Can I Clean My Tattoo With Baby Wipes?

Can I Clean My Tattoo With Baby Wipes?

Can I Clean My Tattoo With Baby Wipes? There are several different ways to care for your latest tattoo, and depending on the tattoo artists, you could hear different views on how to achieve this. Your tattooing procedure requires breaking the surface of your skin hence there’s always a potential risk for infection occur afterwards.

However, there are some general `commonalities about how to care for that newly flesh wound which involves lotions, ointments, specific soaps etc.

Also, you can use baby wipes to keep it clean, wipe away plasma and other excrement from the tattoo during the healing process. However ensure that your tattoos are unscented and lotions or other additives are not contained in it.

Still on, not all tattoo artists will recommend this as an option for your tattoo aftercare. That said, you should know that there are few details you need to be conversant with about the type of wipes to use and other related things to have in mind during your tattoo healing process.

What type of wipes is ideal to use on a healing tattoo?

What you should aim for here, is to ensure your tattoo is clean so as to reduce the chance of infection. Also, to keep it moistened and without over-saturating your skin.

The baby wipes to be use for this purpose must be unscented and shouldn’t contain additional chemicals, aloe, lotions, or other ingredients that are not necessary.

You can make use of this type of baby wipes to clean your new tattoo initially and as soon as you remove the bandage. Otherwise, you can use warm water and unscented, antibacterial soap to clean off the blood, plasma and other excessive ink or moisture.

As stated above, you should aim to keep your tattoo moist but not too moist. If the baby wipe you use is well saturated and leaves your skin damp, pat the tattoo to dry gently with a clean paper towel and remember to apply a thin layer of moisturizing ointment (don’t use lotion) such as Aquaphor.

Repeat this cleaning process and moisturize the area 2-3 times throughout that day, while ensuring your tattoo is clean and moisturized without overdoing it.

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Best Baby Wipes for Cleaning Tattoo

Preparation H Medicated Hemorrhoidal Wipes

The Preparation H Medicated Hemorrhoidal Wipes is a gentle, every day cleansing wipe that cools on contact and assist in reliving burning and itching hemorrhoid symptoms.

It is formulated with maximum strength witch hazel designed to help cool and reduce uncomfortable itches caused by new tattoos. It also helps to reduce irritation and help in preventing further skin damage after the procedure.

Its soothing aloe cools and comforts, while helping in minimizing further irritation from the hemorrhoid symptoms.

The Preparation H Medicated Hemorrhoidal Wipes can also be used before topical treatment including Preparation H Ointment, cream, suppositories or gel.

DUDE Wipes

The DUDE Wipes flushable wipes dispenser is an unscented wet wipes with vitamin-E and aloe, safe for wiping off blood, plasma and excessive ink from your new tattoo. Its easy pop up dispensers offers you flushable wipes that are 25% larger compared to other average wipes in other to tackle any cleaning job, including wiping your fresh tattoo.

It is made with 99% water, plant based ingredients, aloe Vera and vitamin-e. it is gentle on the skin and will leave you feeling refreshed and cool.

The DUDE Wipes is made of natural ingredients including Chamomilla flower extract, aloe Barbadensis leaf extract and Glycerin.

Water Wipes

The Water Wipes Original Wipes is 99% water, unscented, hypoallergenic and a drop of fruit extract for sensitive skin. It is effective for wiping new tattoo but yet ultra-mild, pure and gentle.

It is a suitable alternative to cloth, water and ideal for frequent, convenient cleaning of the blood, sweat, ink and other excessive liquid from your fresh tattoo.

It is clinically proven to clean and protect sensitive skin using 2 simple ingredients: the fragrance-free baby wipes contain 99.9% purified water with a drop of fruit water. It is unscented and alcohol free, so you need not worry if it will affect your precious tattoo.

Water Wipes have been amazingly made to cleanse effectively, without using additional component found in most baby wipes product. It accepted and approved by the National Eczema Association America.

Editor’s Recommendation

Preparation H Medicated Hermorrhoidal Wipes

The Preparation H Medicated Hermorrhoidal Wipes has convenient wipes that are flushable, biodegradable and septic free. It is also unscented and alcohol free, meaning that it will not affect your fresh tattoo.

