Irobot Roomba 618 review: A Comprehensive Buying Guide!

Old but still relevant – the Roomba 618 robotic vacuum is surely a good gadget you will like to have for your home cleaning tasks.

In this review, we’ll take you by the hand, and tell you all you’d like to know about  Roomba 618. 

Note that even though the robot does not include some advanced features as you may see in Roomba’s recent models, its archaic technology still proves very effective.

Roomba 618 Vacuuming Robot

This is one of the oldest robotic vacuums you would see, and the fact that it’s still the best you’ll get at its price makes it even more appealing. Roomba 618 can clean up your floors very well utilizing its high-tech brushes and sensors to ensure a perfectly neat environment. Equipped with a 3-Stage cleaning system, this robot is capable of picking any particle or crumbs across the floor.


  • Ultra-High quality battery.
  • 3-stage patented support cleaning system.
  • Auto-adjust cleaning head.
  • Automatic recharge function.
  • Virtual walls support a full set of intelligent sensors inclusive and active.
  • one year warranty from the time of purchase.


  •  No remote control support or mobile app integration needed
  • The robot does not resume cleaning except with a full charge.
  • It takes up to 3 hours or more to get a  fully charged battery, this is to enable the robot to have a smooth cleaning time.
  • Not good for pet hairs.
  • No HEPA filters

Specifications Overview

Patented 3-Stage Cleaning System Supported – the robot picks up everything
Brushes edge-sweeping brush and dual multi-surface brushes
Vacuum Suction Yes – it suctions everything
Automatic docking Yes
Auto resume function no
Multi-Surface Cleaning Yes
Navigation Uses iAdapt nav. tech with a full suite of intelligent sensors
Sensors Cliff detector, dirt detector
Filters Yes
HEPA filters No
Remote control support No
Smart connected No
Multi-Room Navigation Yes
Scheduling Yes 
Virtual wall barriers Yes
Full bin indicator No
Height Low-profile 3.6 inches
Battery 1 hour after a full charge
Warranty One year, limited

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Detailed Features

Body design, aesthetics, and build

As mentioned earlier, the Roomba 618 does come with an attractive design that you’d love. It has an oval-shaped body, which is the conventional shape of all Roomba vacuums. Looking at the gadget, you will notice the low-profile height which enables it to navigate under beds, sofas, and other furniture and tight corners of the house.

The Roomba 618 flaunts a sleek body aesthetics, its rounded and oval corners add such clue of uniqueness to the design of the robot. iRobot has been manufacturing quality vacuuming robots for over 2 decades now, and so has lots of expertise in crafting the design of this model for maximum efficiency.

Cleaning system and performance

This Roomba robot will diligently clean up your whole floor at the push of a button. It comes with a patented 3-Stage cleaning system which allows it to loosen, pick up, and suck out every form of dirt, debris, allergens, etc on the floors. No matter the type of floor you have, this robotic vacuum is invented to work on all types of floors with optimum efficiency.

The robot’s cleaning head is Smart enough to automatically adjust, whenever it senses a new type of floor, different from the initial one it has been working on. Also, this model specializes in wall edges and its tight corners to clean up the environment and assure a healthier and super clean environment.

Controlling this unit to work is not something that requires extra classes; you just press the clean button and off it goes to work.

Battery and docking

Sadly, Roomba 618 will not resume cleaning from where it stopped after a full charge, although it returns to the dock automatically. So, you’ll have to take the bot back and press the clean button again for it to continue cleaning the floor. 

Luckily, before this whole stress will erupt, the robot must have accomplished its work for about 60 minutes. If the area it’s being assigned to isn’t wide, it could possibly finish cleaning the floor before the battery runs down.

IRobot intentionally packed this unit with a high-quality, extended life of Li-Ion, promising up to 4x the battery cycle lifetime.

Navigation and sensors

Navigating through the house is quite easy for the Roomba 618,  with its dual capacity of a full suite of intelligent sensors, it hardly collides with other furniture in the house. This robotic vacuum also keeps off the stairs, and other drop-off points in the house to prevent them from being damaged.

Virtual Barrier Walls

These virtual barrier walls are what you will use to restrict the robot’s movement around the home. They draw virtual lines in the area the robot is not meant to bypass. This is applicable when you do not want the Roomba 618 to penetrate into certain areas of the house due to the presence of delicate equipment.

Scheduled cleaning

The Roomba 618 supports scheduling. This means you can schedule the robot to clean the floors up to 7 times, each day per week in your absence. Setting a cleaning schedule will help this robot consistently keep your floor clean every day. A lot of robotic vacuums support this feature and the same does for the Roomba 618. Comfortably set your scheduled time using the buttons on the robot’s body.

Filters, sensors, and brush technology

IRobot did a great job of equipping this model with a full suite of intelligent sensors, and a good filter so it can pick up every dirt it finds on your floors.

Also, this model comes with dual multi-surface cleaning brushes, an edge sweeping brush, and other sets of minor brushes. All engineered to deliver a very much effective cleaning result. 

I mentioned that Roomba 618 comes with a good filter – yes it does, but it’s not a HEPA filter though, just a normal filter.

Roomba 618 Review

There are a couple of competitors that would challenge the Roomba 618, but amongst all of them, it appears the best. It is noted that Roomba 618 lacks a lot of useful features, but these features are not even available on its counterparts either.

The virtual barrier walls support also helps to prevent the robot from falling off the various drop-off points at home. Roomba 618 picks up any kind of dirt, debris (large or small), hairs, and other particles it finds on the floor.

This Roomba 618 review article covers the whole aspect we think you may ask questions about the robot. Unfortunately, Roomba 618 is not packed with HEPA filters but with the native filters it has, it does its work perfectly, and won’t leave you disappointed.

Roomba 618 navigates freely under the beds, sofas, and furniture alike. The navigation is sometimes questionable because it does collide with other equipment in the house, but this does not happen often. When the robot approaches an area with much dirt, it concentrates more on this area and ensures it becomes as clean as the others.

IRobot backs this unit with solid one-year warranty support. So, you can buy the Roomba 618 with much confidence knowing it is replaceable if it disappoints within the warranty duration.

Conclusion and final thoughts

Compared with other robotic vacuums from other manufacturers sold at the same price as this unit, the Roomba 618 offers a great value for the price tagged.

While you will not be able to control the robot with a remote control or from your smartphone, it is still very easy to operate using the buttons on its body.

Finally, in this Roomba 618 review, I’ll say this is a solid robotic vacuum you should get as a homeowner. It’s old, but still super relevant.


  • Can one use Roomba 618 without WiFi or a smartphone?

The answer is yes. Its unique nature allows it to operate efficiently with just a click of a button. You could assign it on any duty, without necessarily connecting it to a WiFi.

  • How long does it take Roomba 618 to get fully charged? 

Three hours is just enough to get your robot to be at its best. However, if not in use, you could let it charge some more. But allowing your robot to be plugged on, each time it’s not in use, isn’t too great for the battery life. So watch out for overcharging.

  • How Can one Manually start a Roomba? 

One Major feature of Roomba 618 is not starting off immediately. This being the case, click on the clean button to keep set it on, and another click to start cleaning, it’s that simple.

  • Does Roomba 618 have a warranty?

From the Time of purchase, there is a 12 monthly long warranty. It thus means in the span of this time, you could report to the manufacturers for a fix or replacement. So there’s no need to be frightened.

  • Does Roomba 618 support scheduling?

Yes, it does support scheduling. With or without your presence, you could schedule your robot to clean the environment, and it will do so perfectly.

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