Can You Refill Swiffer Jet Bottle? Detailed Guide

Can you refill Swiffer jet bottle? Even more annoying for the manufacturer WetJet “refilling” means throwing away an empty bottle with a dispenser and buying liquid for refilling in a new bottle. And just try to lift the lid from an empty bottle to fill it yourself.  It is impossible to get rid of this thing without destroying it and these refill bottles can cost up to $7.50 each and disposable pads at least 50 cents.

Can You Refill Swiffer Jet Bottle?

The problem is that once the cleaner bottle is empty, the top seems sealed.  Therefore, you will not be able to unscrew and fill it.  Because they want to encourage you to buy more of their bottles of expensive detergents for $7-9 per bottle.  However, there is a way to remove the lid on an empty bottle, refill it, close the lid and use again.  I have a small twist on how I do it.

What Kind Of Floors Can You Use Swiffer On?

Swiffer Wetjet mops are perfect for cleaning kitchens and other floors without carpets.  There are also Best Swiffer For Bathroom. They use bottles with cleaning solutions that have different odors.  These solutions are really good for removing grease and spills.  You just press a button on the siphon and the cleaning solution splashes on the floor and you wipe it with the attached gasket.

How Refill Swiffer Jet Bottle

Removing the cover

In a small saucepan, pour enough water to boil the lid.  After you bring it to a boil, place the bottle, first with the lid, in the water.  After about a minute and a half, remove the bottle from the water and tighten the lid.  It should pop out immediately as boiling water will soften the plastic lid.

Make the cover removable permanently

When you remove the lid, you will see that it has a number of teeth that make it catch on the bottle.  Use nail clippers to remove these teeth.  You can also use a precision knife or even a razor blade, but I had a couple of clippers when I thought about it.

Fill the bottle

Now you are ready to refill the bottle with the selected cleaner.  Vinegar and water, Pine-sol or anything else you can wash the floor with.  Tightly fasten the cap on the bottle, and you’re done.

How To Remove An Empty Bottle From Swiffer Wetjet

Swiffer Wet Jet is a handy tool for cleaning the floor.  Its ease of use, efficient removal of dirt and dust and relatively low cost make cleaning easier. The traditional mop and bucket are being replaced by the Swiffer Wet Jet cleaning system, which includes Swiffer Wet Jet cleaners. Cleaners are easily removed from the pole, which makes cleaning the cleaners easy and quick.

  • Do not remove or pierce the lid of the Swiffer Wet Jet Cleaning Bottle.
  • Grasp the bottle of cleaner with one hand.
  • With your other hand, press the lavender release button located on the column at the top of the inverted cleaner bottle. The bottle will be released from Swiffer Wet Jet.
  • Pick up an empty bottle of cleaning solution and throw it away.
  • Replace with an antibacterial, multi-purpose or wood floor cleaner of your choice. Do not remove or puncture the bottle cap.  Inject Swiffer Wet Jet Cleaning in the direction of the arrow on the bottle.  Press until secure.

How To Put Back A Swiffer Wetjet Bottle

Insert the cleaner. To insert the liquid, turn the Swiffer upside down.  The flat side of the cleaner should be adjacent to the Swiffer column.  When the cleaning bottle is aligned, press it firmly into the Swiffer holder.  You should hear a click after the fluid has been injected correctly.

How To Assemble A Swiffer Wetjet

Unwrap the Swiffer

Open the box and unfold all the pieces.  This includes removing any sticky tape from the handle, part of the floor, detergent and cleaning pads.  Set all these items aside for easy access.

Connect the 3 parts of the pole together

After aligning all 3 main parts, connect the pole with the mop, the middle pole and the pole with the handle together. If your Swiffer is pre-assembled, you may need to pull the handle to pull out the pole.  Listen to the click.  Once the column is removed, it is removed continuously.

Insert the batteries

Your Swiffer usually needs 4 AA batteries.  To remove the battery panel, click the notch inside the area where the cleaner is located.  Open the cover and insert the batteries.

