Does Swiffer Duster Work? All You Need To Know

Does swiffer duster work?  Looking for the right weapon to add to your cleaning arsenal, you may be wondering how to use the Swiffer duster or whether it even works at all.  Swiffer offers a range of dust products as well as Swiffer dust fillers to help you easily and effectively overcome a number of dust situations.  And the best part is that they are easy to use and refuel.

Does Swiffer Duster Work?

Yes, Swiffer also offers a variety of Swiffer dust refills that are suitable for a variety of jobs, some of which are even flavored.  All Swiffer duster refills, whether 360- or 180-degree dust collectors, work by trapping dust particles and allergens in specially coated fibers and fixing them in place.

Swiffer dusters hold and block three times more dust and allergens than standard vacuum cleaners.  The 360-degree dust collector cleans a larger area with fluffier fibers than the 180-degree dust collector, making them an ideal choice for more complex work.

How to Install Swiffer Duster Refills

One of the best benefits of using Swiffer duster, in addition to its ability to knock down dust, is that no matter what handle you use, any Swiffer dust refill will work.  It also doesn’t matter if it’s a 180 or 360 degree refill, as both are suitable for all types of handles.

Whether you use a 6-foot handle, a standard short handle, or a 3-foot pull handle, they all have the same type of end on which you install the dust refill.  The plastic part of the yellow handle, where you will install the Swiffer dust attachment, has two white fork ends.

Remove the dust container from the package, stretch the sides and loosen it slightly before installing it on the end of the handle.  On one side and in the center of the dust filling you will notice a stiffer strip with two channels.  Insert each of the forked ends into the channel on the dust filler and pull it down and over the ends until it is completely installed on the end of the handle.  You can loosen the fibers again, and now you are ready to start removing dust.

How Does Swiffer Duster Work?

When it comes to the best place to start using Swiffer dust, the company recommends starting at the top of the room.  Also, there is no need to spray the areas you are cleaning from dust with a damp cleaner or furniture polish, and it is best to use a dust collector dry.

The powerful Swiffer expander allows easy access to high places such as windows, walls, ceiling corners, vents and lighting fixtures.  Wiping the dust off the ceiling fan is no longer a daunting task, as using an extension cord and a powerful 360-degree Swiffer dust attachment allows you to clean the fan in an instant.  Just turn off the fan first.

Next, move on to dusting the middle parts of the room.  Use a vacuum cleaner to clean electronics, tables, small items, bookshelves, lamps, etc.  Finally, you will want to go to the lower parts of the room, and the extension handle will allow you to get to the areas without bending.  Swiffer vacuum cleaners are great for dusting baseboards, furniture, electrical outlets and everything else in the lower half of your room.

Does Swiffer Duster Repel Or Attract Dust?

There are serious problems with Swiffer dusters, which is proven and a real dust collector perfectly solves.  For example, dust particles naturally do not stick to feather dust, which is very useful.  The feathers raise dust and can be gently shaken on the floor.

Swiffer products can “fix” dust (which is only partially true), but it’s not very good.  For example, when cleaning the whole house from dust, if you treat a few dusty areas and then are going to wipe the dust off the black screen on your TV or computer monitor, it obviously gets on the screen.  On the other hand, with the help of duster, the dust is easily removed and repelled by quick shaking, even if a very dusty area was made before cleaning the TV.  The dust is then removed from the floor, not added.

The most productive way to clean is to clean and then wipe off the dust before vacuuming and washing.  This way, you don’t really need to “close” the dust, because the vacuum cleaner will suck up dust that has been removed from higher areas and then wiped off. You can also check out the Best Swiffer For Cat Hair if you have pets in your home.

What Does Replacement Swiffer Duster Pads Cost?

In terms of waste and cost, the swiffer duster wins again.  Replaceable Swiffer dust pads cost almost a dollar for one pad where I live.  They work only once and then create garbage.  To reduce the amount of waste, I tried to wash it.  The laundry dryer makes them dull and useless.  Machine or hand wash will only work once, but they still look less clean and less fluffy.  The good old feather graters are easy to wash by hand and work perfectly after drying in the air.

Things you shouldn’t do with Swiffer Duster

Do not sweep the Swiffer without a vacuum cleaner

Swiffer Sweeper pads collect dirt better on the floor when larger dusty rabbits are out of the way, so a quick pick-up or vacuum cleaner beforehand can help your vacuum cleaner hit harder.

Do not use them on the floor at once

You can get extra mileage when cleaning by using your Swiffer pad to wipe less contaminated areas, such as countertops or shelves, with a clean pad before starting work on the floor.

Do not use Swiffer Sweeper for large cleaning tasks

Although the Swiffer is a great tool for daily cleaning (especially if you are vacuuming first), do not use it if there is a lot of dirt or other debris on the floor.  These larger meshes may be the best job for a Swiffer WetJet or a regular mop or vacuum cleaner.

Do not use common pads

While generic gasket options may seem more cost-effective at first, many generic non-Swiffer brands aren’t as effective as a real lab-tested deal, which means you won’t get as much out of them and spend more money in the long run.  .

Do not throw away dirty pads too early

Used Swiffer Sweeper and Swiffer Dusters pads may be effective longer than you think.  They may look very dirty, but because of the electrostatic charge you don’t have to worry about getting even more dirty when you collect dust.  Alternatively, you can try removing large bunnies of dust from Swiffer before continuing your cleaning to get more out of them.

Don’t be alarmed if you run out of pads

From-saw, but the Swiffer tablet is not visible?  Blurred sock will do the job of collecting dust, dirt and hair from your floors.  No fuzzy socks?  As a last resort, a sturdy paper towel, an old washcloth or microfiber cloth may also be suitable.

Do not throw away dirty pads

To save some money and stay environmentally friendly, think twice before throwing dirty Swiffer dumps.  They can be washed and reused by rinsing quickly under the tap.


Your Swiffer dry gaskets can probably be used much longer than you think.  Just because they look really dirty doesn’t mean they’re ready to be thrown away.  Thanks to the electrostatic charges in the pads and the increased surface area of ​​the grooves, they really fix and hold all this dirt, so you do not have to worry about the spread of clutter around.  So keep using these pads until you notice that they are not as effective!  Once the gasket starts to fill, you can remove some of the loose dust that tends to accumulate, or use a pet comb to clean some of the debris to extend the life of the gasket.

There is nothing that solves the feeling of a completed task after a day of cleaning like noticing a wandering web near the ceiling.  Use the Swiffer to reach them in high corners (or other hard-to-reach places blocked by furniture, such as a sofa or bedside table) without pulling out the ladder.

Does Swiffer Duster Work FAQs

How can you use a Swiffer Microfiber Cloth?

Turn your standard Swiffer into a microfiber Swiffer mop, completely transferring expensive Swiffer refills.  Microfiber fabrics are woven from very fine synthetic fibers and are ideal for many types of house cleaning, including sweeping, washing, dusting, polishing and wiping.

Can You Reuse Your Swiffer Pad?

When the dust settles and you think your Swiffer mop sheets have bitten the dust, turn it over to move forward and keep collecting dust!  By turning over these seemingly one-sided Swiffer mops, you will save 50% of the cost of cleaning the house using both sides.

Can Swiffer Dusters be washed?

Yes, you can extend the use of your Swiffer mops by washing them with the laundry.  Swifers can withstand several washes.  Not only do conventional Swiffer reusable devices stay electrostatic after washing, but you’ll still reduce waste and save money.

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