Dyson Vacuum Not Charging: Sure Fix!

Your Dyson Vacuum Not Charging? Some of the most common reasons why your Dyson vacuum cleaner charger doesn’t work are easy to fix, so you don’t have to worry about repairing or replacing your battery.  Failure to charge at first is frustrating, although there are a few simple reasons why your Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner may not work.

Why Is My Dyson Vacuum Not Charging?

The problem can be as simple as a machine that is disconnected from the network.  Sometimes we are too exhausted from a grueling work day and forget about everything.  Make sure you connect the charging cable to the wall and that your vacuum cleaner is properly seated in the charging station. Your Dyson vacuum won’t charge even if the cord is off by a fraction. If the issue still persists, check if the socket is working. Try other ones in your house.

How Do I Know When My Dyson Is Charging?

Your Dyson vacuum cleaner has an LED indicator that should turn on when it starts charging.  If you have a V10 or V11, its battery has blue indicators on both sides that should flash and turn off while charging.  As soon as charging is complete, the indicator will go out.  It takes three and a half to four hours to charge Dyson vacuum cleaners.

However, if you notice a red or yellow light or even none, your Dyson does not charge.  If you see any of these signs, read the instructions below to help you understand the problem. Check out the 7 Best Dyson For High Pile Carpet: Buyers Guide

Possible Reasons For Dyson Vacuum Not Charging

Vacuum cleaner may not be connected correctly

If you may forget to connect the phone properly or turn on the outlet to charge the phone, it is likely that you did not connect the vacuum cleaner properly the night before.  Make sure the charging cable is plugged in and the vacuum cleaner is properly located in the charging station.

Charging cord may be damaged

There is a possibility that your charging cord may be damaged and will not be able to transfer the required amount of energy to charge the battery.  You may want to check the charging cord for signs of wear or untwisting.  It is possible that your pets have bitten the cord, or you may have pulled them too hard.  In any case, you can check the charging cord by switching to another cord.  If you don’t have an extra cord, you can buy one from your local dealer or Dyson store.

Battery case may be damaged

In a typical Dyson vacuum, the battery is located on the handle of the machine.  If you use previous models, such as the V6 and V7, that came with a removable battery, you can easily remove it to check for problems.  If you notice any signs of damage or cracks on the case, it may mean that the battery is damaged.

May be fuse issue

Dyson vacuum cleaners have many safety features, such as overcurrent protection, cover leakage protection, short circuit protection, overvoltage protection and overcharge protection.  Many of these safety features are connected to a fuse in a vacuum charge that explodes to prevent serious damage to the machine due to excessive current. 5 Best Dyson Vacuum For Carpet And Hardwood: Buyers Guide

What To Do When Dyson Vacuum Is Not Charging

Check the Dyson battery

The culprit is often the battery, and although it lasts up to three years, it can be damaged and will need to be replaced sooner.  The battery may still charge in some situations, although it discharges quickly and does not last long.  Fortunately, you can easily buy a spare battery by contacting Dyson support experts.  A separate battery is available for the Dyson V6, V7 and V8.

When you receive a new battery, your user guide includes a step-by-step process to remove the old battery and install a new one.  This is easy to follow and you will be able to use your Dyson as soon as you charge a new battery.  New Dyson models, such as the V10 and V11, contain batteries that last up to 15 years.

If you buy a Dyson portable wireless device, the included battery may not work at all.  This situation occurs when a particular Dyson product is in stock for a long time.  During this time, even a new battery can be completely discharged and require replacement.  After replacing a new battery, your Dyson will work well for many years.

Check the battery pack

Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner batteries are usually located on the handle, and some models, including the V6 and V7, have a removable battery.  If you can remove the battery, you can check for damage to the case, as this may permanently affect the battery, resulting in a complete replacement.

Because Dyson’s V10 and V11 have a much longer battery life, it’s important to check the case to make sure it’s intact and undamaged. Any cracks or tears in the case mean that your battery is probably damaged and should be replaced immediately.  Your Dyson dealer can help you with this order to get a replacement quickly.

