How To Empty a Shark Vacuum in 5 Easy Steps

How To Empty a Shark Vacuum

If you have a shark vacuum cleaner, congratulations! You’ve got one of the best vacuum cleaners money can buy. However, the best vacuum in the world will do no good if you can’t empty it properly without making a mess. Most shark vacuum cleaners come with a plastic bin to hold the dirt. Disposing of them properly means you’ve read the owners’ manual and understood exactly what you need to do. 

Depending on your shark vacuum model design, the bin release button could be anywhere on the stick, so pay attention. On most models, though, you will find the button at the top of the vacuum stick near the dust cup. You can release the dust cup by pressing the button in front of the handle, then pulling it out gently, you can then release the dust cup for emptying.

It’s a good idea to consult the owners manual for your specific shark vacuum design, but if you want to get a quick run-through of the process, here you go: 

How To Empty a Shark Vacuum

Below are the steps to take to empty the dust cup on most shark vacuum cleaners: 

  • Step 1

Make sure the vacuum is not plugged into an electrical outlet; switch it off and unplug it otherwise. 

  • Step 2

Take hold of the handle at the top of the vacuum’s dust cup.

  • Step 3

Now, press the button you find at the front of the handle to release the dust cup from its hold. Then hold it firmly then gently pull it p and away from the Shark vacuum. 

  • Step 4

Holding the dust cup over a waste bin, press its side(dust cup) button close to the bottom. This will activate the mechanism that opens the bottom of the dust cup, thereby emptying its contents into the trash can.

  • Step 5

Press the side bottom button down to close it, then return the dust cup to its position on the shark vacuum cleaner. 

Why Is My Shark Vacuum Not working? 

Your shark vacuum has never given you an issue before. But on a fateful day, you turn it on as usual and it suddenly won’t work. Don’t panic just yet; several things may cause a shark vacuum not to come and they’re easily fixable. We can think of a few reasons why your shark vacuum refuses to come on. Below, we have outlined the reasons for this and how to fix them: 

Shark Not Plugged In Properly

This is the first culprit. If you’re certain that the electrical outlet is working as it should make sure the plug is fixed snugly into the electrical outlet. You can ensure that it is by applying a little pressure to the back of the plug. This should now establish a solid connection and your vacuum cleaner should come to life. If your vacuum still doesn’t work after this, keep reading to find out other troubleshooting instructions.  

Circuit Breaker or Fuse Tripped

For your safety, the circuit breaker or fuse for a particular circuit in your home’s electrical connection will trip when it senses a surge. If this is the case, then it means all electrical outlets on that circuit are turned off and won’t work until you turn the circuit breaker back on. To turn it on, locate your circuit breaker panel and press the reset button. 

Also, make sure your vacuum cleaner’s power demand does not exceed the circuit’s current carrying capacity, or else it will trip the protection device again. Consult a professional electrician if you must. 

Vacuum’s Motor Thermostat Needs a Reset

If all else doesn’t work, maybe your vacuum’s thermostat needs a reset. Here are the steps to follow to reset your shark vacuum’s motor: 

  • Turn the vacuum cleaner off, then unplug it from the wall socket. 
  • Wait for about 45 minutes  so that the motor can cool. 
  • Plug the vacuum back into the electrical then switch the vacuum cleaner back on. 

Are Shark Vacuum Filters Washable? 

Shark vacuum cleaners are dependable because they rarely ever lose suction. But that could be the case if the filters become clogged up with dirt. The foam filters need to be cleaned from time to time – at least once every quarter; the HEPA filters also need to be cleaned at least once a year. But you wouldn’t want to make a maintenance mistake so you’ve come here to find out if it’s ok to wash your shark filter. Good move. 

Absolutely. You can clean your Shark vacuum cleaner filters by washing them. To clean them, take out the primary and HEPA filter from the vacuum, then rinse them under running water. After that, air them out to dry, then replace them after. 

