Best Vacuum Cleaner For Timber Floors

What is the best vacuum cleaner for timber floors? While most cordless vacuums are designed to work on all surfaces, they are especially effective when it comes to cleaning timber floors. These clever gadgets suck up the same amount of dirt and debris as traditional vacuums, but their lightweight and compact designs prevent excess wear and tear from occurring on your flooring.

Like many appliances, cordless vacuums can be pricey. So to help you decide which ones are actually worth your money, we turned to reviews from real people to see which models they love most. The best vacuum cleaner for timber floors detailed below not only come highly recommended by thousands of shoppers who say these cleaned their hardwood floors quickly and efficiently, but many on the list also include innovative features like HEPA filtration systems, LED display screens, and angled attachments that help you clean hard to reach places.

Some options even have extended battery life to give you up to 100 minutes of runtime, while others are designed to wash floors and suck up unwanted debris simultaneously.

What is the best thing to clean timber floors?

Most vacuums are general purpose machines and do a good job of cleaning your floors but may be limited when it comes to specific floor types. The truth is, your timber floors require a specific type of cleaning and, for this; you need a specialized vacuum that’s designed to give you the best cleaning for your hardwood floors, without damaging them.

The most important consideration when looking for a good vacuum for hardwood floors is to find one that doesn’t scratch the surface but still gives you the cleaning power that you need. You may also require a higher level of suction if there are grooves or indents in the floor surface. Knowing that your hardwood floor is a big part of your home and contributes to the investment value of your home, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top rated best vacuum cleaner for timber floors.

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Regardless of whether you’re shopping for an upright vacuum, an easy-rolling canister vacuum, or a cordless vacuum for hardwood floors, these top options offer plenty of power, efficient operation, and features designed with bare floors in mind.

Best vacuum cleaner for timber floors

·         Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2

The Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 is designed to be both practical and beautiful. The unique ball design makes it one of the easiest upright vacuums to maneuver; it’s really easy to move around corners and in between furniture.

It has exceptional suction power and will automatically adjust to any floor type. This means that as you move from a hardwood floor to a carpet, the cleaning head will adjust to clean every surface with the greatest efficiency.

Its radial root cyclonic technology acts to remove most of the dust and allergens before they even reach the dust cup. This means that the filters remain clean for a very long time, reducing your maintenance. Added to this great feature, it also has HEPA filters and is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.See on Amazon

·         Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

Make your hardwood floors smooth and debris-free with a top performing vacuum cleaner, like the Shark Navigator Lift-Away. This versatile vacuum offers plenty of suction, a bagless design for easy dirt disposal, and the option for brush roll shut-off to preserve the finish and feel of your hardwood floors. When used as an upright model, you’ll easily be able to cover plenty of square footage pushing this lightweight vacuum along. If you need to vacuum stairs or other elevated areas, it offers a lift-away canister vacuum option.

The advantage of the Shark Navigator Lift-Away for hardwood floors is the fact that it’s gentle enough for vacuuming hardwood floors while offering substantial suction for deep carpet cleaning. Just be sure to turn the brush roll off before gliding over bare floors. The transition from one floor setting to the next is quick and simple—you literally just flip a switch. See on Amazon

·         Dirt Devil Razor

For a high level of specification and versatility, the Dirt Devil Pet vacuum is a fantastic offering at a very reasonable price. You get a lot for your money.

Powerful suction with no power loss, combined with a spin4pro roller brush, this vacuum is perfect for all floor types – moving effortlessly from hardwood floors to carpets. The really long 10 FT hose and removable wand, give you the reach that you need to clean ceilings and under furniture with very little effort. Among the range of accessories, you get the Turboclaw Pet tool, making it ideal for removing pet hair.

At a very reasonable weight for an upright vacuum (10.8 LBS) and a number of fantastic features, the Dirt Devil Pet vacuum offers incredible value for money. It’s easy to use and cleans like a dream on all floor surfaces. See on Amazon

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·         Eureka Mighty Mite

Being a small and convenient canister vacuum that weighs only 9 LBS, the Eureka Mighty Mite Canister vacuum is perfect for moving around and carrying up stairs.

The 20FT power cord and easy to use extendable wand add to the versatility of this little powerhouse. Don’t be fooled by its small size and low weight, the Eureka Mighty Might has great suction thanks to a 12A motor. It will clean hardwood floors as easily as it does carpets.

There’s another great advantage to this machine that you won’t find on many vacuum cleaners. It has a blower function which makes it ideal for blowing out dust and debris from the garage or cleaning the patio of fallen leaves. For a compact and versatile vacuum with heaps of power, the Eureka Mighty Might can proudly hold its own among the best vacuums for hardwood floors. See on Amazon



Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2

Many bagless vacuums aren’t so great when it comes to emptying the dust cup. You often end up releasing all the dust that you’ve captured back into the air. Dyson has overcome this by sealing the bottom end, keeping the dust cup completely sealed until you release a latch with one finger, dropping the debris straight into the garbage can. See on Amazon

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How to Keep Your Timber Floors Looking New For a Long Time

Vacuuming your timber floors daily will not only keep them cleaner but increase their durability compared to daily sweeping. Just sweeping the floor with a broom isn’t ideal for this course because, brooms only push dirt around, allowing it to settle into nocks and crannies, whereas vacuuming sucks it up. Vacuums, especially the ones with quality exhaust air filter, remove dust from the air as a whole because it is contained within the canister and filter.

