Can I Use Any Cleaner in Rug Doctor?

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Can I use any cleaner in rug doctor? For some reason, you want to use a different cleaner in your rug doctor. Perhaps, this is fair but we will find out.

You can use any cleaner in your Rug Doctor. Besides, it is not mandatory to use only Rug Doctor’s cleaning solutions for your Rug Doctor.

Any cleaning solution will work in your Rug Doctor. But you will face the problem of identifying quality and reliability. You want a cleaning solution that will perform excellently like a typical Rug Doctor cleaning solution.

Start by adding a small amount of the cleaning solution to the tank of your Rug Doctor. This helps to know the amount of suds produced and get your measurement correct.

Using excessive suds will come out of the top of your Rug Doctor, which is not safe if it becomes your cleaning habit.

Can You Use Other Cleaners with Rug Doctor?

You can use other cleaners with your Rug Doctor. And although typical Rug Doctor cleaning solutions are effective, it is not a must to restrict yourself to their products.

Just as you can use Rug Doctor’s cleaner on other products, you can use another cleaner on Rug Doctor.

You want to be sure that the third-party cleaner you use in your Rug Doctor conforms with the Rug Doctor’s guide and cleaning solution requirements.

Get this information from the product label or manual so that you know your stand in terms of reliability and sustainability.

The carpet cleaner you use should not be formulated with harsh chemicals to protect your carpet from discoloring and degrading quickly. You want it to serve you longer and continue to look like a new one.

Also, get a cleaner for your Rug Doctor that can solve your fabric and upholstery cleaning problems.

Let us answer the related questions below before we proceed:

  • Can you use dish soap in a Rug Doctor?

It is generally not advisable to use liquid dish soap solutions for cleaning your rugs. Dish soap will create excessive foam that can cause your Rug Doctor to break or even clog.

Go for professional cleaning solutions (since you do not want to use Rug Doctor’s cleaner anyways) to ensure optimal cleaning performance.

A poor quality carpet cleaning solution can break Rug Doctor, making your carpet soggy while steam cleaning.

  • Can you use bleach in a Rug Doctor?

You could think using a homemade carpet cleaning solution like bleach is okay but this is not advisable for your carpet life.

Like bleach, vinegar is not also good for your carpet and your Rug Doctor. Excessive or too low a quantity of these homemade solutions can void the warranty from Rug Doctor. These solutions can ruin your carpet fibers, the backing, and even the subfloor. 

Do You Need Rug Doctor Solution?

The standpoint of this question in our case is if you mandatorily need a Rug Doctor as your cleaning solution in a Rug Doctor. No, you do not.

Other premium cleaning solutions work excellently in your Rug Doctor which reciprocates your use of Rug Doctor cleaners on other brands of carpet steam cleaner.

For certain, Rug Doctor produces their cleaners for optimal cleaning experience. When you add them to the cleaner, they can easily help to suck up and remove hard stains. But some other premium products do this too.

Generally, there is no traditional one-fit-all cleaning solution. The cleaning solution you purchase could require you to get different products for your upholstery and carpets. Even Rug Doctor does not produce a one-fits-all carpet and upholstery cleaner.

To use another carpet solution in your Rug Doctor, fill the reservoir with hot water. Add 1/2 cup of the carpet cleaner in your Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner for your carpets or 1/4 quantity of the cleaning solution for your slightly soiled rugs.

What Are the Ingredients in Carpet Cleaner?

Carpet cleaners contain various ingredients. A mild carpet cleaner will contain peroxide and citrus juice. For strong carpet cleaners like maintenance cleaners, you will find hydroxyacetic acid, enzymes, alcohol, bleach, monohexyl ether, butoxyethanol, and more as their components.

This leads us to find out what a typical Rug Doctor cleaning solution contains. You could also consider these cleaning properties when selecting a cleaning solution not produced by the Rug Doctor.

What’s in Rug Doctor Cleaning Solution?

What could a typical Rug Doctor cleaner contain that makes it unique? These properties include sodium lauryl sulfate, benzisothiazolinone, ethoxylated alcohol, PPG-2 methyl ether, and more.

Sodium lauryl sulfate. This is a commonly used cleaning agent, Rug Doctor also uses it in their carpet cleaners too.

Sodium lauryl sulfate helps the cleaning solution to get rid of soil. It surrounds the soil particles and loosens them from the carpet fiber for easier extraction.

Benzisothiazolinone. Benzisothiazolone is another important cleaning agent you find in many rug cleaning solutions. It helps in product quality maintenance.

Without this component, a cleaning agent will not last more than a few weeks. Thus, benzisothiazolinone keeps the cleaning solution from contaminating faster due to yeast and mold.

Ethoxylated alcohol. You will find ethoxylated alcohol in many expertly-made all-purpose cleaning solutions for carpets.

Ethoxylated alcohol in Rug Doctor’s cleaning solution improves the removal of soil. Like sodium lauryl sulfate, ethoxylated alcohols surround the soil particles, causing them to loosen so they can be extracted easily from the carpet or rug.

PPG-2 methyl ether. This cleaning agent allows cleaning solutions such as Rug Doctor to easily remove grease stains and oil that cannot be dissolved in water.

The above and a few more components make up the cleaning solution. You can also check the product label for a list of used ingredients.

Best Cleaner for Rug Doctor

Our concern in this section is on the non-Rug Doctor cleaning solutions you can use in your Rug Doctor. Below are the best cleaners for Rug Doctor:

Carpet Miracle – Carpet Cleaner Shampoo Solution

The Carpet Miracle cleaning solution is indeed a miracle-performing cleaner for any steam cleaner, including your Rug Doctor. It is optimized to get rid of hard carpet stains to revive newness in them.

