How Often to Replace Steam Mop Pads?

The steam mop pads, it seems you never get to replace them. Perhaps, mop pads even last longer than the steam mop itself. Well, how often to replace steam mop pads?

How often you replace steam mop pads depends on usage level and the current cleaning condition. Reliable steam mop pads use high-quality microfiber and are washable and reusable. They absorb water, and continuously clean effectively for a long time.

A steam mop pad is not a COVID disposable facemask, you do not dispose of it after steam-mopping. Just wash yours after use for the next steam mopping.

Meanwhile, your mop pads can clean smooth sealed hard floors seamlessly, including laminate, wooden, ceramic tile, and marble floors.

How Long Do Steam Mop Pads Last?

Again, how long steam mops last depends on the quality, level of use, and what floor you use it on. If you invest in a high-quality steam mop, you expect it to last longer.

Where you store your steam mop after use also matters. It has to be safe for the mop pad. You can detach and dry it for the next use so that the wetness does not degrade it faster.

After each use, just wash your steam mop. You can begin by pre-soaking it in a dishpan or bucket. Add some detergent and hot water for easy cleaning. Allow it to soak for about 20 minutes or less.

Pour out the dirty water and rinse the steam mop pads. You can use gloves to avoid handling it directly. The fabric will also get discolored but it is not a problem, especially if it is your first-time use.

It is only a steam mop pad and you may not use it as long as your steam mop itself.

Your steam mop pad should be allowed to dry for the next steam cleaning. Ensure to store it properly. You can also have the mop pads in a storage bag until your next use.

Can You Wash Steam Mop Pads?

You can wash steam mop pads after use. Washing your steam mop pads helps to get rid of accumulated dirt while cleaning the floor.

Mop pads made from cotton or microfiber are typically reusable. You can hand-wash or use a washing machine to get your steam mop pad to whiten clean.

If washing your steam mop by hand, get a teaspoon of baking soda or mild liquid detergent. Mix the solution in water and soak the mop pad.

Most manufacturers, for example, Shark Clean, do not recommend using bleach, fabric softeners, or powdered detergent. After cleaning, you want to air-dry it.

Using the prohibited solutions above can damage the coating on your mop pads. This means your steam mop pad will not clean or absorb effectively. It will quickly lose its absorbency.

You can always purchase several steam mop pads for your various rooms, including the kitchen, bathroom, and more.

Reusable Steam Mop Pads

To avoid replacing your steam mop too often, you need reliable and reusable steam mop pads. We have compiled two best steam mop pads you can use to replace your worn mop pads.

Below are the best reusable steam mop pads:

Amyehouse ‎20180314-4

The 20180314-4 mop pads of Amyehouse are built for your Shark steam mop models, including S1000, S1000A, S1000C, and more. If you have a different steam mop model, get in touch with the manufacturer for instructions.

Meanwhile, below are what makes the Amyehouse ‎20180314-4 a go-to steam mop pad solution:

  • Pad number. It contains 12pcs of microfiber steam mop pads to replace your Shark S1000 series steam mop cleaners.
  • Reusability. You can easily wash and reuse this steam mop pad due to its microfiber material. Perfectly hand and machine washable when they get dirty.
  • Cleaning. Cleaning is made easy with your Amyehouse ‎20180314-4 microfiber replacement mop pad. It can get all floors to sparkle, including ceramic tile, laminate, marble, and wooden.
  • Microfiber. These mop pads use thousands of tiny microfibers that immediately wipe your dirty floors to clean. See on Amazon

AIR U+ Steam Mop Replacement Pads

The AIR U+ is the replacement steam mop pads you need if you are after quality. It is perfect for your cleaning and wipes the toughest dirt within seconds.

Of course, it is washable, reusable, and strong for all types of floors. Below are the reasons to make this replacement steam mop your choice:

  • Material. AIR U+ uses high-quality microfiber material for this mop pad. It can get your Shark steam mop to absorb and effectively clean hard stains.
  • Cleaning. Cleaning sticky stains is made easy irrespective of where you are cleaning. This mop pad helps your steam mop to remove every grime nobody wants to see.
  • Multi-surface. You can use the AIR U+ on various hard surface floors including marble, sealed hardwood, ceramic, stained concrete, laminate, linoleum, granite, and slate.
  • Compatibility. This steam mop pad is compatible with your Shark steam mop S series. See on Amazon

How Do You Clean Dirty Steam Mop Pads?

