How to use a Kirby carpet shampoo system

How to use a Kirby carpet shampoo system like a pro has been explained in this article, all you need is read to the end, to fully understand it.

Before using a shampoo system to wash the carpets, you should vacuum as much as possible. Vacuum the area 2-3 times as long as normal. You should have the following parts:

  • Nozzle
  • Tray with Shield
  • Brush roll
  • Belt
  • Tank
  • Tank cap
  • Hose

The ends of the brush are different so it is impossible to go wrong. Slide the nozzle onto the pad and brush assembly. Turn the button according to the red arrows. By turning the button hook in the Kirby shampoo nozzle, the belt is gripped, stretched and can now be installed on the Kirby vacuum cleaner. To install the tray nozzle, the front of the Kirby must be facing up. Just step on the pedal as far as you can. Attach the nozzle, lock it to the device with the latch and turn the knob backwards (clockwise) to match the green arrows. It’s essentially the same thing as installing a regular nozzle, so it’s not entirely clear yet. Make sure the Kirby Shampoo Reservoir has a sponge (left) and a foam strainer (right).

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The sponge prevents the powder from clogging the shampoo reservoir and the strainer is needed for lathering. If the Kirby shampoo reservoir doesn’t have a strainer, look inside the shampoo tube as it sometimes stays there when you disassemble the shampoo. If the foam screen keeps falling off the tank, use plumber’s tape or tape around the screen to keep it in place. NEVER glue the screen. You may have to remove it to clean it.

The Kirby Shampoo Reservoir has 3 brands. This indicates the number of caps filled with Kirby shampoo to add to the reservoir (the cap on the shampoo reservoir acts as a measuring cup). If you have water in the first row: 1 full cap, if it goes to the second row: 2. When you get to the third row you guessed it, 3 caps. Use lukewarm water.

Install the soap container in place of the bag. Like the nozzle, the tray nozzle is attached to the front of the device. Connect the Kirby solution tank and the tray with a hose. Lower the container as far as possible. For heavily soiled carpets, use a pre-treatment shampoo (heavy traffic). Follow the directions on the bottle.

Turn on the Kirby, set the engineering unit to DRIVE (foot pedal on the back of the Kirby G3 unit and above) and start opening the valve. A soap solution is sprayed on the screen we are talking about and it creates the foam. The valve does not have to be fully open. There should be enough foam to cover the carpet evenly (see second picture below). The foam should be white and light. If only soapy water comes out, check the foam strainer. Adjust the foam by slowly pulling Kirby towards you. Before the foam is collected, it should remain on the mat for about 3 minutes. Shampoo in sections of approximately 4 x 10 feet.

With foam, you can distribute a small amount of water over a large area. The soapy solution then loosens the dirt from the carpet fibres and can be collected. When you have finished adding the foam, turn the Kirby Frother off by turning the button on the Kirby Shampoo Reservoir to OFF. Pick up the foam where you placed it as it will now sit on the mat for about 3 minutes.

How to Use the Kirby Carpet Shampoo System

The two-in-one Kirby system allows you to vacuum and wash your carpet with the same machine. The Kirby Shampoo System attaches to the front of a Kirby Vacuum once the suction head has been removed. This accessory cleans by creating foam that is applied to the carpet and does not saturate the carpet with water, making it quick and easy to use.

Step by step on how to use a Kirby carpet shampoo system

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use a Kirby carpet shampoo system

Step 1: Prepare the carpet and the room

Vacuum the carpet to be washed. Get as much furniture out of the room as you can. Place sheets of wax paper or aluminium foil under the legs of any furniture left in the room to avoid staining the wood. Treat heavily soiled areas with a hand brush before using Kirby Shampoo.

Step 2: Remove the Vacuum Head

Unplug the vacuum cleaner. Remove the suction head from the Kirby vacuum by turning the knob on the strap according to the red arrows. This will release the belt. Remove the vacuum head and bag assembly from the right side of the vacuum.

Step 3: Turn the knob in the direction of the red arrows

Turn the knob on the front of the assembled shampoo accessory according to the red arrows. This will move the belt to the open position.

Step 4: Add Shampoo Attachment

Slide the shampoo attachment into position and turn the indicator on the belt according to the green arrows. Some models may have an up / down switch that needs to be pressed to position and set the shampoo. Other models may have a knob or lever that locks the shampoo into place.