This wipes comes with a four 48 count packs of Preparation H Medicated Hermorrhoidal wipes to help reduce the itching on your latest flesh wound. Likewise, it reduces burning and itching associated with hermorrhoid flare.

The Preparation H Medicated Hermorrhoidal Wipes is recommended and approved by the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care and Treatment of hemorrhoid.

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Can You Use Antibacterial Wipes On a Tattoo?

There’s a bit of grey areas to this. Some tattoo artist recommends maintaining it to pure baby wipes without any lotions, soap, or other additives and then applies ointment when moisturizing the tattoo.

While others simply recommends keeping it as simple as possible, just use regular wipes to keep it clean and any unscented moisturizing ointment.

However, using unscented antibacterial liquid soap to clean your tattoo is also a good option. All you need do is to follow the aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist. Also use one of the recommended wipes above to serve this purpose.

Can You Use Alcohol Based Wipes on a New Tattoo?

The straight answer here is NO! as stated earlier, your aim in tattoo aftercare is to make sure your tattoo remains clean and moisturized.

A thin layer of moisture on your tattoo offers a layer of protection to the flesh wound and also helps in the reproduction of new cells to assist in the healing process.

Alcohol itself is diuretic, meaning that it removes water from your body- when indigested or when applied to your skin. It actively drains the moisture from the cells when applied in a new tattoo and can make it crack, wrinkle, and very painful while also warping the skin and may possibly caused a ruined design on the ink.

Moisturizing ointment is great to use on a new tattoo for the first few days before it begins to scab. Once your tattoo scab over, it can result to itching but try not to itch it. The best way to satisfy the itch is to slap the tattoo gently, but not too hard otherwise you may cause it to swell and become inflamed.

Continue moisturizing your tattoo after it begin scabbing, but now you can change to using lotions, nonetheless continue to stick to unscented types.

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What Do Tattoo Artist Use For Wiping Off Excess Ink?

If you’ve gotten a professional tattoo before, you might be conversant with what we’re talking about here- the solution used before, during and after designing a tattoo has a unique, sterile scent that is the telltale smell of a tattoo shop.

You can recall your first tattoo- sitting in that chair and praying for the next pause where the artist wipes your skin with that sweet unknown solution.

The constant wiping of your new tattoo serves several purposes; first, the artist needs to wipe off the excessive ink so as to examine the line or shading he/she just created and to make modification if necessary.

Secondly, if there’s any ink covering the stencil, the artist needs to wipe it away just to ensure that he/she is inking the right area.

Furthermore, the needle puncturing your skin repeatedly will result to bleeding, and the trauma faced by your skin could also result to sweating and other natural responses from any average human body resulting to skin secretions.

This may be gross, but your professional artist knows that it is completely natural; hence he/she always comes prepared to handle this situation with the help of the unknown solution we talked about above; which is actually known as Tincture Green Soap or simply called “green soap” by most artists.

This particular soap is used to cleanse your skin prior to shaving the chosen to-be tattooed spot as well as during and after designing the tattoo to wipe off blood, excess ink and other secretion off your skin. It is also used for cleaning medical and surgical utensils before sterilization.

In the inking part, the Tincture Gr-en Soap is gentle enough to avoid any form of irritation while your skin is actively incurring trauma from the tattoo needle.

This soap is made from completely natural ingredients, with low alcohol concentration, and does not have any fragrances or dyes, which makes it the ideal solution to wipe over a fresh wound constantly.

How to Minimize Risk of Infection for Your New Tattoo

Risk of infection is one of the common flaws of getting a new tattoo. However, these risk can be avoided or contained if you follow the following suggestions:

  • Do not touch your new tattoo unnecessarily in other to reduce its exposure to germs. In addition, you should not scratch or pick a healing tattoo.
  • Ensure you wash and dry your hands before touching your new tattoo.
  • Leave the dressing initially applied by your tattooist on for at least 2 hours or until the area stops bleeding.
  • After removing the dressing carefully, wash the tattoo gently using non-perfumed baby wipes (use the recommended ones above) or warm water together with an antibacterial liquid soap (hand wash).
  • If you use wax based soaps, it can leave a residue which will dry out your skin, making your tattoo take longer than normal to heal. After clean your tattoo, gently pat to dry.
  • Allow the tattoo air dry for at least 5 minutes.
  • After allowing your tattoo to air dry, you can now apply cream. You should use recommended creams by specialist or your tattoo artist for this purpose. These creams assist in protecting your skin while reducing dryness and scabbing.
  • Wash the tattoo and apply a small amount of cream. Continue applying this cream 2-3 times daily for a week. For advice on any of these steps, please ask your artist.

