Roomba I4 Not Connecting To Wifi? 5 Ways To Fix

Several things might contribute to the Roomba I4 Not Connecting To wifi issue. It might be due to a problem with your internet connection, a configuration issue, or a software bug. You’ll need to go through several troubleshooting procedures to repair this. A Roomba is an autonomous vacuum cleaner that uses sensors to go about your home, vacuuming dirt along the way.

It’s an excellent gadget for busy people who don’t have time to clean their rooms. The Roomba helps automate the cleaning process, which it accomplishes rather well. You’ll need to change the intensity of your router’s signal if your Roomba I4 doesn’t connect to wifi. Older routers may be unable to transmit a strong enough signal over numerous floors or walls. If the Roomba I4 still doesn’t connect to wifi despite a strong wifi connection, try restarting both the robot and the router.

5 Ways To Fix: Roomba I4 Not Connecting To Wifi

1. The Wifi Router Is Out Of Range

A variety of materials may weaken wifi signals. Even if your router’s signal reaches a few rooms, you’ll probably find it inconsistent in those locations. This is owing to the density of the house’s components, particularly concrete. If you want a dependable connection, go with wired broadband internet when concrete is involved.

The strength of your wifi connection is affected by the distance between your router and Roomba I4. The further a signal travels, the more interference it may encounter. As the distance between you and the router grows, so does the likelihood of a poor wifi connection.

Wifi signals move quicker in open places (such as a living room with no obstacles) than in congested, confined settings (like a kitchen where your refrigerator and microwave are).

Your wifi connection may degrade or completely disappear in locations with many barriers (such as huge appliances). Additionally, the sort of metal you have in your house (mainly if it’s aluminum or similar metal that the wifi utilizes for transmission) might cause reception issues.

Yes, a 5GHz network can be set up on a wifi router. Yes, both speed and bandwidth are critical. However, the 5GHz network has a far lesser range than the 2.4GHz network. And that lack of range impacts your network, particularly when streaming video or using a Roomba.

2. Wifi Network Is Overcrowded

Ensure your wifi connection is fast enough to stream anything to prevent any problems. To perform correctly, Roombas need a vast volume of data each second. If you’re in a location with a sluggish or bad internet connection, your Roomba I4 may take a long time to connect or even disconnect.

Your devices will not be able to completely connect to the internet due to a lack of bandwidth. Simply said, bandwidth refers to the amount of data transferred over a certain period of time. “How come my internet is so slow?”

There are several possible solutions to this issue: Your ISP may be restricting your connection speeds, for starters. Second, there might be too many internet-connected gadgets in your house.

Slowing down your data is referred to as throttling. If your bandwidth is limited, it’s the same as if you’re throttled (you won’t be able to access vital websites like Google, Facebook, or Slack). When you reduce your bandwidth, activities like streaming and downloading files via your ISP’s network will take longer than planned.

Your wifi subscription includes a monthly data restriction, in case you didn’t know. This data limit may be reached in a matter of hours if you go online. Once you’ve reached the limit, your internet connection will slow down or cease operating entirely until the next month. (Perhaps you’ve had a similar experience.)

Smart gadget unplugging is more significant than you would imagine. They still utilize data, even if they aren’t being used. This might lead to unnecessary data charges and a slower internet connection overall. Simply disconnecting all of your gadgets while they’re not in use is the most straightforward approach to prevent this problem.

Navigate your router’s settings and unplug any devices or networks you aren’t familiar with. It will take a few moments, but it is critical for your safety. You may also reset all the devices previously linked to your old network by changing your wifi password. 

Place the House Base as centrally as feasible in your home to ensure that your Roomba learns the layout and can clean it fast. Don’t be afraid to shift it to find the sweet spot; you’ll know you’ve found it when your Roomba zips around without pause or needing to be recharged.

Place your Roomba I4 Home Base in the same room as your wifi network to guarantee optimal communication. It should be near enough to connect to the router without interfering with other electrical devices in the area.

A distance of two to three feet from the router is good. Place the Home Base below your router if your router is on the upper story of your home. Additionally, wifi extenders and signal boosters may be utilized to improve connection. Mesh wifi systems may assist if you have a long, narrow apartment.

