves into one area, for which you’ll need to clear yourself.

Leaf blower will not get blocked or damaged from sucking up debris and stones and tens to be easier to use compared to vacuums. However, leaf blower cannot pick up leaves, it only blows them into pile.
Garden vacuums, on the other hand is a multi-purpose tool that serve as a leaf blower, garden vacuum, shredder all-in-one. It is less time consuming, and you need not pick up leaves manually or with a rake. It is easy to switch between modes. However, debris and pebbles can easily get stuck and damage the vacuum subsequently.






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