Dyson V6 vs V7 Cordless Vacuum Comparison

This is a comprehensive Dyson V6 vs V7review and I will be comparing and contrasting two of the most popular vacuum cleaner

If you’ve ever paused to enquire about the difference between Dyson V6 vs V7, “the two most popular vacuum cleaners”, then you’re at the right stop, As we will be taking a quick review on them.

Dyson is one of the leading and very exceptional producers of a cordless stick vacuum. Over the years, they have proven themselves as one of the top producers of cord-free vacuum. Comparing the above two, shows They are pretty similar brands, though with closer specifications in terms of battery, motor, and other features.

The V6 and V7 stand out as the most affordable cord-free vacuum cleaner from Dyson. So if you’re in search of a cordless vacuum and with a low budget, this two would be your best fit. The major distinguishing features, however, will be stated, so to guide you, while making a choice that suits your need. 

Dyson V6 Review

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The Dyson V6 is a perfect recommendation for beginners. This is so because, it’s very easy to use, yet offers a very satisfying performance that makes it worth your choice.

It comes with an outstanding design that compensates for the not-so-high suction power and running time since it features the least run time and suction power of all Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners. 

Also, V6  Obtains an Absolute high-Specification feature, of both soft roller, and direct drive attachment, which makes the cleaning of either a hard or soft carpet floor very easy.

This soft roller head makes the vacuum capable of handling pet litter on a hard surface, without drifting or sliding ahead. The direct-drive cleaning head, makes it do an awesome job of cleaning and getting rid of rice, pet hair, dust, debris, and kitty litter.

When the Dyson V6 series was released into the market, it was the most powerful cordless cleaner. While there are other powerful cleaners, it retains its standing as one of the best Dyson vacuum cleaners. Dyson V6 comes in 6 different variants, this affords it to function as a stick vacuum and double as a hand-held vacuum. 

There is the V6 absolute as the top variant, this is the most expensive of the variants because it comes with many accessories, essential to a vacuum cleaner. 

We also have the V6 Fluffy which features a soft roller cleaner ideal for hard floors. V6 Animal comes after this, with a similar feature to the V6 Absolute, but Just with one exception, “it does not come with a soft fluffy roller as part of its accessories”. If you love a Dyson V6 cleaner and you are on a budget, consider the V6 Motorhead. It is the most affordable but comes with fewer accessories. There’s V6 HEPA, this feature acts like the Motorhead of this variant, added with the advantage of HEPA filters. 

Arguments for Dyson V6
  • High filtration system
  • Lots of cleaning accessories, depending on your model of V6
  • Reasonably priced
  • Impressive cleaning performance 
Arguments against Dyson V6
  • Limited runtime
  • Emptying the dust cap is clumsy
Dyson V7 Cleaner Review

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Aside from the fact that the vacuum V7 got released just after the launch of the Dyson V8, they both share several similarities, besides being sold at an affordable price. Dyson V7 comes in four variants: V7 Animal, V7 HEPA, V7 Absolute, and V7 Motorhead. These variants are pretty similar to V6 models. They, however, feature advancements present in the V7 model making them more user-friendly with optimum performance.

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Arguments for Dyson V7
  • Improved dust cup design
  • Reasonable run time
Arguments against Dyson V7
  • Limited accessories compared to the V6 model 
Similarities of Dyson V6 vs. V7 Vacuum Cleaner
  • Dyson versions V6 and V7 are multifunctional. This means the stick vacuum cleaner, can be converted into a powerful handheld cleaner. The stick can be detached, by using a button on the vacuum.
  • The Dyson version V6 and V7 will be charged fully in five hours maximum. There is a cordless charging device as well, which is fixed to the wall. The docking station doesn’t take up much space and is well built.
  • Rather than using the continual vacuum system, Dyson’s V6 and V7 employ a trigger system. This preserves battery life, giving you more run time. With this trigger system, users could hold the trigger while vacuuming. The vacuum stops when you let go of the trigger. 
  • Both variants feature the “max” power mode. With this, you can boost the suction power of the machine without sacrificing battery life.
  • Dyson V6 and V7 both feature the 2-Tier Radial Cyclone system, which is specially designed to suck in the dust, dirt, and debris at a high speed. This sets them apart and makes both cleaner stand out from other vacuums in the market.
Differences between Dyson V6 vs. V7
  1. Even though Dyson V7 is an upgrade to the V6 series, version V6 offers a stronger suction power when it comes to cleaning compared to V7.
  2. The battery life of the Dyson V7 far exceeds that of the V6 by an additional 10 minutes. In essence, while the Dyson V7 can run for over 30 minutes, the Dyson V6 cleans for 20 minutes.
  3. There is advancement with a quick-release system in the crevice tool of Dyson V7. In addition to this, there is a direct drive cleaner in V7 which is not present in Dyson V6. There is also a slight variation between the attachments and accessories of the Dyson V6 and V7 series

Other Distinguishing Features 

Other than the distinguishing factors that separate both V7 and V8 models of Dyson vacuum cleaners. There are still some features that are unique to each of them, and they could be examined under the following subheadings.

Suction and Power 

Dyson version V7 offers more cleaning power than V6. Yet, Even though V6 is less powerful, the power of each does not vary significantly. V6 without a doubt will still do a terrific job of cleaning your carpets and hard floor. 

