Best Vacuum Cleaner of all Time

Picking the best vacuum cleaner of all time isn’t just about what has the most bells and whistles. A good vacuum cleaner should do its job well (of course), be easy to maintain, versatile enough to fit in carpets and hard floors, and be good value for money. We’ve researched – and in some cases tested – the best vacuum cleaners on the market to find the ones that make cleaning your home a faster and easier routine of handling.

The best vacuum cleaners you can buy today are engineered for comfort and efficiency. They were created with one simple task: to clean your home. Each device offers a different cleaning experience.

Which is the Best Vacuum Cleaner to Buy?

Many of the best vacuum cleaners on the market now absorb dust in different ways. For example, do you want to go wireless, wired, handheld, wand, robot, wet or dry? With so many different options and questions to ask yourself, it can be difficult to keep up.

Maintaining a clean home is a never-ending business. It is absolutely essential to have a great vacuum cleaner that can handle everything. (Especially if you have pets.) After you’ve arranged your unwanted drawers, reorganized your closet, and wiped months of outdoor water buildup from your windows, it is time to focus on cleaning your carpets, rugs, pillows, and dust anywhere else Lint and debris are hiding.

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If you haven’t introduced a new vacuum cleaner in your home in a while, you will be amazed at how many modern features a vacuum cleaner has these days. From robotic vacuums that sweep and sweep both floors to small portable vacuums that collapse to store more easily, we searched the ‘network’ to find the best options to help your spring cleaning system and beyond.

We read reviews, read customer reviews, and used our expert knowledge to compile a list of the best blanks across multiple categories. We’ll tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly to help you pick a really bad machine – in a good way.

Best Vacuum Cleaner of all Time

Tineco Floor One S3 Cordless Hardwood Floors Cleaner

The Tineco S3 Cordless vacuum features the iLoop smart sensor technology, FLOOR ONE S3 to detect wet/dry messes on sealed hard floors and intelligently adjusts suction power and water flow for completely clean results.

It is self-propelled and time-saving. This vacuum efficiently washes your sealed hard floors in one smart step for an optimal clean in less time.It moves quite but quickly!

It’s cordless, lightweight and easy to use, with extended runtime of up to 35 min with intelligently optimized suction and battery power.

The 5-in-1 self-cleaning system keeps your hands clean, system fresh and your home odor-free. While the innovative engineering allows powerful performance without the extra noise. Other features includes the automatic power adjustments, precise air channeling, and noise reduction features which makes this quiet vacuum ideal for use around pets and children.

The Tineco S3 Cordless vacuum also features an all-in-one LED display, built in app connectivity and helpful voice assistant to monitor cleaning performance for the ultimate hard floor cleaning experience. See on Amazon

Kenmore DU2012 Bagless Upright Vacuum

The Kenmore Bagless Upright Vacuum is very effective in removing pet hair, dirt and more. It is a multifloor, multi-surface designed vacuum for use in your home, den, or kitchen with a wide sweeper path.

This vacuum combines an enhanced HEPA filter system that traps 99.7% of dirt, trapping dirt inside the vacuum and reducing pollutants in your room.

Its powerful 2-motor system excels in suction power. The suction control provides optimal airflow and cleaning efficiency for any surface, allows you to change the vacuum cleaner suction for different fabric and carpet weight.

The Kenmore Bagless Upright Vacuum is also features a lightweight at under 14lbs, with swivel steering, and is easy to maneuver. This vacuum is great for hard floors and effective on carpets, area rugs, stairs, upholstery and more. See on Amazon

Roborock S4 Max Robot Vacuum

The Roborock S4 Max Robot Vacuum features an impressive Precision Low Light Navigation-LiDAR navigation that stays precise and efficient in bright rooms and even in dark ones, keeping cleaning effective at all times.

With this vacuum, up to four levels of your home can be mapped and automatically recognized, including room locations, as well as up to 10 No-Go Zones, 10 No-Mop Zones, and 10 Invisible Walls on every level.