Generally, a tattoo scab disappears 9-14 days and will be replaced with ‘silver skin’, which in turn will last for about 7 days. Until the ‘new skin’ has completely healed, your tattoo may look dull for the next few days.

Nonetheless, after this period, your tattoo will appear beautiful and bright! However, if you’re not satisfied with the after results, then see your tattoo artist.

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General Aftercare for A New tattoo

Even as your tattoo is appearing all nice and bright, there are some important guidelines you need to follow to maintain that great design. This will help in keeping your tattoo all good and for a long time:

  • If possible, shower instead of bath when your tattoo is still healing; this will go a long way to preventing scabs from coming off prematurely. However, if you want to take a bath, then make sure your tattoo doesn’t get soaked for a long time and always pat the area dry using a clean towel.
  • Do not use petroleum products, such as Vaseline as they can prevent fresh air from getting to your tattoo. This also, could cause infection.
  • Avoid rubbing or picking your new tattoo. This will cause your flesh wound to have patches.


  • Avoid swimming, sun beds and sunbathing until your tattoo is completely healed. When chlorine or sunlight interacts with your tattoo pigments, it can cause irritation and inflammation. This also can lead to infection.
  • To minimize irritation, we suggest you wear loose clothing.
  • If you have any problems or issues with regards to your new tattoo, ensure you contact your artist.

Why Is Cleaning A Fresh Tattoo So Important?

A professional tattoo artist will also recommend that you clean your tattoo, the best way to do it and how often. Once you reach the unwrapping stage of your tattoo, then comes the big moment- the first clean!

You should know that once you remove the wrap from the tattoo, you should begin cleaning it immediately. This is the first and important step for your tattoo aftercare routine.

Cleaning a new tattoo isn’t exactly a pleasant thing to do; however, it is important you do so throughout the healing process.
When the artist wrapped up your tattoo, he/she must have sterilized it, wrapping it up bacteria-free.

But as soon as you remove the wrap, free-flowing air will be restored into the area, allowing bacteria to thrive around the open wound. Therefore, it is important that you keep the area always cleaned and moisturized.

Also, the whole time the tattooed area was wrapped- it has been living with blood, plasma and excess ink.

However, this should not raise any alarm, it is completely normal, thus don’t be alarmed if you notice some blood running underneath the wrap.

Likewise, the entire excess element needs to be cleaned in other to prevent excess scabbing. The plasma is a common component in the scabbing process.

To prevent any thick scabs from forming, you should try to remove as much of this excess plasma as possible during the initial wash.

As long as you prevent the area from oozing plasma for the first few days, the scabbing will become very light and should raise slightly over your skin.


What Can I Use For Treating My Tattoo If I Don’t Have Ointment?

Do not use A&D ointment, Bacitracin, Neosporin, antibiotic ointment, Vaseline or petroleum jelly on your new tattoo.

Your fresh tattoo is an open wound for the first 7 days and shouldn’t be treated with the aforementioned solutions.

Rather, get one of the recommended baby wipes above to serve this purpose. Additionally, do not touch, or allow anyone to touch your fresh tattoo; you will want to reduce the risk of infection.

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How Long Does It Take A Tattoo To Heal?

In most cases, the complete healing of the skin layers of a tattoo normally takes up to 4 months. However, the outer and visible layer of your new tattoo should take up to 2-3 weeks to heal; although it may appear slightly bright and shiny for several more weeks.

Can I Use Baby Wipes While Tattooing?

Yes you can. Using baby wipes or wet wipes assist in watering down green soap and distilled water. However, do not use alcohol based wipes for this purpose! Also avoid using regular soaps, disinfectants or any other related substances that may harm the area. Grab one of the recommend tattoo baby wipes above, just to make sure you’re using the right one.