Best Vacuum Cleaner With Adjustable Height

Best vacuum cleaner with adjustable height -A vacuum cleaner is widely used for the cleaning of commercial as well as residential spaces. Today’s market is full of a wide range of vacuum cleaners, but not all of them can reach underneath the furniture and clean the carpet. Here is where the best vacuum cleaner with adjustable height comes into play.

Setting your vacuum cleaners to the lowest height setting does not assure the best height adjustment to get enough airflow for suction purposes. You cannot use the same height for all types of surfaces. Ranging from hardwood floors to rugs and carpets, you may require different height adjustments to get the best results.

Though a lower setting will put the roller brush in close contact with the surface, there must be some space between the surface and the roller brush for adequate suction. However, if the setting is too high, the vacuum will not pull the dirt into the machine.

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How do I adjust the height of my vacuum?

Since setting the height to the right position helps in enhancing the performance of the vacuum cleaners for cleaning purposes, today’s vacuums come with height adjustment settings that can be adjusted as per the surface without a loss of performance.

There is a combination in the household that feels like they can never quite match one another: a vacuum cleaner and your carpet. It’s not just that thick carpets make it a whole lot more difficult for vacuums to pick up the tiny particles lodged inside. Sometimes vacuums can even destroy carpets altogether if a bunch of factors aren’t right.

The vacuum’s height is one of these factors.That’s why for houses with a lot of carpeting, your best bet for cleaning them and not having to call maintenance every once in a while is having at hand an adjustable height vacuum.

A vacuum cleaner with height-adjustable options makes your home cleaning job easier and convenient. You can adjust its height as per your convenience by a knob or lever. Hence, they can accommodate a variety of surfaces.

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However, some models come with an electronic controller, enabling them to automatically adjust the height according to the surface. Picking the right one is not an easy task. So, to help you pick the right product, we are going to give a list of top height adjustable vacuum cleaners.

Best vacuum cleaner with adjustable height

·         Eureka Power Speed NEU188A

This upright vacuum cleaner is a gem in Eureka’s portfolio. It is great physical evidence that the company does know how to make a good vacuum cleaner for consumers.

The first thing that you will notice when you pick up the NEU188A is that for a vacuum that’s able to do quite a lot, it is surprisingly light at only around 10 pounds. The vacuum is also extremely versatile and can reach underneath furniture and even touch the ceiling quite easily with its 8-foot reach.

Since this is a corded vacuum, it will also come with a 25-foot power cord – adequate for most households.

The suction power of the internal motor is also impressive and was able to deal with small debris (paper shreds, cereal, etc.) as well as smatterings of dirt and dust on bare floors and even rugs and carpets alike. But when it comes to intensive cleaning, however, we noticed that the vacuum’s performance is considerably better dealing with carpets than bare floors. You have the 5-setting height adjustment level to thank. It makes cleaning carpets and rugs – especially the thicker ones – a breeze. See on Amazon

·         Bissell PowerEdge Bagless Stick Vacuum 81L2A

The Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A is a hard pick considering several limitations. For most people’s cleaning needs, it is just enough, evidenced by the glowing reviews of past customers. If that doesn’t convince you, rest assured that in all of our tests the 81L2A has managed to back up its reputation.

The thing we want to tell you most about this vacuum is the rather peculiar shape of its head: arrow-like. Though it might look odd, it does wonders at cleaning up larger pieces of debris from the floor. Since it is a corded vacuum, the 81L2A does not have the convenience that a cordless vacuum can offer you and furthermore, we found that the vacuum struggled a little bit trying to clean up smaller debris.

·         Hoover UH70120 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Ever wondered how you can clean your house minus that extra effort? With a Hoover vacuum cleaner, you can do that and more to keep your home clean as they come. The WindTunnel technology is designed to create suction to lift and remove the surface debris or any deeply lodged dirt particle.

Apart from this, the HEPA filter media helps trap in about 99.7 dirt, pollen, or dust. The accuracy is as much as 0.3 microns. The Hoover also brings in 5-different height adjustments that go from carpets to the hard floors. It also brings in a retractable cord that can extend to different corners of the room. See on Amazon

·         Kenmore 81414-400 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

With Kenmore, you get access to a top-quality vacuum cleaner with a stellar feature that fits right within your budget. The telescoping wand brings in an impressive reach along with adjustable suction to ensure that no dust particle is left behind.

The HEPA filter also traps the common allergens such as pollen or dust, which works amazingly for the ones that suffer from any allergies. This vacuum cleaner with adjustable height also flaunts an easy design that can be assembled very fast.

