How To Remove A Spin Mob Head: Detailed Guide

How to remove a spin mob head – If your mop head is still suitable for use, you can remove it and wash it.  Before washing your head, you need to properly remove the mop head to avoid malfunction or broken mop. For the spin mop, you need to remove the head before washing it.  Each model from another manufacturer has a different marking of turns on the head.  That’s why opening a mop can be difficult if you’ve never done it.

How To Remove A Spin Mob Head

First, you can look at the moving pattern on the mop’s head.  The branded mop should have instructions that you can read.  The instructions will include instructions for removing the head.  Many times people do not notice this aspect, so as not to know what is wrong with their jammed or broken head.  So always play for the book.

You can gently twist the spin mop head with your hands.  If it sticks or does not fit your turn, you can do it in the wrong direction.  There is a good chance that you will return in the right direction when you try to do it for the first time.  The fact is that you need to see the scroll, and then you can pull your head out of the mop.  Carefully pull it out of the shaft and you’re done.

Do You Need Force To Remove A Spin Mob Head?

Keep in mind that some models need more force to release the mop heads.  If the instructions you read say so, do not hesitate to use your power, as it will not harm the product.  Gently pull your head, and you do just fine.  Sometimes the mop head sticks to the nozzle.  You will also want to remove the nozzle before washing the spin head. Check out the Best Electric Spin Mop For Tile Floors before you make your purchase.

How Do You Replace A Spin Mop Mop Head?

The process of replacing a mop head is just as simple.  Just do not rush and do not use too much force, because these mops can be easily damaged.  Follow the instructions for the tee.  You can also always download the user manual and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific mop.  You can save the receipt in your email to keep track of this information.

You will see that different types of mops are usually included in the package, which can be used on different surfaces.  Special mop attachments may be included for the bathroom, windows and hardwood floors.  Make sure you replace them according to the instructions to facilitate the cleaning process.

Why Would You Remove A Spin Mob Head?


The main reason why you should wash your mop regularly is hygiene.  What you use to clean your whole room is not to clean yourself.  Imagine that!  You don’t have to be a psychopath to kill germs, but it will help maintain good hygiene.

Protection against diseases

Since the mop is an organic product at the end of the day (or at least part of the fabric for cleaning the fabric), it is likely that it can be a good refuge from many diseases.  By wiping, you are actually spreading them all over the house.  To avoid this, wash your head with a mop.  Believe me, it won’t hurt.


This is your home, you need to clean it.  You can’t expect someone to do it for you.  So as long as you are determined to bring a healthy sense of hygiene into our home, you cannot expect any other family member to become a member of the association.  Another thing to keep in mind is that you only attract people with cleanliness.  If you are pure, you will attract positive people who are useful for your own self-development.  So, this may seem like a small thing, but it’s not.

How To Remove A Spin Mob Head

Check the mop head configuration

You need to take the mop head and check its configuration.  Sometimes you have to turn the mop head to secure it to the post.  However, you can press the mop head on the pole for more pressure to secure it.  You need to figure out the configuration first anyway, because you can break it without your knowledge.

Twist the head

Turn the mop head in the suggested direction.  But if there is no pattern, try to slowly rotate it in both directions.  It should be twisted to the side.  When you can turn your head, slowly pull it away from your main body.  Do not twist too much, as this may break the main structure of the mop.

Carefully remove the mop head

Once you understand the configuration, you can start with the actual disassembly of the mop head.  If the mop head has a swivel clasp, you can simply move it to remove.  However, if it is a traditional press for fixing, you will have to press a little to loosen the mop head.  You can twist in both cases, as it helps to loosen the grip.  Don’t be too strong to damage the configuration, because you will have to buy a new mop.  Be patient and gentle; we are sure that you will be able to loosen your grip.

How to put a spin mop head back

Determine the type of closure

If you want to remove the Vileda mop nozzle, you must also have the correct mop nozzle.  If you reuse mop attachments, it’s okay.  However, if you buy a mop nozzle in a store, you must first determine the type of closure.  Does it have a rotating clasp or a lockable clasp?  Before buying, it is important to determine the configuration so as not to spend money.

Hold the clamp upright and insert it

You must keep the C-clamp upright and place its hole above the mop head.  Make sure the clamp is lost by releasing the plastic hook on top of the clamp.  It’s not a necessary step, but it makes it easier.  You can start twisting the mop head on the clamp or pushing it straight.  You need to keep doing this until everything is tight and in place.  Press firmly on the C-clamp;  Remember not to be too aggressive as this can be harmful.

How To Change A Spin Mob Head

  • After you have removed the mop head, attach it to the replacement. First, lay your head on the floor.  Then put the mop handle and mop cap on your head.  Make sure that the mop cap completely covers the mop head.
  • Then step on the threads on the other two sides of the mop. Your foot should automatically align with the base of the mop.  Then lean over the handle against any of your feet.  The mop head will come off with a small mark.
  • After removing the mop nozzle, take a new or washed head. Place the replaceable head on the floor.  Then put the mop cap on the mop head.  When the mop cap completely covers the mop head, gently push down.  Your replacement will be ready to use.

  Points To Remember Changing A Spin Mop Head

  • If you have lost the user manual or do not understand how to remove the mop head from the squeezing mop, it is better to contact the manufacturer.
  • Do not twist or disassemble your head using excessive physical force, especially if you are doing it for the first time.
  • Not all cleaning heads can be washed in the washing machine, so read the instructions before washing. If you wash your head in the machine, then remove all its nozzles.  A worn cover or wire can damage your washing machine.
  • Do not change or replace the head on a slippery surface.



Changing the mop head is quite easy and simple.  You do not need to be a professional to do this.  Just follow the instructions in essence.  Locate the clamp near the top of the head and loosen it.  Some models have nuts that need to be relaxed.  In addition to the clamp or nuts, some spinal mops are available with a plastic clamp that can be removed to remove its head.

If you do not see any clamps, nuts, or clamps, align the nut so that it is facing your foot.  Bend the handle opposite and remove the spinning head.  You may need to unscrew the handle from her head.  So, these are the usual ways to remove the mop head from the squeegee mop, which depends on the brand and model.  This is the reason why we suggest you read the instructions that come with the mop.

After removing the existing head, the next step is to install the handle on a new one.  Some models may need extra physical strength to remove the cleaning heads.  However, do not assume or apply traction.

How To Remove A Spin Mob Head FAQs

Is The Spin Mop Head Machine Washable?

Yes, but keep in mind that not all heads can be washed in the washing machine.  Again, you will need to read the official instructions from the manufacturer.  If you are using a washine machine, do not forget to remove any extra attachments from the head.  The nozzle can be wire or rubbing material.  If you neglect this, there is a chance that the head may damage your washing machine.  It is also easy to remove the case.  In a few tries, it will become your nature.

How do you change a dry mop head?

If the way to change the head on your mop is not obvious, start by turning the knob counterclockwise. If you can unscrew it to remove the mop head, the replacement procedure will probably be as simple as screwing a new head onto the handle. You should also check for screws and nuts at the base of the handle, especially if you have a regular cotton mop. Unscrew the nuts and unscrew the screws to separate the head from the handle. To attach the replacement, perform the procedure in reverse order.

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