How To Connect My Mi Robot Vacuum With Mop

If you’re in a hurry to grab the Best Robot Vacuum with Mop quickly, i recommend the below cleaners. They are my favourite vacuum cleaners overall, based on all the criteria we considered.


A lot of users have problems connecting their Mi robot Vacuum with the Mi Home app and a WiFi router. However, connecting your mop to the Mi robot shouldn’t give you much stress considering the steps we are about to show you.

If you tried to pair the Mi robot with the app and got an error message, here are recommendations to deal with this problem.


Check the version of your Mi Robot

Check to see the version of the robot vacuum you’ve got. It may be that you have the Chinese version known as the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop; this only works with the “Mainland China” region using the Mi Home app.

If the user manual of the robot is written in Chinese, then most likely, you’ve got a Chinese version. Not to worry. If this is the case, then you should simply change your region in the app to “Mainland China”.

To do this, simply log in to your Mi robot app, see on the Profile, then go to Settings, select Region, and choose Chinese Mainland.

After changing the region, the app will automatically log you out to effect the changes. Sign in again to complete this process.

Likewise, if you’ve got an “International Version”, select your region in the settings. To do this, open the Mi Home app, see on Profile, then Settings and tap on Region, and choose your country.

Enable the location permission for the Mi Home app.

Connecting your Mi robot won’t be complete if you fail to give the app permission to get your location.

To do this, go to your phone settings, locate Installed apps, then look for the Mi Hope app, see on it and activate the location permission.


Note that the above step may be different depending on the model of your phone. If this is the case, then we suggest you contact your phone’s administrator on how to enable location permission.

Check the settings of your Wi-Fi router

Most WiFi routers are configured by an admin page. They are usually located on the addresses and/or Whatever the case may be, you should know your admin password in other to sign in.
Ensure your router supports the 2.4 GHz frequency band ( the model does not support the 5 GHz frequency band).

Ensure your WiFi hotspot encryption method and network is WPA2. Encryption methods without a password are unsupported.
Your WiFi password should only contain Latin characters and numbers. Additionally, the password should be at least 8 digits, though not too long.

Ensure you turn off mobile data when pairing your robot. Some users complained how they were not able to connect the robot until they disabled their mobile data.

Place the robot closer to the router

For the robot to get a quality signal strength, we suggest you move it closer to the router. The signal strength of the robot is not as strong as that of your phone, so don’t be concerned about this.

Reset the WiFi settings on the robot after each failed attempt

If you got an error message while trying to pair the robot and want to attempt it again, remember to reset the robot’s Wi-Fi settings in every attempt. To do this; press and hold the Power and Dock button for 5 seconds until the button starts blinking.

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The Best Robot Vacuum With Mop

Baguette Robot Vacuum Mop


The Baguette Robot Vacuum Mop comes with cleaner features including vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping.

It vacuums multi-surfaces including carpet, dry sweep hardwood floors, and use a microfiber rag attached to the water tank that mops your hard surface floor when you need it. (300ML water tank and cleaning mop cloth are sold separately).

With its app & voice control features, you can create a home clean schedule, change the clean mode and control the clean direction by using the Bagotte app.

The automatic vacuum cleaner robot is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to make the robot start and stop the clean by voice commands. ( only support 2. 4GHz Wi-Fi).

The Baguette Robotic vacuum intense suction at 2200Pa but extremely quiet under 55dB. It maximizes increase vacuum suction power to pick up everything from small particles to large debris and pet fur much deeper.

This vacuum cleaner is compatible with virtual boundaries. It specialized new upgraded sensors to detect Boundary Strips to ensure your robotic vacuum only cleans the areas you want.

Moreover, the Baguette Robotic vacuum cleaner can automatically return to the charging dock when in low battery, giving you a smart and efficient life!

Click here to see the Baguette Robot Vacuum Mop on Amazon

Asuka Robot Vacuum Cleaner S1

The Asuka Robot Vacuum Cleaner S1

gives you easy control. You can use a remote control to control your robot vacuum, or you can use the APP to control your robot with Alexa and Google Assistant.

It makes it easy to create a household cleaning schedule, Freely switch between three cleaning modes, and control the cleaning direction. Gives you complete control of the robot vacuum wherever you are.

Its Intense 2000pa Suction easily picks dust and hair off floors and can even drag trapped dirt from deep inside carpets.

It has a supersized 2600mAh Li-ion battery, good for over 150 minutes of non-stop cleaning, is more than enough to clean most homes in one session. The quiet volume you can clean any time day or night without disruption.

With its extra-large wheels and automatic carpet boost, the robot vacuum can climb and move effortlessly from hard floors to carpets for deeper cleaning. The 500ml dust bin is plenty big enough to house a ton of hair/dirt/junk and very simple to empty.


iRobot Roomba i7 (7150)

The iRobot Roomba i7 (7150)has a Power-Lifting Suction that delivers 10X the air power for improved pick-up performance.

