5 Best Vacuum For Wool Carpets: Buyers’ Guide

The most important step in caring for a wool carpet is proper vacuuming.  Regularly and carefully use the best vacuum for wool carpets at least once a week and more often in heavy traffic to remove soil and dirt particles before they get into the carpet pile.

If you have a wool carpet, then you know how difficult it is to keep it clean and in great shape. Due to the nature of the wool carpets, you need to make sure you have the best vacuum for wool carpets that can handle and remove all the dirt that  gather between the fibers.  Simply put, no ordinary vacuum cleaner can do this effectively.

What kind of vacuum is suitable for a wool carpet?

The most important thing to keep in mind for wool carpets is that you want to have a vacuum that doesn’t have too much suction, but can still get dirty and dirt between the fibers of the wool loops.  Achieving such a balance can be difficult, especially for large vacuum brands.

For example, Dyson and Shark vacuum cleaners are very popular, but both of these brands tend to have too much suction for wool products.  With proper care, wool rugs and carpets can last for decades, but using vacuum cleaners with too much suction can damage the fibers and shorten the life of your rug.

What to consider when shopping for a vacuum for wool carpets

In addition to suction, it is important to consider whether your vacuum cleaner has an adjustable beater bar as well as soft bristles.  The adjustable beater bar allows you to use carpets of different thicknesses, and the soft bristles allow the vacuum cleaner to penetrate between the fibers and be thoroughly cleaned without causing any damage.

Although some people suggest turning off the beater bar on a woolen carpet, but having it on allows the vacuum cleaner to get between the fibers and be thoroughly cleaned.  You just want to make sure the height is adjustable and the bristles are soft.  Although shedding of woolen carpet is typical and is expected when buying a new one, it should disappear over time, especially with the right choice of vacuum cleaner.

Types of vacuum cleaners

Canister Vacuum

You can use these products on several carpet surfaces along with carpets.  In other words, you can call it a universal vacuum cleaner for both multi-surface and regional cleaning.  From its name it is possible to understand that the manufacturer used the material of the canister for the manufacture of this floor tool.  It has an engine and a bin.

Upright Vacuum

These products are equipped with powerful brushes and a motor.  In this way, it removes dirt, digging deep into the wool fiber without damaging them.  Some models even have a height-adjustable adapter to suit different surface areas.  However, you can consider them ideal vacuum cleaners for carpets.

Handheld or Stick Vacuum

These great sweepers will pick you up in Duo mode.  You can quickly switch between manual mode and flash mode according to your needs.  You can use them to clean carpets in medium traffic areas, such as the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, as they have less power.  Although they have a very light construction and support easy maneuver.

Robot Vacuum

The term robot largely means that it is an advanced technological device for technology enthusiasts.  If you are one of those who want to technically manage your household chores with the help of a robot, you may want to consider purchasing one.  These products are designed to automatically work and clean carpets at your own pace.

Best Vacuum For Wool Carpets

Miele Complete C3

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Key Features:

  • Adjustable suction (6 levels)
  • 5-level carpet height adjustment
  • Multi-cleaning cleaner for cleaning various surfaces
  • Internal memory
  • Weight: 20 pounds

Thanks to the powerful vortex motor with a capacity of 1200 W, the C3 has powerful cleaning capabilities.  In addition, foot switches make it easy to operate.  Using the electro plus floor attachment, this equipment can glide very smoothly on soft carpets, penetrating very deeply into the fibers to get rid of dust and dirt.

The C3 carpet cleaner comes with three built-in accessories designed to reach hard-to-reach places.  They also include a slot access tool, an upholstery cleaning tool and a dust brush. The Air Clean Sealed model has an original filter bag for air purification, a protective filter for the engine and an exhaust filter.  Air is fully filtered by these structures when used.

It also reduces the amount of dust in your home, which can affect people with allergies.  Cleaning your home with it maintains the circulation of dust inside the house, retaining dust.  It has a parquet twister designed for parquet floors, so it is well suited for your environment.


  • Variable speed is available on the vacuum cleaner
  • HEPA filtration structure
  • Cleans parquet carpets from firm breeds of a tree
  • Height can be adjusted in five levels
  • Turn on the power


  • Internal problems are difficult to understand.
  • Compared to other vacuum cleaners on the market, it is very expensive.
  • Noisy

 Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


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 Key Features:

  • Cordless vacuum cleaner
  • Can be turned into a portable device
  • Up to 30 minutes of work
  • Includes docking station
  • Comes with a soft roller cleaning head

The Dyson V8 cordless machine is one of the best vacuum for vacuum for wool carpets because it provides more maneuverability.  It provides easy cleaning of the soft woolen carpet and provides the best mechanism for cleaning your carpet.  The machine has a powerful 40-minute suction power with the cylinder head.  In addition, it helps to clean deep in the carpet, removing dirt.  In addition, it has a non-extinguishing power for 8 minutes (built-in MAX mode) with a capacity of 115 AW.  So your carpet will retain its original color for a long time without fading.

The vacuum cleaner does not have a power cord.  This makes it easy to carry.  You may end up cleaning areas of your home that are difficult to spot with other vacuum cleaners.  The lack of a cord allows the machine to float smoothly along with the open spaces of the carpet, doing your job.  The cable may intertwine on the chair and table stands to cause discomfort.

Compared to any other cleaning machine, it has the ability to clean stains and stains.  It has HEPA filtration, which helps capture allergens present in your carpet and provides clean air.  The filtration can be washed with a filter for the entire service life.  HEPA is used to filter dust.  In this way, clean air enters your home and dirty air goes outside.  This device is the best vacuum cleaner for woolen carpet.


