Best Vacuum Cleaner with Steamer

Best Vacuum Cleaner with Steamer

Cleaning is one of the essential chores in every household. It is a way of maintaining a high degree of hygiene and health care. Everyday traditional cleaning can be tiresome and time-wasting. That is why you need a machine that can ease the process of cleaning for you.

With little effort, you need cleaning appliances that work like magic to have efficient cleaning. You don’t want your house inhibited by pests, flies, dust, or dirt. Then you need a good cleaning machine that can help you work out the magic. This is where vacuum steam mops come to your rescue. It is an all-in-one cleaning appliance to ensure you clean your house with ease. You need to know the best vacuum cleaner with steamer that can ease your home chore.


They are both similar but different in function. Steam cleaner is mainly used to clean floors like tiles, linoleum, carpets, etc. It also serves the purpose of cleaning mites and pests disturbing the house. It can also wash off surfaces like mattresses, windows, rugs, etc. The usage depends on the attachments used with it for cleaning.

Without adding any cleaning products, steam cleaners can kill almost all the bacteria and microbes on the cleaning surface just with their steam. It is a highly powerful and easy-to-use device. It works with electricity.


A steamer vacuum helps clean the carpet and clean off difficult stains. Although not all steam vacuums have uniform functions, you should have good knowledge of the one you are buying and the main purpose you are buying it, and that is the insight you are going to get right here.

Imagine having a vacuum that absorbs dust and dirt and still uses the steam even though they have independent functions. Do not buy an ordinary vacuum cleaner but one with steam to achieve the best cleaning result. Choose a model that allows you to adjust the steam flow when shopping for the vacuum steam mop. By this, it will be easy for you to choose the one with the appropriate suction power.

While making a buying decision, you need to consider the shape, size, heating time, hose length, and weight of the vacuum cleaner you are spending your money on.

Suppose you have decided to purchase a new steam cleaner. Put in mind that there are varieties of it to choose from. While some have one specific purpose of steam cleaning mops for your floors, some models of a steam cleaner can clean a variety of surfaces. There are also the easiest ones, the steam cleaners that also have vacuum cleaners.

Read on to find the best vacuum cleaner with a steamer and why you need to pick the under mentioned below are part of the best to choose from.



BISSELL Symphony Vacuum and Steam Mop

 Cleaning up your home’s dirty and dusty place has never been easier than with Bissell Symphony pet. The cleaning appliance has a unique design that combines a pet vacuum with a pet vacuum and steam cleaner. One unique feature of this appliance is that you can toggle in between vacuum and the steam cleaner or use both at a time for perfect cleaning. It has a powerful suction that makes picking debris or any dirt easy.

You can turn off the vacuum function and choose low or high steam for sanitizing floors. You can also turn on both functions to suction up pet hair and sanitize the floor in a swoop. You can reset to any mode of your choice by pressing the digital control in the machine. Also, with the installed helps by the Dry Tank Technology, you don’t have to fear any injury from spillage because the appliance keeps your tank dry while steaming.

The exclusive feature of the BISSELL Symphony Vacuum and Steam Mop:

  • Simple Operation

Some vacuum and steam mop combos can be difficult to use or handle. This Bissell Steam Cleaner is one of the easiest models to move around and use. The handle steam trigger easily releases the sanitizing steam with an ordinary touch on the digital controls. It has an easy-fill water tank that can be seen through, making it easy to see the water level.

  • Performance

It has a 25-foot power cord, which allows the machine to stretch and reach the whole room while cleaning. It can also maneuver at an angle of 180-degree, making it possible to touch every corner of the room.

  • The power

It is a Powerful, Cyclonic Vacuum that helps Capture Pet Hair and Debris with no hassle. It has a Power rating capacity of 1100 Watts for Steam, 400 Watts for Vacuum, and 3. 3 Vacuum Amps.


  • Fast and light steam cycle.
  • Highly versatile. It allows you to steam and vacuum at the same time.
  • Easy release option allows users to quickly change microfiber pads.
  • Vacuum produces its own steam.


  • Need distill water
  • Barely for floor cleaning only




The perfectly tilted Karcher SC5 (Steam Cleaner 5) is the company’s flagship domestic steamer, packing serious power and tools aplenty. The SC5 EasyFix Premium model offers a near 2litre capacity in volume, 2kW+ heater, and has a powerful VapoHydro mode.

The steam cleaner is super-fast and highly efficient in hard floor steam mopping. This model comes with accessories that satisfy every cleaning job. It has an Easyfix floor mopping head complete with a washable microfiber cloth and a carpet glider. It has a sizeable square-size brush that ensures perfect and tough surface cleaning.

Its accessories are easy to assemble, and fixing the relevant attachment for a specific clean-up task will never be a difficult task for you. It has a capacity of 1.5L for holding water, and a steam boiler water reservoir of 0.5L, meaning that you cannot suddenly run out of steam waster while using. It notifies you when it needs refilling. The flashing red light and signal tone will remind you when it needs refueling.

Although it may be a little heavy for you, the maker considers that by providing a carrying handle, which makes it more convenient to carry supposed, you have many multiple floor levels to work on.

Below are highlighted reasons you need to pick Karcher sc5 easyfix premium steam cleaner:

  • It is equipped with many accessories that make the cleaning process easier, generate desired cleaning results, and ease your work.
  • It has a high-capacity detachable tank and mild range reservoir that help store your water while cleaning.
  • It has an ideal range of steam with up to 150gramm steam blast.
  • It can clean ceramic tiles quicker than any other type of steam cleaner.


