How to use Rainbow Carpet Shampoo



This article will teach you how to use rainbow carpet shampoo, and you will start using the Rainbow carpet shampoo like you manufactured it.

The Rainbow Vacuum Aquamate is a tool that turns the rainbow into a carpet cleaner. After you have simply vacuumed the carpet, the Aquamate can be connected to a tap (the Aquamate 2 and 3 are self-contained and do not hang on the sink) and vacuum.

Can the rainbow vacuum cleaner be used without water?

The HEPA filter becomes dirty if you use your Rainbow without water or with low water, or if you use it with the same water for a long time. Don’t let the water get too tight or moody. The water should be in liquid form to trap dust.

A rainbow cleaning system offers an alternative to cluttering your closet with large separate devices for vacuuming and washing carpets and carpets. Rainbow’s main unit vacuums the carpet, while its AquaMate attachment turns the Rainbow into a carpet cleaner. Shampooing your carpet is as easy as plugging in the AquaMate accessory, adding water and a proprietary cleaning solution, and then running the machine over the carpet. Now lets show you how to use Rainbow Carpet Shampoo.


How to Use a Rainbow Vacuum

  • Fill the water tank with water. If you want, you can add a scent to make the area you are cleaning fresher.
  • Assemble the vacuum cleaner. Connect the motor section to the water tank and mount the suction hose.
  • Plug in the vacuum, turn it on, and vacuum.

Are rainbow vacuums worth it?

Removes hair, dust, skin cells and cleaning odours while you work. Well worth having one, but never let it in and buy it online on Amazon. It’s a great product, but you still have dust, dirt, and skin cells in your home – it does a much better job than most vacuums at removing them.

  • Disassembling An E-Series Rainbow Vacuum
  • Make sure your vacuum cleaner is switched off and unplugged from the mains.
  • Locate the main pipe connection button, push it in and release the pipe.
  • Press the latches on the sides of the pipe and remove the entire part of the pipe.
  • Remove the extra latches from most of the device.
  • You can now easily reach the sink.


How to use rainbow carpet shampoo

This is how to use Rainbow Carpet Shampoo

  • Step 1: prepare the carpet.
  • Step 2: Transfer the rainbow wand from the suction head.
  • Step 3: fill the water tank and the soap dispenser.
  • Step 4: Familiarize yourself with the operating symbols.
  • Step 5: prime the AquaMate.
  • Step 6: shampoo.
  • Step 7: Rinse.
  • Step 8: extract.

The Rainbow Vacuum Carpet Shampoo accessory is called “Aquamate”. The instruction manual states that it “works well” on all types of carpet. The brochure also states that after washing and rinsing with Aquamate, the carpets “dry overnight”. The attachment spreads the shampoo on the carpet and then soaks it up along with the loose dirt and debris. Then spread clean soapy water on the carpet. This is also sucked into the machine.

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Prepare the Carpet

Vacuum the carpet, which will be cleaned thoroughly. First, use the dust-proof attachment on your rainbow cleaner to remove dirt and debris from the baseboards. Then run the floor nozzle over each section of the carpet a few times to make sure you are removing as much dust and dirt as possible. Lastly, attach the splitting tool to your vacuum rod and wipe the edges of the carpet where it meets the wall. This the first step on how to use Rainbow Carpet Shampoo.

Preparing the Rainbow Vacuum

Fill the Aquamate tank with lukewarm, not hot, water. The tank should be half full. Take your rainbow cleaner and its water tank out of your shopping cart. Place the Aquamate tank on the rainbow platform. Make sure the rainbow water tank is empty and place it on top of the Aquamate tank. Now place the rainbow cleaner on the water tank and lock it.

Attaching the Shampoo Bottle

Fill the Aquamate shampoo bottle with the Aquamate shampoo. The bottle has no fill line so decant as much as you need. You can add more during the cleaning process when it expires. When you have enough shampoo in the bottle, place it in the slot on the Aquamate handle. This is an important step on how to use Rainbow Carpet Shampoo.

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Attaching the Aquamate to Your Rainbow Cleaner

Remove the metal rod from the connecting hose of your Rainbow cleaner and slide the handle of the Aquamate into the hose. Connect the clear tube emerging from the Aquamate handle to the Aquamate cleaning head. Insert the connecting hose on the Rainbow Cleaner and plug the power cable from the Aquamate tank into the opening above the connecting hose. Finally, connect the double transparent pipe to the bottom of the Aquamate tank.

