Can You Use Swiffer On Hardwood Floors? Detailed Guide

Can you use swiffer on hardwood floors? Perhaps someone has already warned you that wooden floors need long-term care or are easily damaged.  Let’s calm down now with some of these worries.  Swiffer is safe to use on hardwood floors.  It is important to remember that no matter what brand of product you choose, you should use products that are typical of parquet floors.

Can You Use Swiffer On Hardwood Floors?

Yes, you can use Swiffer on your parquet floors.  Swiffer products are a popular choice in all types of flooring homes, as they are easy to find in almost any grocery store, easy to use and store, and affordable;  no problem.  However, the idea of ​​applying a liquid solution to a well-treated wooden floor can be a concern.  There are a few steps you can take to keep your floor in perfect condition.

Wooden floors are beautiful and timeless, but without proper care and maintenance, they will eventually lose their luster and charm.  Regular cleaning combined with periodic deep cleaning when you are working on a spring cleaning checklist will leave your floors as new and protect them from future damage.  This effect is further enhanced by the use of one of the best hardwood floor cleaners for the desired use.

Is Swiffer Safe For Wood Floors?

You can safely use Swiffer products on wooden floors.  For a quick clean, try the Best Swiffer For Hardwood Floors Swiffer WetJet Wood Starter Kit.  With the right amount of solution, it breaks down hard, sticky dirt, emphasizes the natural beauty of your floors and does not damage them.

Then the question arises, how often do you need to wash the parquet floor?  Moderate wood floors should be washed at least once a week, preferably twice or thrice, to maintain quality.  The floor must first be marked by removing all particles.  Then you can proceed to wiping and thoroughly drying the floor.

How To Use Swiffer On Hardwood Floors

Assemble the Swiffer Sweeper extension cord

Swiffer Sweeper kits come in a multi-piece package and require assembly.  But to assemble Sweeper is easy and takes only one or two minutes.  Each package includes a 360-degree rotating head, a three-piece pole, and a handle for easy grip.  Attach the first piece of pole to the head, and then secure each additional piece.  Finally, attach the handle to the top of the pole.  Now you are ready to attach the sweeping fabric.

Attach a dry cloth and sweep away loose fragments

Use a dry cloth to remove dust, pet hair, and other debris.  Swiffer produces two types of dry cloths: dry sweeping and dry sweeping for harsh conditions.  Both models have a texture to remove and trap dirt, but with a thicker pad and 30,000 fibers, the durable version is twice as effective as standard dry sweeping fabric.

Slide the selected fabric into the corner grips to secure it in place and you are ready to start sweeping.  The head, which rotates 360 degrees, allows you to easily sweep corners and furniture.  When you’re done, remove the cloth and throw it in the trash.  You can even try to wash the fabrics in the machine on a gentle cycle, putting them in a mesh laundry bag.  They must be strong enough to withstand repeated washing.  To get an even greener option, reduce waste by using thin, microfiber wipes that can be washed and reused.

Mop Using a Wood Flooring Solution

We recommend washing with a mop once a week, and after bottling – spot.  The grout moisturizes the floor and gives it shine and luster, which are special for parquet floors.  When washing, it is important to use a cleaning solution specifically designed for wooden floors.

Check the instructions on the product before buying, if it is still not clear, you can usually visit the manufacturer’s website for an answer.  Swiffer has products specifically designed for cleaning wooden floors, called Swiffer WetJet Wood Floor Spray Mop and cleaning solution.  Be sure to sweep the floor before washing to avoid spreading dirt, dust and hair on the floor, which can cause scratches.

Use the edge of a damp cloth to clean stubborn stains

Swiffer wet wipes have a green cleansing strip that is designed to get rid of stains that are difficult to remove.  Turn the mop head upside down and use the edge of the sink to rub the spill or stain until it disappears.  When you’re done, your floors will look as clean as they were on the day they were installed.

How to use with Dry Pads

If you use a Swiffer mop with dry pads for hardwoods, you can do it easily.  Wipe and dry the floor with a disposable pad and throw it away when it is quite dirty.  Dry pads have a soft strip that you can use to try to remove stubborn dirt and stains.  If they are not very dry and sticky, they will disappear in a few movements.  This is the safest way for your wood floor.

Deep cleaning with a steam mop should be done with caution, as steam can penetrate through any small holes and reach the wood.  Therefore, steam cleaning is only recommended for properly sealed wooden floors.

What Kind Of Floors Can You Use Swiffer On?

Swiffer Wet Jet wood floor cleaner can be used for wood floors, and after a few passes it will effectively dissolve dirt.  This is an easy-to-use system: for example, the gaskets are distributed properly.  You must be extremely careful when using a wet mop, as we have made sure that the floor has been properly sealed and that there are no holes or cracks due to wear.

But we advise you to stick to dry fillings if you use Swiffer Mop for hardwood floors, when you are not sure about the nature of your floor.


Wood flooring, no matter how luxurious, elegant and expressive, can be no less than a nightmare in several cases.  Caring for parquet flooring is like raising a child.  You have to be careful;  one wrong move will take a few seconds to ruin it for you.  Therefore, experts always advise to invest in quality cleaners.  When you can spend so much on building a parquet floor, spending a little more is not a problem.

There are many high-quality, convenient floor and mop cleaners, and in most cases they are not for parquet floors.  As if the parquet floor is intended only for dry wiping of dust, and it is better to keep it with stains, instead of trying to remove them.  That is why, when the well-known brand Swiffer guarantees us the use of its products for cleaning parquet floors;  we are still afraid.  Is it possible to use a wet rod on parquet floors? If used, it will damage wood and more.

And, to be honest, Swiffer doesn’t even have too many wet products and wet sweepers.  Especially cleaning kits that are considered safe for wood.  They have several products, such as Swiffer WetJet, a simple mop that can be used with both dry and wet pads.  You can also purchase disposable gaskets separately.  So, if you are ready to use Swiffer on your precious wooden floor, there are many options.

Can You Use Swiffer On Hardwood Floors FAQs

Can You Use Swiffer On A Wooden Deck?

Swiffer products do not work well on surfaces such as wood deck.  Mainly because Swiffer fabrics, mops and sweepers can’t handle rough surfaces.  Fabrics are torn and the smooth slip that you can get using Swiffer products on the floor indoors is simply impossible to achieve.  Even if the wooden floor of your deck is not a hard or rough surface, it is still not likely to fit.  The Swiffer wood flooring line is designed for prefabricated wood floors.  If your flooring is oiled or waxed, you need a product specifically designed for waxed or oiled wood floors.

Can You Reuse Swiffer Cloths?

Yes, you can use the other side of the Swiffer fabrics.  Get more use of the same dry Swiffer fabric using the other side when the first one gets dirty.  Although the sides have a slightly different texture, they absorb dust and dirt equally well. Simply shake or gently wipe any debris off the dirty side of the fabric when you notice that it no longer collects dirt, then turn it over and reattach it to the Swiffer to continue cleaning. Note that this can be done with wet Swiffer wipes as well as your own reusable fabrics.

Can You Make Your Own Swiffer Materials?

Yes, you can use a microfiber cloth or sock.  Buy a small microfiber cloth, use an old rag or cover the Swiffer with an old sock or other clothing.  Use these materials to replace standard Swiffer cloths for dry cleaning, and use them again and again by placing them in the washing machine for cleaning.