Note: Don’t use soap while you’re at it – just water.

Why Is My Shark Vacuum Cleaner Not Charging? 

The cordless shark vacuum models are an efficient lot, delivering up to 1 hour of work on a single charge, that is, if you’re not having issues with charging your unit. Troubleshooting charging problems in a Shark vacuum is easy – if you follow the next few points to see what the cause might be and how to fix it. Let’s dive in: 

Faulty Electrical Outlet

Again, the first step towards fixing issues with your shark vacuum is to make sure that the outlet is functioning well. If the electrical outlet is working perfectly, make sure that the vacuum plug is fixed firmly in the socket. If you notice that there’s no current flowing in the outlets when switched on, check the circuit breaker for that circuit and turn it back on. Or better still, locate another outlet to use while you get the faulty one fixed. 

Check the Shark Vacuum

If you plug into a working outlet but your shark vacuum still won’t work, we may start to suspect a bad battery. But what if something is wrong with the vacuum cleaner? There’s one way to find out: hook it up without the battery. When you plug the vacuum into a working socket, you can only have two results: the vacuum works or it doesn’t. If it does work, then you know that the battery is faulty and you need to get a new one. If it doesn’t, however, something’s wrong with the vacuum and you may want to contact Shark support.

Poor Battery Contact

However, you cannot confirm that the battery is bad until you’re sure that the batt terminals have solid contact with the charger. A disconnected battery is a major reason why shark vacuums suddenly stop charging. If you mistakenly dropped the vacuum cleaner, then there’s a good chance that the battery is no more contacting the charger properly. Although another cause for poor contact is accumulation of dirt around the battery terminals, nonetheless, you would still have to take out the battery to clean it and then replace it to see if it works. 

Bad/Damaged Battery

The power that a rechargeable battery can hold diminishes over time; the same applies to your Shark vacuum cleaner’s battery. If you’ve had your Shark vacuum for a while, then there’s a chance the battery can no longer hold charge, hence your unit is not charging. If you charge your vacuum cleaner for hours but it takes only a few minutes to exhaust it, then you may need to grab replacement batteries from the Shark website.

Which Shark Vacuum Has the Most Suction? 

Shark vacuum cleaners are industry leaders and one thing that sets them apart is robust suction power. If you’ve got some heavy lifting to do, then you need one with very strong suction. Look no further because we bring you the best of the best shark vacuum in terms of suction power: 

Shark Apex Duo Clean Zero-M

It will be hard to find another Shark with as much suction power as the Apex Duo clean zero-M. This predator operates on a 1,350 watts motor and is capable of handling adamant dirt, especially ones tenaciously holding to your carpet. It has a large capacity 1.5 quarts dust compartment which means more freedom to clean until you have to visit the dust cup. Efficient HEPA filters ensure that allergens don’t jump right back into the air as you vacuum. In other words, in addition to a powerful suction, you get other amazing features that are trademarks of Shark with this unit. 


  • Efficient HEPA filter
  • Large capacity dust cup
  • Powerful suction
  • Long electric cord 30 ft
  • LED lights for dark corners


  • May be a bit heavy for some users

Are Shark Accessories Interchangeable?

Sadly, accesories cannot be used across Shark vacuum model; they won’t fit. If an accessory or shark vacuum part is broken, your best bet will be to order a replacement from the manufacturer. 

Every shark model has its own unique accessory, hence, when you’re looking to buy a new replacement part for your Shark vacuum cleaner, make sure it’s your exact model’s designation, or else you might find that it doesn’t quite fit – and returning your purchase will be inevitable.

Bottom Line on How To Empty a Shark Vacuum

You would rarely run into trouble with a Shark vacuum cleaner as long as you know how to operate them correctly. If you’ve mistakenly messed up your floor in the past just because you couldn’t empty the dust canister properly, now we’re sure that won’t happen again. By following the steps in this post, we hope that you can go about cleaning your home with confidence. 

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