Ecovacs Deebot Slim 2 Review

When you talk of cheap but effective smart house cleaners, you’d definitely mention the Ecovacs Deebot Slim 2. It is somehow new in the market but the impact is undeniable. Here is a comprehensive Ecovacs Deebot Slim 2 review detailing the whole info about the bot.

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Ecovacs Deebot Slim 2 Overview

This is a basic floor sweeper/vacuum robot with smart control, features an ultra-slim body design with 3 individual cleaning modes. It is one of the cheapest Ecovac’s robot cleaners made for everyone. You’d love the low-profile design because it will navigate under all the furniture’s, bed, couches, and other high base equipment’s. With a set of ever-rotating brushes, this bot sweeps right into deep corners and wall edges.

Because it is not a high-end cleaning bot, it somehow struggles to be friendly with your carpets. The navigation system is just a basic one, so, a complex house arrangement will definitely confuse this bot. However, it does a good job cleaning your floors and because the price is much, you can overlook its limitations. 

Ecovacs Deebot does the most important floor cleaning task which is picking up pet hairs, thanks to the tangle-free brushes set. Dual side brushes are available to clean both pet and human hairs easily and quickly. Also, it is a wifi enabled robotic vacuum, packed with HEPA filtrations and mobile app integration. Virtually, from any location, you could control the bot to clean. It went on to support scheduled cleaning which makes everything much easier; you can scheduling the bot to clean daily for the whole week while you move your concentration to other stuff. When the battery is low or after each task, Ecovacs Deebot Slim 2 will return to the dock station to recharge itself and get ready for the next task.

Quick features

  • Low profile design
  • 3-stage cleaning system
  • Obstacle detection technology
  • Cliff detector
  • HEPA filters
  • Wifi enabled, mobile app control
  • Auto-recharge and scheduling function


Weight  5.4 pounds approx.
Dimensions  12.2 x 2.2 x 12.2 inches (W x H x L) 
Finish  Dark white/grey 
Bin capacity 320 ML
Mobile app support Yes, Android and iOS 
Battery run-time  110 minutes 
Time until full charge  4 hours
Battery type  lithium-ion 
Doorsill crossing 1cm without Mop 0.75 cm with Mop  
Self-charge support Yes 
Hepa filtration Yes
Cliff detection  Yes
Edge brushes Dual side brushes
Full bin indicator  Not available
Scheduling  Up to 7x per week
Extra Filter N/A
Working Modes 3 stage cleaning
Voice control No 
Remote controller Yes
Anti-Collision Infrared Anti-Collision Sensor  Bumper Rail
Warranty support From the manufacturer 
Price $162.00 (Amazon)

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Ecovacs Deebot Slim Review

It is cheap quite alright, but does it work the price even at that? The Ecovacs Deebot Slim 2 does not work effectively on so many floor types. In fact, it is only on hard floors that it functions quite very well. However, it has a low profile design with enables the bot to penetrate into deep edges and also under home furniture’s to clean up everywhere. The dustbin is very easy to empty and it features excellent smart controls that won’t stress you a bit.

Being controllable via a smartphone app is a great thing and it allows the owner to virtually send commands from anywhere. This robot stays up and running up to 110 minutes (1 hr, 50 minutes) but it takes a whole 4 solid hours until full charge. 

Also, Ecovacs Deebot Slim2 supports a 3-stage cleaning system and suctions pet hairs with the help of its tangle-free brushes, that’s good but it doesn’t work on rugs! So bad.

In all, this is simply a basic robotic cleaner for basic home cleaning tasks. On hard carpets and floors, it works very great. For the effectiveness and maximum efficiency of this bot, ensure you remove the wires and minor obstacles around the environment it is supposed to clean/mop.


  • Low price vacuuming robot
  • Works perfectly on hard floors
  • Mobile app controllable
  • Low profile design
  • Easy to empty dustbin
  • HEPA filter
  • Pet hair treatment
  • Floor sweeper/mopping bot


  • The random navigation is not efficient
  • It does not work very well on all floors
  • The bot finds it very difficult to climb cliffs
  • Takes longer time to charge fully

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How does the  Slim 2 function?

It works by utilizing the various high-tech sensors/technologies built into it. This includes a HEPA filtration system and tangle-free suction brushes.

Design/Body aesthetics

Ecovacs Deebot Slim 2 doesn’t have the fanciest body design for a robotic vacuum it is but its design is simple and unique. It is as oval as Roomba vacuums; instead, it took the shape of an irrational square with curved edges. Deebot Slim 2 looks good in this design with every of its operational button arranged to a befitting space. Certainly, this bot will complement your home décor.

