Roomba 652 review: My honest view!

Cleaning a house can be a tiring chore that most homeowners do not like, but it must be done regardless. Thanks to the advancement in technology, now you can get a robotic vacuum cleaner to do the job for you. One such model is the iRobot Roomba 652 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.

Robotic vacuum cleaners have gradually gained popularity in recent years. The robotic cleaners are well equipped to work on their own, eliminating the need for human contact in controlling them. The Roomba 652 provides a worry-free convenience for busy families and professionals. But in case you’re wondering if this model is suitable as a vacuum cleaning option for you, then this review is made for you.

iRobot Roomba 652 Robotic Vacuum


This vacuum cleaner is more from the economy class of vacuum cleaners and possesses only just the basic features as are needed for a good cleaning session. 

The Roomba 652 robotic vacuum cleaner is for you if

  • You’d prefer to schedule your cleaning time. Perhaps you might want to schedule cleaning for a later date or time rather than the present. 
  • You are not so intrigued or interested in mobile apps on your vacuum cleaners and maybe you’re put off by voice commands.
  • You fancy having a good and proper cleaning on all surfaces, be it hardwood floors, carpets or rugs. 

On the contrary, you might not want to consider the Roomba 652 as a vacuum cleaning option if;

  • Someone in your family or home is prone to a severe allergic reaction and therefore needs HEPA filtration.
  • You need fancy voice commands for controlling the robotic cleaner.
  • You wish to be able to contain the robot, consigning it to specific areas. 

The Roomba 652 is capable of accessing and cleaning those otherwise unreachable parts of the home, like under the bed, the sofa, under the table, etc. The iRobot Room 652 is a very old model vacuum cleaner from the company and so far, the company is already producing the Roomba 900 series which has shown to be far more advanced than the 600 series. But these Roomba 900 robotic vacuum series are very costly and someone with a tight budget may not be able to afford them. This is where you start thinking about the older models which are still reliable and perform their functions very well. The Roomba 652 is one of those old Roomba vacuums you could trust to clean up your house floors and also the wall edges. It comes with old-fashioned technologies which are still efficient and effective even now. This motor doesn’t look like such that will go on extinct anytime soon. So, you can get it for your home cleaning tasks with the assured hope that you’d use it for a very long time until you wish for an upgrade to any of the newer models.

Specifications Overview
Patented 3-Stage Cleaning System Supported – the robot picks up everything
Brushes edge-sweeping brush and dual multi-surface brushes
Vacuum Suction Yes – it suctions everything
Automatic docking Yes
Auto resume function Yes
Multi-Surface Cleaning Yes
Navigation Uses iAdapt nav. tech with a full suite of intelligent sensors
Sensors Cliff detector
Filters Yes
HEPA filters No
Remote control support No
Smart connected No
Multi-Room Navigation Yes
Scheduling Yes 
Virtual wall barriers Yes
Full bin indicator No
Height Low-profile 3.6 inches
Battery 1.5 hours after a full charge
Warranty One year, limited


Merits of the Roomba 652 vacuum cleaner:
  • Good cleaning performance overall.
  • It is the smartest of all vacuuming robots within its price range.
  • Backed by solid one-year warranty support.
  • The robot can be scheduled to work for 7 days straight at a time.
  • Patented 3-stage cleaning support.
  • Automatic recharge and resume function
Demerits of the Roomba 652 vacuum cleaner:
  • Struggles in dark places and spots.
  • Not very good for cleaning pet hairs.
  • No HEPA filter.
  • No remote or app control support.
Detailed Features of Roomba 652 review
Design and body build

We all know Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners appear with the same shape – an oval-shaped body structure. So, the Roomba 652 has an oval-shaped body structure and it comes with a shiny finish that makes it dazzle on sight. This vacuuming robot further has a low profile design and so it can seamlessly meander under the furniture like beds and sofas, tables, and other raised platforms or furniture/fittings in the home. The height is just about 3.6 inches – the normal height of all iRobot Roomba vacuuming robots. Roomba 652 overall design is very perfect and just the best it should have for an economy class of vacuum cleaners.


The Roomba 652 utilizes a full set of intelligent sensors such as bump sensors, dirt detection sensors, etc., while navigating your home. It can find its way all through the rooms and corners of your home without bumping into obstacles often.

Sensors and Technology

This model is packed with a full set of intelligent and smart sensors which it utilizes to ensure it delivers a satiable cleaning result. It comes with a cliff detector sensor that helps to keep the robot away from the stairs and other high-profile floors/drop-offs in the house. This “cliff detector” sensor works with a technology known as “Avoidance Technology”. Also, the Roomba 652 is packed with a dirt detector sensor which makes the robot concentrate on the dirtier floor when cleaning the home. It means that this vacuuming robot is capable of detecting areas with much dirt and performing a deep clean on such surfaces.

There are other cool sensors included in this smart bot but it missed a remote control sensor which means it can only be controlled manually.

Battery and Docking

The Roomba 652 lasts quite very long as expected from a vacuuming robot of its price range and class. Once the battery is fully charged, this bot will work tirelessly for up to 1.5 hours (1 hour 30 mins). Coming to the docking aspect, you’ll just love to know that this robotic vacuum auto docks and resumes after a full charge. In other words, Roomba 652 will return to the charging station once the battery gets low and it will resume cleaning from where it stopped after charging. This reduces the frequency of carrying the robot around from its cleaning spot to the dock station which may not be so close to the spot. A lot of homeowners will love this feature.

