Does Roomba Pick Up Dog Hair? All You Need To Know

Does Roomba Pick Up Dog Hair?  The best robot hair vacuum cleaner we’ve tested on carpets is the iRobot Roomba S9.  This is a premium vacuum cleaner with excellent build quality, made of high quality plastic.

Does Roomba Pick Up Dog Hair?

At the moment it is self-evident, but yes, I would sincerely recommend this product to pet owners who are looking for a way to deal with pet hair.  Roomba’s robots can clean pets’ fur.  There are several Roomba models that work well against the constant shedding of fur in infants.

Can Roomba Handle Long Hair?

Roomba wraps long hair around its brushes and axes as effectively as any upright vacuum cleaner.  However, the kit includes a special tool to help you cut your hair from the brush.  You will have to disassemble the axes periodically.

Fortunately, there are several robot vacuum cleaners that can handle pet hair, but finding them is not the easiest.  Sure, some of the best Roombas may advertise as designed for pet fur, but how do you know they’re really effective?  That’s why we include pet hair removal as part of our robotic vacuum testing protocols – to see what actually meets the requirements.  These are the best robot vacuum cleaners for pet fur.

What Is The Best Roomba To Pick Up Dog Hair?

If you want something with more features, we recommend the iRobot Roomba s9 +.  Thanks to the connection of applications, cleaning in certain areas and restricted areas, this robot vacuum cleaner is full of the latest robot vacuum cleaner technologies. Best Roomba Vacuum For Pet Hair And Hardwood Floors

It also effectively collects pet hair, collecting 98% in our tests.  It stands out for its clean base, from which it can be charged and unloaded into a bag.  The bag only needs to be changed every two months, which saves a lot of time compared to conventional vacuum cleaners.

Why Buy Roomba To Pick Up Dog Hair?

  • Quality: Roomba may be the best robot vacuum cleaner you can find. Remember that it was developed by experts who work with NASA and the US military.  We don’t think they save on materials.
  • Reputation: There is a reason why Roomba has remained at the top of the market all this time. Of course, the excitement plays a role here, but millions of people are willing to support the brand.  In 2014, reports showed that one million Roombas were sold annually (2).
  • Warranty: iRobot is a reliable company. They will not sell you poor quality or unsatisfactory products, and if you have problems, their terms are fair.  Not all manufacturers play well (3).
  • Modern: Roomba is the main product, and iRobot continues to work to keep their vacuum cleaners up to date and compatible with modern technology. Other brands may not lag behind.

How To Know A Pet-Friendly Roomba

If you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner that will help you deal with pet hair, one of the most important considerations is the suction power.  Most companies in this space advertise power in pascals (Pa), a metric unit of pressure, although iRobot does not always make this information easy to find.  In general, the higher the Pa, the better, especially if you have a carpet, but battery life and the ability to avoid interference also play an important role in overall performance.  While all Roombas have their own unique set of features and technologies, there are a few features that you may pay special attention to if you are a pet owner.

Which Roomba Features Are Best For Dog Hair?


When choosing the best Roomba, it is important to consider the length of your pet’s coat.  It is likely that the short-haired bulldog and the long-haired cat will have different needs when it comes to cleaning the fur of pets. Short hair tends to stick to surfaces, and long hair tends to CONFUSION.  The Roomba brush plays an important role in cleaning pet hair.  Roombas has had three main iterations of brush design over the years:

Filtration system

Not surprisingly, pets also produce a lot of additional allergens, as well as their juicy curls.  For animals that are more sensitive to their allergens, you can also consider an advanced filtration system Roomba.  The AeroForce 2.0 filtration system is the most advanced filtration system currently available on Roomba models and is a more advanced version of the AeroForce 1.0 filter.  Filter 2.0 is about twice the size of Filter 1.0, making it more efficient.

Virtual barrier

The last element to consider is the virtual barrier.  Roomba produces two main types of virtual barriers, and a third style along the way.  The original barrier uses infrared light to block the direct path at a distance of up to 10 feet.  This barrier style is usually sufficient for corridors, doors or entrances.

The dual-mode barrier also uses infrared light, but can operate in two different modes – standard mode or halo mode.In standard mode, the barrier can block straight paths up to 10 feet long.  In halo mode, the barrier can block radial zones up to 4 ′ in diameter (good for blocking sleeping areas, pet areas or sensitive furniture.

Features To Look For When Shopping For The Best Roomba To Pick Up Dog Hair

There are several aspects of robotic cleaners that should be on your list.  Of course, long battery life, as well as certain cleaning modes, excellent filtering and, of course, easy maintenance.

Battery life

When it comes to robotic vacuum cleaners, they need space to move; battery life will be an important factor in this.  The larger the battery, the longer the robot can run.  However, depending on what the robot does when you turn it on, the battery may discharge faster or slower.

Navigation and sensors

Mapping, navigation, sensors, engine speed and other factors such as wireless communication will further drain the battery.  The usual range for high-end robots, such as the Roomba model, is one to two hours.  Depending on the efficiency of the robot, one hour may be enough to clear more than 1,400 square feet.

Larger houses, larger floor plans or high-rise buildings may require an even larger battery.  While it’s not a bad idea to look for the largest battery or longest battery life, this isn’t always a budget option.



When dealing with vacuum cleaners that remove pet hair from your home, one of the things that matters is how much pet hair is left.  Proper filtration can help eliminate dandruff, which causes allergies, from accumulating in the house. All Roomba models in this list have high-performance filters.  This is a Roomba filter, which is equivalent to HEPA certified filters.

As you may know (especially if you have allergies), HEPA filtration captures and collects allergens up to 3 microns in size. Roomba used HEPA certification to label its packages, but recently stopped receiving certification and renamed its filters “high performance”.  These high-performance filters are still capable of capturing up to 99.9% of allergens, including pet hair.

Does Roomba Pick Up Dog Hair FAQs

Do Roombas Pick Up Cat Litter?

Yes, cat litter is what we use in demonstrations of this robot.  The 870 model actually has a suction system whereas some of the lower models do not. If you don’t have mounds of litter, confine the Roomba to the room with the cat litter, and accept that it may not eliminate all of it, it’s fine for this use.

How Do I Choose The Best Roomba For Pet Hair?

Before investing in a robot vacuum cleaner for you and your pets, you need to consider several factors.  First of all, think about how many pets are in your home and how many are actually shedding.  Is it long or short fur, and do they shed regularly?  You should also consider whether you want a robot vacuum cleaner to help with other cleaning needs, such as cleaning.

Are Roombas Worth The Money When It Comes To Pet Hair?

If you’re a pet owner, a robot vacuum helps get at balls of fur that are everywhere. As a floor maintainer between manual cleanings, they can save a lot of time and energy. The way to get your money’s worth is to set a robot vacuum to automatically run every day. Getting one that offers smartphone app control is also a bonus for those times you need to give your floors a once-over before coming home to any last-minute surprise guests.


Does Roomba Pick Up Dog Hair? Your dog and cat will shed.  Some more than others, but by the time you get to the sweeping and vacuuming, it will all add up.  So you decided to get help with a robotic vacuum cleaner for your dog hairs.   Money, of course, will be one aspect.  Your budget will play a role in your decision.  And it should be.  You should never spend more on a job you can afford.  To make your decision more difficult, prices for all three are reduced.

In fact, doing all the research to write this article for you, I found that all three fell by an average of 10% in two months. Personal preference. It all boils down to how many bells and whistles you need aside form the fantastic pet hair cleaning abilities. Do you need more controls? Fewer hands-on and more “let the robot just do its thing?”

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