Step 5: Fill the Clean Water Compartment

This is the fifth step on How to use a Kirby carpet shampoo system. Fill the container with hot tap water and shampoo. The quantities depend on the size of the room to be vacuumed.

Step 6: Attach the Tank to the Unit

Attach and secure the reservoir to the top of the shampoo accessory on the right side of the device. Connect the solution tank with the hose to the collecting pan on the front of the device.

Step 7: Adjust the Foam Output

Plug in the vacuum, turn on the Kirby and turn the knob on the top of the shampoo reservoir until a fluffy foam spreads across the mat. The valve does not need to be fully opened. Adjust the setting until only the foam is dispensed.

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Step 8: Apply Foam to Carpet and Let it Soak In.

Apply the foam to the carpet in a slow back-and-forth motion until an area approximately 3 feet by 5 feet is covered with foam. Let the foam solution sit on the carpet for five minutes. Turn the knob on top of the shampoo container to the off position.

Step 9: Remove Foam

Pull the machine over the foam to remove it from the mat. The Kirby does not absorb foam. As you withdraw, the brushes collect the foam and place it on the tray. Use gentle machine movements to avoid the dirty solution from the collection container spilling onto the clean carpet. If necessary, empty the drip tray.

Step 10: Allow Carpet to Dry

In the tenth step of How to use a Kirby carpet shampoo system, all you need to do is let the rug dry for two to three hours and vacuum it completely.

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Step 11: Care for the Shampoo Unit

This is the last step on how to use a Kirby carpet shampoo system. Remove the shampoo unit and rinse all parts except the brushes with clean water and allow them to air dry.

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Should I Shampoo My carpet?

Sometimes we wonder if shampooing our carpet regularly ruins it. There are also other several methods of cleaning your carpet which includes dry cleaning, steam extraction, foam of powder, or foam encapsulation.

The big question is, which is the best method of cleaning your carpet? Which is not somewhat damaging to your carpet?

Typically, it is recommended by experts that you shampoo your carpet or otherwise hand them over to professional cleaners at least twice a year, if not more often.

However, improper cleaning methods might ruin your carpet’s fibers. You shouldn’t have your carpet cleaned too often. Cleaning your carpet regularly removes dirt and debris that may not be removed with a regular household vacuum cleaner.

The shampoo also cleans pet stains, food stains, and even mildew and mold underneath the carpet. To ensure your valuable carpet remains in good condition, shampooing stands as the best option!

Does Shampooing Ruin My Carpet?

The straight answer is no. shampooing your carpet doesn’t damage it but extends its life and durability.

That is to say, it doesn’t only clean your carpet but also improves its quality.

Consider some benefits of shampooing your carpet regularly:

  • Carpet shampooing with steaming cleaning eliminates molds spores and even mildew, algae, and other related contaminants before they spread and turn into a health hazard.
  • It loosens and removes dirt and debris on and underneath your carpet. Shampoo cleaning reaches residues at the base of your carpet fibers for which most vacuums are not capable enough to extract.
  • Carpet shampooing also eliminates air pollution residues, thereby preserving the nice air of your home.
  • Shampooing also eliminates insects such as dust mites, bedbugs, ants, etc. usually in the most carpet. Your home is safe now!
  • Modern carpets warranties advise homeowners to have their carpets shampooed at least once a year. This is to protect your carpet from damage.
    Shampooing, in a way, restores the perfect color of your carpet. You might not even realize how dull and grey your carpet has become over the years until you had it shampooed.
  • Regular shampooing also removes unwanted odors such as pet poop or urine that has dried up in your carpet.

Note: if you are not familiar or still not conversant with how to vacuum your carpet, we strongly suggest you hire professional cleaners to do the job. This is to prevent you from damaging or ruining your carpet.

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How To Keep Your Carpet Clean Between Shampooing

Shampooing your carpets is the most effective and efficient option for ensuring your carpets are clean and in good condition.

To keep your carpet neat between shampooing, make sure you vacuum it daily or as often as possible. Place a rule of not wearing shoes on the carpet and ensure it is complied with.

However, if shoes must be worn inside, then ensure it is not carried outside. It should be inside your home at all times.

Purchase a carpet rake specifically for your carpets. A carpet rake is just like a push broom that comes with thick rubber bristles that you to pull or rake across the surface of your carpet.

A carpet rake can lift hair, dirt, lint, and other related debris missed when vacuuming. In addition, it pulls up the carpet’s fibers, making it look fluffier.

