Manufacturer-Recommended Best Vacuum for Karastan Carpet

Do you need the Best Vacuum for Karastan Carpet? It seems you just carpeted one or more bedrooms, the stairs, and the landing. Perhaps, with Karastan Kashmere soft nylon carpeting. Now, you need the best vacuum for Karastan carpet to avoid pulling the naps.

The best vacuum for a Karastan carpet is designed to disable the beater bar to protect the plush fibers of your soft carpet. It would feature a patented sonic bar that generates sonic vibrations to remove dirt/dust and a special adjustable protection system that prevents the brush roll from pulling the fibers.

Canister vacuums are good for Karastan but are typically pricey. Although not cheap, they are not so perfect, though there are cheaper options with an electric power head and lots of accessories that clean fairly.

Best vacuum for Karastan carpet

The vacuum cleaners recommended in this review publication are based on performance and quality. Our picks are a little pricey but are just what your low, medium or high pile Karastan requires.

So, ensure to go through carefully to know the features, as well as what the manufacturers don’t tell you.

  1. Sonicleann SFC-7000 Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Sonicleann SFC-7000 is one of Karastan’s recommended vacuum cleaners. Of course, this one is tested by Karastan but is not the most perfect. It has the following features:

Patented sonic cleaning

Its special patented sonic cleaning technology generates 200 vibrations every second to loosen dirt and dust embedded in your Karastan carpet pile.

Adjustable vent system

Sonicleann employs a unique “EZ-Push” adjustable vent system that makes pushing the vacuum easier on softer and thicker Karastan carpets.

Hospital-grade filtration

Its hospital-grade H13 HEPA filtration is thoughtfully made to capture dirt, fine dust, and particles. Soniclean also built in a special “Seal-Tech” system to seal the filter to the vacuum for convenient and sanitary disposal.

Jam protection

This feature automatically shuts off the vacuum when it senses a jammed brush roll. It also alerts you to “Check Brush”.



This is an extremely lightweight best vacuum for Karastan carpet—it weighs just 10.5 lbs.

Full bag indicator

When the bag is full, you will get an illuminating light signaling you to change the filter bag.

Long power cord

Up to 35-ft long, so you can vacuum multiple rooms without switching to the next outlets.

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This upright vacuum cleaner is somewhat pricey. It does not even come with additional vacuum bags or attachments, but it does one thing very well—vacuum thick Karastan carpet.

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Awkward on stairs

We noticed a little awkwardness on the stairs since the unit base is larger than the stairs, making you wish for its attachments. You would have to spend $100 more for attachments.

  1. Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum Cleaner – Corded

Miele Complete C3 Marin is another reliable canister vacuum for your Karastan. Does the perfect job, and is widely used in many households with premium, soft plush carpets.


It uses a special “Vortex Motor System” for powerful suction and precise adjustment for any surface cleaning.

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The Complete C3 Marin vacuum cleaner comes with Miele’s “Electro Comfort” electrobrush for cleaning low to medium pile Karastan carpets and others like rugs and smooth flooring.


We received our unit with Miele’s unique “AirClean” filtration system, designed to capture and retain more than 99.9% of particles—thus, keeping your pets flea-safe.

Telescopic electrical cord

The electrical cord is pretty long. It is a telescopic, stainless steel wand with one-touch automatic rewind. You should be able to clean within a 36-feet radius.

Auto suction adjustment

Your Miele Complete C3 Marin can automatically adjust when you transition from hardwoods to carpeting. It detects surfaces and automatically increases or decreases suction as necessary.


Silence motor

Features a silence motor with 6-speed settings you can control using the + or footswitch controls.

Convenient maneuverability

Miele’s electrically-driven “Electro Comfort” electrobrush is a carpet tool with a floating head and swivel neck for easier maneuverability.


No hose extension

Miele does not sell a longer hose or a hose extension for the Complete C3 Marin.

Handle problems

The handle is a bit heavy steel and can be downright uncomfortable and tiring to use. Miele introduced a split handle/hose to make things easier but the offset hose always torques the part in your hand.


It is a unit with all the options for your Karastan carpet but is expensive.

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  1. Hoover WindTunnel 3 Max Performance Pet, Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, HEPA Media Filtration, For Carpet and Hard Floor, UH72625, Red

Our third reviewed upright vacuum tested on Karastan is the Hoover WindTunnel 3 Max. It is also pet-friendly and has a dust magnet.

Perfect for pets

It seems the WindTunnel 3 Max is designed for your pets, and this translates to gentle, yet effective Karastan pile cleaning without pulling the plush fiber. It tackles stubborn pet hair and dirt on stairs, furniture, and other hard-to-reach areas.

HEPA filtration

Features an improved HEPA filtration system with odor-absorbing filters. It also comes with a large 1.42-liter dirt cup, enough to pack all dirt in the household.