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The vacuum also packs in the Brushroll Cleantech to remove tangles with the simple button press. You can also rewind its retractable cord and get the job done faster than ever. The dust bin can also be emptied easily. See on Amazon



Eureka Power Speed NEU188A

Several accessories accompany the vacuum inside the box. You will receive a telescopic wand for cleaning crevices and hard-to-reach places in the house, an upholstery tool, and a pet turbo brush for cleaning pet hair. You will also get a quick-release handle to quickly replace the tool when you need to. See on Amazon

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Things to Consider When Buying the Best Vacuum with Adjustable Height

As you may already know, not all vacuums have adjustable height settings. So, it becomes even difficult to find a very good performer among the available options. Moreso, the best vacuum cleaner with adjustable height are characterized by several factors as discussed below:


Height adjustment

The height adjustment can either be manual or automatic setting. Using manual settings requires you to adjust the height but depending on the surface whereas the automatic setting does the adjustment on its own once you switch to a different surface.

While automatic adjustment tends to be more convenient, it has its limitations. For instance, the highest level may be insufficient for a very thick carpet.

Type of floor

If you have both bare and carpeted floors, you should choose a vacuum cleaner that can work on both. You wouldn’t want to cause damage on either of your floors. For instance, hardwood and tile floors requires a vacuum cleaner with soft bristles, unlike carpets which require a tough brush to dig in and lift all dirt.

Dirt capacity

A large dust cup is essential for a good vacuuming experience. First of all, it offers you the opportunity to clean without the interruptions of emptying in between sessions. Before making a final decision on a bagless vacuum, however, you should consider a dust cup that is easy to empty and doesn’t require you to touch the dirt for hygiene purposes.

Corded or cordless

Corded vacuums are typically more powerful from start to finish and will run for longer period, but on the flip side, they tend to be heavy and need frequent maintenance. On the other hand, cordless vacuums are easy to maneuver although you are limited by the battery level.

If intend on using the vacuum for a house with many rooms or for commercial use, you choose the corded models. But for small spaces and offices, a cordless vacuum will be an ideal choice.


There are several brands with vacuums that have height adjustment settings on the market. You shouldn’t only go for a high-end quality brand but the one with an extensive warranty. A company can only afford to give you a long-term warranty because they are confident of the quality of their appliances.


This is a very vital consideration especially if you’re suffering from allergies. A vacuum with a HEPA filter will definitely suffice, but if the allergies are severe you should consider getting a bagged HEPA vacuum. This way, you will avoid interacting with dust and dirt.

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What is the meaning of height adjustment and how does it work?

Height adjustment works with a combination of systems that regulates how high the brushroll (beater bar) is from the ground.

While some vacuums include automatic height adjustment, a manual one offers you more freedom. If you want to set the perfect height for your carpet, read the user manual. However, if you don’t have one or you misplaced it, just select a different setting and listen to the sound produced by the vacuum.

Ideally, the brushroll should be acting upon a third of the pile. You’ll know you’ve hit the perfect spot when the vacuum doesn’t emit an irritating sound. Also, it is very much easier to push the vacuum when it’s set correctly.

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What Types of Vacuums Have Height Adjustment Capability?

Not all vacuum cleaners have the height adjustment. For instance, you wouldn’t expect to get a robot vacuum with height adjustment, since it is a feature mostly common in the traditional models. So, you are likely to see more of canisters vacuums, and uprights in our review.

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How Do I Set My Vacuum Cleaner to the Right Height?

Adjusting the vacuum cleaner height is very important in getting a neat and clean home. Follow the steps below to successfully adjust your vacuum’s height :

  1. A vacuum cleaner, usually the upright model, usually come with a height adjustment feature and can as well be adjusted using a lever or foot pedal. The height adjustment varies depending on the carpet pile height.
  2. First of all, you’ll need to position yourself behind your vacuum cleaner. Now look towards the base of your vacuum cleaner, on the right-hand side, you will be able to locate a level adjustment switch. This switch will contain two markings, namely – “carpets and bare floors”.
  3. Now you may choose any one of the settings between the two as per the surface you intend to clean. Then push the button accordingly, and you are all set to clean your floors with the desired height.

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How to Change the Height Adjustment Knob Upright Vacuum

Unplug machine

  • Turn the machine over and unscrew all nuts to remove the bottom cover.
  • Swing the roller assembly up to pull off.
  • The height adjustment knob will now be visible.
  • Rotate the knob by reaching around the front of the machine to turn until it can be removed.
  • Insert the replacement height adjustment knob (into front/top), then rotate until secured.
  • Replace the roller assembly, and insert the tabs into notches and swing it down.
  • Reattach the bottom cover & secure it with the screws.



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