If you do not clean your steam mop pad, it will cause the floor to become dirty. A typical dirty microfiber mop pad can cause dirt rather than cleaning the seams and grout lines.

You can clean dirty steam mop pads using warm water and liquid detergent. Again, do not use powdered detergent, fabric softeners, or bleach. These solutions leave the steam mop pad coating exposed.

An exposed steam mop pad will not absorb well enough or clean effectively.

Allow your steam mop pad to stay in the water for about 20 minutes. Pour out the water and rinse it severally to get rid of the lather. Ensure to line-dry or tumble-dry your steam mop pad on a low setting.

Can You Reuse Steam Mop Pads?

You can reuse your steam mop pads. Typical microfiber steam mop pads are reusable and even machine washable. It is easy and safe to clean any microfiber steam mop pad for your next adventurous steam mopping.

After mopping your hard surface floors such as hardwood, stone, laminate, concrete, or tile, do not dispose of your steam mop pad. Even the manufacturers do not recommend disposing of it after one-time use.

As mentioned earlier, steam mop pads are perfectly washable by hand and machine. You only need the mop pad to stay soaked in your bucket for some minutes, 20-25. Rinse it clean severally and you are good.

If you are washing your steam mop pad in the washer, ensure to clean it using warm water and a mild liquid detergent. Finally, air-dry or place your mop pad in a low heat dryer, no dryer sheet.

If you are washing your steam mop pads by hand, you can use baking soda or mild liquid detergent. The measurement should not be more than a teaspoon.

Just mix the cleaning solution into your bucket of hot or warm water and soak your mop pad in it for 20 minutes. Rinse it clean and your hand wash is perfect.

You can now reuse your steam mop pad on your next steam mopping spree.

Replacing Your Steam Mop Pads

What if you have to replace your steam mop pads? You can detach your steam mop pads for washing or put in a new one.

To attach a new steam mop pad, step on the easy release pad tray and lift the unit from the tray.

Now, you can add the scent disc (if yours has one) to your steam mop pad before attaching it. You can put half of the disc for a lighter scent or the entire disc for a whole scent.

Wrap your steam mop pad around the steam tray, ensuring that the quick release tab stays at the back while the stitching stays in the front.

Place the tray of your steam mop pad on the floor and set the unit into place. You should get a see as it goes into place.

This procedure might be different for various steam mop manufacturers. Refer to your owner’s manual for the unique way to detach and attach your steam mop pad for replacement. Nevertheless, the above is a general method.

Guide to Buy Steam Mop Pads

Before you buy a steam mop pad, consider the following:

  1. Multipurpose cleaning

You need steam mop pads that can excellently handle sealed hard and smooth surface floors such as ceramic tile, wooden, marble, and laminate floors.

If your contemporary steam mop pads are suitable for washing your car and windows, then the manufacturer knows just right.

  1. Material quality

You need a high-quality microfiber made of 20 percent polyamide and 80 percent polyester. This makes your steam mop pad perfectly washable and reusable.

Your steam mop pads are also able to absorb water properly and dry faster for effective cleaning. By investing in quality material, your scrub strips can remove the toughest and sticky stains from the floor.

You do not want to leave humans and pet hairs behind while cleaning, do you? Then get the high-quality microfiber mop pads.

  1. Machine and hand washable

Get replacement steam mop pads that are machine and hand washable. As mentioned earlier, mop pads made with microfiber can be washed by hand and machine. Never use dry detergent or vinegar.

  1. Installation

You should be able to easily attach and detach the steam mop pads. Get the steam mop pads designed with loop and hook to close or open and attach or detach easily.

Final Thoughts on How Often to Replace Steam Mop Pads?

Before you pay for steam mop pads, inspect your mop head size to be sure the pads can perfectly fit in. The owner’s manual should specify the proper dimensions you need when getting replacement mop pads.

Finally, buy only steam mop pads that are washable, reusable, durable, and tough. Cheapies will not excellently get rid of hard stains on your floors.

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