Can Mi Robot Work Without WiFi?

It is okay not to join the trend of using robot vacuum with WiFi. But do not think it compromises your security and privacy. Nonetheless, if you already have or plan to buy a Mi robot, can Mi Robot work without WiFi?

A Mi robot vacuum cleaner works without WiFi or internet. Just press the cleaning button after disabling WiFi and the Mi will go cleaning unsupervised. However, you need WiFi connectivity on the first setup.

Occasionally, you can connect your Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum to  the internet to update the firmware and make a few more changes.

Unfortunately, going without WiFi takes away some convenience features such as scheduling, accessing mapping reports, and some other smart personalizations.

Can Xiaomi Vacuum Work Without WiFi

Again, a Xiaomi vacuum can clean without WiFi. With WiFi turned off, it can complete spot cleaning, full home cleaning, and even automatically retrace the dock to recharge after or while cleaning.

When you connect your Mi robot vacuum to the internet, you can manage the suction power electronically. You can also schedule cleaning times, and voice-command with services like Alexa and Google Assistance.

WiFi does not make your Mi robot vacuum smart, it is there to enable some convenience services that make it even smarter.

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Not Working

Your Mi robot will not work for some reason. Below are common problems you may encounter and their solutions:

Ambient temperature

First, the ambient temperature could be too low or too high, typically too low at 0 degrees Celsius and too high at more than 35 degrees Celsius.


Also, your battery could be toast. To know if it is a battery problem, your Mi robot vacuum will often stop working immediately it leaves the dock.

If your Xiaomi Mi vacuum is connected to WiFi, check your device and you could find “Device Offline”. It will charge as soon as you replace it in the dock but leaves the dock again and stops charging.

The solution in this case is to get a replacement battery for your Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner.

Strange noise

If your Mi robot vacuum makes a strange noise, it could be a sign that a foreign object is caught in the brush. It could be any of the side brushes or even the left/right wheel.

The solution in this case is to turn off your Mi robot vacuum cleaner and remove the debris and dirt.

Not scheduling

If your Mi vacuum mop does not schedule-clean, then you are not connected to the WiFi network. Connecting to a WiFi network does not mean you are online, ensure there is a data connection.

Your Mi robot vacuum will then sync with the mobile application so that you can schedule cleanups.

Mi robot vacuum does not resume cleanup

Your Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum will not resume cleanup if you leave it in the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. Also, if you manually recharge or place the Xiaomi robot vacuum in the dock, it will not resume cleaning.

Mi vacuum not cleaning well

You expect your Mi robot vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust efficiently. However, this will not be the case if the dust compartment is filled up. Empty the contents for it to clean well enough.

Note that the filter can always get blocked. Ensure to always clean it and remove any foreign object from the brush.

If none of the above suggestions work, or the problems do not apply to you, contact Xiaomi Mi product support. It could be a hardware problem and can be replaced if you are under warranty.

Xiaomi Vacuum Not Connecting to WiFi

If you have tried to connect your Xiaomi Mi robot to WiFi and it does not work, reset the WiFi. If you receive an error, reset the WiFi setting of your Mi robot vacuum. Just hold the power and dock buttons for 3 seconds until they blink.

If your Mi robot vacuum cleaner cannot find a network, reboot the router and the robot. Next, force close the iRobot mobile application and trying setting up WiFi again.

If the WiFi connection problem continues, make sure the WiFi settings on your router are compatible with the WiFi setup.

How to Factory Reset Xiaomi Robot Vacuum

If you feel insecure about mi robot sharing or using your data, you can reset it to disable WiFi completely.

First, hold the recharge button for at least 3 seconds and press the reset button near the WiFi LED. This should turn off the light on the recharge, spot cleaning and power buttons.

Ensure to keep pressing the recharge button. Hold the recharge button for about 5 seconds after pressing the reset button until you hear a tone.

The process could be different depending on your Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner, otherwise, they are generally similar.

Note that resetting your Mi robot will also restore the firmware version to the older version. And most importantly, your Mi robot vacuum will be disconnected from WiFi.

When setting it up again, you will need the WiFi, so you can connect, make the necessary changes and disable the WiFi again.

How Does Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Work

A typical Xiaomi Mi robot has rolling and spinning brushes that cooperatively work to clean the floor excellently. The vacuum mechanism does the suction job and can adjust automatically depending on the floor type.

Your Mi robot stores hair, dirt, food, and other unwanted stuff in the room in its bin. This is self-disposable so that you do not have to manually dispose of it for the next vacuumug task.

The Mi robot vacuum cleaner also relies on various sensors for navigation. The cliff sensor, for example, keeps it from falling over the ledge, including stairs and ramps or doorway thresholds.

Depending on your Mi model, it can also mop while vacuuming the floor.

Modern Mi robots have mobile apps that let you access convenience features including schedule cleaning, voice control and many more. You cannot use these features if you are not connected to a WIFi network.

You would also think that the camera and microphone on your Mi robot vacuum are spying on you. This is not the case, but there is also no guarantee that the Mi vacuum cleaner is completely safe.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

When buying your Mi vacuum cleaner without WiFi, consider the following features:

  1. Wide cleaning support

How many surfaces can it clean? It should be able to clean wooden, ceramic tile, carpet and other floors. It should also be able to sweep and, perhaps, mop (not necessarily).

  1. Turning WiFi off

Most modern Mi robot vacuums come with the ability to turn off WiFi.If you cannot disable WiFi for the specific model, then it is not a vacuuming, sweeping or mopping solution for you.