Powerful suction

This unit uses a 3-channel suction for efficient airflow from the nozzle to the dirt cup. It picks up even stubborn debris in one go.

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Multi-surface support

We’ve used this upright vacuum on both hard floors and plush carpets, and it works just how we expected.

Auto surface transition

When you transition from hard floor to carpet, use the on/off brushroll on your Hoover WindTunnel 3 Max.


Dual cleaning options

WindTunnel 3 Max features dual floor cleaning options, including carpet and hard floor mode. You can turn off the beater bar while cleaning plush fiber Karastan carpets.

Empties easily

The disengage latch helps the vacuum to empty easily. However, the collection bin does not close very securely, so you need to push it close with minimal effort.


Our Hoover WindTunnel 3 Max came with a pet turbo tool, crevice tool, and pivoting dusting tool.


Quite heavy

This is a heavy vacuum, which makes maneuvering a little difficult.

Floor elevation transition problem

This upright vacuum sometimes will not transition from hard floor to rug in floor elevation. You would have to bend down to the floor level while dropping the handle down to get the transition.

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  1. Kenmore BC7005 Friendly Crossover Bagged HEPA Canister Vacuum Cleaner 2-Motor Power Suction with Pet PowerMate, Extended Telescoping Wand, Retractable Cord, and 4 Cleaning Tools, Rose Gold

Without exaggerating, Kenmore BC7005 is a perfect fit for Karastan carpets. It is optimally designed to keep the naps fluffy.

Cleans everywhere

Kenmore’s lightweight telescoping wand will extend to fit any hard-to-reach area. The LED light then illuminates for cleaning the dark spots thoroughly.

Multi-surface support

Kenmore BC7005 will clean any surface and transition smartly using the unique “CrossOver” bare floor nozzle nested in the nozzle for quick transitions from your bare floor to Karastan carpet.

Filtration system

With the HEPA system, this vacuum traps 99.97% of dirt, keeping it from the air you and your pets breathe. The “Power Flow” technology with double-wall design ensures continuous airflow to maintain suction power.

Dual motor system

It combines gentle rotating brushes and suction to deep-clean your thickest Karastan carpets.

Swivel + steering system

The swivel and steering design makes gliding through furniture and corners speedy.


Access controls

The controls are conveniently positioned just next to your fingertips.


Kenmore BC7005 is the best vacuum for Karastan carpet if you have pets around. The unique motorized pet “PowerMate” is one of the best pet hair cleanup systems you would come across in vacuums.

360º swivel action

Thanks to the hose swivel, the hose does not tangle or twist no matter how or where you take the vacuum.


A little heavier

The floor attachment in the rug attachment makes this unit heavier and less maneuverable. It also makes it wider than previous models, and its height won’t let it fit under certain furniture.

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Floor light problem

We noticed that the floor light on the wand only turns on when using the carpet selection. Compared to previous Kenmore vacuum models, it is not very bright and does not cover as much area.

Crevice nozzle

The crevice nozzle is attached under the handle rather than inside the canister, which requires a firm yank to remove. You would also have to give it a firmer wack to reattach.

  1. Eureka Whirlwind Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight Vac for Carpets and Hard Floors, w/Filter, Blue

Buy Eureka Whirlwind Bagless if you are on a budget. It offers the following features despite its low price:

Integrated airflow control

Arrives with a switchable integrated airflow control on the handle, just at your fingertips.

Cyclone filtration system

It supports the special cyclone filtration system for high air filtration performance.

Tri settings

Its triple settings include carpet, upholstery, and hard floors. Set your vacuum to “carpet” when vacuuming/cleaning your fluffy Karastan in a large home.


Our Eureka Whirlwind Bagless weighs just below 8 pounds—maneuvering is a breeze.

Swivel steering and telescoping metal wand

Eureka Whirlwind Bagless is designed with a convenient swivel steering and telescoping metal wand for easy maneuvering under and around stairs and furniture.

2-In-1 crevice tool

You get to experience a crevice tool integrated into the hose handle at your fingertips for easier access whenever you need it. You can also disconnect the handle from the hose and switch between a crevice tool and a dusting brush.


2.5L dust container

At 2.5L, the dust container is large enough to vacuum a large area. It does not also require bags or filters, so no maintenance cost.

Washable filters

The filters are washable. Just rinse them as necessary and replace them.


The container is less sealed

When you lift the vacuum already powered, you would hear air hiss around the container, between the container body and top lid. Since the handle is part of the top lid of the container, lifting the vacuum takes off the lid a bit.

It Opens suction control slider accidentally

The suction control slider is next to your fingertips, so you can accidentally open it.

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Karastan carpet vacuum checklist

  1. Karastan carpet type

The type of Karastan carpet you have determines the vacuum you purchase or the settings to use.