With its powerful 2000Pa suction power and up to 180mins runtime, S4 Max can clean up to 3230sqft area, pick up finer dirt from hard floors and reaches deeper into carpets. When it identified carpet, it boosts suction power to the MAX level to provide the most powerful cleaning.

Using the Roborock App, control is just in your hands, you can see exact mopping and vacuuming routes, where carpets are, set cleaning schedules, adjust suction power, vibration strength, water flow, cleaning sequencing, No-Go Zones, Invisible Walls and more in the Roborock App. Only compatible with 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi.

The Roborock S4 Max Robot Vacuum is equipped with an E11 rated air filter, and captures 95% of particles as it travels around your house. This washable filter stays usable for a long time, so you can use it again and again without worry. See on Amazon

Editor’s Recommendation

Tineco Floor One S3 Cordless Hardwood Floors Cleaner

The Tineco Cordless Hardwood Floors Cleaner features makes top of the chart because of its impressive innovative iLoop Smart Sensor technology that detect wet or dry messes automatically and adjusts suction and water flow for optimal performance. This vacuum cleaner also mop up spills in one swipe and leave behind a streak-free, clean floor, and is suitable for sealed tile, laminate, marble, and hardwood floors.

In addition, it features a hands-free self-cleaning feature scrubs rollers and flushes water lines, so you don’t need to get your hands dirty.

It’s additional dual tank technology keeps clean water and solution separated from dry debris and dirty water.

The Floor One S3’s lightweight, cordless design is easy to take anywhere, for superb convenience. Take it with you around the house, up and down stairs, and more. Spend less time cleaning, more time enjoying life! See on Amazon

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 What is The Best Type Of Vacuum?

There’s no straight answer as to which type of vacuum is best. Depending on your cleaning needs, there may be one type that outshines another. Before making a decision on the type of vacuum to buy, it’s ideal to understand the different types of vacuum cleaners out there and the key differences between each.

Upright Vacuums

Upright vacuum cleaners serve as your traditional vacuum, with a suction head and motor contained in a single chassis. They’re available in various price ranges and, these days, usually come without bags.

Canister Vacuums

Canister vacuum cleaners divides the motor and the suction head and can produce extremely strong vacuuming capabilities, which is reflected in the price tag.

Stick Vacuums

Stick vacuum cleaners are handy devices that place the dust canister at the top of the stick, for easily accessibility. Stick vacuums also gain from a variety of attachments that makes them ideal to be used both as upright vacuums and handhelds. Be aware, however, that they’re mostly not as powerful as their upright counterpart.

Robotic Vacuums

Robotic vacuum cleaners are becoming more popular , but still remain the newest model in the market. These vacuums are usually controlled by a mobile app so you don’t even need to be home to turn your vacuum on. They can clean open areas efficiently but their performance in corners and around obstacles in your home isn’t always the most precise. Even the highest-end models can fail to reach a few spots.

Handheld Vacuums

Handheld vacuum cleaners are designed small enough to be carried around and often come with attachments for reaching nooks and crannies in and around your home. You’re probably not going to be able to vacuum your whole house using a handheld (though some premium models might prove a good case) but they can be excellent for small jobs or hard-to-reach areas such as stairs, upholstered furniture or your car.

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How to Find the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single, universal vacuum built to be perfect for everyone, but our guide above can help you in finding the style that best suites your home. In addition, consider these other important factors before making a decision.

Bagged or bagless

Both types are good for cleaning. Bagless models come with a dust cup and filter assembly that requires frequent emptying and cleaning. The advantage is that you need not stock up on bags or ever worry about running out of them.

However, they tend to be messy to clean and empty, and is not an ideal choice for those with allergies to dust. Bagged vacuums are easier to maintain. All you do is trash the bag when it’s about ⅔ full. You need not store a supply of replacement bags on hand.

Power source

Decide whether you desire vacuum with a cord, which can by chance limit how far you can vacuum until you need to find another outlet, or whether you want cordless, which has a battery life that you’ll need to monitor between charges. You can also go for a robot vacuum, which does the cleaning for you and goes back to recharge on its own when low on power.