This carpet cleaner will also make your rugs soft and safe for children and pets.

You could be wondering what makes the Carpet Miracle a miracle cleaning solution. Below are the reasons:

Value and portability

This carpet cleaning solution for your Rug Doctor is highly concentrated, comes in a small bottle to ease you of the burden of big bottles containing small soap.

Carpet Miracle, being a family cleaning solution, understands your need for cleaning rather than being deceived with high water-low soap products. Your clean home is a priority.

For all carpet cleaners

The Carpet Miracle cleaning solution works on various cleaning machines including the Rug Doctor. You can also use it on your rented machines to clean to freshness.

You do not need a cleaner limited to only hard floors or that will damage your contemporary rug. For this reason, Carpet Miracle comes in.

Cleaning ability

The cleaning power of this carpet cleaning soap is certainly miraculous. It cleans with your children and pets in mind, possibly due to its use of biodegradable formula.

Of course, this cleaning solution for your Rug Doctor is also non-toxic and sweetly scented with essential oils.

Note: this product is built out of love for animals and nature. It is also certified with the Leaping Bunny.

See on Amazon


iO CLEAN Carpet Cleaner Shampoo

iO Clean Carpet Cleaner brings you all the differences, it makes your carpet newer, comfortable, and soft. Of course, you can have your babies on the carpets.

This cleaning solution is a multi-cleaning machine product, so it works excellently in a Rug Doctor.

Why you should invest in the iO Clean Carpet Cleaner:

Advanced formula

The iO Clean Carpet Cleaner is produced with precision to clean gently and powerfully. It employs premium formulas that easily break and pick up stubborn stains. It does not also spare heavily soiled areas on your carpet.

Odor elimination

Some people complain about their carpets giving off a bad smell after cleaning. The case is different from the iO Clean Carpet Cleaner. It eliminates bad odor by penetrating your carpet fibers to remove dirt. It leaves your carpet with a light refreshing bloom scent too.

Rug Doctor-compatible

As mentioned earlier, this cleaning solution is compatible with your Rug Doctor. You can also use it on rented carpet cleaning machines from various providers, even for professional use.

iO Clean Carpet Cleaner is produced with safety in mind. Thus, it is non-toxic, making it children- and pet-friendly. No heavy or harsh phosphates, dyes, and metals, and it is made from biodegradable liquid.

iO advises you to remember to recycle the bottle. See on Amazon

Bissell 78H63 Deep Clean Pro 4X Deep Cleaning Concentrated Carpet Shampoo

Bissell 78H63 is the carpet cleaner your Rug Doctor begs for. It stands head to head and toe to toe with the traditional Rug Doctor’s cleaning agent and cleans fiercely in a Rug Doctor.

You should buy the Bissell 78H63 Deep Clean Pro 4X for the following reasons:

Stain removal

Bissell builds this carpet cleaning solution with the best formulas capable of beating hard stains on your carpet and other floors.

Odor removal

Its sweet scent fights off bad carpet odor, so you do not have to leave the doors and windows open while it dries.


Your kids will love this, its properties do not include phosphates, dyes, or heavy metals. It is a biodegradable detergent, therefore, safe for children and pets.

This cleaning solution will not also ruin your rugs, carpets, or upholstery due to its mild yet powerful ingredients.

For the pets

When you buy this BISSELL carpet cleaner for your Rug Doctor, you are saving pets. BISSELL looks to rescue homeless pets with its BISSELL Pet Foundation. Purchase one today to save a pet. See on Amazon

How Much Cleaner Do I Put in Rug Doctor?

Put about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of cleaner in your Rug Doctor. You will also add a gallon of water for cleaning the floor. If you are cleaning a larger area, you will need up to 2.6 gallons of water.

Refer to the user’s manual of the specific model of Rug Doctor that you own for manufacturer instructions.

Do not put an excessive amount of cleaner in your Rug Doctor. Otherwise, your Rug Doctor will not rinse properly. The chemical residues from excessive shampooing can also clog and damage your Rug Doctor.

How to Clean with Rug Doctor

After pouring the cleaner into your Rug Doctor, do the following:

Prepare the room

Preparing the room increases the workload but makes it easier for you to clean the carpet properly. It also opens up some hard-to-reach areas you can easily explore and clean.

Start cleaning

You specifically need hot water for your Rug Doctor. You can use cool water but hot water provides the needed cleaning power.

Do not use solutions such as vinegar or bleach in your Rug Doctor. If too low or too high, it can damage the carpet fibers and even void your Rug Doctor warranty.

Allow the room to dry

After cleaning, do not go on the carpet until it dries. Otherwise, you will be soiling the carpet while it is wet, so you have to clean it again.

Moreover, stepping on the wet carpet can cause odor, especially if your cleaning solution is not sweetly scented.

Clean your floor regularly, and avoid cleaning solutions with harsh cleaning agents.

How Do You Clean the Rug Doctor After Use?

After using your Rug Doctor, you want to clean it to prevent residues. First, turn your Rug Doctor off and remove the power cord from the power source. Empty water tank completely.

You can flush it with hot water to get rid of residual cleaning solution stuck in the spray lines. Clean the exterior of your Rug Doctor with dry fabric, making sure no wetness, and store it in a dry place.

Final Thoughts on Can I Use Any Cleaner in Rug Doctor?

Reports show that it is worth it to clean your carpet yourself as you could be saving as much as $200. Clean at your convenient hours using any reliable cleaning solution.

Avoid harsh cleaning solutions so that you do not ruin your carpet or make the room inhabitable for children and pets.

Nonetheless, if your home is too dusty and causes allergic reactions, contact professional home cleaners to do the job. If you must continue with this yourself, suit up in proper PPE to protect your skin from burns to the cleaning solution.

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