Shampooing the Carpet

Plug your Rainbow cleaner into an electrical outlet and turn it on. Turn the knob on the handle of your Aquamate like a bubble. This will open the water and shampoo together. Place the Aquamate cleaning head on the carpet and activate the trigger to release water and shampoo. Mentally divide the rug into areas of about three square feet and clean them before moving on to the next. Run the scrub head over the area as you release the water and shampoo, then vacuum the water and shampoo off the carpet. Rotate the knob on the handle like a bubble with a line through it, then pull the trigger and run the scrub head over the section of carpet again. This releases clean rinse water. Finally, vacuum off the rinse water before proceeding to the next section.

Clearing Up

During the shampooing process, empty the rainbow water tank frequently to make sure it does not overflow. If this is the last time you did this, empty the remaining shampoo in the shampoo container, rinse the Aquamate shampoo bottle well, and fill it with clean water. Place the shampoo bottle back on the Aquamate handle, place the Aquamate cleaning head over your sink and squeeze the trigger. This will flush all tubes. Take the Aquamate unit out of the rainbow cleaner and remove it for storage. It should always be stored with the button on the handle pointing with a line across the image of the bladder.   


Can you use essential oils in a rainbow?

Using a rainbow vacuum to freshen the air isn’t limited to using packaged fragrances. Essential oils add natural aromas to the air. Rainbow owners add a few drops of essential oils such as eucalyptus, basil or thyme, to name just a few suggestions, to the water container to calm the purified air or energize it.

What does a Rainbow vacuum cleaner cost?

New Rainbow vacuums can be purchased for as little as $1,300 and $3,000, depending on retailers and accessories.

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How To Maintain The Rainbow Carpet Shampooer

Getting the Rainbow Carpet Shampooer costs quite a fortune; this and for the effective performance of the equipment is the reason why you should know how to maintain it.

Rainbow Cleaning System provides an alternative to cluttering your closet with different large devices for vacuuming and shampooing your carpets and rugs.

Since this equipment uses water filtration and not the regular cloth or paper filters mostly found in most vacuums nowadays, they could be nuances on how you’ll maintain this product.

However, if you follow these basic guidelines provided in this article, expect your machine to for a long time because it is a very robust machine.

First, you should know that the AquaMate tank is specifically designed to use only clean, cold tap water. Hence to prevent the AquaMate water tank from damaging, you should avoid the following:

  • Do not put hot water or liquids in the tank.
  • Do not use detergents of any kind. Seek the product’s manual to know the right detergent.
  • Do not put commercially available cleaning liquids or compounds in the tank.
  • Do not vacuum on hardwood, marble, or laminate flooring.
  • Do not use the equipment when the water tank is empty. This could damage the pump.

Also, you should know the best way to store the AquaMate;

  • Remove soap and water in the AquaMate’s tank before storing
  • Before storing the aquamate, empty the tank and suck any residual water from the receptacles.
  • Always make sure the valve is turned off and the water tank is removed.Thiseliminate potential leakage.
  • If the aquamate is not in use for a long time, turn off the valve.

How To Prepare The Carpet

  • First, use the Power Nozzle and Rainbow to vacuum the entire area to be clean and ready enough. Make sure they are no remaining debris on the surface.
  • Empty the water basin and rinse. However, do not refill.

How To Prepare The AquaMate

  • Start with an empty water basin then attach the dolly and Rainbow.
  • Now you can attach the hose and wands.
  • Insert the bottom wand that has a male end into the opening at the top of the AquaMate.
  • Press downwards until you hear the button locks see.
  • Then add a cupful of Rainbow AquaMate Concentrate Solution to the AquaMate soap reservoir.
  • Fill the rest of the AquaMate soap reservoir with clean tap water and secure the cap tightly.
  • Place the AquaMate tank onto the AuaMate tightly to lock it into place.

How To Set The Shampoo

  • Set the automated switch to the “Soap & Water” position with the Rainbow to High Mode.
  • Rotate the pistol trigger grip and apply the solution to your carpet by moving forward and backward slowly across the floor.

To keep the brush roll fully engaged, use the handle’s trigger lock switch.

How To Rinse The Carpet

  • Switch the AquaMate to the” Water Only” position
  • Turn the pistol trigger grip and rinse the carpet by moving forward and backward slowly across the floor. To keep the brush roll fully engaged, use the handle’s trigger lock switch.

How To Extract Water From The Carpet

  • Switch the AquaMate to the “extract” position
  • Then extract the remaining water from your carpet using very slow backward movement across the floor.
  • To make your carpet extra dry, go over the entire area a second time.
  • When you’re done cleaning, empty and rinse the water basin. Then allow drying completely.

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Does Rainbow Carpet Shampooer Damage Carpets?

Carpet cleaning chemicals such as shampooers actually do have the tendencies of damaging your carpet.