  • Designed with proper ultralight cordless vacuum cleaner for portability
  • Has a powerful suction ability
  • It has a built-in HEPA filtration that catches allergens.
  • Washable filter.
  • Release the trigger to save battery power


  • The dust bowl needs to be emptied frequently.
  • Expensive compared to other vacuum cleaners
  • Frequent maintenance required

Kenmore Elite 81714 Ultra Plush Vacuum

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Key Features:

  • Manual pile adjustment
  • Ultra plush suction
  • Hepa filter
  • Storage on board
  • Weight: 22 lbs

Be sure to clean wool carpets and other carpets in your home with the Kenmore Elite 81714 Bagged Canister Vacuum.  This updated version is very effective and offers some great features that were not in previous models.  It has a unique floor attachment that works with powerful airflow to deeply clean your soft carpet and delicate carpets.  This attachment also helps you to easily move around the different piles of carpet for effective cleaning.

In fact, its powerful suction effectively removes pet hair and small debris from both low and high pile.  Thanks to the variable suction control, you can vacuum the woolen mats at a lower level to avoid possible damage.  We also like the manual pile adjustment function, which allows the cleaner head to properly touch the carpet fibers of different heights for better cleaning.

In addition, 4 height adjustments allow you to choose the most appropriate setting based on the type of carpet pile.  However, few users say that you need some muscle strength to move it on a low pile carpet, choosing extremely low adjustment with more absorption.  It has a built-in storage system for easy access to 3 tools.  These canister models also have clean floor attachments for cleaning hard floors.


  • Higher airflow than competitors
  • Automatic adjustment of carpet pile
  • All applications are well suited
  • The wheels roll smoothly
  • Storage on board
  • Retractable cord

Take note:


  • Poor performance on a carpet with short pile
  • Attachments are cumbersome

Hoover WindTunnel Max UH30600

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Key Features:

  • 7 floor height adjustments
  • Tensile hose
  • Very wide cleaner head
  • This is a vacuum cleaner with packages
  • Weight: 15 pounds

Hoover WindTunnel UH30301 is one of the most popular household vacuum cleaners with 7 manual height adjustments.  Therefore, it is quiet, versatile, and suitable for a variety of carpets and soft carpets.  The Consumer Reports rated it pretty well.  The roller of the main brush is wider than other models and twice the price.

It is very fast and efficient at collecting small garbage from various surfaces, including woolen carpets.  However, on a soft pile carpet, it takes a few passes to fully assemble breakfast cereals and a cat toilet.  This upright model contains a high-quality Hepa filter, which largely captures pollen and allergens.  The bag is relatively easy to change if necessary.  All this makes it a great vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers.

Cleaning carpeted stairs is a big problem for many upright vacuum cleaners, but this device has impressive 17-foot hose attachments that allow you to effortlessly clean stairs.  In addition, the low-profile cleaning head can be easily reached under the upholstery for deep cleaning.

This upgraded vacuum cleaner is a decent budget option for those looking for the best wool carpet vacuum cleaner at no extra cost.  It is also a great choice for small apartments with different types of carpets and floors.


  • 7 floor height adjustments
  • Decent suction power
  • Longer hose for better coverage
  • Full bag indicator
  • Wide cleaning head
  • Convenient foot switch for beater control


  • Not effective for carpets with soft pile
  • Poor performance on a hard floor

CONCLUSION ON Best Vacuum For Wool Carpets

Wool carpets usually need proper care so that they can last for decades.  Therefore, you should be careful before choosing any machine for cleaning woolen carpets.  There are many types of wool carpet cleaners, such as upright vacuum cleaners, canister vacuum cleaners, and more. Make sure you choose the best vacuum for wool carpets.

Avoid buying large machines, as they are difficult to balance.  Some high-end brands are not highly recommended for wool products.  Your product should have soft bristles and a shovel, as well as strong suction.  No matter how powerful the suction of your product, it must have a control panel to measure it as needed.

This would help balance the power of the machine to remove dirt without contamination between the wool fibers.  If the product does not have a suction power control lever, this can affect the durability of the carpet fiber.  The beater works as a means of deep cleaning the wool carpet, and soft bristles get between the wool fibers to deeply clean the dirt without any damage.

You need to make sure that the product you are buying has all the features you need to make it more manageable.  However, many people advise avoiding beaters when vacuuming, but this is not a serious problem to consider.

Best Vacuum For Wool Carpets FAQ

What Is The Most Important Feature Of A Vacuum Cleaner For Wool Carpet?

If your vacuum cleaner does not have a large suction power, it simply will not be able to do its job.  In most cases, you should choose the device with the highest suction power, but this does not apply to wool carpets.  If the suction is too strong, you will eventually pull strands of wool out of your carpet.  Therefore, make sure that the suction is sufficient and not too aggressive.  It is best to choose a vacuum cleaner with variable speed.

Does Size And Portability Matter When Choosing A Vacuum Cleaner For Wool Carpet?

A heavy unit is not at all desirable for a vacuum cleaner.  If it is heavy and large, you will have to move it on the floor surface.  Especially if your house has several floors, you have to move it up and down, so you should choose a portable unit.  For people with back pain, a heavy unit is a no go area.  To ensure portability and maneuverability, make sure your device has an ergonomic design, and pay attention to weight.  If it’s more than 10 pounds, you may want to consider another block.

What Wheel Size Is Good For High Pile Wool Carpet?

For such carpets, the size of the wheel of your vacuum cleaner is also important.  If the wheels are too low, they will be difficult to push, and this may even damage the fibers of your carpet.  In addition, the wheels can leave marks that spoil the appearance of your carpets.  Given this factor, larger wheels are more suitable for woolen carpet with high pile.




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