Can Vacuum Cleaner Affect Wifi: All You Need To Know

Can vacuum cleaner affect WiFi? Washing machines, microwave ovens, other electronic devices and refrigerator can also affect and interfere with the signal strength of your wifi. But nonetheless with the advancement in technology and improvement on electronic devices on a continuous basis this problem is no longer common in these modern days.

Can a vacuum cleaner affect WiFi?

Yes, most times, devices with electric motors such as vacuum cleaners, can all interfere with a Wi-Fi signal. The way to deal with this is to either change the frequency (if your router supports it) or relocate the router to be closer to the point of usage. The practicality of this solution will depend on your setup, and how much equipment and wiring will need to be relocated.

Does this happen with all WiFi?

There are now new routers and broadband devices that will hardly get any external signal interference from any other electronic household appliances and so this should no longer be a problem for you anytime you are using your vacuum cleaner in the house. Unless of course you have a very old model router that you are still using in your house apart from this you should be fine.

What to do when a vacuum cleaner affects your Wifi

Another option is to get a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for your modem and WiFi router. A UPS will supply constant power to your router, and spikes or drops in power won’t affect it.  A UPS unit is great to have especially when the power goes out as the internet connection is still there.

With many devices relying on wifi, like electronic door locks, baby monitors, or even phones, it’s just a smart idea to have one on your modem and router.

Does it always mean the problem is my vacuum cleaner?

A bad or going bad WiFi router could also be the reason your WiFi stops when the vacuum cleaner turns on. The constant vacuuming and drop in power wears out WiFi routers faster than normal. Also, WiFi routers only last 3 to 5 years anyway. So if you have a WiFi router older than 5 years, you need to get a new one.

What is the solution to vacuum cleaner affecting WiFi?

Move your router. Moving your router to a better spot if a sure-fire  way to boost your web speeds. Shifting it off the floor and onto a table or shelf (about 5-7ft up is best) can help the signal reach further throughout your home. That’s because your router sends out signals in a 360-degree arc, like the shine from a lightbulb.

Putting it on the floor therefore sends a load of signal straight into the ground. Moving it away from other electronic devices can also help. It doesn’t need to be too isolated, mind. About a metre or so from any other gadget should do it. Always make sure your router is plugged into the master socket rather than an extension cable so it works faster. You can boost website and load time by updating to the latest internet browser, too.

Why won’t vacuum connect to WiFi?

If your vacuum is not connecting to your wifi or phone, you will not be able to control the appliance fully. This can lead to unscheduled cleanings or missed rooms. Before checking for errors, make sure you have the app downloaded and that your unit is designed for smartphone integration.

Only the robot units are intended to work with the smartphone app. Also, the app is no longer running on older smartphone systems, which means if you have an iPhone that is running on iOS 11 or under, the app will not work. There are also some Vacuum Cleaner Without WiFi

Furthermore, the some vacuum cleaners connect to smartphones through the WiFi connection within the house. If your phone is not connected to the WiFi or has been left on airplane mode, for example, it will not be able to pair with the appliance.

Another common reason you may be having issues with connecting to your phone is a bug within the app. This can be a small corruption within a file that can cause the app to crash or not work as expected.

How to fix vacuum not connecting to WiFi problem

Once you have the correct version of the app running on the newest version of your phone’s software, double-check that both your phone and your unit are running on the same WiFi network. To set up your Shark robot with the WiFi, follow these steps:

  • Set the robot on the dock and make sure it is switched on
  • Ensure your phone is connected to your home’s WiFi
  • In the app, select the plus symbol to add a new device
  • Press and hold down the ‘dock’ and ‘max’ buttons on top of the unit at the same time until you hear a beep and the WiFi light begins to blink
  • Within the app, connect the robot to the same WiFi network as your phone – you will need to enter the WiFi password to connect
  • Name and register the robot vacuum

Can robot vacuum cleaners work without Wi-Fi?

A reliable robot vacuum cleaner will work without WiFi. Once you hit the “Start” button, it gets to work even if you disable WiFi. If your vacuum cleaner does not work at all without WiFi or does not allow you to disable WiFi, dispose of it. An automatic vacuum cleaner without WiFi can perform spot cleaning, complete home cleanup, and more. It also knows how to return to its dock by pushing a button.

Nevertheless, the WiFi feature on your vacuum cleaner opens up advanced features such as suction power strength selection, scheduled cleaning, and more. The initial setup of your robot vacuum cleaner will require WiFi or an internet connection. After setting it up, you can disable it and get it to clean your floor without WiFi access.

WiFi does not make robot vacuum cleaners smart, it is their internal mapping and sensors that make them so smart when cleaning.

What could be affecting my WiFi signal/ connection?

Old Network Cables

If your computer is plugged directly into your router, or if you’re lucky enough to have Ethernet cabling throughout the house, it’s worth checking the type of cabling. While electrical cabling might last for 50 years or more, network cabling has undergone several important upgrades that affect the speed it can carry data.

You’re Using Powerline or Wi-Fi Extenders

Many people think that an easy solution to Wi-Fi woes is to buy an extender: a little box that plugs into your power socket and repeats the Wi-Fi signal to another part of the house. Some even use “Powerline” adapters that allow you to send network signals through your home electrical cables.

Your Wi-Fi Channel Is Heavily Congested

One of the benefits of living in the middle of nowhere is that there are usually no other networks around me. In this case, I’ve used an Android app called Wifi Analyzer, which shows me that a device I’m reviewing is actually broadcasting its own hidden Wi-Fi signal, and my printer, both of which are interfering with my home network.

 Too Many Users

Your internet connection is only so fast, and that speed is shared with every other user in the house and all of their devices. So as well as the obvious things like computers, phones, and tablets, you’ll also find Smart TVs, game consoles, media streaming sticks, smart home hubs–all of which may be sending or receiving information at a particular point in time.


If you own a vacuum cleaner and anytime it is being used you notice that the broadband connection goes down and you may be wondering can vacuum cleaner affect wifi? Yes a vacuum cleaner when it is operational and running will emit some form of electromagnetic emissions which are like radio signal and it can easily interfere with your

Wi-Fi connection or your broadband device especially if you are using the vacuum machine close to where your router or internet device is. So to correct this problem with your wifi you need to move the router to another location whenever you want to use the vacuum cleaner.

Can Vacuum Cleaner Affect Wifi FAQs

Why does your WiFi drop when you vacuum?

If your vacuum cleaner is near your WiFi router or even the broadband modem, it can cause some interference. The electric motor of a vacuum cleaner is very power-hungry, and electric motors emit electromagnetic radiation (EMF) that can screw up the signals coming from your router.

Though, it’s rare the EMF coming from your vacuum cleaner’s electric motor will cause the WiFi to drop. What is more common is that the vacuum cleaner is pulling a lot of power, so much so that it causes the WiFi router to shut off or power cycle due to surge.

What other home appliances affect WiFi signal?

It’s not just your vacuum cleaner motor or its power draw that can affect the WiFi. Other items in your home may draw a lot of power, like a dryer, heater, or even your computer if you have a big gaming PC. Any item in your home that uses a lot of power can suck power away from a WiFi router, causing it to act funny and disconnect. A UPS unit we talked about earlier can help in this situation.

Can home appliances interfere with Wi-Fi?

Wireless interference can be caused by a variety of household appliances, including cordless phones, radios, and microwaves. Depending on the location of your wireless router, your network device, and the device, you can even turn off the wireless network when using a microwave or cordless phone.

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