Battery Life

In selecting a cordless vacuum cleaner, battery life is of utmost importance. It is one of the most critical factors that will determine how well you will enjoy your vacuum cleaner. So, if Battery life is a key factor for you, then V6 shouldn’t be your First choice version. This is so because V6 doesn’t come with impressive battery life. Besides a maximum runtime of 20 minutes, it runs 6 minutes on turbo. This is not so enough to thoroughly clean the whole house. As a result, one might not rely on Dyson V6 as the main vacuum cleaner but as a supplementary one.

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Dyson version V7 on the other hand comes with a total run time of 30 minutes in a regular setting. This is fair enough because it offers you enough time to clean your house. With the turbo setting, however, you have a total runtime of 7 minutes.

Charging Period 

One of the downsides of most vacuum cleaners is the extensive charging period. Dyson, however, stands out in that it doesn’t involve an extensively long charging period.

Dyson V6 has a total charging period of three hours. This is good and reasonable, much better than vacuum cleaners that come with a charging period of 15 hours and above and still, offer a short run time.

Also, Even though the V7 model comes with a bigger battery, it has a total charging period of 2.5 hours and extended runtime. This is a good improvement from the V6 version.

Filtration System

A vacuum cleaner filter is pretty important and should be considered before making a choice. This is so, especially if you or any of the family members have an allergy or asthma. Dyson version V6 comes with HEPA filters and a secured filtration system.

The simple explanation for this is that all air sucked into the vacuum must pass through the filter. The filter traps the allergens, leaving clean and harmless air out. 

Dyson V7, on the other hand, does not come with a HEPA filter. Rather, there is a simple filtration system in it, which is not recommended for people with asthma or allergies.


As expected, Dyson version V7 is a little bit heavier than the V6 version. This is, however, not much of a concern as you are even less likely to notice except you have both cleaners. 

Even with this, both cleaners do not weigh more than 5 Kg. As a result, you can use it for a pretty long while, without triggering excessive fatigue in your hand. Besides, this is the normal range of many vacuum cleaners.

Dust Capacity 

I guess it is because Dyson version V6 is the first product; it has some complaints in terms of the canister and dust capacity. Many people even have a problem with the design of the canister.

On pressing the button to eject the debris, all of them do not fall out. Rather, most of the debris will be a stick in the shroud. You are left with no option but to pull them all out with your hand. This could be unhygienic and disgusting. Not only is this unhygienic, but it also consumes time.

This issue, however, was fixed in the Dyson V7. It comes with a bigger canister. On pressing the button as well, none of it will be stuck. It is simple as the entire dry debris falls out with ease. 

Who is the Dyson V6 for?
  1. The Dyson V6 comes with some limitations. This is in terms of the run time which is just about 20 minutes. This is, however, effective for many spot-cleaning tasks. Also, the bin design could be somewhat tasking to empty. This is because you might have to dismantle the components before you empty them. If you do not mind these limitations, you can give Dyson V6 a try.
  2. If you are tight on budget and prefer something cheaper, I recommend V6 Absolute. It is a top-of-the-line series and will do a good job of giving you a sparkling floor.
  3. Dyson V6 is a versatile vacuum that will do a terrific job, like the V7 variant. 

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As long as you do not mind the limitations discussed above, Dyson V6 is a good choice. The major con is the limited run time and the dust cup design flaw. Besides that, it comes with a beautiful design, is easy to use, and will take care of all your cleaning needs. It also costs less than $269 on Amazon.


Who is the Dyson V7 for?
  1. If you need a longer runtime, we recommend Dyson V7 as it comes with a much longer run time. Also, if you stay in a bigger home, Dyson V7 is a recommended option. 
  2. If you do not want the limitation that comes with emptying your vacuum, we recommend going for Dyson V7 as it’s an upgrade to the V6. All you have to do is pull up the red lever located on the machine. This makes the container go down and the shroud emptying the dirt. 

Dyson V7 is a worthy upgrade over the V6 variant and comes with some improvement over some limitations of the V6. There is a better dust cup design that helps you empty the bin easily. One of the downsides is the limited accessories of the V7 as compared to the V6 variant.

Dyson V6 vs V7, which should you buy?

In addition to the above, there is a couple of things you should put in mind if you are interested in buying either of the Dyson variants. The following can guide you: 

  1. Budget: If you do not mind investing some extra bucks on a vacuum cleaner, we recommend the Dyson V7 series. If you are, however, on a tight budget, the Dyson V6 series is a good choice.
  2. Features: the Dyson V7 and V6 models come in different variants. This might make it slightly difficult to select the best and most appropriate one for you. However, the Dyson V6 and V7 Absolute come with important accessories that will take care of your cleaning needs. If you are, however, not a big fan of these accessories, we recommend going for the model that suits your needs best.
  3. Space: It is also vital to consider the size of your house before making a selection. While the Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner will work well for smaller spaces, it is not recommended for big spaces. Rather, Dyson version v7 will handle bigger spaces effectively. 

Put these in mind before making your selection 

Conclusion: Dyson V6 vs V7 Review 

This is a comprehensive review of the Dyson V6 vs V7 vacuum cleaner. We have examined the major things you need to know before making your choice. There are various variants of each model that will suit your needs. If you are confused about what to select, go for either the Motorhead or Animal version. 

The Dyson V6 and Dyson V7 vacuum cleaners are powerful to take care of all your cleaning needs. 

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