Dyson Not Working: Sure Fix!

Dyson Not Working: With Dyson, there are a few simple steps you need to follow to make sure it is working properly.  Ideally, these things should be done regularly – once a month or so – but in reality we usually do this only when we notice that the hair and down are left on the carpet.

Why Is My Dyson Not Working?

Like any vacuum cleaner, they are prone to problems, the main of which is the loss of suction power over time.  But before you throw your vacuum cleaner in the trash and buy a new one, there are ways to help extend the life of your favorite dishwasher to still get your money’s worth!

What Do I Do?

Instead of buying a new vacuum cleaner in place of an expensive one that has stopped working, or even buying a cheap vacuum cleaner that still needs to be replaced in a year, you can try ways to repair your vacuum cleaner.  If you invest in a quality appliance, it will most likely have replaceable parts.

One of the main advantages of this new era of vacuum cleaners is that these devices can often be repaired rather than replaced.  Repairing a vacuum cleaner can not only save you hundreds of dollars, but also give you the pleasure of not liking the latest products.

Possible Causes Of Dyson Not Working

Overheating of the device – excessive use of the maximum mode

When vacuum is used in MAX MODE.  Suction, the battery discharges faster.  The engine may heat up and the yellow LED light will flash, which means that the vacuum takes some time to cool down before charging.  Wait a few minutes, then put the vacuum cleaner back on the charger to charge the battery.

Dust clogging

Check all parts of the vacuum cleaner for clogging.  Check the brush for hair and debris.  Clean it.  Is the tube that connects the motor to the brush clogged with something?  Disassemble and check.  If debris is found, remove it and resume cleaning. Check out the Best Dyson Cordless For Hard Floors

What Do The Lights On Dyson Mean?

Blue Light Flashing
The Dyson vacuum battery is getting low. Empty the bin and put the vacuum back on the charger.

Blue Light Flashes Quickly

This light may indicate a power failure or a possible temporary error, which may include contamination or debris somewhere in the filter or nozzles.  Disassemble the vacuum cleaner and clean all filters and any area where clogging may occur.  (See the images on this page to show where to clean the vacuum cleaner)

Amber Light Shows

This indicator may indicate that the machine is overheating or operating at low temperatures.  Give the vacuum cleaner some time to either cool down or move the vacuum cleaner to a higher temperature area.  Connect the vacuum cleaner to the charger and allow the battery to fully charge.  Check the vacuum after a while and see if it turns on.  If not, leave it on the charger for a longer time and check it later.

Red Light Flashing

This light indicates a real problem with the vacuum cleaner itself.  Call Dyson Support at 1 (844) 679-1647.

What Causes Dyson To Pulsate?

When the vacuum detects obstacles, it stops the flow of air.  A deep carpet can restrict airflow.  He will stop for a moment and restore the vacuum cleaner.  If you still vacuum the carpet, it seems to “pulsate”.  You can fix this by opening the hatch on the main unit / brush and moving the red switch to the – sign.

In addition, if this happens, clogging may occur.  A small lid in the trash can can be clogged.  Remove the wand from where it attaches to the dirt chamber, and you may find clogging in this area or a small damper stuck.  Disassemble it and clear all obstacles.  This should solve the problem of pulsation.

Also check out the Best Dyson Allergy Vacuum if you have allergies.

What Do I Do When My Dyson Won’t Work?

Check the airways

Blockages inside the tube, hose or dust collector can impede airflow and vacuum overheating, and the battery will shut down. Irregular cleaning of the filter will also turn off the vacuum cleaner.  If debris inside the filter is not removed, it will harden, blocking the flow of air.  This will cause the vacuum to overheat and disconnect the battery.

Check the fuse

Like any other household appliance, all Dyson vacuum cleaners have a fuse in the charger.  This fuse will blow if there is an excessive amount of electricity, for example in the event of a power surge.  Refer to the user manual to find the location of the fuse for your specific model.

Check the cable

Cords are prone to damage.  They are stepped on, pinched, bent, pulled.  This wear can eventually damage the cord.  A damaged cord will not charge properly.  Apart from the frustration that your Dyson is not fully charged, it is also a dangerous danger.  There is a high risk of electric shock or fire.  Contact your Dyson dealer immediately for a cable replacement.

Why Is My Dyson Cordless Vacuum Battery Not Holding Charge?

