Can You Wash Spin Mop Head? User Guide

Can you wash spin mop head?  An easy and quick way to clean wash spin mop head after use is to use a washing machine. A spin mop is one of the fastest, easiest and most effective tools for cleaning the surfaces of your home or workplace.  But after cleaning, your mop head will definitely get dirty.  Fortunately, there is an effective way to wash your dirty mop head and make it like new.

Can you wash spin mop head?

You can wash the mop head by hand or with a washing machine.  But it is not always ideal to clean the mop head by hand, as this can expose you to germs and other bacteria.  Therefore, it is very important to wash the mop head in the washing machine.

Most push-up heads are made of soft, washable microfiber material.  As long as your mop head can be washed in the washing machine, you can easily remove dirt from it.  So how do you wash a mop head in a washing machine?

What Is A Spin Mop?

A spin mop is a type of cleaning tool that can be used with an attached floor cleaning bucket.  They are easy to use and have the advantage that they do not require soapy water or detergents.  There are the Best Microfiber Spin Mop. The spin mop head is easy and quick to wash in the washing machine.

How do you clean a spin mop?

After contamination, mops can be cleaned in two ways – by hand washing and washing in the washing machine.  This post will discuss what you need to do for a mop if you want to clean its head with a washing machine.

Your usual old mop bucket doesn’t seem to be enough to clean the mop head after each use.  In this case, you can rely on the washing machine.  Nowadays, mops are designed for washing in the washing machine.  You will simply receive a confirmation before buying a floor mop, your mop squeeze head can be washed in the washing machine.

If your floor mop can be washed in the washing machine (check by reading the instructions that came with the mop, or ask the seller), you can continue reading this post.  In this article you will learn how to wash a spin mop head in a washing machine.

Why wash spin mop head with washing machine?

Removes dirt and germs

Washing the mop head in the washing machine completely removes dirt and germs.  If you decide to wash it with your hands, dirt and germs may remain in the mop head.  But using a washing machine removes dirt.

Save time

Unlike washing the mop head by hand, using a washing machine reduces the time required to wash the mop head.  In addition, while the machine washes the head of the squeegee, you can easily do other things.

Saves money

When your mop head is clean and well maintained, it will last longer.  This will save you money on buying a new mop head.

Protects your hands

If you notice that your skin reacts to detergents, bleaches and other cleaners, you should consider using a washing machine to wash the mop head.  You will not only protect your hands, but also get the best result with minimal effort.

Eliminates odors

Another key advantage of washing the mop head in the machine is that it eliminates odors, especially when you add baking soda to the soap mixture.

How do you take the mop head off of the spin mop?

The spin mop has a separating handle, some of which have a clip.  First, carefully separate the mop head from the handle.  Some of them may come out during removal; others need to be detached from the handle.  Read the manufacturer’s manual carefully for more information.

Remember that your instructor is your primary guide for this task of cleaning your mop nozzle.  The manufacturer knows better about the product you are consuming.  The manual clearly tells you about the cycle you should use when washing a mop.  We recommend using a normal cycle with low heat.  Washing powder, in some cases you can use bleach.  We simply do not recommend using bleach unless it is too dirty.

How to wash spin mop head

Check the mop material

The first thing you need to do if your mop can be washed in a washing machine like this.  First, make sure that the instructions on how to clean it were easy for you and that they correspond to what you are thinking.  If not?  Your cotton heads will be damaged in the washing machine or by hand washing; do not allow yourself to indulge in any thoughts about anything other than the day of washing.

Disconnect the mop head

When it comes to your mop, there are several different options.  One of them is a hook that can be attached or detached from the handle, depending on what you need for the day.  Another option is a two-piece clamp style that must be detached before use.  Whatever you choose, avoid damaging both heads by carefully separating them for storage.

Add bleach or baking soda

It is not necessary to add bleach or baking soda to the soap mixture.  But if you use a mop with a squeeze head for a long time and want to eliminate its unpleasant odor, you need to add soda in the minimum amount.

 Set the washing machine to the correct cycle and temperature

Due to the delicate nature of the microfiber material of the squeegee, you need to set the washing machine to the correct mode and temperature to avoid wear. Place the spin mop head in the washing machine.  Set the washing machine on a short, gentle cycle and add a small amount of washing powder.

The manufacturer’s guide should help you if you are not sure of the correct temperature to use.  If you still can’t find which temperature setting to use, a short low temperature cycle should prevent damage to the squeegee head.

Rinse the mop head with clean water

Finally, rinse the mop with clean water to remove any turbid water left in the mop.  Then let the mop head dry by hanging it outside.  It helps kill any surviving bacteria and mold.

What if your spin mop head can’t be machine washed?

Your mop may not have a removable mop head that detaches from the mop handle.  It is also possible that the mop packaging indicates that it cannot be washed in the washing machine. Spin mop heads that say they can’t be washed can break even in a gentle cycle, so it’s best to wash them by hand.

If I can’t wash the mop in the washing machine, I wash it the old-fashioned way – in a bucket or in the sink, following these steps:

  • Washing: Wash at least a gallon of warm water in a sink or bucket of soap you use on the floor.
  • Disinfect: If you have a cotton swab, you can add one cup of bleach to five gallons of sanitary water. If you have a microfiber nozzle, add one cup of white vinegar instead.  Soak if necessary, but not longer than 24 hours.
  • Rinse: After washing and disinfecting the mop, rinse it with clean water to remove any detergents.
  • Drying: hang to dry, preferably in the sun.



You may be wondering why wash a mop in a car if you can do it yourself.  This is because over time, the amount of dirt that sticks to your mop will be too large for you to wash by hand.  Also, be sure to check if your mop can be washed in the washing machine or not before doing so.  Otherwise, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clean it thoroughly.

Cleaning the spin mop head after use will lead to excellent results.  Using a dirty mop is very unhygienic and can spread germs all over the floor.  Washing the mop head after use kills all germs collected during cleaning.  Bad odors and mold are avoided when you wash the mop head.  Washing machines are known for their excellent cleaning properties, removing almost all dirt from your clothes.  The same can be done for your dirty mop.

Can You Wash Spin Mop Head FAQs

What Material Is A Spin Mop Head Made Of?

Many mops on the market are made of microfiber, this material will allow you to remove all dust and dirt from the floor, and they will get dirty, so to use it again, you will need to wash it to wash the floor next time.

What is a spin mop?

There are many types of mops, one of which is a spin mop, a mop that rotates inside the bucket for cleaning and drying at the same time.  The mop head can be detached from the mop to clean it with a sink by machine or manually.

What is the best way to wash your spin mop head?

We recommend that you wash the mop head in the washing machine to avoid contact of your hands with bacteria and germs that may be in the mop after washing the floor, remove the foul odor on it when it is wet, and give you a great result of your cleaning.