However, if you desire to make your floors super clean, follow up once a week or more if necessary with a damp mop this adds a bit of moisture back into your floors and help them stay clean and shiny. But of course, you’ll need to ensure that you’re using a good damp mop together with a cleaning solution that supports timber flooring, but you can only consider that after you must’ve gotten the perfect vacuum cleaner (such as the recommended ones above) for timber flooring.

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Is It Okay To Vacuum Timber Floors?

Using a vacuum cleaner on your timber floor is one of the easiest ways of cleaning them efficiently and fast. So, yes! It’s very much okay to vacuum timber floors. In fact, it is what you should be doing in keeping the floor clean and tidy.

Although, it is not okay to vacuum your timber floors with every type of vacuum, so you need to be aware of the ones that are efficient enough. Only use recommended vacuums for timber floors such as the ones highlighted in this article.

Not that other vacuums won’t be effective enough in cleaning up your floor, but they might cause damage to the timber, and so therefore less than ideal. Timber floors are known to have one weakness, which is – getting scratched.

So it’s important the vacuum you’re using doesn’t pose any threat to your floors.
You should avoid vacuums with plastic wheels, as they are capable of damaging the timber as they roll over the surface, and also avoid using vacuum cleaners with thick bristles, as they may be too harsh on the timber and scratch it.

Therefore, a vacuum cleaner with rubber wheels that are padded is an ideal option. Also remember to look out for softer bristles that will be gentle enough for the flooring to avoid any damage.
You should also consider using light weight vacuums, as they won’t drag over your floors as much and will put less pressure on the timber.

Quite often, you can get a vacuum cleaner that are specifically designed for timber floors such as the recommended ones above, or you can get a hybrid capable of switching from carpet mode to hardwood mode (which can also work for timber floors).

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Is It Better To Sweep or Vacuum Timber Floors?

When cleaning your timber floor, one important aspect you need to watch out for is the risk of scratching the timber, which may result to permanent damage.

The two famous ways of cleaning timber floors are vacuuming and sweeping, and it’s often debated whether one is better than the other. Let’s break it down!

Sweeping you timber floor is one of the common ways of cleaning up dust and dirt and is easy and efficient. This is a great way of cleaning timber floors without the risk of scratching or damaging, which is why some go for this method.

However, when sweeping the dirt, a lot of dust is being thrown into the air and then settling back down on the very same floor and surface you cleaned. So although you may get rid of most of the visible dirt, the floor won’t be 99.9 % clean.

As for vacuuming your timber floors, 99.9% of the dirt, dust and debris on the floor will surely be eliminated, as the vacuum will be suctioning everything in, while nothing get the chance to escape into the air and fall back down again on surfaces and the floor.

However, one main risk that comes with vacuuming is that if you’re using the wrong type of vacuum on your floor, you might end up scratching and damaging the floor, which is far from being ideal.

So which method is the best?

As long as you’re cleaning with the right type of vacuum cleaner for timber floors, vacuuming is by far the best and most effective method of cleaning. It is a superior method of cleaning timber floors compared to sweeping. Grab one of the recommended vacuums above for efficiency and the best vacuuming experience.

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How to Care for Timber Floors

To keep your beautiful timber floor looking good and clean always, we recommend doing the following:

  • Do not expose the floor to direct sunlight or bright light. You should keep your windows closed especially during the day.
  • Install felt runners under your furniture and chair legs to avoid scratches.
  • Wipe up spills as soon as they happen. Place rugs in areas of the floor where liquids may spill or accumulate and cause damage. So, prioritize quick cleanups.
  • Lift to avoid scratching your floors, when moving furniture.
  • Don’t over saturate your floor with water when cleaning.
  • Only use the right vacuums for timber floors. The recommended vacuums above are ideal for this kind of floors.

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What to Lookout for in a Tiber Floor Vacuum

Getting the best vacuum for your timber floor is ideal for a great cleanup. The recommended vacuums above contain most of the important features of a quality vacuum for which we’re about to discuss below.

Brush rollers: look for vacuums with brush roller or attachments specifically for hardwood floors. The soft brushes will work to sweep away debris from the crevices and cracks between timber floor boards and nab the finest dust particles for a more thorough cleaning.

Suction Power: You should go for a vacuum with strong suction power. Not only will good suction power pick up large debris, but will also pick up fine dust, pet hair, and/or dust.

Weight: Make sure you check the weight of the vacuum and put it into deep consideration how much weight you can push around while vacuuming your floor.



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