Roomba 690 Review and comparison

Nothing compares to a budget-friendly and versatile robotic vacuum that can last over a long period of time. Vacuuming a house is very easy and simple when you are using a robotic vacuum; they perform all the cleaning while you go on with other daily tasks or jobs. Here is a full Roomba 690 review.

When buying a robotic vacuum, you need to read online reviews so that you’d not end up with a robotic vacuum which won’t offer a good value for your money. 

Roomba 690 Overview

This vacuum is among the first Roomba models manufactured by iRobot. It comes with good features and can clean up a whole home without human assistance. Roomba 690 is affordable for everyone and it looks stunning in its cool, sleek body design.

The 960 bot is packed with similar technologies found on the latest Roomba series and can be controlled using a smartphone. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa voice assistant and OK Google voice assistant, which make it easier to access and control the robot virtually from any location.

 Also, this robotic vacuum model can be scheduled to work for up to 7 times weekly and the battery lasts up to 60 minutes after a full charge. In situations whereby the battery of Roomba 690 gets low before it accomplishes a given task, the unit will automatically return to the dock station to recharge itself.

Roomba 690 is the best mid-range robotic vacuum you can buy at this moment. It also picks up pet hairs, allergens, and debris on any type of floor.


  • Easy to use
  • Low-profile design means the robot can navigate under the furniture seamlessly
  • HEPA Filters helps to pick up dirt, pollens, etc. more efficiently
  • Spinning side brush helps the robot to clean up wall edges
  • Works on all indoor floors


  • It does not resume after self-charge


Patented 3-Stage Cleaning System Yes
Brushes Dual multi-surface brushes, spinning side brush
Vacuum Suction Yes
Multi-Surface Cleaning Yes
Self-charging Yes
Navigation IAdapt navigation support
Dirt Detect Technology Yes
Filter HEPA
Scheduling Yes, up to 7x per week
Voice control Works with Alexa and Google voice assistants
Dustbin size 0.3 ltr.
Resume after docking No
Weight 7.8 lbs
Dimension 13 x 13 x 3.6 inches
Battery Li-Ion – 1, 800 maH
Run-time 60 minutes
Sensors Cliff detector sensor, dirt detector sensor
Virtual barrier walls Supported – dual
Remote control


Uses iRobot’s home mobile app

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Who is it built for?

For every homeowner who wishes to have a pretty robot with a design that will complement his/her home décor, Roomba 690 is a perfect choice to pick. It flaunts a sleek and interesting body design with just about 3.6” above the floor level. Roomba 690 is a home cleaning expert with lots of versatility; it can handle pet hairs, pollens, allergens, dirt, and dust.

This robotic vacuum model saves you a good discount on your budget and still delivers your desired result. The 690 bot can be controlled without being touched physically; it supports a variety of wireless connectivity.

Features of Roomba 690 robotic vacuum

Design and build

With a design that complements your home décor, Roomba 690 looks appealing to the eye. It has the traditional an oval-shaped body structure packed by all Roomba vacuums.

The robot features a low-profile height which lets it navigate seamlessly under the beds, sofas, and other furniture. Roomba 690 looks very much ok and friendly in its design; you’d love the robot’s look.


It uses the iAdapt navigation system to map and create an obstacle-free cleaning route. The Roomba 690 navigates seamlessly and does not often bump on obstacles. The iAdapt navigation echnology system is the default navigation technology included in all Roomba models, although the newer models come with an advanced version of this technology.


Roomba 690 uses a complete set of utility sensors to ensure it cleans up an environment efficiently. The cliff detector sensor prevents the robot from falling off the stairs and other high profile floors within its cleaning environment.

Also, it is packed with a dirt detector sensor which makes the robot detect dirtier surfaces and focuses more while cleaning them. 

Cleaning capabilities

This Roomba vacuum is capable of cleaning all kinds of floors. It automatically adjusts and uses the suitable suction power to clean up each floor it encounters while cleaning. Roomba 690 picks up pet hairs, allergens, pollens, dirt, dust, debris and stores them in its 0.3ltr size dustbin so they can easily be disposed by the owner.

The dustbin of this robotic vacuum can be easily accessed to empty its contents; just press the dustbin release and its jogs off.

Also, Roomba 690 gets closer to your walls and cleans the wall edges with the help of its spinning side brush. Every aspect of your home will always be clean when you have the Roomba 690 robotic vacuum.


Roomba 690 comes with two main cleaning brushes; it uses one to loosen dirt while the other picks up the dirt. It also features an edge-sweeping brush designed at a 27o angle to sweep pollens and debris away from your walls.

Battery and Docking

For a whole hour (60 minutes) Roomba 690 will work consistently without flaws. It packs a 1, 800mAH Li-Ion battery that is very strong and durable.

Roomba 690 returns to the dock station automatically once it detects the system has low power left. Unfortunately, this Roomba model will not resume cleaning after a full charge, the owner to control it back to work.


This unit can work consistently for a whole week. It can be scheduled from the iRobot home mobile app or by using the schedule button on the robot’s body.

Whether you’re not always at home, Roomba 690 will ensure your home is kept neat at all times.

Virtual Barrier Walls

Two virtual barrier walls restrict the movements of Roomba 690 around a house. They are used to set barricades on where the owners do not want the robot to clean. These virtual walls are available on the point of purchase.

Hands-free connectivity

What makes a good robotic vacuum is the ease of usage and smartness. Roomba 690 is Wi‐Fi connected vacuuming robot and is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Voice Assistant. Simply ask Google assistant or Alexa to start, stop, or dock your robot and you’ll see it obeying the commands.

Also, this robot can be controlled via the mobile app on compatible smartphones. You can schedule, dock, or trigger your robot to work from the mobile app.