It’s required that you treat spills and stains adequately so that they don’t get stocked into the fibers of your carpet.

Get some effective carpet cleaners at hand and especially if you’re expecting visitors or children over, or have pets around.

A standard air filter or air purifier in your home will surely trap dirt and dust before it gets stocked in your carpets.

It is also vital that you change your home’s furnace filter regularly so it also helps to trap dust before it can circulate your home.

Is It Better To Steam Clean Or Shampoo Carpets

To shampoo or steam clean your carpets often depends on the level and type of dirt affected by the carpets as well as your sensitivities.

Nonetheless, we’ve outlined a few differences between the two methods so you can evaluate your options.

  • Shampooing your carpet often removes mud, thick debris, and other related grime more effectively compared to steam cleaning.
  • Detergents and shampoos are great options for removing pet stains and odor as well as food stains and musty smells.
  • Steam cleaning is most effective for killing mold and mildew from your carpet backing and its underlying padding.



  • Shampooing is most effective for restoring the original color of carpets. However, a steam cleaner helps to restore matted fibers better than a carpet shampoo.
  • If your carpet is severely worn out and matted or you want several dented areas restored, steam cleaning stands as a better option.



  • A dry carpet shampoo is mostly used in tropical areas or during the summer when the humidity level is very high. However, a steamed carpet might not dry completely.

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How To Maintain Your Kirby Carpet Shampooing System

Purchasing this equipment might have cost you quite a fortune, which is why you need to be aware of the basics of maintaining it.

Luckily, we have come up with safety instructions that will save your Kirby Carpet Shampooing System from damage. Continue reading.

  • Do not leave the appliance unattended when plugged in or running. If you want to do something else, unplug it from the outlet.
  • Avoid using the appliance outdoor. Also, it should be used only on dry surfaces or with the Kirby Carpet Shampooing System.Otherwise, do not expose yourself to water.
  • You should be well experienced or at least have background knowledge before using the equipment. You should also remember to keep it out of the reach of children to avoid the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury.
  • The system’s cord is a very important part. So, do not pull or carry the equipment by the cord, use the cord as the handle, or pull the cord around sharp edges. Also, try to keep the cord away from hot surfaces.
  • Do not unplug the appliance by the cord. To unplug, grasp the plug, not the cord.
  • Avoid using wet hands to handle or unplug your Kirby Carpet Shampooing System.
  • Do not put any object into the system’s opening. Also remember to keep the openings free of dirt, dust, hair, lint, and anything capable of reducing its airflow.
  • Also keep the motor shaft free from debris, dust, hair, and lint.
  • When working with your Kirby Carpet Shampooing System, avoid using flammable or combustible liquids to clean your carpets.
  • Refer to the product manual before operating your new Kirby Carpet Shampooing System. Do not install or use the appliance if you are not knowledgeable about it.

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How Can I Shampoo A Carpet Without Using A Machine?

If you are going for a quick spot clean, use your carpet shampoo and lots of warm water during the cleaning process.

Blot the shampoo and water over the stained area and then use a clean towel or cloth and fresh water to extract the cleanser and even the stain.

When the area is completely dry, vacuum the area to restore your carpet fibers.

How Often Should I replace Carpeting?

Even if you’re consistently shampooing your carpet, the nap may eventually wear down or worse still- stain may become completely set-in that they are untreatable. Generally, home carpets last 5 to 15 years.

However, you might replace some specific carpet in your home more often, such as carpet in hallways, dormitories, and other high trafficked areas.

Nonetheless, regular shampooing can extend the predicted lifetime of your carpet.

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Can shampoo Remove Tough Stains On Carpet?

Yes, it can. Shampooing has been proven to be the most effective way of dealing with tough stains such as pet poop, tea, wine, or blood.

Vacuuming your carpet is good, but it only removes dirt and debris. However, shampooing removes stains that regular vacuums cannot reach. In addition, the shampoo also eliminates odor and smell mostly caused by spillage of liquid.

It also restores the color and texture of your carpet.

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The Kirby Carpet Shampooing System has become the choice cleaner for most homes, due to its efficiency and durability.

It is also an easy way to get rid of debris and stains instead of having to clean manually. It is a better option compared to vacuum and other cleaners because it touches and removes every ounce of stain on your carpets or rugs.

You just need a few easy steps on how to use it and off you go.

Hope this article solved your problem on how to use a Kirby carpet shampoo system. Visit our home page for more.



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