It is ideal for homes with pets.

It has a premium 3-Stage Cleaning System that cleans the dirt and pet hair you see and the allergens and dust you don’t (Compared to Roomba 600 Series and AeroVac System).

Its Patented iAdapt 3.0 Navigation with vSLAM technology allows the robot to seamlessly navigate and efficiently clean an entire level of your home.

The iRobot Roomba i7 (7150) has Imprint Smart Mapping that enables the robot to learn, map, and adapt to your home, allowing you to control which rooms are cleaned and when.

Its high-Efficiency Filter traps 99% of cat and dog allergens, which is another interesting feature you should know.

Additionally, it has dual multi-surface rubber brushes that adjust and flex to stay in constant contact with your carpets and hard floors.

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Recommendations On The Best Mi Robot Vacuum With Mop

To enjoy your cleaning operations with Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner, we recommend you to use the Asuka Floor Robotic Vacuum.

Asuka Floor Robotic Vacuum offers faster and more accurate object identification, identifies obstacles, avoids collision, and gives you uninterrupted cleaning.

Set Boundary Strips to create no-go zones. S1 Robot Vacuum for pet hair equipped with dual-hall sensors to detect boundary strips to keep your robot only clean the home and areas you want.

Asuka Floor Robotic Vacuum has a slim 2.85-inch body, so it can get under furniture without getting stuck. The robot has an anti-drop sensor for the stairway and never falls. Smart safe cleaning!

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How To Use Mi Robot Vacuum Mop

The Mi vacuum is an all-in-one intelligent cleaner designed for cleaning efficiency and ultimate convenience. The Mi Robot Vacuum Mop can quickly map out your environment, and generate cleaning routes as it goes.

For your convenience, we’ve categorised how you can operate your Mi Robot Vacuum Mop without any mistakes. Continue reading.

How to On and Off My Mi Robot Vacuum

To get the robot to action, press and hold the Power button to turn it on. Once the Power button indicator displays white, then you’ve successfully put the vacuum-mop on standby mode.

To turn it off, press and hold the power button while the vacuum-mop is on stationary. Note that, turning off the vacuum-mop will stop the cleaning task.

Also, you cannot turn off the vacuum-mop while charging.

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How To Clean Using My Mi Robot Vacuum Mop

Before cleaning, ensure you charge the vacuum mop. You may experience poor or incomplete performance if the Robot Vacuum cleaner is not charged.

Most times, if the Vacuum-mop starts running low on battery it will abandon every operation and automatically return to its charging dock to recharge.

To get the vacuum mop to clean, you have to turn it On. Check the category above on how to turn it On if you are having trouble turning it on.

Press any button should need arises if you want to pause the vacuum cleaner during cleaner.

Before cleaning, tidy up any wires on the floor, so that your vacuum mop won’t get caught on them during cleaning.

If your Vacuum-mop completes cleaning your home in less than 10-minutes, by default, it will clean your floor for a second time. Awesome right?!

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How To Charge my Mi Robot Vacuum Mop

You can charge your robot vacuum-mop in two different modes. However, both modes are as good as the same. You can set it to charge in “Auto mode” or Manual mode”.
In the Auto mode, the vacuum-mop automatically returns to its charging dock after it must have finished cleaning your floor.

Whereas in Manual mode, you’ll have to send your robot vacuum-mop to charge yourself. To do this, press the Home button and the vacuum-mop will return to its charging dock.

Likewise, if the Vacuum-mop cannot locate its charging dock during Auto-mode, manually place it onto the charging dock.

How To Pause My Mi Robot Vacuum Mop

To Pause your Mi Robot Vacuum Mop during cleaning, press any button. To resume cleaning, press the Power button.

Note that, when you pause the robot vacuum-mop, all cleaning tasks will end when you place it onto the charging dock.

However, if you want it to continue cleaning, try to start the vacuum mop in the same position where you paused it.

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The Cleaning Methods Of Your Mi Robot Vacuum Mop

As soon as you activate it, your vacuum-mop will systematically clean each of your rooms in an S-shape pattern. Then it will clean along edges and walls to enable thorough cleaning.

And when your Mi Robot Vacuum Mop is done cleaning, it will return to its charging station to recharge.

To start Spot Clean Mode when your robot vacuum mop is on standby mode, press and hold the Power button. In the Standby mode, it’ll clean in square-shaped of 1.5 × 1.5 meters, around your vacuum-mop.

And when the Spot Cleaning is done, your vacuum-mop will automatically return to its station and shut down. Note that, when you use this model, it’ll send the current task of your vacuum-mop automatically.

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