  1. Sensing and navigation system

The navigation system should be excellent without WiFi. It should feature an LDS laser navigation system with speedy and higher precision mapping. You can only access mapping reports via the mobile app when connected to WiFi.

Get a Mi robot with reliable high-precision sensors. They should be able to sense the room and know where to clean while offline.

  1. Automatic recharge

Automatic recharging is a necessary feature, or say, must-have. And this feature should work without WIFi. So, when you leave your Mi robot cleaning unsupervised, it should be able to trace the dock when the battery runs low.

Meanwhile, another factor you want to consider is the battery capacity. This checklist depends on the size of the room or rooms you want the Mi robot vacuum to clean.

  1. Cleaning

Can the cleaning power lift dust, pet hairs and debris? It should be designed to prevent tangling hairs from carpets and hard floors while sweeping.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Without WiFi

In this section, we look at some of the Xiaomi Mi robots that work without WiFi. this means no potential spying on your home.

Below are the best Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum mops without WiFi?

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum SDJQR02RR

The SDJQR02RR vacuum robot works pretty excellently without WiFi. Although it can map your home, you will not be able to get the mapping reports to your mobile phone.

Below are other reasons why the Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum SDJQR02RR is your best bet:

Powerful suction

It uses a brushless motor capable of a powerful suction that expels all debris and dirt.


The SDJQR02RR can cover up to 250 square meters. Its sleek and slim design means it is able to vacuum hard-to-reach spaces in your room.


The battery used is amazing, a high density technology of LG/Panasonic 18650 lithium-ion battery that reaches 5200mAh capacity.

In standard cleaning mode, this vacuum cleaner runs for 2.5 hours. See on Amazon


Although it can clean your carpet and hard floor, it does not work on dark colors. When it sees a black carpet, for instance, it thinks that it is a cliff.

Xiaomi Mijia Robot (26199)

The Xiaomi Mijia robot vacuum is powered by an LDS laser-navigation system designed for speed, accurate mapping and precision.

It works excellently without WiFi by simply turning it off.

Below are other features that combine to make this vacuum cleaner an ideal cleaning solution:


It supports up to 3 cleaning modes, including mopping, wiping and sweeping. It also uses a smart electric control water tank for cleaning which does not ruin your wooden floor.

Smart sensing

With 12 sets of sensors, the Xiaomi Mijia is able to work with precision, and navigate to the right areas. It will not break or crash into obstacles since, like you, it knows where not to go.


It has a battery capacity of 3200mAh that can self-recharge. So, when your smart Mi robot runs out of power, it traces the dock to recharge automatically.

WiFi Features

Unfortunately, you cannot use the convenience features without WiFi. With WiFi, you can spot-clean, schedule-clean and a lot more. See on Amazon

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Pro+

Cleaning without WiFi is feasible with the Mi robot vacuum mop 2 Pro+. Just turn off the WiFi feature.

How about other abilities that make it worthy of your money?


This robot has a powerful suction designed not to spare dirt, hair and debris on your floors. Moreover, the suction strength adjusts according to the floor.

It also has a 550ml dust box that collects all the dirt, so it does not quickly fill up. Its large suspension nozzle stays to the ground with a dense fiber brush that cleans like you would.

Obstacle detention

This Mi robot vacuum can detect and avoid obstacles. It is built with the ToF 3D distance detection and obstacle avoidance technology that keeps it cleaning without you.


Xiaomi Mi is making sure that this vacuum Mop 2 Pro+ with its 3D VSLAM (Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) algorithms navigates properly.

It also features infrared, dual-gyro, cliff and optical sensors that make mapping and avoiding stairs easier.


Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Pro+ is powered by a lithium battery of 5200mAh capacity. This can clean your carpet and wood floors for up to 3 hours before returning to the dock.

Sweeping facility

The Mop 2 Pro+ robot vacuum has an electronically controlled water tank with 3 gears of water regulation that can wet the floor for 160 minutes. See on Amazon

Are Xiaomi Robot Vacuums Any Good?

Apart from clearing debris, the Mi robot vacuum also performs in the areas of hardware. And for its price, you get a similar experience with other brands you pay expensively for.

Let’s consider some concerns if they really are concerns.

  • Does Mi robot vacuum have camera?

The Mi robot vacuum uses a camera. Typically, Mi robot vacuum uses the 3D ToF camera system that can recognize and get the robot to avoid obstacles.

The concern, however, is if this camera spies on you. Well, Xiaomi Mi used resolution cameras, so no worries about having a spy in your home.

  • Xiaomi vacuum spying

A recently detected security flaw shows laser navigation systems in Mi robot vacuums can be hacked to record private conversations. This points to the possible fact that the microphone on Mi, like any other robot vacuum, is susceptible.

Hackers target the LIDAR system, and having access to this system allows them to “control the beam and receive data” from your robot vacuum cleaner.

Another concern is data privacy. Experts argue that data generated by robot vacuum manufacturers like Xiaomi could be shared with third parties. This data could include your home layout, size and other sensitive information.

However, if you disconnect your Mi vacuum cleaner completely from WiFi, you do not have to worry about these problems. Of course, your robot vacuum has no way to transmit data without WiFi.

Final Thoughts

Although disconnecting your Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum from WiFi keeps your sensitive data off the internet, it is what makes the robot smarter.

If you are only concerned about supervised cleaning, then you do not miss so much going off WiFi with your automatic vacuum.