  •  Has largest water tank, can clean a large surface with a single fill.
  • The descaling cartridge allows you to keep the steam cleaner for a long time.
  • Can also clean carpet and rug



  • No space to roll up and store the cord



Wagner is another good steam cleaner that will consider one of the best for your home cleaning. Using a pressurized system upon pressing it makes it unique and easier to use. It serves multipurpose functions; can be used to clean surfaces ranging from kitchen counters, toilets, and floors with ease. You can use it without adding Vegner or detergents like soap; it is made with a specialized wallpaper plate that removes worn-out wallpaper with the use of steam only.

It has 12 attachments and the power steamer controls, which makes it easy for you to be cleaning the floor and at the same time be swapping to counter with a stroke.

The following are the unique features of the Wagner Spraytech steam cleaner:


This appliance can heat water. It can heat water to the degree of 212 Fahrenheit, which has the capacity of destroying almost all the harmful bacteria on the cleaning surface.


It has a water tank of about 48 ounces. It allows users to clean for about 45 minutes without refilling. Maintaining the tank for water storage is easy since the tank doesn’t store dirt.


Like other vacuums and steam cleaners, the Wagner Spraytech steamer is durable if used with care. It is made with hard plastic, not too heavy, and its durability is highly guaranteed.

The Wagner Power Steamer 915 will no doubt deliver value for its price. It can steam cleaner floors and at the same time steam clean other ars of the house like windows, counters, toilets, among others. Additionally, it doesn’t require the use of chemicals. Filling distilled water inside of it is enough.


  • Lightweight and very easy to carry
  • Clean hard surface easily
  • Comes with many attachments.


  • The size is big
  • Hard to use for cleaning grills



Are you looking for a versatile heat-up steam cleaner that causes no noise to your household while using? The Dupray Neat steam cleaner is the best to choose. It is a stylishly minimalist cylinder steam cleaner with an optimized steam volume. Using it is easy and highly convenient because it comes with multiple accessories, just for your convenience.

The neat cuboid-like water tank with its 1.6L water volume is enough to make you do perfect cleaning for about 50munites without refilling. The water tank is enough to make you handle a tough job for cleaning large areas, such as floors.

Here are the highlighted features of the Dupray neat steam cleaner:


The cleaner is made with a white plastic cube and on two wheels with two castors. It has a handle that allows for easy carrying if you are cleaning a multi-level surface. It also has a boiler cap, even though it is the same water tank. This means you have to be patient for the boiler cap to cool off for some minutes before refilling. However, the water tank is large enough to take you for some minutes. It is unlikely you run out of water quickly.

Although it is not built with a water level indicator, neither can you see through the tank. You have to measure the water before filling.

Though it is stated in the manual that it requires 1.2L of water to fill up, with personal testing, you can add up to 1.6L of water.


The power button turns orange when the cleaner is switched on. It indicates that the boiler is heating. After some minutes, it turns green, which means it is ready for use. One interesting thing about this cleaner is that it makes no noise while heating. It has no steam control switch, but the steam cleaner produces the right amount of steam that is fitted enough for all types of cleaning.


The appliance cleans well without over saturating the surface being cleaned. It has a tank large enough tank to make you do a cleaning job for long hours. It also has multiple arrays of tools, each with its unique purpose, but all are focused on giving you a perfect cleaning.

The cleaner may produce a lot of steam at a time, but it can never leave the too wet for you to dry again.


  • Powerful steaming
  • Makes no loud noise
  • The water tank is large enough


  • Not built with water level indicator
  • The heating time is a bit long.

Our recommendation

Wagner Spraytech Steam Cleaner

The fact that this steam cleaner needs no chemical formula and will still leave no residue of dirt or dust after cleaning is why we highly recommend it. It is safe to use, especially in a household with children and pets.

This versatile steamer offers extremely neat and faster cleaning of any intended surface. It eliminates germs with ease. It also has relevant accessories that ease your work.


Are steam cleaners safe to use?

Using steam cleaner makes your cleaning process easy and gives you perfect cleaning of your floor or carpet, but it can be dangerous while using. You risk burning yourself on the steam or heating mechanism if you do not exercise enough caution. Make sure you are patient while using it. The appliances are easy to use and do not require any technical skills before operating them.

Is a steam cleaner better than a vacuum cleaner?

While a powerful vacuum is good at emptying up dirt and dust, steam cleaning will leave your floors completely clean with steaming water. They both perform complementary functions, and experts even advised that you should first vacuum a surface and cam after that steam with hot water. It is a great way of achieving satisfactory clean-up.

Do I need to vacuum before I steam mop?

It is best advised you vacuum the intended cleaning area before steaming it. If you have no vacuum tool, you can sweep. But vacuum suction will at first pull the dust and other debris from the floor, which will prevent them from dirtying the steam’s mop pad. To save the stress of sweeping, BISSELL Symphony Vacuum and Steam Mop is an appliance that performs the dual function of vacuuming and mopping.

Does steam work on wood floors?

Perfectly, but you are advised to use a moisture-absorbent pad and that is tick enough because surface can be a bit hard to clean.

Final thoughts on Best Vacuum Cleaner with Steamer

Before you decide on the best vacuum cleaner with a steamer, we advise you first to understand the purpose you are buying it for. If sweeping will be hard for you, a combination of vacuum and steam cleaner should be your best option. Do not get swayed by the extra features of each appliance. Ensure the feature suit your desired usage.