  • Long pile, thick loop, or causal frieze Karastan. If your Karastan carpet belongs in this category, your vacuum cleaner needs to have the option to completely disengage the beater bar and clean with suction only.
  • High pile and soft Karastan. If your Karastan carpet belongs in this category, use the highest adjustable height setting. (1) Do not use a vacuum with concentrated or sealed suction. (2) Make sure the vacuum can easily glide across the carpet, so pick the one with large wheels.
  • Other Karastan carpets. For other Karastan carpet constructions, you can use a vacuum with a beater bar or roller brush.
  1. Adjustable vacuuming height

We recommend buying a vacuum cleaner with adjustable height to clean any Karastan carpet constructions—low, medium, and high piles.

For instance, a vacuum set to the highest height will not suction the gritty soil at the plush fiber base. However, when the height is reduced to the lowest and the roller brush or beater bar is engaged, the vacuum can fuzz the surface of your Karastan carpet, pulling the naps, which wears and frays your carpet.

Karastan stain removal guidelines (without a vacuum)

a) Spot cleaning

  • Remove solid material

Karastan recommends using a spoon, a carpet cleaning key, or a dull knife to remove as many solid materials as you can. To prevent carpet spreading, remove the solid materials from the outside.

  • Remove stains

Use warm water to remove stains. You may use a mild floor care solution and cleaning kit for stain removal. Follow the product instructions.

  • Dry your Karastan carpet

Use a paper towel or white towel to remove liquid spills. A colored cloth is not recommended.

b) Stubborn stain removal

Get a mild carpet cleaner and mix with warm water. Do not buy a cleaning solution that contains a pH of 10 or higher. Try to test the cleaners on a small area of your Karastan that is not visible to verify if there is any discoloration potential on the fibers. If none, the cleaner is okay to use.

If you have hard or excessive stains on the carpet fiber, you need hot water to extract them. Consider professional cleaning if you have no experience to avoid damaging your plush naps. If the stain wicks, repeat the stain removal process.

Can I Vacuum a Karastan carpet?

“Can I use a vacuum on my rug?” is one of the most often asked questions concerning Karastan Carpets. Examine the materials and age of your rug to determine whether or not you may use a vacuum on it.

Even the finest upholstery attachments may damage silk, wool, and other delicate textiles. Therefore, you may not want to use a vacuum on susceptible carpets. Instead, it’s recommended to use a soft horsehair brush and run it over the carpet fibers by hand throughout the length of the rug.

Naturally, Karastan carpets are soft carpets, so you must vacuum them with care. Know that you won’t be able to use the same vacuum settings you used to vacuum the floor on your Karastan carpet. Ideally, cleaning your carpet correctly will make them last longer.

How to select the right vacuum for Karastan carpet

The most significant aspect to consider while choosing a vacuum is adjustable height. As a result, the machine may be used on a broad range of carpet types. If your vacuum is placed too high above the carpet surface, it won’t be able to draw the dirt underneath it. If the vacuum’s beater bar or brushes are set too low, they may “fuzz” the carpet’s surface, making it seem old or frayed.

High pile and premium soft carpet: Use the highest adjustable height setting. Avoid vacuums with very concentrated or sealed suction. Your vacuum should glide effortlessly across the carpet, making large wheels the best choice.

Thick loop, casual frieze, or long pile carpet: You may need to disengage the beater bar and vacuum with suction only wholly.

All other carpet constructions: Use a vacuum with a rotating brush or beater bar. Change the bags often, and check the beater bars for burrs and gouges to prevent damage to the carpet’s surface. If you are unsure about the proper height setting, use an inconspicuous place like a closet to test your vacuum. Its beater bar or brush should lightly touch your carpet surface.

Are Karastan rugs good quality?

Karastan rugs are exceptionally delicate and of good quality; they are made with high-quality, luxurious materials by a reputable company.

What carpet is comparable to Karastan?

Masland carpets is another high-end carpet manufacturer with a wide range of designs and high-quality products. In many respects, what you get with Masland is akin to what you get with Karastan. A lifetime guarantee is also available, similar to Karastan, while lower-end items are limited to 10-year wear and tear warranty.

Are Karastan rugs wool?

Karastan’s carpets and rugs are made of worsted wool. Worsted wool is the kind of wool seen in high-end business attire. The wool is combed and carded to remove short strands before being tightly twisted into a strong yarn for the carpet.

What are Karastan carpets?

Karastan carpets are soft rugs made with wool. They are special carpets that beautify and make our home welcoming.

Where is Karastan carpet manufactured?

Currently, a substantial portion of Karastan carpets are made in northwest Georgia.

Karastan is an American oriental rug manufacturer that produces worsted wool carpets. With collections in rugs, home carpets, carpet cushions, and commercial carpets, Karastan is one of Mohawk’s master brands.