Roomba Not Holding Charge – What To Do

Is your Roomba not holding charge? If you have this issue, there is no need to worry because we have you covered. A Roomba must be charged before doing its job, especially in a larger room. They have enough battery life to clean a room before returning to their charging station, but what do you do if you can’t get it to charge in the first place?

Roomba not holding charge results from contact points being filthy or not touching; this is caused by too much dirt, dust, or grease deposited on the charging points and caster wheel. It could also be caused by a broken power outlet, an incorrectly installed battery, or software issues. It could be due to a temperature mistake in some circumstances.

Clean the charging contacts on the charging station and the Roomba itself if your Roomba isn’t charging or charging fully. Given that we’re talking about a vacuum, these are easy to get dirty.

What’s The Cause Of My Roomba Not Holding Charge

Here are some possible causes for your Roomba not charging:

  • Contact points at its charging port are clogged.
  • The docking station’s ports are clogged.
  • The battery has been damaged. 
  • The power outlet isn’t working.
  • The battery has been displaced.

How Do You Fix A Roomba That Won’t Hold A Charge?

Charge A Device Directly From A Power Outlet

If you’re utilizing a docking system, it’s possible that the dock won’t be able to charge the Roomba effectively. It would help if you tried plugging the Roomba’s power cord directly into the outlet. Allow it to charge for at least 16 hours fully. After it has finished charging, wait to see how long the battery will keep a charge. Most of the time, the dust gets on the docking system’s contact points, which stops the Roomba from getting a full charge.

Replace The Outlet

It’s possible that the problem isn’t with the Roomba, but with the outlet from which it’s being charged. How can you expect your Roomba to charge if the plug isn’t adequately giving power? If the problem persists, you should attempt to change the outlet.

Replace The Battery

 If you’ve had a Roomba for more than two years and notice that it doesn’t hold as much charge as it did when you first bought it, the main problem is that the batteries have dried out. Every two years, Roomba batteries need to be replaced.

It’s the most common reason for your Roomba’s inability to hold a charge. The Roomba batteries are not expensive, and they are simple to replace. Simply get a new battery, remove the screws from the bottom cover, replace the batteries, and replace the cover.

Parts That Have Been Broken

If you’ve tried replacing the batteries and the Roomba still won’t charge, there’s a chance something inside the Roomba is faulty. If you recently purchased a Roomba, something was likely damaged during the shipping process. You can make a warranty claim and get a replacement order.

If you don’t want to replace your Roomba, you can take it to a repair shop. Depending on whatever repair business you go to, it will cost you less money and get your Roomba fixed in no time. If your Roomba is not retaining charge, try one of the abovementioned ways. The one solution that worked for nearly 80% of the users was to replace the battery, as a faulty battery almost always causes these issues.

How Long Does It Take For The Roomba To Charge?

It can take up to two hours to charge under typical circumstances. Before you start cleaning with your Roomba, ensure the battery is ultimately charged. When the battery light turns green, it’s fully charged, and it’ll clean for at least one full cleaning cycle, which takes about 60 minutes.

Why Is The Light On The Roomba Charging Dock Turned Off?

When it’s charging properly, you won’t see any lights on the Roomba itself. These are turned off on purpose to save electricity. The light indicator on Roombas that charges through Home Base is usually turned off. The same may be said for Home Base. During charging, both the Roomba and the Home Base must conserve energy. The light goes out or flashes weakly to show that it’s docked and charging correctly.

 The I-Robot app allows you to check the status of your Roomba’s charging. It will let you know if your Roomba is charging properly.

How Do I Know If The Battery In My Roomba Is Dead?

Here are various indicators that your Roomba battery needs to be replaced:

The Run Time Has Been Reduced

Short-run times are an indication that the battery is defective and should be replaced. A good battery should last approximately 2 hours. This, however, is dependent on other factors such as the layout, size, and type of flooring in your home and the number of dogs you have.

The Battery Doesn’t Appear To Be Keeping Charge

You can execute a drain-charge cycle to help resuscitate the battery before replacing it if it stops charging. This entails taking the battery out of the vacuum and letting it sit for 10 minutes outside.