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How Does the Roomba 690 Cleans?

The Roomba 690 is a robot vacuum that cleans by driving around. Through its dirt detection system, the Roomba 690 spots dirt and debris to clean up. It’s as simple as that. The Roomba is developed with a bumper ring that gives the vacuum the ability to run into walls and bounce right back off, rotate to another path, and continue cleaning.

Furthermore, the dirt detection system used by this vacuum enables the unit to drive around to detect dirt and debris around your home. After which it drives towards the mess while implementing the three-stage robot vacuum cleaning process; agitate, brush and suck.

However, the Roomba 690 unlike other higher models does not have the memory feature. This means it can drive and clean around your house every day without remembering or memorizing the layout. Regardless, the Roomba 690 tends to clean quite quicker than the Roombas containing the memory feature.

How Does the Roomba 690 Navigate?

You shouldn’t expect much from the navigation technology in the Roomba 690. The Roomba 690 largely relies on a series of infrared sensors built in the front bumper. This feature allows the robot to go in a random direction in the situation it bumps into an obstacle.

The technology in the Roomba 690 has no route planning pattern which is unlike the more advanced robots such as the Roomba 690 or the Roborock S5.

Every component is random, which is suitable for cleaning a single room since it’ll be thorough. However, it won’t perform excellently well cleaning multiple rooms or a larger space due to the randomness.

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How Does the Roomba 690 Clean?

The random navigation feature of the Roomba 690 enables it clean small spaces thoroughly because it’ll go over it several times. However, one of the cons to this is the lack of efficiency, especially for larger rooms. Thus, you’ll need to go for a higher model if you aim to cover a large space.

This model does come with one virtual wall hang two modes; virtual wall mode and halo mode.

Virtual wall mode: this mode creates a 10-foot barrier to prevent the robot from crossing over. You can place this at the end of your door to block the robot from going out of the room.

Halo mode: this produces a 4-foot diameter zone that prevents your Roomba 690 from entering. It’s a good option if you don’t want the robot to enter into a small area of your kitchen.

Another feature that makes the Roomba 690 exceptional is its dirt detect feature. This feature helps the robot detect dirtier areas of your floor and automatically enters into spot cleaning mode anytime it senses more filth.

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Maintaining Your Roomba 690

The Roomba 690 just like other robot vacuums needs some upkeep to maintain its performance. However, maintaining this robot doesn’t require heavy procedures. It just requires basic maintenance like cleaning the main and side brushes frequently.

These rollers are an effective magnet for long pet and human hair. This is why you’ll need to regularly inspect these parts for any accumulation.
Another part to maintain is the filter.

The Roomba 690 uses a standard filter that is quite easy to maintain. It is also washable, but a better way to clean it is by using a handheld brush with attachments to remove any dirt accumulation.

Important components of the Roomba 690 that needs regular maintenance :

Main and Side Brushes: These parts collect the most beating, and oftentimes, dirt like hair and grime easily accumulate under the axles of the primary and side brushes. You should check these areas at least once a week.

Sensors: Check to inspect the cliff sensors beneath your robot and clean them with a clean cotton bud or microfiber towels. This is to improve the optimum level of your robot.

Wheels: This is perhaps one of the most neglected parts of a robot vacuum. The Roomba 690 has three wheels- one castor wheel located at the front from the steering and two pairs of rubber wheels at the middle. Use a slightly damp towel to wipe these parts.

Dust bin: Always empty the dust container immediately after every cleaning cycle to prevent dust mites from breeding. Inspect the robot’s filter for dirt that is capable of accumulating.

Maintenance of the filter and other parts of the Roomba 690 regularly can go a long way in extending the service life. However, you can find and replace parts of Roomba 690 online such as filters, brushes, and batteries.

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How Will the Roomba 690 do in Cramped Spaces?

The answer to this depends on the space you intend to clean. On any other chair legs, it doesn’t have issues traversing in and around them. But on certain types of furniture such as office chairs, it sometimes struggles to get out. However, if you have these robots ensure to keep them out of these types of chairs.

Can the Roomba 690 Avoid Wires?

Generally speaking, robots vacuums are known for finding it difficult to avoid wires altogether. Even the ‘all-powerful’ Roborock S6 MaxV, with its impressive AI technology, struggles to avoid this problem especially if the wire is in the blind spot zone.
Therefore, before using the Roomba 690, make sure to remove all wires and cables on the floor to maximize its functionality.

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Does the Roomba 690 Recharge and Resume Cleaning?

No, it doesn’t. The Roomba 690 unlike other advanced models does not have the recharge and resume feature. It only performs its duty until the battery level hits 20%, and then it automatically returns to its dock station for recharge.

How Long will the Roomba 690 Run?

On a full charge, the Roomba 690 will operate for at least 90 minutes. This is great for cleaning the floors of your room and efficiently.

Is the Roomba 690 Noisy?

The Roomba 690 is not really noisy compared to traditional vacuums. Using a sound meter it registered an average of 65.7 decibels on the sound meter. However, this is louder than the Roborock E5 in its highest power setting.

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Final words on the Roomba 690 Review

For the homeowner looking out for a robotic vacuum capable of tackling home cleaning tasks, Roomba 690 is considered a good pick. The robot cleans effectively and it works on all types of floors; tiles, carpets, etc.

In navigating through the house, Roomba 690 is 100% good. But it does its best not to often collide or run into obstacles to avoid damage to its system. With the price given, this is a robotic vacuum that could save you some reasonable amount of money and still delivers a good cleaning result.

Roomba vacuums are known for durability and versatility, this model is not exempted in this. It is backed a limited warranty from the manufacturer – iRobot.

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