Navigation and tech

You would find any special mapping technology on Deebot Slim2 but it moves quite seamlessly while cleaning the floors. It is an ultra-slim, sleek vacuum bot with low-profile height. This means it can go into certain hidden corners, penetrate under the home furniture and clean everywhere perfectly. However, the absence of a traditional rotating brush bar doesn’t suggest glitzy performance on carpets. 

There are dual floating rubber drive wheels that aid the robot to navigate up and down small brims. The cliff detector inside halts the bot’s movement once it detects a drop-off point higher than 1cm. Actually, what Ecovacs Deebot Slim2 uses to navigate is an infrared anti-collision sensor merged with bump-detection sensors; its navigation is random. 

Unlike other expensive and premium robotic vacuums, there are no fancy mapping cameras or room nav. smarts on this bot. 

Battery and docking

After about 110 minutes or after completing a cleaning task, the Ecovacs Deebot Slim 2 finds its way back to the charging station and auto-docks itself. This reduces the stress of carrying the robot around the house by yourself in order to recharge it for another task.

When the robot auto-docks, it takes approximately 4 hours until it charges fully. Well, you don’t have to bother about that, just ensure the charge/dock station is always powered on.

3-stage cleaning modes

The 3 cleaning modes include – spot, edge, and auto. With this variety of cleaning methods, the SLIM2 bot is capable to tackle various messes in your home. It would utilize the tangle-free suction brushes and an optional mop to deliver a clean surface.

You are to use the remote controller or mobile app to set this bot of on one of its 3 cleaning methods: auto, edge or spot cleaning. Nevertheless, hitting the centered “Auto” button on the cleaner physical body triggers the auto-cleaning mode.

Ecovacs SLIM2 has the ability to lift any kind of hairs, dirt, and debris from the floor. Simply connect the robot to your home Wifi and enjoy seamless hands-free control.

Obstacle maneuvering

Don’t expect the Slim2 not to collide with obstacles because it will certainly do. You should clear off minor distractors like cords/cables and other minor obstacles so it can navigate swiftly. But, if the machine gets stuck, the main button turns red to inform you that something is wrong and the robot needs your attention.

This is not an advanced robotic cleaner; so no one should expect 100% performance from a robot of 100bucks or so. Ecovacs Deebot Slim2 tries its best to detect cliffs so it does not fall off and get damaged.

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Verdict on the Ecovacs Deebot Slim2 review

Featuring a high-efficiency filtration system (HEPA) plus a remote controller are big reasons to reckon this bot among the advanced home cleaning robots where we’ve got the likes of Roomba 980, Neato D7, etc. Emptying the bin is not a task at all, it is very easy.

The sensors packed into Ecovacs Slim2 are really smart as advertised but the next model of this unit should pack enhanced sensors. A proper navigation tech will distinguish this robotic vacuum cleaner from its counterparts. Everyone is after this cleaner at the moment due to its cheap price, the popularity is on the rise every day, you also need one.

Finally, Ecovacs Deebot Slim2 is an inexpensive entry home cleaner launched into the smart app-controlled robot cleaner family. It is very good on hard floors but on carpets? Not so good.

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How To Operate Ecovacs Deeboot SLIM 2

To get the Ecovacs Deeboot SLIM 2 to produce a sumptuous performance and result, you gotta learn how to operate it. This is why we went the extra mile to write quick guidelines to follow before and when using the equipment.

How To Power/Pause The Ecovacs Deeboot SLIM 2


To start the robot press the “Auto Mode” Button. If you’re using the remote control, press the START/PAUSE button. In the “Auto Mode,” Deeboot will immediately clean.


Press the AUTO Mode Button on Deeboot or the START/PAUSE button on the remote control to pause Deeboot. The Auto Mode button light on the control panel will automatically switch off after it is paused for up to 10 minutes. To wake up the robot, press the Auto Mode button on the Deeboot or press any button on the remote control.

Power OFF

First of all, pause the Deeboot. Manually move the Bottom Power switch to the OFF position. if you’re not using your Deeboot, we suggest you keep the Power ON and charging.


You can use the Ecovacs Deeboot without a Wi-Fi connection. If connecting the robot vacuum to Wi-Fi trouble you, you can as well ignore it. However, you cannot be able to the App if it is not connected to Wi-fi.

But connecting your router to Deebot isn’t difficult at all. Just make sure your router supports the single-band (2.4GHz) or dual-band (2.4/5GHz). Note that the Deebot doesn’t support the 5GHz frequency band.
Once you successfully get your Deebot setup, you can control it using the remote control or the app.