 Then you charge the battery nonstop for up to three days to check if the Roomba battery can hold a charge for an extended period. You’ll need to buy a new Roomba battery if the old one still won’t retain a charge following the drain-charge cycle.

When The Power Light Fails To Illuminate

If the power light does not come on despite no problems, the battery may be bad, and the only cure is to replace the battery. So, this light will be the only way to tell what’s happening with the Roomba’s battery.

If There Is A Reduction In Performance After Proper Maintenance

If the Roomba’s performance does not improve after emptying and cleaning the vacuum, you should try changing the battery.

The Roomba Has Outlived Its Usefulness

Reduced run times and charging troubles are frequently related to an aged Roomba battery. You can keep your machine in the best possible condition, but you will need to change the battery due to its age.

There Was No Improvement In Performance After Resetting It

In normal situations, Roomba’s performance should improve after completing this simple step. However, the battery is faulty if the device’s performance does not improve. In this instance, battery replacement will ensure that your device continues functioning properly.

What Is The Best Way To Change The Battery In Your Roomba? 

It’s a simple chore, and we’ll show you how to do it. The first step is determining whether your Roomba needs fresh batteries. So, how can you tell if this is the case? Look for the following signs:

  • Is your Roomba frequently halting in the middle of a cleaning cycle? 
  • Is your Roomba not performing its chores as expected?
  • The room might even die on its way back to the charging station after finishing the task it was set to do.

If your Roomba has any of the issues or problems listed above, you should replace the batteries as soon as possible. They are dying or are on the verge of breaking.

The second step is to order your Roomba’s batteries, which should be high-quality lithium-ion batteries. Purchase it from a reputable manufacturer.

After receiving or purchasing your lithium-ion batteries, you arrive at the Roomba battery replacement process. Begin by turning the Roomba upside down after it has been turned off.

A battery cover is securely fastened with screws. Take a screwdriver to the screws and loosen them. After that, raise the cover and remove the old batteries. Place the newly purchased batteries in the battery compartment and secure them with a screw. If you do not replace the batteries promptly, you may experience a Roomba that will not charge. 

What Is The Best Way To Tell If My Roomba Is Charging?

The Roomba is powered by a rechargeable battery that, if properly cared for, can endure hundreds of cleaning cycles. Recharging the battery after each cleaning cycle is crucial. The Roomba is charging if the charger displays a solid green power signal when inserted into a wall outlet. The Roomba charging dock light turns off after 4 seconds in the case of the Home Base.

The charging indicator on the Roomba will turn on as soon as it is docked on the Home Base. To save energy, it will turn off precisely one minute later. There are a few methods for determining whether or not the battery is being charged.

  • Once on the unit, press the CLEAN button.
  • If the robot vacuum’s power indicator is green, it is completely charged.
  • The unit is still charging if it is pulsing amber.
  • If the power light is red, the unit’s battery is dead and needs to be charged.
  • Make use of the iRobot app.
  • Modern Roomba models, like the 900 series, contain this app in the top right corner; look for the battery icon. This shows the battery’s current condition.

The CLEAN screen will display the word charging to indicate that the battery is being charged. The CLEAN display will say Ready to clean when the battery is fully charged; it says It’s completely charged. This indicates that the unit is ready for a cleaning cycle.

How to Resolve Issues Of Roomba Not Charging

There are two approaches to resolving issues: the iRobot Roomba not charging or others. 

First, ensure the charging pins on the Home Base are clean and free of dust or dirt, or look for similar accumulation on the charging contacts on the cleaner or the caster wheel. This buildup inhibits vital elements from contacting each other, resulting in issues such as the iRobot not charging.

 Also, ensuring you get the right battery model could help ensure your robot has enough power to run. The last thing you can do to make sure your cleaning robot works well is to ensure the Roomba robot itself is clean and fully charged.

Conclusion on Roomba not holding charge?

Even though a faulty battery is inconvenient for any Roomba owner, it is also one that is quite simple to repair on your own. Even if you cannot resolve the issue yourself, the iRobot team is there to assist you with any problems you may encounter with your Roomba vacuum cleaner. Roomba’s technical assistance can be reached via their website.