Don’t bury your router behind a TV or in a cupboard. Putting it out in the open will improve signal strength and simplify connecting. Because the Roomba’s home base is the most significant component, it must be placed in an area where it will have access to wifi. 

The Roomba I4 won’t operate effectively if the home base doesn’t have a reliable wifi connection, so find a location where your wifi router, as well as any mobile devices on your home network, can access the internet without any limits.

3. Incorrect Wifi Password

While it may seem straightforward, failure to enter the right wifi network password might prevent your Roomba I4 from connecting to your home’s wifi network. The iRobot Home App will show the name of the wifi network that your Roomba I4 is presently connected to when you connect it to your wifi network.

You’ll need to enter your wifi network password to ensure that it’s the correct network you want to use. Double-check that you have entered your wifi network password correctly if you get a notice indicating an invalid password after the setup procedure.

4. The Roomba And Its Home Base Are Too Far From The Router

After cleaning or when it needs to be recharged, a Roomba will autonomously return to its charging station (Home Base/Clean Base). However, for the charging station to function correctly, it must get a strong wifi connection.

Your Roomba I4 may have problems connecting to your phone if its charging station is too far from the network. Reconnect the device by moving the Home Base/Clean Base closer to the wifi router.

Place your wifi router in the center of your home to ensure that every connected device, including your Roomba, gets a strong internet connection.

Consider purchasing a wifi extension if you have a big or multi-story home. It’s a simple gadget that takes an existing wifi signal and rebroadcasts it as a new network.

An excellent repeater or wifi booster costs about $100 and takes just a few minutes to set up. If you wish to increase the signal strength in your house by a factor of 10, we suggest purchasing this range extender.

5. Do A Factory Reset

If your internet connection isn’t the problem and there isn’t a software flaw, your device most likely has a technical issue. It might be a physical issue with the device, a misconfigured iOS or Android device, or anything else that must be looked at. Don’t be alarmed if this occurs to you. There’s a good chance your Roomba I4 still has some fight left in it.

If your Roomba I4 is giving you trouble, factory resetting it is one of the best methods to get it back to its original form. Please keep in mind that resetting your device will erase any stored data. This contains cleaning schedules and maps of the house.

Factory resetting a Roomba vacuum is a simple solution to issues including faulty mapping, tapping, and recurring cleaning cycles. Press and hold the Home, Spot Clean, and Clean buttons on the Roomba I4 until the light ring becomes white.

How Do I Reconnect My Roomba To wifi?

If your Roomba gets disconnected from your network, or if you’re setting up your vac for the first time, connecting the bot is a simple procedure.

Step 1: Ensure your mobile device is linked to the same network as your Roomba (2.4GHz or 5GHz). You’ll also want to make sure that Bluetooth is turned on on your device.

Step 2: Make sure the Roomba is plugged in and charging. Then, from your mobile device, open the iRobot companion app.

Step 3: Select Add Robot if this is the first time you connect the Roomba to your wifi network. Then give your vacuum a name and hit Continue.

Step 4: Press Continue after entering your wifi network’s password. Your Roomba should now automatically connect to your network.

Step 5: Open the iRobot app and go to Network settings if you’ve had a network outage, other intermittent wifi issues, or wish to change your Roomba’s network. Find the network you want your Roomba to join, type in the password, then wait for it to connect.

Why Won’t My Roomba I4 Charger Light Stay On

Roombas, like other electronics, provide feedback to the user while charging. If you don’t come back after a specific length of time, you won’t know.

This is true for the Roomba charging station, but if your charger has the energy-saving mode turned on, the light that shows that everything is working will turn off after 4 seconds.

You can examine the battery status by pushing the “CLEAN” button to verify whether your Roomba is charging correctly. If the gadget is charging correctly, the status should indicate it is getting power.

Conclusion On Roomba I4 Not Connecting To Wifi

Your prized Roomba I4 is probably one of the finest investments you’ve ever made. It maintains your house clean and tidy between regular vacuuming operations by functioning on a pre-set schedule. The Roomba connects to your Alexa ecosystem, provides you alerts, and is managed through the iRobot companion app. Follow these steps above your Roomba I4 not connecting to wifi.

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