How To Remove Tea Stains From Carpet

If you’re in a hurry and just want to grab the best vacuums to remove tea stains from carpet quickly, I recommend the below cleaners. They are my favourite vacuum cleaners overall, based on all the criteria we considered.


You may have noticed how difficult it is to remove tea stains from carpet.  Even the tea cup itself, if the not washed regularly, the stain accumulates and after time has passed, it is impossible to remove.  When the tea ends on a rug or cloth, it also leaves it with a stain.

The dye in coffee and tea leaves stains of tannin in the carpet when it spills.  While each of these spots can be stressful, they do not need to become permanent.  The immediate response time helps to remove the stain before absorbing it into the surrounding fibers.  If milk and sugar are added to your hot drink, it is necessary to treat the stain accordingly to avoid leaving sticky residue.

Often spills, stains or drops of tea occur in your presence.  This is an advantage because one of the best tips for cleaning tea stains – and any stains for this matter – is to act immediately.  You will need to clear as much leakage as possible as soon as it occurs.

The key to getting rid of tea stains is to act quickly.  Cleaning the stain with a clean cloth (do not rub it) can go a long way removing some of the stain.  If you can’t get to the spot right away, you won’t get lost.

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If you let the stain dry, spraying it gently with water can help reduce the stain and give you a better chance of removing it completely.  Any cleaning solution must also be tested on an inconspicuous portion of the rug to test for color fastness.  Once you’ve determined it’s safe to use, you can start the same spot.

How To Remove Tea Stains From Carpet

1.    Baking soda method

Baking Soda is another easily accessible product that you can use to clean your stained rug.  It’s easy to use, and you can do the whole process at home.  Baking soda is not working on its own.  Use it with distilled white vinegar.

Wipe the dirty area with paper towels to prevent the stain from spreading further.  You will need a lot of paper towels for this step if the leak is essential.  You can make the most of this step by performing it as soon as possible.  Measure half a cup of cold water and put it in a mixing bowl.  Next, add half a cup of distilled white vinegar and mix.

On a different mixing bowl, make a paste of vinegar and baking soda.  One part vinegar should be mixed with three parts of baking soda.  For example, we recommend mixing two tablespoons of vinegar with six tablespoons of baking soda.  The paste should be easy enough to spread to the affected area.

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Use a scoop or spoon to spread the paste over the stained area.  Let the putty rest for 3 minutes.  Using a damp cloth or a damp sponge, gently press the paste.  Remember not to rub, but only apply strong pressure until the area is completely saturated.  Raise the remaining paste using a clean cloth or paper towels.

Using a pre-prepared water and vinegar solution, gradually soak the stain.  You should get an immediate reaction as it mixes with a moist paste on the stain.  Use a clean rag to wipe the affected area while the mixture is still fading.  You can continue to add the mixture until the spot is satisfied.

If the loss stops before you finish, add more paste to the area, and then rinse the rug in cold water and dry it with dry clothes.  Dry the rug well with air, and then vacuum it.

2.    White vinegar method

If you are using white vinegar, the process is relatively straight forward, but you will need a spray bottle to make a cleaning solution.  Take 2 ounces of vinegar and mix it with about 4 ounces of warm water, then shake the bottle to mix the brand new stain remover.

Then it is as easy as spraying over the area and using a clean cloth to pat the stain;  The solution is a little weaker than the usual stain remover, so you may need to clean it a little more than you expect.  This means that you need to make sure to take care not to damage the rug while on the move.  Continue repeating and adding more spray solution as needed until the stain disappears.

Nobody wants to smell the vinegar rugs, so we recommend that you rinse cold water after that only to remove the remaining solution.  Then use a clean tea towel to dry the area.

3.    Vacuum method

Use a paper towel to absorb as much spilled tea as possible.  This will prevent it from spreading over a larger area of ​​the rug.  It will also avoid draining under the rug, which along with the stain can cause an unpleasant smell.  In the absence of a paper towel, a clean piece of cloth is good enough.

Repeat this process while changing the paper towel or fabric until the liquid is completely absorbed and use the cleaning products available at your disposal.  Different cleaning products for different types of carpets, make sure the product you choose is compatible with your rug.  Meanwhile, do not leave moisture in the carpet. Dry your rug, and then clean it with a vacuum and foil  and remove tea stains from carpet .


what are the best vacuums to remove tea stains from carpet?

1.      Hoover FH11300PC Spotless

Not only is this stain cleaner extremely lightweight and portable, but it also includes features outside of this world. A cleaner that actually cleans itself.  Hoover promises deep cleaning suitable for both carpets and upholstery and after finishing the cleaning, just let it clean itself. All this is possible thanks to the patented self-cleaning technology that cleans the hose immediately after finishing cleaning. See on Amazon

2.      Bissell Spotclean Pro (3624)

A strong unit that will get rid of the toughest stains on carpets and upholstery. The powerful stain remover makes the whole task much easier. You will enjoy cleaning your stairs with the 6-inch Stairs Tool. It makes them not too big to fit in the stairs, nor are they too small as you will need two or three passes to cover the entire surface.

As for the cleaning temperature, it is limited to all that comes out of the hot water tap. So you risk a little bit by burning yourself or damaging the fabric. See on Amazon

3.      Rug Doctor Portable Carpet Spot Cleaner

The handheld suction head is very strong, and the hose attached to the head is much longer than average, so it has less effort to clean furniture and stairs. On the contrary, the stain cleaner uses relatively little soap so you have to make several passes to clean some stains. See on Amazon


While the do-it-yourself approach is excellent and satisfying, there may be more stubborn tea stains.  This may be due to the long time it may take for the spill to absorb.  Also, the color and texture of your carpet is important.

The cleaning products that you get from the store have different purposes.  Make sure to search for it before incorporating it into the cleaning process.  Moreover, read the instructions carefully before using them.  You can also test a small spot of your rug to make sure.

You can’t always protect your rug from spills, but on-the-spot treatment can go a long way to help you remove the stain.  Don’t let the tea spoil your carpet.  A big spot is the opposite of relaxation but it resists the urge to treat it later.

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