When you need to clean up a mess, you don’t want to know that your Dyson vacuum battery won’t last long enough to run fast.  If your Dyson vacuum cleaner battery does not charge, try resetting the vacuum cleaner.  Place your Dyson on the charging station.  Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds.

The vacuum does not turn on.  Release the button and then allow the vacuum cleaner to fully charge. Resetting the vacuum will help to update the vacuum.  If battery problems persist, contact your Dyson dealer for a replacement battery.

What To Do If Your Dyson Is Not Sucking up Dirt Properly?

The first thing to look for when your Dyson stops collecting dirt is the roller.  If the engine is still running properly and the suction seems to be fine, then perhaps the culprit is the roller.

  1. Unplug the appliance and turn it upside down. Before you start, make sure you have completely disconnected the device from the mains, and then turn it upside down.  The roller should not have hair, cotton or rope, but under normal use it clogs up after a while.

If you have pets, carpets with edging or family members with long hair, chances are that things will be tightly wrapped along the entire length of the roller.  As it accumulates, the vacuum cleaner will not be able to work properly and the roller will not rotate properly, so it must be thoroughly cleaned.

  1. Remove the plate around the roller: there will be a plate around part of the roller, and this plate is usually removed by unscrewing a pair of screws. This particular Dyson model has three huge screws that unscrew in just a quarter turn and then the plate comes off.

By removing the plate, you get better access to the roller and brushes.  I do not suggest removing the roller completely, as it is held in place by a tight rubber strap that is very difficult to install.  If the belt breaks, it can be replaced, but if it is not broken, I would leave it alone and relieve myself of the hassle.

  1. Cut and pull out the hair stuck in the roller: use everyday scissors to trim the hair and cotton stuck in the roller and pull it all out. It will take a few minutes to clean completely, but make sure everything is clean before putting on the protective cover again for best results.

How To Fix Dyson Power Problems

First, make sure your vacuum cleaner is properly plugged in or, in the case of a cordless vacuum cleaner, fully charged.  Dysons wireless devices are small and powerful, but they need to be charged regularly, especially when using MAX (high-power) mode, if available.

A flashing light may indicate that the vacuum cleaner battery needs charging.  Although, depending on the specific model, flashing indicators may also indicate a lock or other problem.  After charging, make sure you turn off the vacuum cleaner before trying to turn it on – cordless vacuum cleaners do not work when plugged in.

Also keep in mind that the battery life of any electronic device may deteriorate over time.  How quickly this happens depends on the specific model and model of use.  If the battery is no longer charging – or only running for a few minutes in normal (non-MAX) mode – you may need to replace it.

How To Fix Dyson Clogged Filter

If the filter is blocked, the vacuum will not work properly.  To remove the filter, turn the purple disc labeled “filter” located at the top of the vacuum cleaner.  Then just remove the filter from the vacuum cleaner and rinse it under running water for at least 2 minutes.  Rinse and gently shake the filter to remove accumulated debris.

After rinsing, gently wring out the filter to remove excess water.  Then place the filter in a warm, dry environment to dry for 24 hours.  After at least 24 hours, place the filter back in the vacuum and continue normal use.

Dyson Not Working FAQs

Why Did My Dyson Stop Working?

The probable reason that the suction motor in your Dyson vacuum cleaner is not working is the lack of power supply.  In the wired vacuum model, this means that power does not come through the outlet to which it is connected.  This may be due to the fact that the house as a whole has no electricity, or due to a faulty outlet.

Why Does My Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Keep Starting And Stopping?

One of the first things to do when your Dyson vacuum cleaner starts and stops is to empty the bucket.  It may be full, or the machine may simply perceive it as too full to keep running.  Dyson vacuum cleaners require a constant flow of air to work, and a full container can prevent this.


Dyson Not Working? Well, despite the power of Dyson vacuum cleaners, which regularly top our lists of the best vacuum cleaners and the best cordless vacuum cleaners, they may come across the problem by accident.  One of the most common, especially with wireless models such as the Dyson V10, is that they can often stop and start without giving you a continuous flow of suction.

Disconnect the Dyson from the power source when troubleshooting or repairing.  This means unplugging the plug, if it is a corded device, or removing the battery from the wireless models.  This ensures that you prevent any chance of electric shock.  In addition, you will also reduce the overall risk of injury, especially when working with moving parts.

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