Most Efficient Roomba: Roomba S9+

This article has explained in details the most efficient Roomba and its features; as this will give you a picture of what to expect when you buy it.

When looking for a Roomba, you will quickly find that there are a few to choose from. They all have a similar circular shape, but don’t let the similarities fool you. These units are very different. There is a void for every budget and need.

In this article, we’ll examine Roombas for each need and help you figure out which one is best for you.

How does Roomba work?

Before we talk about the most efficient Roomba, let us see how they work in general. Roomba works differently depending on the model. Although we cannot describe the exact science, we can explain it in layman terms. Let’s see how most models work: thanks to chance.

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Random cleaning

Most Roombas follow a technique known as random bounce. Here Roomba moves in one direction and then in another direction as soon as it hits an object. Wall hugs are also used in the random bounce technique. With a side brush, it sticks to any wall for the best possible cleaning of the sides of your home.


Roomba is not entirely dependent on random movement. He also uses a sensor to move around the room. This sensor usually sees objects and slows down so the object isn’t damaged or bumped. Roomba can also keep an eye out for stairs and other irregularities. Sometimes Roomba can get false positives on cliffs and stop on a cliff when there aren’t any, but it’s better than having your Roomba jumping downstairs like a lemming.

Roomba also has a sensor that detects dirt. It does this via a piezoelectric sensor that forces Roomba to slowly clean the area and walk around it a few times. This is a great feature for dirty areas in your home.

Another sensor is the virtual wall, which uses infrared lights to tell Roomba not to clean a certain area. This is also a very practical function.

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More expensive models like the s9 + can map your home. They can take pictures of your room with cameras, which will allow Roomba to create a profile. You avoid areas they have already cleaned and have a cleaning style more like you with a very nice vacuum cleaner. It’s a feature that’s just in its infancy, but one day Roomba will be able to clean better than you.

What’s the most efficient Roomba?

The most efficient Roomba as seen below, has been dissected all the information about it has been provided. Read on!

iRobot Roomba S9 + Robot Vacuum cleaner (best overall)

If you have a budget to clean your home or just want to work with the best robotic vacuum cleaner on the market today, the Roomba s9 + is your choice.

Here are some of the features of the most efficient Roomba:

It is self-cleaning

Most Roomba models require you to clean it yourself. Removing dust, dirt, hair, and other contaminants can be tricky. You have to break up your trash, empty it and sometimes it will spill! Then you have to clean everything again.

The s9+ has its arrangement in the charging station where Roomba empties. Dirt goes into pockets that hold everything together and keep your home clean.

It’s a thorough clean

Do you have deep carpets? Many Roombas are not designed for deep carpets and you will need to vacuum regularly. However, the s9 + has incredible suction power. It cleans over 40 times deeper than the 600 models which is pretty amazing.

Plus, they don’t clean corners well. This Roomba? It doesn’t cut corners literally! It has strong side brushes to make sure your corners are nice and clean.

It adapts

The cheapest Roombas go in random directions and while it works they don’t learn your house. This Roomba does. Not only can you see the obstacles in front of you, but you can also draw a map of your house. You can also control which rooms to enter and which obstacles to avoid.

Good battery

The battery lasts about 2 hours, which should cover most households well. It takes about four hours to charge, which is a bit long, but it’s a small price to pay.


The most thorough cleaning

Some people see novelty in Roombas that cleans the floor a little but is no substitute for a real vacuum. The S9 + offers incredible cleaning that rivals the best of vacuum cleaners. It’s pretty impressive.


You no longer have to empty your Roomba. It does all of the cleaning for you, and all you have to do is take the bag out of the charging station and empty it. No need to worry about stopping Roomba because it’s full of debris. The s9 + does all the work for you.

Intelligent mapping

The s9 + allows you to map your home for the best possible cleaning and avoiding obstacles or spaces that you shouldn’t enter. Few Roombas still have this technology. Because the software is always up to date, you may have even smarter features in the future.

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It is expensive

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of the s9 + is its price. Few people, if not rich, can justify more than a big vacuum cleaner. If you want the best that the Roomba world has to offer it should be worth it, but those on a budget should be happy with the cheaper models on the market.

However, you can still check out Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday deals, or look for a good, reconditioned model at a cheaper price. Just make sure you have protection.

Also, keep in mind that it will decrease over time. Soon, a Roomba with all of these features could be on the budget side.

Long Charge Time

Some users can turn off four hours of charging time. Cheaper Roombas typically have less charging times, but because the s9 + is so powerful, you’ll have to wait for longer charging times. Fortunately, the battery life is long. As long as you keep it charged and don’t leave it on your patio overnight, you should be fine.

There some complaints

Most people love their s9 +, but reception is a bit more inconsistent on Amazon. Some users have complained that the device does not map their home, hangs up and makes too much noise. Of course, it can only be a vocal minority. It is wise to make sure that if you are not satisfied you can return Roomba as it is a great investment.

Standout Feature

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What is special about the S9+ is that it is self-cleaning. Roombas don’t have the largest dust storage bins, so emptying them can always be a problem. The S9+’s ability to empty your trash into a larger storage bin saves you a few trips to empty the bin.

Plus, it has a thorough cleaning that rounds off the rest of the models. Robotic vacuums are known for not cleaning deep enough, but cleaning the S9 and S9+ goes deep and makes them almost the perfect replacement for a vacuum.