Cleaning capacity and performance

As expected, this smart robotic vacuum cleaner works on different floors and automatically adjusts to clean each with good suction power. It works perfectly on the following floor types: Hardwood floors, Tiled floors, Linoleum floors, Laminate/Vinyl floors, and carpets (high profile and low profile). Roomba 652 surely leaves the floors excellently clean – thanks to the effective set of cleaning accessories packed into it. The auto-adjust cleaning head quickly adjusts the robot’s height to keep the multi-surface cleaning brushes in close contact with any floor surface it comes across. Also, this model gets closer to wall edges and tight corners – thanks to the edge-sweeping brush technology and its sleek body design.

Brush and Accessories

It is equipped with dual multi-surface brushes and an edge-sweeping brush so it can get close to your wall edges and tight corners to clean them thoroughly.


Knowing that your Roomba 652 will always recharge itself and resume function at any time, you can confidently schedule the bot to clean the house up to 7x per week. So, whether you are going on one-week travel or on contract, you’ll be assured that your home floors will be very neat and clean when you’re back.

Roomba 652 Review

My experience with the Roomba 652 is not bad at all – the robot does its work with great vigor and determination. Although it didn’t appear to handle pet hairs efficiently, it does pick up hairs, debris, dirt, allergens, and other tiny particles on the floors.

This vacuuming robot works on various floor types if not all even, and the suction power is normal for a robotic vacuum of its level. Definitely, for the price offered it proves to be of great value. Roomba 652 confidently locates the docking station and recharges itself; it also surprisingly resumes cleaning from the previous spot after a full charge. For a bulky couple of minutes – (90 minutes), this vacuuming robot consistently cleans the floor. With the help of the avoidance technology (cliff detector), this robot skips the stairs and other drop-off points in the house.

Conclusion and final words

IRobot vacuuming robots are all superior bots and they are proved durable judging from customer reviews on various online stores and platforms. This Roomba 652 review article contains everything you need to know about this robotic vacuum – Roomba 652. Generally, it is a good vacuuming robot for every homeowner on a tight budget or low/mid-range income earners. You can trust the neatness of your home floors at the hands of Roomba 652 and it will not disappoint.


Does the iRobot Roomba 652 have Wi-Fi or remote control?

 Answer: No, the Roomba does not have either a Wi-Fi or remote control ability. Nor does it come equipped with voice command. Control of the vacuum cleaner has to be done locally, although the cleaning schedule can be set way ahead of time and it can work on its own.

What types of carpets and floors can it clean?

Answer: The iRobot Roomba 652 range of vacuum cleaners can clean all types of carpets and rugs, and can clean concrete or tiled floors, hardwood floors, vinyl floors, and surfaces. It can clean all your carpets effectively, no matter where they are located. Besides, the model is made to maneuver effortlessly on your carpet to ensure that cleans all dirt. Its carpet cleaning ability is further enhanced by the 3-stage cleaning system to make sure it sucks all the dirt from this surface.

What is the noise level produced by the Roomba 652 vacuum cleaners?

Answer: Of truth, Roomba vacuum cleaners produce a lot of noise and that includes the 652 vacuum cleaners. But compared to other ranges of vacuum cleaners, especially those that are handheld, the noise level of the Roomba 652 is lower. But for optimum use and to avoid the noise, it is best to put it to work when you’re out of the house. 

How long can a Roomba 652 robotic vacuum cleaner last?

Answer: On average and when utilized well, the 652 robotic vacuum cleaner can last for between 2 to 5 years. This greatly depends on regular maintenance, especially cleaning of the filters and other key parts of the vacuum cleaners. Keeping them in good condition before, during, and after each cleaning session. 

What is the filtration technology in use with the Roomba 652 vacuum cleaners?

Answer: The iRobot Roomba 652 series of vacuum cleaners use the AeroVac filtration system in cleaning. This technology maximizes airflow through the cleaning head, allowing room for more specks of dirt and contaminants, especially pet hairs caught by the cleaning brushes to be sucked right into the dirt bin. This filtration technology is different from HEPA filtration technology.

How often should the dirt bin be emptied?

Answer: It is best to empty the bin tray before it gets full. How often this happens will depend greatly on what your Roomba 652 is collecting. If it is regular everyday floor dust, debris, and dirt you can most likely go a few cycles before it needs to be emptied.  However, if you have high traffic areas, shedding pets, or other factors that cause more dirt collection than normal, you may need to clean it out more frequently. You will have to check it after every cycle to see how fast it fills. Once you have a better idea of how many cycles until full, you can generally stick to that number.

Is the cleaning and maintenance of the iRobot Roomba 652 difficult?

Answer: Cleaning the iRobot Roomba 652 vacuum cleaner is pretty simple. When cleaning, you will need to clean off the sensors and wipe down the machine. You will also need to remove and clean the filter out. Another factor is emptying the collection bin and removing any tangles of string or hairs on the brush bars. The entire cleaning and reassembly should not take a long time. At best, 10 to 15mins can get it clean. And that period would be even less if there is a regular maintenance schedule in place.

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