Mount the Charging Station

Some Dyson vacuum models offer a wall-mounted charger that allows you to mount the device on a wall to avoid over-stretching the cord, which can lead to premature wear.  Because some docks do not always reach the vacuum properly, which can damage the cords, installing a charging station is a great option.

Clean the vacuum cleaner and its components

If you haven’t cleaned your Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner for a while, there may be a lot of debris and dirt on its ability to charge properly.  The operating instructions contain useful instructions for safely removing each part so that you can carefully clean each section.

If your Dyson model needs warm water and mild soap to clean debris, dirt, or debris in hoses, nozzles, and other parts, make sure they are completely dry before reconnecting to the vacuum cleaner.

Check for airway blockage

Sometimes a sock or a small object that clogs your vacuum cleaner can cause a complete loss of power as it enters the airways.  If your air filters are not cleaned regularly, this can lead to the accumulation of debris and small particles that will close your car after a while. If you suspect that filters may be the main cause of power outages, remove and rinse them with warm water, vinegar, baking soda or mild soap.

Check the fuse

Each Dyson vacuum charger contains a fuse that can blow if the current is excessive, as can be the case with any electrical appliance.  When this happens, it is relatively easy to replace the fuse, which is located on a small panel of the machine, with a plug.

You can replace the old fuse with a flat-blade screwdriver and then replace it with a new one.  It is important to read the amplifier level on the old fuse to make sure you are replacing it with a compatible fuse.

How To Clean Your Dyson Cordless Vacuum Filter

  • Switch off the vacuum cleaner
  • Allow the vacuum cleaner to cool down before attempting to remove the filter. Do not press the power button until you are finished.
  • Turn the filter counterclockwise. Pull it to remove it from the vacuum.
  • Shake the debris on the filter into the debris
  • Rinse the filter in cold water. Remove all dust from it.  Do not use detergents or hot water for cleaning.
  • Rinse the foam element in cold water. Squeeze the foam while rinsing to get rid of dirt.  Continue washing it until the water becomes clear.
  • Shake the filter to remove excess water
  • Leave the filter to dry for 24 hours
  • Check that the filter is completely dry. If so, return it to the vacuum.
  • Check the vacuum cleaner by pressing the power button

Dyson Vacuum Not Charging FAQs

Can I Leave Dyson Constantly Recharging?

Yes, you can leave your Dyson vacuum cleaner always attached to the charger.  The battery automatically stops charging when fully charged.  Remember that the Dyson battery is completely discharged at least once a month.  This is good for the health of the battery and helps it last longer.

Where Can Is Dyson Battery Located?

The removable battery is located on the handle of your vacuum cleaner.  Remove the battery and check for cracks or other damage.  New models may need to use a small screwdriver to access the battery after you remove the package.  Use the same process to check the battery for signs of wear.

Why Is My Dyson Vacuum Not Charging?

As with any electronic charging problem, it is best to check all connections before deciding that your device needs to be replaced.  Make sure the power cord is fully connected to both the outlet and the Dyson charging port.  If all connections are strong, connect a mobile phone charger and see if the outlet itself works.


Your Dyson Vacuum Not Charging? It can be really annoying when you plug in your Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner the night before just to wake up and find that the battery is still low.  This may mean that you have to switch to the wired version or try to find out the problem.  Fortunately, in most cases this will not be a problem, as you can easily solve the problem of not charging Dyson Vacuum with a few settings, and you will return to cleaning your home.

Charging cords can wear out over time and lose their ability to conduct electricity.  Twisting at strange angles, biting pets and being in the sun are all factors that can lead to cuts and cuts in the power cord.  As soon as the wires under them are exposed, even the smallest particles of air, dust or moisture can cause the cord to malfunction.  If you have a power cord that shows signs of wear, the probable cause is that the light does not detect a charge.

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