This includes switching the power button On and Off, navigating it, selecting the cleaning mode, and setting a schedule. On the App, you will even get a notification to change the brushes and filters.

Knowing all this is good for your collaboration with your new Ecovacs Deeboot. However, refer to the manual if you get stuck or contact customer care.

Cleaning Mode Selection On The Ecovacs Deeboot SLIM 2

The Ecovacs Deeboot SLIM 2 has several cleaning modes you can choose from depending on your floor. You can select cleaning modes using the ECOVACS app or remote control.

AUTO Cleaning Mode: This mode is commonly used for cleaning. In this mode, your Deebot will clean your floor in a straight line and automatically changes direction whenever it comes in contact with an obstacle.

Press the Auto button on the robot or the remote to activate this mode.

Edge Cleaning Mode: this mode is effective for cleaning the edges and corners of your room. In Edge Cleaning Mode, your Deeboot will also clean along borders such as walls.

Press the ‘Edge Cleaning” mode to activate this mode.

Spot Cleaning Mode: this mode is specially made for areas of your home with highly concentrated dust or dirt. In Spot Cleaning Mode, Your Deboot will focus on specific areas to clean.

However, it works for three minutes or less depending on the size of the dirty spot. It will spin around on that specific area until it’s clean.

Press the ‘Spot Clean” button to activate this mode.

Single Room Mode: Your deboot moves from room to room to clean as usual. But in Single Room Mode, your Deboot will focus on one particular room.

However, ensure doors are locked when using this mode because your robot cannot detect your room boundaries.

Press the “Single Room” button to activate this mode.

Return To Charging Mode: When the Deeboot’s battery power gets low, it’ll automatically switch mode to “Return To Charger Mode”- meaning it will return to its charging station to recharge.

However, you can manually send your Deeboot to charge by pressing the “ Return To Charger” button on the remote control.

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How To Programme The Robot

The reboot comes with Intelligent and Time Scheduling features to schedule cleaning times. You can program your Deebot to automatically clean with the Intelligent Scheduling using the bot’s control panel.

Whereas to program Deebot to clean, you need to use the app.

How To set Intelligent schedule On Your Deeboot

You can schedule your Deebot to clean only once per day and it will clean your home even if no one is at home.

To set the cleaning time, double-see the Auto Mode Button. To know if the Intelligent scheduling is set the robot will emit an ascending tune and the Auto Mode button will glow blue.

With this, your Deebot will automatically clean your home at the time you set every day. For example, set the scheduling time at 10 am and your Deebot will clean your home at 10 am every day.

Likewise, to cancel the Intelligent Schedule, double-see the Auto Mode button on your Deeboot and it’ll emit a descending tune, and the Auto Mode button will display a blue light. To set it to automatically clean at another time, first cancel the current time then set the Intelligent schedule at your desired time.

How To Set a schedule On Your Deeboot

You can program your Deboot weekly to  clean your home multiple times per day at your desired time using the ECOAVCS App.

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How To Maintain Your Ecovacs Deeboot SLIM 2


Dust bin and Filters

  • Open the top cover of your robot and remove the dust bin. Then open the dust bin cleaner and empty the dust bin.
  • To remove the filters, hit the “High Efficiency” clean. Do not rinse the High-Efficiency cleaner inside water.
  • Rinse the Sponge Filter, Filter Net, and Dust Bin under running water.
  • Before reinstalling air-dry the filter and the Dust Bin completely.

Cleaning Cloth

  • Remove the cleaning cloth plate from the robot before the cleaning cloth.
  • Wash and dry the cleaning cloth.
    Grab a clean dry cloth and wipe the cleaning cloth plate.
  • Remember to clean the side brushes at least once every two weeks and depending on how you use the vacuum, replace them every 3 to 6 months.
  • Clean the main brush at least once a week and replace it once or twice in 11 months depending on how often you use it.
  • As for the filters, replace them every 4-6 months. Additionally, clean the sensors using a soft clean dry once every week.

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Can I Use Ecovacs Deeboot On Carpet?

Ecovacs Deeboot comes with a combination of robot vacuum and floor mop which as well can be used on carpet. Not only do they dust floors and carpets, but also mop.

They can clean any type of floor, and you don’t have to control it manually. Another amazing feature is that they can tell how much water needs to dispense from the eco chamber underneath, so you don’t need to worry about your carpet getting too wet.

Can I Use Ecovacs Deeboot Without Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can use the Ecovacs Deeboot without a Wi-Fi connection. If connecting with the robot vacuum to Wi-Fi trouble you, you can as well ignore it. However, you cannot be able to the App if it is not connected to Wi-fi.







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