The handy attachments that come along with vacuums are equally important. A motorized power nozzle can help you in cleaning your carpets and rugs more efficiently, whereas a crevice tool can help you in reaching tough spots that usually collect dust, such as behind couches or dressers. There are also other tools such as a mini-turbobrush that perform wonders when it comes to getting your pet’s hair off furniture.


Lastly, let the space that you live in be your guide. If you live in a small apartment, you can consider going for a corded vacuum or one that doesn’t require as much battery life. But if you have multiple floors, you’ll want a longer run time. If there’re stairs in your house, you’ll need a vacuum that can easily go up and down each step all while picking up dirt and dust. If there’s a lot of carpets in your bedrooms, an upright vacuum cleaner will do an excellent job, whereas a canister vacuum cleaner that has soft bristles is better suited for hardwood floors.

Key Features to Lookout for In the Best Vacuum Cleaner

Sensory technology

Some of the best vacuum cleaners have the ability to sense the floor type and adjust their power accordingly. This saves the energy usage and gives the vacuum the ability to automatically use optimum power.

Battery life

This is an essential specification to check if you’re picking a cordless stick or handheld vacuum. Some will run for less than 10 minutes on full power, meaning you need to hurry to finish in time or wait for it to recharge. Look for those with at least 30 minutes of advertised battery life for a stick vacuum, and 20 minutes for a handheld vacuum.

Charging time

Pay attention to the charging time as well if you’re going for cordless. They’re not quite convenient to use if you’re always waiting for them to charge. Most stick vacuums take up to four hours or more to fully charge, but if you’re worried about what to do in an emergency, you should invest in a stick vacuum or handheld instead, that comes with additional batteries.


Basically, the bigger the capacity, the less often you’ll need to empty it. Vacuum capacities’ measurements are in litres, whether baggless or bagged. If you’re looking for an upright or cylinder, and don’t want to be taking constant trips to the bin, go for no less than two litres. For cordless models (Which are slightly smaller), a minimum of half a litre is ideal. In addition, for handhelds, 0.3 litres will last for a few quick spills before you need to empty.


Some stick vacuums also come with headlights on the floor head, to produce a better visual under furniture and in dark spaces.

Smart technology

This allows you to connect your vacuum to your phone to monitor its battery life, usage, and even surprising statistics such as how many calories you burn in use.


Be wary of the weight of the vacuum cleaner; pushing anything over 3kg can feel heavy after prolonged use. If you struggle with this, choose a cordless design where the weight is placed around the floor head rather than the handle, making it easier on the arms.

Variable suction

This may come in handy if you need more power for deep pile carpets. It’s also useful to have if you’re conscious of energy usage.

Retractable cord

With this feature, you can rewind the cord into the vacuum just with the press of a button – brilliant if you’re tired of winding the cord to tidy it away yourself.

Rotating brush

If the floor head is doesn’t have a rotating brush, it will likely drag along your floors as you vacuum because there’s nothing to raise it. This makes it harder when running it over long-pile carpet. A rotating brush is also great for collecting hairs and residue from carpets.

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Are Bagged Vacuums Better Than Bagless?

Both bagged and bagless vacuums have their advantages and disadvantages. Bagged vacuums are mostly easier to clean—all you need do is remove the bag and toss it in the trash. Whereas bagless vacuums are more environmentally friendly and produce less waste. Bagless vacuums can also save you money over time, since you don’t have to purchase bags separately.

Are Expensive Vacuum Cleaners Worth It?

This answer to this depends. A higher price tag doesn’t always equate to better quality (just like a lower price tag doesn’t necessarily mean the vacuum won’t work well). Expensive vacuum cleaners often come with additional features, such as cordless capabilities and allergen filters. In the case of robot vacuums, you generally have to pay more for advanced technology, like home mapping and self-emptying etcetera. So whether an expensive vacuum cleaner is worth it depends on your needs and what additional features you’re looking for.

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