Insert the cleaner

Your Swiffer should have a liquid cleaner.  To introduce the liquid, turn the Swiffer upside down.  The flat side of the cleaner should be adjacent to the Swiffer column.  After the cleaning bottle is aligned, press it firmly against the Swiffer holder. You should hear a click after the fluid has been injected correctly.

Put on a cleaning pad

Looking at the cleaning pad, you will see two strips of paper.  They will need to be removed so that the sticky glue can stick to the Swiffer itself.  After removing, align the glue with the bottom of your Swiffer.  Place the Swiffer on the tablet and hold it for three seconds, and the tablet will lock automatically.

Swiffer pads have a textured strip to clean extremely hard stains.  It can be found on one side of the sink.  When applying the gasket to the Swiffer, place the hard side on the back end of the mop. Swiffer pads come in different styles with different cleaners.  If you don’t like the initial choice, don’t be afraid to go back and exchange your Swiffer for a new style.

Turn Swiffer right side up and check

To use your Swiffer, place it on the floor facing the mess you want to clean.  Gently press the button on the handle to release the cleaning fluid.  Wipe the Swiffer back and forth to clean the liquid. Holding the button for 2-3 seconds will release enough liquid to clear approximately 10 square feet of floor.

How To Change The Swiffer Batteries

Remove the cleaner

To access the batteries, you must remove the Swiffer.  To do this, hold the Swiffer upside down.  Press the large button between the cleaner and the Swiffer pole.  Pull down firmly to remove the cleaner.

Remove the battery tab

The battery tab will have a finger recess that can be pulled down.  Insert your finger into the hole and pull down.  This will slide the battery cover.

Replace expired batteries

Remove the batteries and replace them with new ones.  Make sure you point them in the right direction. Batteries should be recycled.  There should be a recycling depot in your town that will recycle your disposable batteries for free. Keep them in a container until you are ready to dispose of them.

Assemble the swiffer and check

After inserting new batteries, replace the battery cover and cleaners.  If you don’t need your sweater right away, you can check it without putting on the tablet by holding down the button. If Swiffer does not emit liquid, disassemble it and check that the batteries are inserted correctly.


The manufacturers of Swiffer WetJet were smart when developing their design.  The lid of the cleaning tank is self-locking and difficult to remove by simple force, but since it is made of plastic, it can be softened in hot water and then unscrewed.

Immerse the cap in hot water to soften the plastic, unscrew it, and then cut the small clamps with nail clippers.  Your previously blocked Wet Jet tank is a regular old reusable bottle that can be filled with the cleaner of your choice.

Fill the container with detergent and water.  Instead of buying disposable cleaning pads, use a microfiber cloth.  Velcro on the bottom is the same as the original Swiffer pads, but they do better with cleaning, and you can just throw them in the washing machine for reuse.

Can You Refill Swiffer Jet Bottle FAQS

Can You Use Swiffer Sweeper As A Mop?

If you have a Swiffer Sweeper, you absolutely do not need to buy a WetJet or a wet washbasin!  Instead, fill the spray bottle with floor cleaning solution (1 part water, 1 part vinegar, 2-3 drops of soap) and spray the area of ​​the floor you want to wipe.  Attach the microfiber cloth to the sweeper just as you would attach the sweeper pads, and press the Swiffer onto the wet area of ​​the floor.  Repeat until you clean the rest of the room!

How Can I Make My Own Reusable Wetjet Pads?

You can easily make your own reusable WetJet pads.  Just cut a microfiber cloth or bath towel into rectangles.  Use the Swiffer mop head as a guide to determine the correct size.  Give it about 1-1 / 2 inches overlap on the long sides so you can tuck the ends of the fabric into the Swiffer mop holder. Another idea is to use a fuzzy sock.  Stretch it over the mop head as if it were a big leg.  Works like a charm.  After using a cloth (or sock), simply throw it in the washing machine along with other rags.

Can I Use Vinegar In My Swiffer?

Although Swiffer does not release its cleaning solution formula, it is a vinegar-based cleaning solution that can be easily repeated at home.  Mix 3-1 / 2 cups of warm and hot water with 1-3 / 4 cups of white vinegar.  This will allow you to get 42 ounces to fit in a standard 42.4 ounce Swiffer WetJet bottle.


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