However, this may likely be the fault of the user. Either because you’re using the wrong chemicals for your carpet or stain, because you failed to vacuum debris completely from the carpet or because you use optical brighteners which are capable of damaging your carpet over time.

That’s why putting consideration on the type of chemical, the application and usage are very important.

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Is Rainbow Carpet Shampooer Safe For Household Use And People?

In the past, strong chemicals were used for cleaning commercial carpet which tends to affect the air quality indoor. However, the Movement to Greener Practices and Research by the Carpet and Rug Institute [ CRI], EPA, Green Seal, and other research organizations, certifies most chemicals such as Rainbow Carpet Shampooer to be eco friendly and safe for people.

Can A Rainbow Vacuum Be Used As A Carpet Cleaner?

Yes, it can and there are more than effective for cleaning carpets and rugs. If you already have a Rainbow vacuum, it is very possible that you can transform it into a carpet Shjampooer adding just a few attachments.

This is called the Rainbow Aquamate; it is a deep-cleaning carpet system that assists you in lifting dirt and grime out of your carpet fibers.

The AquaMate only needs a little guidance on how you can work with it and off it’ll do your cleaning.

They’re three cleaning stages on the Rainbow Aquamate. Toggle between these phases by using the lever situated at the back of the Aquamate attachment. The phases include Shampoo, Rinse, and Extract.

Before turning on the machine, make sure the lever is on the shampoo icon. When first using the AquaMate, the shampoo may not dispense immediately. This is when you have to squeeze the trigger on the handle several times in a sequence until the shampoo squit out.

Most times it may take up to 15 seconds of squeezing the trigger on and off to prime the Aquamate. Use the trigger on the handle to start dispensing the shampoo while you slowly move the AquaMate backward and forward over your carpet.

Your carpet may still feel damp after working with the AquaMate. Allow it dry for several hours before rearranging your appliances on the carpet. Remove debris and dirt from the carpet routinely in the Rainbow vacuum between deep-cleaning sessions.

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Can Rainbow Carpet Cleaner Be Used On Hard Floors?

Yes, it can be used. Rainbow vacuum cleaners are one of the most effective and long-lasting vacuums made.

It is as well perfect on hard floors, tile, carpets, rugs, and more. Rainbow vacuums with water filters to clean stubborn stains, dirt, and debris and are the best in the world. They are also really good if you have allergies.

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Are Rainbow Vacuums Really Worth It?

Compared to other vacuum cleaners, Rainbow vacuum cleaners have excellent filtration, versatile attachment, and a longer lifespan.

Famed for their unique and durable filtration system, Rainbow Vacuum cleaners are used in most homes in the US and globally. The reason why the Rainbow Vacuum stands out is that:

Suction And Cleaning Power

At the heart of the Rainbow, vacuum is a 1.5-horsepower motor that delivers 70 CFM suction power. In other words, the function system works 70 cubic feet of air per suction. With that kind of airflow, the Rainbow Vacuum can clean almost every surface in your home from rugs, carpet to dirty hard floors.

Bin Capacity

The Rainbow Vacuum doesn’t use conventional methods to store vacuum dirt. All the dirt and debris picked up are gathered and stored in a bowl where it is trapped in the water beneath.

The water in the Rainbow Vacuum has a capacity of 2.5 quarts (2.36 liters), which is perfect for the cleaning requirement of a typical home. Just like the regular dirt bin used in most vacuums, the bowl requires thorough cleaning after every vacuuming session.

Efficient Filteration

Rainbow Vacuum works with a double filtration system; Water is a bowl meant to dissolve the dirt and a HEPA filter built for the exhaust air. This kind of filtration feature is what distinguishes Rainbow Vacuum from other regular cleaning devices.

Using water as a means of filtration offers quite a several benefits. One is to make sure soluble allergens such as dust remain trapped in the bowl, which is why the vacuum is one of the best to use to control allergens.

The very few tiny particles that escape from being trapped in the water the HEPA filter on their way out where they get trapped. If you work with a vacuum often, getting a filter clogged up is a common experience. Aside from reducing the suction power, dirt stuck on the surface of the vacuum cleaner can result in an incur replacement cost.

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The Rainbow Shampooer doesn’t only offers a clean carpet but also an odor-free carpet. If you are conversant and knowledgeable about how to use the solution and the device then you’ll get what you actually spent your money for.

The AquaMate if maintained properly can last for many years whereas if careful usage or implementation of the equipment is not put to practice then your device may last only but a few years.

Having stated this, you should go through this article especially on how to use the device to avoid mistakes. Our home is our safest environment but also needs our protection!